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[ROM] TouchWiz-Resurrection V9.5 [08/03/2014]

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By Sniper Killer, Senior Member on 10th July 2013, 04:49 PM
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Announcement from Sniper Killer: TouchWIZ V9.5 RELEASED!
Click me and download V9.5 immediately


Introduction :
Touchwiz-Resurrection is a stock-based ROM whose purpose is to
give Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i users the best touchwizUX experience they have ever had.
The ROM has almost every touchwizUX possible features. Every thing is designed on Touchwiz5+ Style.


Thread Navigation :

#1 Features, Credits and Screenshots
#2 Changelog
#3 ROM Signatures and Banners
#4 F.A.Q
#5 Useful Stuff and Suggestions

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
This ROM is under GPL, kernel source code can be found here


Features :

  • TouchWizUX Themed
  • Dialer
  • Bootanimation
  • Full Sounds ( Including bootanimation )
  • 4.2.2 StatusBar
  • Messaging app
  • Lockscreen
  • Icons
  • TouchWiz3
  • Music player
  • Battery + StatusBar Icons
  • Weather & clock widget
  • Task Manager
  • Settings
  • Calculator
  • Video app
  • Memo app
  • Settings
  • Gallery
  • USB Connection mode
  • Like ICS Recent Apps Panel
  • Clock aligned on center on Lockscreen
  • Transparent Google Search Wiget
  • New Lirdroid Parts edited by me including :
    -CPU Settings
    -CPU States
    -Battery Bar
    -EDT Tweaks
    -Spare Parts
    -Call Recorder
    -Help Centre

  • Swipe nofication on SB
  • Customized Voice Record app
  • 15 Toggles on SB
  • Quick Seetings on SB
  • OG Battery Mod
  • Rooted + Deodexed + Deleted unnecessary apps
  • Latest Playstore
  • AMazing Framework and UI
  • PureAudio Engine
  • PureGraphics HD
  • PurePerformancesX
  • ICS Pattern lock style
  • JellyBean Transition Animations
  • And so many and many others [See Changelog for more info]






Music Player


FM Radio


S Memo


Voice Record


DSP Manager




Task Manager


Google Search




Desk Clock










Dialer Tab Activity




My Files


Video & Alarm




Extra features


Installation :

Strongly recommended to install from Stock or high chances of bricking. ( About 85 % )


  • Go to CWM Recovery
  • Clear/Wipe Data
  • Clear/Wipe Cache
  • Advanced > Clear/Wipe Dalvik cache
  • Install zip from sd card > Choose desired ROM
  • Reboot
  • Done

If you are on a custom ROM do these steps at your own risk. It may fail sometimes !


  • Go to CWM
  • Clear/Wipe Data & Cache
  • Advanced > Clear Dalvik Cache
  • Mounts and Storage > Format /system
  • Mounts and Storage > Mount /system
  • Install ZIP from SD Card > Choose ROM.
  • Reboot

Now you have succesfully installed SGS3 Rom on your device. ENJOY


Important :

If you stuck on bootlogo , your device is bricked. You must restore a new frimware according to your country or not.
Refer to this thread :
It's the 2nd TUTORIAL. Do anything as he does. It's the best of all and no problem with IMEI or anything else.
It works for me and it surly will work for you too .


Credits :


Touchwiz Resurrection Team :

Vishnu pv

1) @iamareebjamal - Crediting him once isn't enough. He has tough me well about android. Incredible helps including all his guides. Biggest thanks goes to him
2) @b16h22 - Guides, and every help he has given to me by far.
3) @SpaceCaker - Same thing goes to him for his awesome guides and big helps.
4) @raulfebryadi - Many codes and mods copied from his ROM and also for his contributes.
5) @Zdune25x - black on blue bug fixes and other color fixes.
6) @sicopat - Extended Power Menu
7) @Jeeko - PureAudio
8) @Android-fany - SmartFluid Script (future integration)
9) @Lalit Patil - Contributed so much i can't mention!
10) @amogh420 - Helps and suggestions
11) S H A D Y - Suggestions and friendly replies to the thread's questions.
12) hitesh - Same goes to him.
13) NaTHaN_GT-S5830 - Fm Radio app
14) @Javier Leon (facebook friend)- gave me the base touchwiz3 apk. Also thanks goes to rajrocks.
15) @Mohd Azman - Ultimate Dialer
16) Envy-x - Thanks for his suggestions.

And of course, thanks goes to radichification and Vishnu pv (aka the Best Contributors) for the incredible work, helps and suggestions

Also thanks goes to everyone else on Ace-I forums. Forgive me if i have forgotten anyone. Drop me a PM and i will add credits for you.

Thanks would be appreciated!

XDA:DevDB Information
TouchWiz-Resurrection - CooperVe [GT-S5830i], a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Sniper Killer, Vishnu pv, radichification, SpaceCaker , ryanfebryadi, iamareebjamal
ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread
ROM Firmware Required: XXLA2 , XXLH3
Based On: Stock

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 9.5
Stable Release Date: 2014-03-08

Created 2013-09-29
Last Updated 2014-03-08
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10th July 2013, 04:50 PM |#2  
Sniper Killer's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Flag Tirana, Albania
Thanks Meter: 3,120
Info 2 Changelog
Changelog :


  • Removed Galaxy Browser Pro - Warez
  • Little framework changes
  • Better installation on CWM ( Thanks MindCr for refering to )


  • SGS3 Music Player
  • New SGS3 Dialer modded by me.
  • DSP Manager added.
  • 50mb/190mb used.
  • New tweaks added - Slow Media scanning fixed.
  • Some framework changes.
  • Removed TouchWiz Launcher.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • More I forgot


  • Removed MIUI SGS3 Music player.
  • Added a new SGS3 Heavily themed Stock Music player.
  • New Seetings with Cyanogenmod Settings shortcut
  • New lidroid-parts.apk - Including :
    - EDT Tweaks
    - Spare Parts
    - CPU Spy
    - No-frills CPU Controller
    - DOLBY
    - And the others that were on previous version.
  • Latest PlayStore added.
  • SGS3 Launcher Updated - 3rd Version , not 3.5 because page indicators weren't alike S3.
  • Too many framework changes.
  • New init.d scripts.
  • So many others i forgot..

V4 Beta 1

  • Full SGS3 Look - Awesome UI and framework. ( Thanks spacecaker & vishnu pv)
  • Instagram photos bug - Fixed
  • New Awesome Statusbar icons - Full S3 Look ( Thanks Vishnu pv )
  • New lidroid-res.apk - Full SGS3 Look , again.
  • New lidroid-parts - V2's Lidroid-Parts but now including :
    - EDT Tweaks
    - Spare Parts ( Thanks abhi922 )
  • Tweaked extremely - Wifi range is larger etc etc...
  • Brightness on SB.
  • New Settings.apk ( Previous by MindCr but modded ) - Modded by me , with new extrafeatures :
    - Info. for GPU
    - Info. for CPU
    - Info. for ROM Maker and ROM Name.
    - Some new wirless pngs etc...
  • Default build.prop - Fixed google toolbox for IMEI backup.
  • Default fonts - Some popular games are fixed. Clearer preview of words etc...
  • Fixed some Black on blue bugs
  • New TouchWiz3 - Features :
    - Page indicators are in the bottom and like SGS3.
    - 90 % Transparent app drawer.
    - 5 icons dock
    - Auto-rotation enabled. ( Thanks spacecaker )
    - And others you'll see yourself.
  • SGS3 Shutdown animation ( Thanks Vishnu pv )
  • Clock aligned on center on lockscreen.
  • SGS3 4.2.2 Statusbar with expand toggles.
  • ICS Task switcher
  • Smooth spinner mod.
  • Package Installer like SGS3 ( Thanks b16h22 )
  • JB Animations
  • So many other features you will see yourself.

V4 Beta2

  • Added default Voice Record app. ( Input voice was low )
  • Added last update of spacecaker's 4.2.2 statusbar.
  • New mms.apk modified like SGS3. *Awesome* ( Thanks vishnu pv )
  • Black on blue bugs fixed totally on mms.apk
  • 2nd text changed to grey.
  • Reduced Thickness on ICS pattern lockscreen.
  • Too many framework changes.
  • New textfield - you can see PIN numbers on SIM card lock at boot ( White on grey )
  • Date color on lockscreen changed to yellow.
  • New init.d scripts - Hope i have fixed RAM reboot issue


  • Black on Blue bug fixed!
  • Smooth Scroll Mod
  • New Awesome TouchWiz3 Launcher modded by me :
    -Title on icons on the Dock.
    -5 Icons on Dock.
    -SGS3 Page Indicators.
    -Page Indicators at the bottom.
    -Semi-Transparent App Drawer.
    -Arranged Icons on App drawer.
    -Concentration Effect on App drawer.
  • Framework Tweaks Including :
    -SGS3 Activity Title Bar
    -Reduced Chooser Box
    -Title Bar also increased
  • Others you gonna see yourself


  • Battery FC on settings - fixed
  • New Power Widget
  • Statusbar Pulldown bug - fixed
  • New FM Radio ( Thanks Nathan )
  • New Contacts App ( Thanks Nathan xD )
  • PureAudio Engine
  • PureGraphicsHD
  • Sony BRAVIA® Engine
  • Houndred framework changes
  • Statusbar Tweaks
  • SGS3 Fonts
  • Customized Stock Browser
  • New init.d scripts
  • Customized Settings
  • And so and so many others i laze to write


  • Added AROMA Installer.
  • Heavy modded Settings including :
    a.ON/OFF Button Switches ***AWESOMNESS***
    b.Mobile Data Quick toggle
    c.Power Saving ***HOT***
    d.Development Tools
    e.Better arrangement of icons
  • Better ICS/JB Recent apps panel for a greater look. ***AMAZING***
  • New Lidroid Toggles.
  • New Lidroid-Parts including
    a.CPU Control
    b.CPU States
    c.EDT Tweaks
    d.Battery Bar
    e.Advanced Settings (SpareParts)
    f.Call Recorder.
    g.Help Centre
  • As mentioned above; A new app built from source by me called Help Centre. It includes all F.A.Q and their answers.
    *Very useful to noobs and also reduce spammers on the thread keeping it clean*
  • Hundred framework edits.
  • ICS Keyboard by default.
  • Deleted black background of shortcuts on homescreen of TouchWiz3 ***INCREDIBLE***
  • PurePerformancesX added ***Amazing battery life and performance***
  • No kernel included in the zip.
  • Signature check disabled.
  • New Gmail app (Thanks b16h22)
  • Edited DECXAV Music Player (Thanks a friend from fb)
  • Statusbar Background changed to a lighter black
  • SGS3 Like Task Manager

    NOTE : If RAM High consumption still persist its OK as it won't reboot anymore! I have included Multitasking RAM Script which
    has more RAM Consumption but this doesn't mean you can't run apps or device will be slower! You have more multitasking but RAM
    never goes up to 240 mbs!


  • Smoothest edition
  • TouchWiz Themed :
    -Mms app
    -Ongoing Calls
    -Google Account
    -USB connection mode
    -Task Manager etc..
  • Explore yourself once you install it


  • Quote:

  • - New statusbar
  • - New touchwiz ux UI [5.5] [S4]
  • - New themed apps like touchwiz
  • - Much framework editions
  • - Integrated SGS4 launcher
  • - New statusbar icons
  • - Much more i don't remember atm. Find out yourself



  • - Revamped Statusbar
  • New music player
  • New recording app
  • New calculator
  • New Memo app
  • Framework Editions
  • Much more i don't remember.




1. Weather on lockscreen
2. Tabbed S4 Settings
3. New MMS
4. New browser
5. New lockscreen
6. Changeable lockscreen text
7. Extended Power Menu
8. New statusbar
9. Rearrangeable lidroid extended toggles
10. New Phone
11. New DialerTabActivity
12. New Contacts
13. New Clock app
14. New Calendar
15. New video app
16. New my files app
17. New Voice Record
18. New Music app
19. Jellybean recent panel with 3 shortcuts like Touchwiz
20. New google search widget and app
21. New FM radio
22. New calculator
23. New Help Centre
24. New DSP manager
25. New memo app
26. New voice search app
27. Setted custom jellybean title bars on all the mentioned apps
28. Lockscreen improvements
29. Transparent gradient statusbar
30. Edited the scripts for better performance
31. Statusbar with animation between toggles with new presson method
32. You will be amazed after this installation

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10th July 2013, 04:51 PM |#3  
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Thanks Meter: 3,120
Info ROM Banners and Signatures
ROM Signatures and Banners





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10th July 2013, 04:51 PM |#4  
Sniper Killer's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Question F.A.Q
Please read this before making spam posts!


  • Where's battery icon? - Double click on the battery blank place and choose "AEON" style.
  • Why battery gets fat while charging? - Triple Click on the battery an then disable Charging animations.
  • How to fix those black on blue text bugs? - At the moment the only way is to edit the 3rd party apps.
  • Why auto button isn't working on Brighntess slider? - It's just for decoration because ace doesn't have ambient light sensor.
  • Why half of the toggles on the extended statusbar don't work? - As the auto button they are just for decoration.
  • How to turn off the vibration of the soft keys? - Go to Settings > ROM Settings > Spare Parts > Uncheck Haptic Feedback.

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10th July 2013, 04:52 PM |#5  
Sniper Killer's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Thanks Meter: 3,120
Drive Useful Stuff
Useful Stuff


Suggestions :

-After you install the ROM do these changes for better experience :

a. Firstly tap 3 times at the battery blank icon and choose AEON style
b. Go to Settings > Sounds > Vibrate Settings > Always
c. Go to Settings > Display > Screen Display > Clock Position > Top
d. Go to Settings > Display > Animations > Select all windows animations are shown
e. Go to Settings > ROM Settings > Advanced Settings > Windows animations & Transition animations > Fast

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10th July 2013, 04:53 PM |#6  
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Thanks Meter: 3,120

Downloads :

Please do not mirror links!
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10th July 2013, 04:57 PM |#7  
iamareebjamal's Avatar
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10th July 2013, 05:54 PM |#8  
Slayer321's Avatar
Senior Member
Valley of the Death!
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We are here for you bro. Nice work again. :thumbup:

If you want to add more tweaks/ performance to your phone.


Go here:

Send from Batman's Bat- Phone
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10th July 2013, 07:02 PM |#9  
davideowl's Avatar
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@Sniper Killerive read somewhere that screens with phone lines (all the phone) have to be under spoiler... i'm only saying this, no report... check this sniper, i don't want you to get troubles
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10th July 2013, 07:49 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Bullit Lee

Hi ,

All I Can Say Is Its Hard-Bricked Which Cannot Be Recovered By Flashing Firmware , Using Odin . ETC ! 1st Of All Mah Phone Isnt Booting After Installing Update V5 !

I dont know what you did with your phone but as for flashing Rom. I dont think it will hard brick your phone. Ofcourse bootloop and soft brick happens. But ive never hard brick my sga-i ; maybe some day.

I even tried flashing SGY kernels and some other stuffs. But still no Hard brick!
I guess its just your bad luck.

Let see if we have so more confirmer about this!

Send from Batman's Bat- Phone
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11th July 2013, 09:02 AM |#11  
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hope you will set the status bar thinner like iOS in next update I think the phone looks more widely
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