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【ROM】【4.2.2】【HOT!!!】✪ Hepta eRRo ✪【Very Fast_SuperLightWeight_NiceUI】 ♛05/08/13♛

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Announcement from hurriX8: Founded since 24 june @eRRo
At least 50k+ views with 500+ replies and ±5k downloads in one month . . .

FOR ALL MDPI (TESTED ON my MINI PRO) . pls report on another devices. and i hope ur advice guys . it my first build rom

Not only for MDPI, now XPERIA RAY user build is uP!!! HERE

_____ dont forget to read notes and installation instructions _____



What is eRRo rOM? sure like error?? lol . NOt funny, eRRo rOM is ROM which is based on Android system version 4.2.2 jellybean Dream Dark Demon . From dark to eRRo . Why the name is eRRo? because on eRRo rOM it has error process when installation!!. Dafuq. By the way its not real error. It just FEATURE on this rom that which is not owned by another roms . That error does not effect any apps and system service . (has been fixed )

My goal on eRRo ROM is to make a SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT AND SMOOTH ROM. Beside of that, eRRo rom has too many scripts and tweaks. So, this rom is VERY FAST.GOOD FOR GAMING.MULTITASKING.DAILY-USE.BATTERY FRIENDLY. and more... feel with urself! ...



- Fake error (yeah) fixed


-Random reboot?? NO! with lupus and my rom on my mango its very stable
- Super LightWeight Rom (only 82Mb size on lightest version)
- Support android kernel v2.6 which is a lot more stable and faster than v3.x (i think )
- Automatic Brightness
- Keyboard Layout
- Wifi AP
- Wifi Ad Hoc (many other roms doesnt work with it. It will very useful for xp users who wants to share hotspot via Ad Hoc )
- Bluetooth
- FM Radio (see on NOTE)
- Camera
- XBooster (for BIG free up RAM usage) no need it again, has been added better RAM Managements
- Torch
- Accelerometer (Work fine on my mini pro. For someone who got inverted, see on NOTE)
- USB On To Go (OTG/MTP) as default
- USB Mass Storage (if you want to change it, go to settings-storage-tap options button- USB computer connection)
- Add camera features
- and more. All everything works
- Found bug? just tell me



- Performance tweaks
- Hardware acceleration enabled
- Graphics tweaks
- Power saving
- Sdcard tweak
- zRam tweaks at 60mb
- Increase Photo and Recording quality (include jpg quality)
- Reduce Boot Time
- Better Flashlight and Camera flash quality
- Internet connections tweaks
- Scrolling more fast
- pp0 interface tweak
- Init.d support (include init.d tweaks)
- Governor Ondemand as default (include governor ondemand tweaks)
- and more (u can tell me)

below with sony UXP theme

if u cnt see the screenshots above, see on attached files below
update screenshots are in changelogs




Hepta eRRo (Add many features and fix bug's) : - Add performance superb tweak - Add service tweak - Fix FC while on landscape or physic keyboard - Fix lauch tool FC on developement settings - Fix viber calls (fixed, thanks for tested it :) ) ) - Fix Bluetooth headset? ( still need tester :p ) - Fix some connection issue - Fix correction on build prop - New camera lib - New audio lib - Add HDR feature on camera - Incrased volume in-call - Boot time more quick - Add Jelly Bean Bootanimation ( i'm bored with blank screen :p ) - Disabled button light - Disabled button backlight ( more efficient :p ) - Battery more save :) - Add enabled logcat line? (not tested) - Support screen orientation 180 degree - Support screen orientation 270 degree - Add lockscreen tweak - Add some new undetifined tweak's - Enabled hw_accel - Changed min scale of CPU to 249Mhz ( i think it more stable ) - Changed governor to ondemand ( i think it more smooth )
Heksa eRRo v3 : - More lightweight 82Mb - Changed default min scale of CPU clock to 184Mhz - Changed default max scale of CPU clock to 1017Mhz - Changed default governor to smartassV2 - Changed CMFileManager to explorer lite ( want pro?? buy it!!! ) - Enabled button light's (if you dnt like it, you can change ro.mot.buttonlight.timeout=1 to 0 on build prop) - Add Full Holo light theme ( thanks to @SpadaBoss ) * Includes :
-apps that depend from Theme.Holo of framework -apps that depend from Theme of framework (like sim toolkit, goomanager and much other) -apps that depend from Theme.Black of framework -dialer app -contacts app -messagging app+widget -clock app -calendar -google now -playstore -google play music+widget -apollo (only cm10.1 version)+widget -seeder -greenify -theme chooser -quicksettings widget -news & weather widget -torch app+widget -movie studio
- Removed RNGD - Removed Live Wallpaper and the picker's (i'm really not need this :p ) - Removed Quick search (buggy with zeam launcher, u can use with google search ;) ) - More optimized script's - Removed useless script's - More battery friendly...
Heksa eRRo v2 : - Fix Google Play Store downloading.. - Totally CM10.1 looks *Back to black gradient background in settings *Lockscreen widget back to original view - Changed explorer to CMFileManager (root feature includes) - Changed torch icon to default CM10.1 - Some fixes
Heksa eRRo v1 : - More Lightweights (only 85Mb) - Removed Matte+ (if u want to propha looks, download it on second post) - Back to One stocK CM10.1 theme installed - Free Lockscreen easY mod (just tap "eRRo" and drag anywhere you want to unlock) - Add default clock app - Add default alarm - Frame Per Seconds Improved unlimited - Add default stopwatch - Changed all default icons to CM 10.1 style - EHRPD Support - Fix for crop on keyboard layout - More Net speed tweaks - Sensor sleep control - Re-enable USB debugging notification - Noise Cancellation Off - Add more streaming tweak - Increase smooth speed to 300 - Removed "Stop the phone from waking up when pressing the volume key" - Enable Hardware 3D - Battery More efiicient - Touch Tweaked - Tweaked all of Apk's to more slim - Add 3D performance
Penta eRRo v2 - Fix add some tweaks on mango - Changed Opera Mini to light stock browser (many ppl want this and more fast) - Changed Launcher to ZeamLauncher (only 388kb a lot of more STABLE and SMOOTH with nice options) - Change keyboard to more lightweight (but, it will crash ur zu keyboard -> see on INSTALL INSTRUCTION or NOTE to fix it - Add Live Wallpapers (ppl want this) * Include : Black Hole, Bubbles, Holo Spiral, Nexus, Phase Beam, and Water - Fix for double camera and clock apps - Fix Landscape widget Lock Clock - Landscappe mode on app drawer the icon is more big - More Lightweight!! * Only 97Mb.
Penta eRRo v1 : - Fix fake error :( - Fix Root permissions while installing - Fix bluetooth headset on phone (for music not yet) pls someones help our to fix this :) - Fix take along time while reboot to recovery (now less than 30's) - Add some customization text while install process - Dual recovery?! * If you want go to TWRP recovery, restart recovery from power menu * If you want go to CWM recovery, turn off phone, turn on, then press back - Improve more data speeds on 3G - Stop the phone from waking up when pressing the volume key - Removed some useless apps - Updated Terminal Emulator to 1.0.53 with HD icon (dont update for keep hd icon) - Optimized init.d scripts - Changed browser to opera mini (want stock browser? on dev files page :) ) - Changed CMFileManager to File Explorer - Always starting apps before lockscreen for fast apps drawing :p - Better Ram managements (will keep your free ram automatically and good for multitasking, also enabled ram tweaks at hard gaming) - More lightweights (108Mb size of ROM) Screenshot :
kiss your mom :o and happy ramadan :). Dont forget, forgive to each others
Buta eRRo : - FIX Increase the volume steps in-call - Smooth and clearly display and graphics (pure) - Smoothness MOD, include memory tweaks : * Foreground app * Visible app * Perceptible app * Heavy weight app * Secondary server * Backup app * Home app * Hidden app * Content provider * Empty app - Improved performance - System Tweaks - Add more init.d tweaks (28 of total) - Changed laucher to Xperia launcher (more smooth and feel the original) - Fix Boost widget to free up more RAM - Changed clock at 1.4 Ghz as default (still smooth and nice battery life) - Changed governor to ondemand as default (u can change it with cpu control or app setcpu) - improvement on read database process - Fast and smooth scrolling improvements - Ram booster - Entropy for more fast improvements - Minfree tweak - Libncurses tweak - More Lighweights : * only 132Mb of ROM size (4.2.2 jB) * 172Mb free space on /system (without installing addons such as gapps,etc..) * 363Mb free space on internal storage screenshot :
Propha eRRo v2 : - Fix unable to load on view changelog - fix stop phone problem :)
Propha eRRo v1 : - Disable USB Debugging icon from Status Bar. (Just the Icon, debugging remains enabled.) - Disable Boot Animation (fast boot but BLANK SCREEN) - Themed pack MattePlus ;) (as default) - Fix toogle torch :) (tested on my mango) - Remove many useless apps from system/app - Less more space on /system (156Mb of ROM size) - Improve data speeds - Modified HD icons - Changed launcher to ADW Launcher (to set default icon) - When u receive a massages, the sms notification on status bar will flickering . nice screenshot :
Eta eRRo : - Changed root explorer to CMFileManager :) - Changed default wallpaper - Modified lockscreen handle normal with more glow effect ;) - Updated Accelerometer - Increased Media on Http - Increased More Streaming Performance screenshot :
- Meta eRRo (first Build Release)



- Rooted
- Unlocked Bootloader (sorry for stock)
- ClockWorkMod Recovery v6 or higher
- LuPus kernel jB V7 (VERY recommended) i never tried with other kernels and i think it work on lupus only !!!
* Direct link lupus kernel here (includes all version of lupus by @wedgess -> thank's

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________


1. Download kernel (above) and ROM (on Second Post)
2. Flash the kernel
3. Go to CWM recovery
4. do a Full Wipe
5. Choose zip from sdcard (please wait until installations is completed)
6. FOR ANYONEs WHO IS NOT minipro users Flash PATCH FILES : go HERE , its include xperia zu keyboard addon

7. Then, dont forget to
Wipe cache and dalvik cache
8. Restart system via recovery
9. Until u reach desktop, REBOOT AGAIN so wifi will work at all

recommended (optional) :
1. Flash Light GappS by Me (on second post) -> only play store and google service. The original gapps is 90Mb
Larger than This ROM
2. Optimized Button Backlight for save more battery HERE

for SATSUMA, if u got home key dnt work, here the FIX (take from zelly cream. thanks @saqib nazm)
2. If keyboard with Zu themed still FC, u can flash with multilang keybboard xperia tm here ! Then reboot. After reboot system, flash zu theme again.
enjoY !

additional but its will less ur /system space :
( downloads on second post)
- Install gapps (full?)
- Sony Xperia UXP theme
- Apps addons (up to you)
- Other's,,
- more coming . . .

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________

Credits to :

- @officiallysonyrebel
- @wedgess
- @Harshraj
- @Hunfatal
- @ronaldvalles and @Kamarush
- @Gandhar
- @-Harsh-
- @dathe
- @elelinux
- @paxy97
- @lavero.burgos
- @slaid480
- @andeveloper
- @exit_only
- @Spex
will add more if less
sorry if I can not mention one by one about what they are doing (im forgot it since first )

N O T E :


- Removed panorama options on legacy camera (thanks to gandhar) because panorama still not work (use panorama app non official / play store or u can get it on my ADDONS)
- Radio (follow the step below) :

*if u want to open radio,
turn on bluetooth->plug headphone->radio

*if u want to exit radio
exit radio->unplug headphone->turn off bluetooth

*if u unplug headphone while on radio or turn off bluetooth before unplug headphone so,
radio will not work and will work again on next reboot.

Below is error that happen if you forget to flash dev files above, but i still keep this below step for anyones that not only in this rom if got some problems like this hope it usefull
F.A.Q :
- For some devices who got problem with accelerometer (not inverted camera only), see on attached files below (pls tell me if still inverted )
- If u got only camera inverted, go HERE
- If u got phone is stopped, pls insert your simcard
- If u want to ACTIVE DEVELOPER SETTING, you have to tap the "build number" 7 times continuously under the "About Phone" settings to activate development settings. (thanks for achinthyah)
- If Dual Speaker wont work on your coconut go HERE
- If u have root problem with lupusv8 go HERE
- For chinese user, here the chinese input text HERE
- Keyboard Xperia tm (For Fix some keyboard issue and Zu keyboard theme. Install it FIRST)
- FIX Display characters Chinese or any asian languages HERE (Many fonts installed)
- Live wallpapers doesnt work? install other launcher such as Holo Launcher HD and try with zeam launcher again
- Want default alarm and stopwatch?? flash THIS (but u will get double clock widget)
- Want to disable waking phone with volume keys? go HERE
- Play store dnt work? wipe data & cache in download manager
- Instagram dont work? try with old version
- Want button backlight? go HERE
- How to enabled all themes (include hdpi themes)? go HERE


also give this thread 5 star* if usefully for you

XDA:DevDB Information
eRRo MDPI, a ROM for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini, Mini Pro, Active

ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
ROM Firmware Required: A Brain
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: Hepta
Stable Release Date: 2013-08-05

Created 2013-09-27
Last Updated 2013-09-27
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Views:	6889
Size:	42.7 KB
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Name:	new propha.jpg
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File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (224.7 KB, 1277 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (224.5 KB, 1613 views)
File Type: zip Fix_ALL Accelerometer if on above dnt - [Click for QR Code] (225.4 KB, 622 views)
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24th June 2013, 12:20 PM |#2  
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___________DOWNLOAD LINK :

Hepta - eRRo

mirror link's (mediafire)


then install Xperia tm Keyboard (recommended)

Use this on your signature to Support Me :

How to install addons???
1. Download ur choosed addons files
2. Open Root Explorer
3. Move files to /system/app
4. Hold the copied files (too see options)
Set permission to rw-r--r--
6. Change owner :
- Owner -> 0-root
- Group -> 0-root
7. Reboot
donE !

Materials of addons :

List of apps on my mediafire folder. Pls click on link below :



please dont mirror! to prevent file .thx


================================================== ================


Originally Posted by paxy97

This ROM is the lightest and fastest of all 4.2.2 that I've tested. If you want to sto gaming I highly recommend jb and especially this ROM cause of all the features.

Originally Posted by chan1628

i've been waiting a long time for a rom to be as smooth as this one for my wife's phone... by far, this has been the best rom i've flashed for the XMP

24hrs and so far not a single issue... running JB like butter

followed every step in the installation instructions and didn't encounter any problems
thx for the great dev work @hurriX8

Originally Posted by rises

I really liked your rom and very pretty quickly and I think even the fastest I've tested.

Originally Posted by tit0um

really nice rom!

you made me move from mesa kernel to lupus but it works like a charm, thx for your work.

================================================== ================

Originally Posted by jitkr

no bugs as expected
1. Sound working (Both speakers)
2. Camera working fine
3. with ondemand working flawless with smartassv2 looks slow, i was using Heksa erro v2 at 768Mhz with ondemand working fine
4. FM working
5. WIFI/ Bluetooth Working
6. No Lags in playing HD games.
7.2g/3g, wifi signal improved with heksa erro v3

Thanks for rom.

All quoted post's above is originally post, i'm just edit some text to bold & also huge thanks for other support's guys
if you like my project, I am not averse to a free cup of coffee

Donator :


thanks again for support my work
The Following 55 Users Say Thank You to hurriX8 For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift hurriX8 Ad-Free
24th June 2013, 12:23 PM |#3  
Thanks Meter: 4
Another gaming ROM. Thank you very much. Gonna try this soon and will give a review soon.
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to retslagoon For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift retslagoon Ad-Free
24th June 2013, 12:32 PM |#4  
apparently, there was an eRRo uploading interface screenshots as well...
The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to rahimali For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift rahimali Ad-Free
24th June 2013, 12:47 PM |#5  
Junior Member
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fm radio really work?
can't wait
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24th June 2013, 12:56 PM |#6  
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New rom
Try to download and use this rom .great bro .

Sent from my WT19i using Tapatalk
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24th June 2013, 01:16 PM |#7  
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yea, I can't see the screenies. Any1 see it?
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to azzazelium For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift azzazelium Ad-Free
24th June 2013, 01:43 PM |#8  
Thanks Meter: 0
Originally Posted by azzazelium

yea, I can't see the screenies. Any1 see it?

Can't see it either

Sent from my Refrigerator using xda-developers app
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24th June 2013, 02:22 PM |#9  
najodleglejszy's Avatar
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Originally Posted by OdonkZ

fm radio really work?
can't wait

that's what I'm interested in too. it's the only reason keeping me away from 4.2.2
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24th June 2013, 02:32 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by savagecube

Can't see it either

Sent from my Refrigerator using xda-developers app

Originally Posted by azzazelium

yea, I can't see the screenies. Any1 see it?

Originally Posted by rahimali

apparently, there was an eRRo uploading interface screenshots as well...

@savagecube @azzazelium @rahimali

mmmmm , screen shot isn't appear , but there's a little square , yes ?

if you tabbed right click then "open image in new tab" you will see the image and that's it :

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24th June 2013, 03:28 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Mohamed Hashem

@savagecube @azzazelium @rahimali

mmmmm , screen shot isn't appear , but there's a little square , yes ?

if you tabbed right click then "open image in new tab" you will see the image and that's it :

Sory dude nothin appear, I use opera mini to browse this page
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