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[INDEX] All ROMs for Galaxy Y.

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By OxygeenHD, Senior Member on 28th July 2013, 12:06 AM
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Hello there, this is my first contribution for the Galaxy Y forum, since i'm in this forum, i haven't noticed any thread in with all roms were. So i decieded to create one i'll be more easy for anyone to find a ROMs, i must appologize, if there is any mistakes or if the roms are in the wrong section in this thread, i'm a French man. , i'll do my best Anyway, let's go !

Ice Cream Sandwich / Jellybean Themed (Samsung Base.)

[ROM] Evo-x 4.2.0 [Changeable statusbar layout/color/elements] > By b16h22.
[custom rom][ussrv7][ultimate seven][multy languange][UPDATED > By Evanlocked.
[ROM][KERNEL] USSR V8 [Ultimate 8][UPDATED] > By Evanlocked.
USSR V9 Code Name JELLYNOID UPDATED > By Evanlocked. > By Evanlocked.
[ROM] PhoYdroid V.2 - Galaxy Young GT-S5360 > By An0nygo5s.
[ROM][KERNEL] The CoD RoM [DDLF2][ICS Trans][4-Way boot][Non transparent mod].. \m/ > By CoD.<D.J.>.
[port] rom paranoid android hybryd[dev only][buid1] > By Evanlocked.
[S-ROM] Resurrection Remix | |Killer CyanWay Edition| | STABLE | | STRONG | | > By kaustubh.rockstar.
[ROM]New Experience v7.0 > By Percy_g2.
[ROM] [Kernel] [AROMA] Ultimate Alfa Rom v4.2 - New Links > By AlfaTeam.
[Rom][Kernel] [Team BlackStar] NeoX BlackStar X1/No Bugs > By InfectedDarkDroids.
[ROM] [KERNEL] Hyperion Project Reloaded - Link Added - Under construction > By CarlDeanCatabay.
[ROM] Hyperion 8 Golden Master Final Build - UPDATE PREVIEW > By CarlDeanCatabay.
|Jelly Blast| [DEVELOPER EDITION][ New Update 22nd Aug] V3Beta3....Testers needed.. > By AvijitGhosh82.
[ROM][KERNEL][ICS/Jelly Bean mod] JELLYBLAST V3 for Galaxy Y [ OTA5 ADDED ][03/02/13] > By AvijitGhosh82.
[ROM] Sweet Dread 2 > By mrallyluz.
[rom][updated][u.s.s.r v5] jelly beans taste[4wayBoot][EPM DXLF1]link in post #2 > By Evanlocked.
[ROM][updated]Andromeda v.1.0 > By AliensDroid.
[Custom][Rom] ICS AURA V1 {UPDATED} > By thedeadlycoder.
[ROM][FINAL]♫ Cranium Rom_testkeys#4(NEED TESTERS FOR KERNEL WITH ADB KNOW-How!!) ♫ > Bysakindia123.
Hyperion Project 2013 - DISCONTINUED > By CarlDeanCatabay.
[ROM]Ritz Rom V1 > By Crazysuraj


••• Creeds' Rom v2.5 ••• [DEV][ROM] [2.3.6] > By pratyush.creed.
▬CЯEED v3.5▬ [CUSTOM][ROM] > By pratyush.creed.
[Rom][Kernel] NeoX BlackStar X2.1 - Always & Forever > By InfectedDarkDroids.
[ROM][THEME]Beats With Sense 4.0 > By Yash989.
[ROM][COLOR] GreenDroidGB (Addon#2 Added) > By Blaze.
[UPDATE 1][ROM][KERNEL] [eve.121_4] The One N Only [DXMA1] > By zecn.
LiteStock #2 - Fast and smooth > By tom411.
[ROM] DS Rom V1[Links Added][Stable][StatusBarColorMOD Added][Update1] > By SSSidGGG.
[rom] ▒▒« pulse rom »▒▒ > By Nachiket.Namjoshi.
DDLK2 HYBRID ROM v5.0 [03 DEC 2012] > By sajidmkhan.
{ROM} S4-Companion-MiTLabs {S4 inspired ROM for SGY} > By ShivamMiT.
[ROM]HoneyComb/HoneyCream[Unified Thread(ALL VERSIONS)] > kaustubh.rockstar.
[rom][team-xtreme]gt-xperia bean v2[22-03-2013][No bugs] > By Yash989.
HELLO KITTY stock ROM (for the girls and girls at > By lupin661.
[rom][UPDATE][10/12/12] Xtreme Fusion [Project Closed] > By kaustubh.rockstar. (Added beacause in this post there is a download link for a "V3".)
[ROM][CUSTOM] Project Xtreme Poison v1 and V2[Project Closed] > By kaustubh.rockstar.
[rom][custom] ice cold jelly [Project Closed] > By kaustubh.rockstar.
[ROM][UPDATE][15MAY13] ANTHR-A v1.3 > By ocoot.
==33d invader rom== > By myconfusedo.
ExplodeY Final-Everything works-STOPPED > By tom411.
[port][rom]sony hd[LINKS ADDED] > By Yash989.
[HD]●๋BeautySense v1.0 ●๋•[ROM][DEV][HTC-interface] > By amal das.
[Rom] [Kernel] Bino Rom v1.0 > By Cậu 3 nôbita.
[System & Kernel] Repencis v3.5 Advanced Rom > By repencis.
[ROM][V1]<< PlayBoy Beta >> > By kaustubh.rockstar.
[ROM] [Custom] ThunderROM - (Thunder-Desert v3) - 08/27 > By shocklads.
[CUSTOM ROM][KERNEL] WinterMod Evo [Updated][27-10-2012] > By winterfoxy.
[ROM][KERNEL] Hyperion Project - Hyperion 7.x | Pre GM now available! > By CarlDeanCatabay.
[rom]gt-xperia ui remix v1[update] > By Yash989.
» DEFAULTs Redifined « [KURO Kernel] [DDLK2] > By Yash989.
Jeniper LR Dua Separo - Minimalis Feature ROM > By Zecn.
Project Closed - {Rom}{Apoc-Kernel}{IceCreamBread v4.5} > By Ne.xt.
[CUSTOM][ROM][DXLA] Repencis ROM v.1 > By commanderELITE.
[custom][Rom]Blazing hatred v1 (Link Updated-For performance have a look at demo vid) > aadaars.
[ROM][DKL2]InfectedRom Blazed V 2.5.2*Released*Updated! > By eaglerazor123.
Zybo3 v1.0 [custom][rom][simply lite] > By jerryn70
[CUSTOM][ROM] Aurora v1 - Sense ROM > By Androhacker.
[ROM][FINAL]AURORA v2 - Vanilla > By Androhacker.
[ROM] EmeralD v0.83b XXLA2 based European ROM[WIP] > By Doky73.
[ROM][Updated]Neutron v.1.0 > By AliensDroid.
NEW ROM TermaRomGR v2.1 european csc > By termagazis.
[WIP][ROM]fX ROM for Galaxy Y > By sgytweaker.
[ROM]The Blaze[still in dev] > By SSSidGGG.
[ROM][DEV] Thunder-Desert V1 - DXLE1 [01/ June/ 2012]> By shocklads. > By Evanlocked.
[ROM][WIP]GG-ROM/build:bora(v1.06) > By gtu.
[ROM] ChobitsDigitalisV1 Legacy > By HCFroyd247.
[CUSTOM][ROM] Repencis'Rom v2.5lite /Repencis 2.6 Pro Users flashable zip > By pawanyadav.
[S-ROM][KERNEL][WP8]Monochromatic 7.1 MALEFICE!! [04/27/13] > By deathnotice01.
[Rom] MySs-V3.4 > MySs.NTD.
[ROM]Lenox Evolution - Stock Based > By PineappleOwl.
Lenox Evolution V2 [9-29-13] > By PineappleOwl.
[ROM][STOCK] PureKAT XTreme [6/3/14] ]> By San122
[ROM] Haiyan - Super Typhoon[UPDATE 5] [12/28/13] > By markmellarpes
[ROM][UPDATE] Eclipse galaxy y gt s5360 dan galaxy mini gt s5570i > By aakpSolder
[ROM] PureKAT 3.0 [AOSP] > By San122
[ROM][GALAXY Y]CD Rising RC > By MrPhamHpGYC.
[ROM] Green Resurrection 1 > By xday123
[ROM][COLOR][UPDATE] GreenDroidGD (OTA 1.0 Added) > By Blaze


FV3●๋• MIUI cream V1.0 ●๋• [ DXLE1 ] [ICS - Fusion v3.0 ][DEV][ROM][UPDATED]●๋ > By amal das.
[rom]Night storm |DIANXIN OS|Fast Smooth and Rock Stable > By D_Rising_Pheonix.
✷✷╰☆╮ Ⓦ Ⓔ ⓤ ⓛ ⅴ➁.➄ ╰☆╮✷✷ ✚ ᵀ ᴴ ᴲ ᴹ ᴲ [dev][rom][themes] > By Amal Das.
xXxxxX MIUI XxXxXx | Rc2 | 19/11 [ Eng version ][ROM][PORT] > By Amal Das.
NightlyFourE ReDefined | v1.0 | 18-11-12 [rom][port] > By Amal Das.
[ROM][PORT] MIUIv3 2.4.20 (Bieltv.3's CM7 RC4 based) (10/3/2014) > By Bangprovn


[ROM][PORT] ▬CЯEED v4▬ [Update - 5|6|13] > By Xicor Yagami.
[ROM][PORT][CM7] MIUI GB for Galaxy Y > By Aniruddh Chandratre.
[ROM][PORT][CM7]CyanTux Series Rom Ported from Galaxy Mini [Nooblab Dev.] > By ArnavGosain.
[ROM/PORT][CM7] Jelly Bread v3.5 for Totoro [2.3.7][UPDATED] > By ArnavGosain.
[port][rom]sony hd[LINKS ADDED] > By Yash989.
[port][rom] SONY HD ROM FOR GALAXY Y > By goutamniwas.
[ROM][PORT] MakDroid V3 > By tom411.
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] Blackdroids Lie For SGY > By Fang Leone.
[ROM][GPL][PORT][CM7.2]Blackdroids Lie V6.1(Odex version online)(28.06)(JellyWiz v2) > By Fang Leone.
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] New Experience Jelly Bean Special Edition for SGY > By Duduaxe.
[CM][EXT4][PORT] aOS Alpha 1.1.4 [UPDATE 11/4/2013] > By Gadgetdroid.
[PORT][ROM][UPDATE 1/23/13]CM7 Democracy Final Edition,NT&LITE > By Percy_g2.
[ROM][PORT][GPL][CM7.2]Jelly Bread v4.5[UPDATE][#21] > By E M I N E M.
[DEV][ROM][PORT][GPL][WIP] SEMC Debrand Engine [30/06/2013 [Build #1] > By nolinuxnoparty.
[WIP][ICS][ROM][PORT][RIL Works] Touchwiz Revolutionized 5.0 Rom-V3.0 (Port from Ace) > By Ashutos1997.
[ROMs][PORT][S3 ROM available] All my ROMs ported from Galaxy Ace S5830i > By tom411.
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] MIUI 2.4.20 GB (Themes work) > By Duduaxe.
[ROM][PORT][GB]Miui Life V6 23/10/13 (Multilang)! > DC07
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2]CyanJellyBread v1 aka. New JB Experience[VIDEO] > By A N D Y.
[Rom] [Port] Simplicity V5 Build 2.1 - Quick light & Modded for Galaxy Y > By Marcussmith2626.
[port][rom]gingerdx[LINKS FIXED] > By Yash989.
[PORT][DEV][CM7] Unofficial CyanogenMod 7.2.0 RC1 For SGY GT-S5360 > By Maroc-OS.
[ROM] [PORT] {CYANJELLY V1.0}{based on cm7}(Project Continue....) > By Sohan Rawat.
[ROM][PORT]emanoN v7 - test build > By Gamer R.
[rom][ported][droidacev3/droidyoung][jellybreadsv2.5] > By Evanlocked.
[ROM][port] CM7.2-DEMOCRACY FINAL EDITION [11.11.12] > By Amal Das.
[rom][port] M0kEE os [2012/13/11] > By Deathviper.
[AROMA][ROM][PORT] Ace-i-Sure (Y-i-Sure) v11.0.0[Phone FC finally fixed!] > By Tom411.
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] JellyBread 5.1 Final > By Aniket.Lamba
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] ZenceFil V9 Subhan > By Aniket.Lamba
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] The Freedom Legacy > By Aniket.Lamba
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] Radiance Final > By Aniket.lamba
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] GingerKat V2 > By Aniket.Lamba
[ROM][DEV][PORT][AOSP] The ßlakeßlader ROM | Beauty & Performance Collision | > By Aniket.Lamba
[Rom][Port][Odexed][CM7.2] Void Rom > By Aniket.Lamba
[ROM][PORT][CM7][ODEXED] Void Rom V2 > By Aniket.Lamba
[ROM][PORT][CM7] Zapper Rom V2.1 > By Aniket.Lamba
[ROM][PORT][CM7] New Experience V10.1 > By Aniket.Lamba.
[PORT][ROM][CM7.2] iMini V1.0 > By mohamedrashad
[SHARE][ROM][GT-S5360] NEXT DROID [UPDATE v1.1] > By alfaqih16
[ROM][PORT][CM7] LewaOS [06.03.2014] By Gisha 7.
[ROM][PORT] LewaOS for galaxy y > By DevilYuri
[DISCONTINUED][ROM] Jelly Bread v5.0 | Cyanogemod 7.2 based | Ported > By A N D Y

CyanogenMod 7/9 ROMs

. • MiniCM7 & 9 | Source Built | Final MiniCM7 Build! > By DC07
. • [ROM][DEV][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 9.1 [Alpha 1 - 05Mar2014] > By Bieltv.3
[ROM][DEV] CyanogenMod 7.2 - BroadcomCM [TOTORO] [RC4 - 07/03/2014] > By Bieltv.3
. • Unofficial CyanogenMod 9.1 Nightly build , 7.2 RC And CyanMobile eXperience Beta 2 > By Percy_g2.
[CM7][DEV][ALPHA] Pure cm7 source built! > By Prototype-U.
[CM] Port of CM7 with kernel & EXT4, without RFS [Alpha 5][23-05-2013] > By PsychoGame.
[ROM][CM7][OTA] UltraBeam GB | Revolutionary V1.6 | UBStyled (18/02/2014) > By Stone. Cold
[Cm7][Xperia S and JB Styled] SexyNoGen Mod Rc2 [Update-Mediafire Link Added For Rc2] > By kaustubh.rockstar.
[rom][cm7] jelly dream v1[Project Closed] > By kaustubh.rockstar.
[DEV][ROM]CyanMobile eXperience [2.3.8]![V 0.5 link added][beta] > By WhiteXP
[ROM][CM7.2] REINCARNATION ROM SERIES pre-Final [JB UI & S4 UI] [26-11-2013] update preview > By Rhievaldo.
[ROM][CM7.2][Update] AeronMOD #1.2.4 [DISCONTINUED] > By DvikzzDroid.
[ROM][CM7][PORT] Optimus Nexus Me v5 | Added Link > By Yash98
[Source]CyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy Y[CM7][GT-S5360][Build-10] > By vivekkalady
[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] KitKat Smart R2 (Build #2 added) > By Aniket.Lamba
[ROM][PORT]KoolSonyHD for galaxy y > By Devilyuri
[ROM][PORT] Paranoid Android V1.5 for Samsung Galaxy y GT-S5360 Totoro > By Hnkotnis
[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][19/03/2014] CyanMobile eXperience 2.3.8 (STABLE) > By bangprovn
[ROM][CM7.2][RC4] Reincarnation Rom Series v.5 | Touchwiz Nature UX Edition [20/03/2014] > By Rhievaldo
[ROM][CM7.2] Vivo 1.0 [21/3/14] > By San122
[UPDATE][ROM][CM7.2]Vivo 2.2 [27/3/14] > By San122
[ROM][PORT][CM7] JellyHybrid MusicEdition V3 > By Aniket.Lamba


[ROM] JOYOS [ 3D Games working details added in 1st post ] > By nagendhra.sudheer2.
[S-ROM][Kernels] Infinity Rom V1 Released..IOS Experiance. > By hacker0377.
[ROM] [Beta] LEZO OS [ download Link added ] > By nagendhra.sudheer2.
[port][rom]lewa os > By Deathviper.
[ROM][updated][DEV]◯ ☻ ☺ WeUI v2.0 ☺ ☻ ◯ > By Amal Das.
N9 мєєgσ υι ν1.0 ●•ツ ●•٠·˙ [DEV][ROM] > By Amal Das.

All credits belongs to respective creators of thoses ROMs, press thanks for them, for the awesome work they provide on this board,
and Press Thanks for me if this thread helped you to make your choice of which rom you will install on your device. I'll keep updating this thread as soon as i can...
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28th July 2013, 12:15 AM |#2  
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i think its wrong section and the other problem is that you posted roms there are banned so its useless to post is for development and threads like this should be in general section,the devs here knows the roms.
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28th July 2013, 05:56 AM |#3  
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add hyperion 8 bro
28th July 2013, 09:10 AM |#4  
luqman98's Avatar
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There is smillar thread about this, isn't it?

EDIT: Anyway, useful thread.

Sent from my Galaxy Pocket with rooted stock ROM :P
28th July 2013, 09:59 AM |#5  
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It is better to post comparisons by features than indexing. I have not seen single thread in that context.

Pressing THANKS easier than typing.
Sent from s5360 GB DDMD1 rooted stock.
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28th July 2013, 10:23 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by vikraminside

It is better to post comparisons by features than indexing. I have not seen single thread in that context.

Pressing THANKS easier than typing.
Sent from s5360 GB DDMD1 rooted stock.

yeah right!
28th July 2013, 10:48 AM |#7  
OxygeenHD's Avatar
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It took me approximatly 4 days to make this thread, let me know if i missed some ROMs, as i told, i made this thread beacause, i've never seen an index for the Galaxy Y in which all ROMs are, so i made it. i'll be more easier for the new members and even all of us to choose our ROMs. Anyway, i hope this thread will be useful. Thanks.
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28th July 2013, 12:25 PM |#8  
vikraminside's Avatar
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Yes absolutely useful. Thanks. The above comment was for testers why tried various roms and can help our community.

Pressing THANKS easier than typing.
Sent from s5360 GB DDMD1 rooted stock.
28th July 2013, 12:28 PM |#9  
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Very useful thread. Hope this guy updates it when a new version of a rom comes up. :cheers:

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28th July 2013, 03:32 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by CrazeXDA

Very useful thread. Hope this guy updates it when a new version of a rom comes up. :cheers:

Sent from my GT-S5360 using xda premium

Don't worry, i wont let my thread die, i'll update it when a new rom will be released. Thanks all

EDIT : My computer died few days ago, so, i need a new computer ( which it should be finished soon. ) to update the Thread. As i told, i'll not let my thread die. So stay tuned. Thanks again.
8th August 2013, 04:43 PM |#11  
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Too much helpful thread.....

Sent from my GT-S5360 using xda app-developers app
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