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By Ichigo, Account currently disabled on 1st April 2013, 07:31 PM
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Welcome one and all to XDA's first Yakuza Thread, the Futago no Akuma-kai

What is this ?

This is the first Yakuza thread of the XDA OT. It's an idea I've been cooking up for a while now and I've finally found some free time to make this a reality. The Futago no Akuma-kai is a thread for everyone to join in. However, this thread shall be governed and protected by the Futago no Akuma-kai Yakuza Family.

Futago no...whaaa ?

The Futago no Akuma-kai. It's the name of our Yakuza family. Futago no Akuma literally means Twin Demon and -kai being a common suffix for most Yakuza families, the other being -gumi. So quite literally, we're the Twin Demon Yakuza Family.

What's up with you guys ?

We govern this thread. The peace and sanctity of the Futago no Akuma-kai falls solely on us. The Futago no Akuma-kai consists of many soon to be clans, with the Main Clan led by the Kumichō (that's me), followed by 6 of my underlings.

Soon to be clans ?

Yes. The Futago no Akuma-kai will be governed by the Futago no Akuma-kai Yakuza Family, which consists of the Main Clan and the Branch Clans. The Main Clan will consist of myself and members I handpicked, members I see the heart and soul of warriors within them, brothers whom I can trust the safety of this thread to in my absence.

So these branch clans....

Yes. Anyone is allowed to owe their allegiance to the Oyabun. Since there isn't an Oyabun at the moment, you guys will have to pledge your allegiance to me, the Kumichō

I'm still a bit hazy. How does this all work ?

See, I am the Kumichō, the Head of the Futago no Akuma-kai Yakuza Family. Under me, there will be 6 other members, which are the Wakagashira - my 2nd in command, Saiko Komon - the Senior Advisor, So-honbucho - the Headquater Chief and the Fuku-honbucho – Vice Chief. There will be two Kobuns - subourdinates, who will run special tasks and errands. They fall directly below the Main Clan.

Now, the Branch Clans will consist of those who owe allegiance. Once they've passed the 1 month mark and/or have the recommendation of 4/6 of the members in the Main Clan and have my blessings, they will become the Oyabun of that Branch Clan. Then, they may adopt their own underlings, Kobuns, if you will. These underlings you choose will need to owe their allegiance to the Main Clan, however, they do not need approval for me nor the Main Clan, to join your Branch. You are in charge of them. If you want to make them your successor, go ahead. If you want to give 'em the boot from your branch, by all means, it's up to you. Just notify anyone from the Main Clan of any changes you make.

Futago no Akuma Main Clan Members

Kumichō - Yours Truly

-Wielding dual katanas, he watches from the shadows. An advent reader of mangas and a bit of a nutjob. Beware-

Wakagashira – Gohan

-An accident during a gang fight left him a heavily scarred torso as a momento. He spends his nights trying to fight the demons that haunt his past. All those mid night snacks don't help-

Saiko Komon – Quantum Foam

-He believes there is some sense to be found in fighting. While opting to further his studies and find some use for his skills, his craving for blood and ice cream usually leads him to fights-

So-honbucho – Sleepy

-Famed for having single handedly taken down the entire Yakure-gumi Yakuza Family while half asleep. He later claims he blanked out during the event...but we all know better-

Fuku-honbucho – cascabel

-As a boy, he received scars across his eyes, making blinking and even sleeping a painful affair. However, his eyesight and endurance has improved up to the point where he can slice a flying needle in half-

Kobun 1 - DowntownJeffBrown

-Growing up in the North Province of Felinsia, he was raised and trained by the Great Cat Monk himself in the art of fighting. Caution ; catnip tends to go missing when he visits-

Kobun 2 - Philomena

-A young man skilled in the art of speaking, he can talk himself out of any situation. Don't be mistaken, this man is also extremely deadly with a sword in his hand.

Honorary Members

Uncle of the Yakuza Head - Deadly

-He and the Kumichō are related. The Kumichō's father left him in charge of bringing up his son while he went on a quest to find Unicorn Valley. The Kumichō and him have had a close relationship, save for when chips are involved-

Father - Apex

-Although he was absent from most of the Kumichō's childhood, he kept close tabs on his son whilst away on a quest to find Unicorn Valley. However, a wrong turn of events have led to his greatest fear - his son joining the Yakuza-

Retired Members

Retired Kobun - jugg1es

-A retired member shrouded in mystery. Not even the Kumichō has seen him without his mask, which obscures his entire face, except his two, snake like eyes. Some say he has a slit tongue hidden in that mask of his, complete with scaly snake skin-

What do I need to do to owe my allegiance ?

First off : Write an intro about yourself and why you wish to join the Futago no Akuma-kai Yakuza Family (Doesn't have to be too fancy or long. Just make sure it's sincere ). PM the post link to any of the 6 Main Clan Members

Then for three weeks, you must :

- Be a regular poster
- Change your signature to "Sent from my Katana" and keep it that way during your trial
- Treat other members here with respect, especially the Main Clan
- Obey XDA Rules
- Obey Futago no Akuma-kai Rules

Once you have passed the three week mark, alert one of any of the 6 Main Clan Members. They will alert me. Then, I will personally PM you and you must perform the Sakazuki, sake sharing, in order to prove your allegiance to the Futago no Akuma-kai. After that, welcome to the family . After a month after your acceptance, you may be appointed to Oyabun, ONLY if you keep up your progress and strive to show your loyalty to the family.

During your 3 week trial, should you break any of the Code of Jingis, you will lose whatever progress you've made. No exceptions shall be made. You will not be able to re-initiate your trial for a period of 2 weeks and after that, the trial duration will be raised from 3 weeks to a month as penalty for failing the first round. Should you fail your 2nd try, you will not be allowed to re-initiate your trial, ever.

Futago no Akuma-kai Code of Jingi

The Code of Jingi in any Yakuza Family means The Code of Justice and Duty that every member must abide by.

- All Yakuza members must post in a respectful manner
- No fighting between Clans or within Clans
- Anything set forth by the Main Clan is final
- If you notice anyone stirring up trouble in the thread, DO NOT engage them personally. Alert the Main Clan and we will decide on a suitable action to take
- No flaming or trolling new members. You are a source of guidance and protection to them while they are guests here.

Those found in violation will be paid a little visit by Yakuza brothers who will handle the situation with as little bloodshed as possible. Repeated offenders will be paid a little visit by me personally and a verdict will be reached after discussing with the other Main Clan members.

...and if I don't want to owe my allegiance to the Yakuza ?

Doesn't matter . Everyone is welcome. Come by, chat with other members, post memes or gifs, relax and unwind after a long day at work, share your problems and troubles and overall, just make yourselves at home, at the same time, treat others with respect and do not spam this thread for the sake of posting something. Have some meaning to what you want to say.

And remember, you have the Futago no Akuma-kai keeping a watchful eye on you, so don't be afraid

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February 18th 2014 - Cascanova ACCEPTED as of March 11th 2014
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June 28th 2013 - darkshadow246 ACCEPTED as of July 18th 2013
June 28th 2013 - hanisod ACCEPTED as of August 6th 2013
June 28th 2013 - seraz007 ACCEPTED as of July 18th 2013
June 28th 2013 - thom109 ACCEPTED as of July 18th 2013
June 28th 2013 - Mephikun A.W.O.L.
June 28th 2013 - Eren Jaeger ACCEPTED as of July 18th 2013
June 28th 2013 - TeeJay!! ACCEPTED as of July 18th
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Branch Clans
The Kawaii-Gumi Clan

Status : Active

  • Oyabun - hanisod
  • Wakagashira - thom109

  • Seraz007
  • danishaznita
  • Gogeta
  • Eren
  • ironman38102
  • Tommy-Geenexus

Oyabun Backstory

Name : Hanisod

Description : With full knowledge that he's different, being a pony and all, his origin still remains unknown to many around him. He made his way into the Yakuza soon after. Don't let his cuteness fool you, you'll never know what he's capable of. After proving himself, made it as an Oyabun. Starting off his clan wasn't easy, but the help of his right hand man, thom and his clan members, he leads them to victory !
27th June 2013, 04:48 PM |#8  
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....and another
27th June 2013, 04:50 PM |#9  
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Here we go

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Originally Posted by prototype7


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