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The Little Minions™ MK2 :: ML6 l Knox Free l~ X ~l~ WifiCalling ~l~ Xpose :: 3Minit ~l~ 1-25-2014 (Updated!)

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Announcement from mgbotoe: Intentional Getting Here!

Welcome To
The Little Minions™

An Infamous Production


Before you start using this rom here are some things you need to know:

1. I am NOT updating every day. I have a life just like you.

2. Don't ask for ETA, this is rude and offensive. When it is done it is done. Simple.

3. Custom Roms come without warranty. They are tested before release but something always can go bad. If your phone catches on fire, your get fire because well...your alarm did not sound, or if your phone starts dancing out of the blue I am NOT responsible.

4. Support is limited. Sometimes I can answer your questions sometimes I don't have the time nor the knowledge. There will be times I don't have an answer so please do no repeat your question or get offended because I haven't answered you.

5. Don't compare ROMs. It is rude and offensive for developers. If my ROM does not satisfy your need, it simply does not. Do me and you both a favor and flash another.

6. Don't Kang the work. You may fool everyone else but we will know! If you want to use something just ask!...3Minit is an exception to the "just ask" park but do NOT Kang it.

7. If you like my work, an applaud and hitting the karma button motivates me.

8. No flaming! We have all been a NoOb before. I was a noob, you were a newb, and I can bet 1 cent that a noob is reading this.

9. Read the change log. All relevant important information is there first! i.e. Bugs and fixes if there are any at the time.

* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

By using the rom you agree with the above terms!

This ROM is for individuals who understand that I am learning myself. So you will have to be forgiven on careless mistakes because I am no Jamison nor Mr. Impossible. But this does not mean that I will upload anything that I know will mess up with your phone intentionally. I always flash my roms before releasing it.

Secondly, this ROM is for individuals who do not like bloats. I have debloated this ROM as far as I can take it without crippling you if you so desire to add back your APKs. The size of my ROM is 800mb+

So what does this mean? This means if you find a bug, report it. If it is due to my own careless mistake, I will look into it. On the other hand, if it is due to because I have remove a specific APK that you need, what I can do is make flashable zips for you. I will not rebloat this ROM in any shape or form just because it does not have something you Know you can live without and can flash it if needs be only if it originally came with GS4. Any none default apks, you are on your own. This goes back to rule 5:


Don't compare ROMs. It is rude and offensive for developers. If my ROM does not satisfy your need, it simply does not. Do me and you both a favor and flash another.

Fourth, this ROM is for those who will help better me as a developer. If you are not here to help me, help you, than I cannot help you. If you find a mod you enjoy and wishes to see it in this rom, by all means. The GS4 is lacking in mods, so the more the merrier.

And Lastly, This ROM is for individuals who Likes The little Minions from Despicable Come on! They are adorable! I could just squish their cheeks!




Offical MH1 I9505 Firmware
The Little Minions™ Kernel by default, provided by Jamison904 Thanks J!
64gb exsd support Supported!
Apps to SD
Zipalign on boot script
Carrier IQ Free
App/data Support
AOSP Theme thanks to @Vertumus
Evil1art transparent Accuweather. The Little Minions Thank You!
3G/4G/Wi-Fi Speed And Signal Enhancements
Build.Prop Tweaks
Winterlove Transparent Multi-Window Thanks for this at my request! Checkout his thread for many more.
Init.d Scripts
ViPER4Android Awesome Music Audio Effect by zhuhang Thanks!
Faster SD Card read/write
Comes with Adway
CRT Enabled
100% battery mod
Wifi Tethering
Modded SecMMs and Audio (Little Minions Level ). Thanks Jovy23!
Trickster MOD
Fast Charge
USKM - INFO - First S4 Kernel to bring this to you!
SETUID restrictions removed
Custom Bootanimation support
CSC tweaks
InfamousCPU script
InfamousAPKboost script
Additional Pure Smoothness, battery tweaks, graphics, and kernel Thanks to Jeeko for the PurePerformances™X Tweaks
CPU Sleeper script by Eugene373. Thanks!

3Minit authorized distributor as part of the Infamous Team

3Minit Framework by gharrington Please donate to him!! - Donate link Also please buy his donate app as it works best with our firmware!!! Link to the app on the play store
We are supporting the frameworks on our end. Do not go into his thread for tech support! Thanks

Known Bugs
You Tell Me


Special Thanks to @Jamison904, for taking me under his wings. Great man!
Special Thanks to @Mr Impossible, always willing to help me when he is not busy coding ^.^
Special Thanks to @blacknight1114 He makes some killer bootanimations and themes.
Special Thanks to @jovy23, for the awesome tutorials. Check them out! Sound Mods, SecMMS Mods
Special Thanks to the Infamous Team ^.^ You guys are a blast on hangout! Even you scott ^.~
Special Thanks to majdinj Walkthroughs, very easy to follow!
Thanks to Google and Xda...searching does you wonders. Who knew
Thanks to Samsung
Thanks to Everyone who support Team Infamous

Minion's Friends (Donators)
  1. @Jamison904 << Thx J!
  2. @rahlquist << Thx for paying for my mango juice!
  3. This could also be you :P

XDA:DevDB Information
The Little Minions™ , a ROM for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4

ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Firmware Required: MK2
Based On: TouchWiz

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Stable Version: VIIa
Stable Release Date: 2013-10-25
Current Beta Version: IX
Beta Release Date: 2014-01-08

Created 2013-11-13
Last Updated 2014-01-26
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28th July 2013, 08:17 PM |#2  
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  • Download ROM and place on SD
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Wipe unless change log say otherwise
  • Install the ROM
  • Reboot out of recovery, initial will be long. Let it sit wthout touching.
  • wait five minutes for all to settle as this is a highly tweaked ROM and Kernel
  • Reboot
  • Install the 3minit app (not included, but the frameworks of 3minit are. Nothing else needed.)
  • Set up ViPER4Android FX: For the update, use CortexA8 with Neon. Than go to menu, compatibility, and choose compatible.
  • Set up ViPER4Android XHiFi: For the update, use CortexAx with Neon. Than go to menu, compatibility and choose compatible.
[*]Here's Recommended set up for ViPER4Android and another one

Additional install info:

  • Go to the play store and buy the paid version of 3minit to suport the developer. It is only $2 and gets updated first! If you can't do this go to his thread where he gives away free older versions. Make sure to thank gharrington and tell him Infamous sent you.
  • Last set up the device to your liking! 3minit and Wanam Xpose work great together... you just have to play with the settings.( Thank @nottach and @wanam! ) Now enjoy the fastest and most customizible ROM for the S4.

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28th July 2013, 08:18 PM |#3  
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Flag Aw, c'mon Puddin - don'tcha wanna rev up ya Harley?VROOOM VROOM!
Thanks Meter: 3,968
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01/08/2014 Little Minion IX, I for Infamous
Hey guys! I hope January been treating you well! As always, thank you for flashing!

-Yes people, we finally got our own kernel...once again, all thanks to Jamison, he really looks after us
-What is found in the rom is the initial bioshock but you can grab our own here

-3-Minit is finally here!.....for INTERNTIONAL! So if you like wifi-calling, you do not want to flash this!
-For the latest firmwares, 3-minit is not the same as it was back in 4.2.2...but just about everything you usually work there will be there, things are slightly different!
- Important Note It is VERY Crucial for you to install the 3-minit app in order for you to gain access to the Power Menu options. So do not come in this thread going "you do not have access to recovery straight"

-Ya body! I am finally done with our theme for the International! It is the same old goodness, except...BETTER! My theme had a makeover!
-Tell me what you think of it and please let me know if you feel I have a theme bug somewhere. What may look normal to me could actually not be the look I was going for and I need to fix it.....I am biased towards my theme, so I will not notice these little details lmao. '
-If those running T-mobile Firmware wants it, let me know and I will look into having the phone theme fix for you guys (Black on black is just a no no )
-Can be found here

New SecSettings
-If you go under Display, you will notice two new setting options: Torchlight and Page buddy
-Why page buddy was not remove all together? I had a friend who actually made use of that so I figured why not just make the setting available at a finger click

All mods from previous should be there, if not let me know!

01/08/2014 Little Minion IX, H for Happy New Years

I just want to start of by saying, Happy New Years everyone! 2013 was a great year for me both out of XDA and on XDA. Was the year I embranced my inner nerd and bugged the hell out of @Jamison904 to learn some form of development, and he made it happen. The result? Well this rom, I gave birth to this beautiful thing (Yuck and TMI!). Thank you all for those who stuck to flashing it, I know there are other great roms out there but thank you for staying with this one!

I wish you and your family a blessful year to come, may the light on your life shines far brighter than anything imaginable from 2013. Here to a beautiful year to come, 2014

I had plans to released this on New years day, but as you can is not the 8...better late than never right? I had a much better thorough details of the update but my friend had deleted it -.- ugh

Bug Fixes
-The battery misread should be fixed this update. I hope i uploaded the right version, my friend took his laptop home already . Yes, I was getting you guys an update despite my laptop issues, how much I care! lmao

4way reboot
-for those of you who do not like xpose and just like the simplicity of this rom, you no longer need xpose to get to the recovery.

-Did some slight theming that included some clean up. I love the simple theming with the white stock Tmobile is exactly who I am, simple
-If you notice it, tell me how you like it ^-~

Build prop edits
-More of a clean up if anything and added in data weaks for those with data issues. I hope this help some of you!
-The usual battery tweaks and attempt at more smoothness.

Phone status to "official"
-This is not too important but me personally, I like to show my phone to my naive iphone buddies and tell them "Yes, samsung sent it just like that"

KitKat Launcher by KK App Team
-I have fallen in love with the kk launcher so I decided to add in a better, much more customizable version into my rom (rather than the original) this is provided by so please leave any review if you enjoy it too

Note 3 Launcher
-I have added in the note 3 launcher for reason i will mention later. A bug with it is not being able to uninstall apps but you can simply open kk launcher and uninstall from there. If you do not like the default launcher, this is not really an issue. If you are like me and have all your apps in titanium, it will also not be an issue.

My magazine
-Not many people will find this much of an update but it fully works. I personally love the app and because it is integraded with the note 3 app, you can simply swipe up to open it :P

Note 3 SecMMS
-it is much more organize compare to the regular SecMMs setting wise. Let me know how you like it
-Should also include all features from VIIa...I missed split view!

CSC edits
-Lot of CSC edits including smart block, calender, exit prompt for browser, OTA update removed and some random ones.
-Everything found on VIIa will be found here.

Sony walkman
-I personally like it better than samsungs, so thanks to, it is not here. It works flawlessly...give it a try!

Some random updates
-Random meaning they were initially in VIIa and they have been moved over :P

Happy Flashing!

12/25/2013 Little Minion VlII, H for Hamate

4.3 is live!

Get me
Theme Fix

Yes, you must fix theme lol

Keep in mind that this is not in a possition that VIIa is at, it will take time. For now VIIa is the stable version where as VIII will be beta. Additionally, keep in mind we are still feeling out 4.3, I cannot get the 4way / 3way boot to work nor can I see it anywhere for now. Installing Wanam xpose right after flashing is very important. It has just about everything 3minit has (+/- some things) so you can achieve just about everything you could. I just personally prefer 3minit lol
  • Minor Theming, will be making it fully compatible later. Cost more burden than necessary but this is a start.
  • Thanks to @jovy23 for his ext supported kernel!
  • Call recording in menu
  • 3minit removed for now until I can make it completely compatible or if Mr Impossible beat me to it (most likely lol)
  • Added in Xpose, preferably Wanam Xpose. Gravity works as well if you are only interested in 4way reboot!
  • Added in Some Note 3 apps but can uninstall if do not want
  • Some debloating, but not as much as before (Will make a complete debloat later)
  • If you see any mod missing please let me know! So far I need to finish modding SecMMS, so no worry on that

9/25/2013 Little Minion VlIa, G for Gleek
Highlight: Bug Fix for future flashers
-This is a minor update directed at new flashers. They are general bug fixes that you all have mention.
- Emails, SecMMs, Inits, Toggles , etc

9/19/2013 Little Minion VlI, G for Gleek

Finally got a theme! I present you...Domination: Minion Edition
-Alright so, after shopping around for themes, I finally decided on one! To be more specific, @Vertumus Decided on me! I have been a huge fan of his work since back in the GS3 days, Domination broke my phone virginity theme wise ...shhhhh but head over to his thread and give Vertumus a lot of thanks! Rate his thread while you at it! Very nice guy. Should have imagine my face when he agreed lmao
- What I did was just make it Minion compatible and 3minit compatible right out of the box, I will edit it more as I grow as a themer (lol). As you can see up there, it is AOSP inspire. If you love AOSP theme, well you got it!

N7 Animation
-So I added in N7 Animation since we were all in love with it! I grabbed this from CPA Poke Thx for the port!

Minions Kernel
-So thanks to @Jamison904, we now have Minions Kernel 2.0. Can grab the OC version Here Send him some thanks if you haven't already! Made 64gb compatible.

Bug fixes
-So not many bugs was known in this one but I address the Anonymous (I think what it was) message when was taking part in group conversation. If you still facing this, please let me know!
-I think we finally found a work around with viper for good thanks to @marcoxx626 . When you find him, send him some thanks ^.^

App Removal/Update/Addition
-So I have removed dash clock, as much as I love it, I love lockclock much better. I hope you feel the same way!
- I have updated infamous tools, when you see @Jamison904 anywhere, send him lot of thanks
Added in some Note 3 apps
-So I saw the note three file management app and fell in LOVE with it. So well, I replaced the Gs4 File management app with it. If you face any bug please, please let me know!~
-Also added in Bloomberg+ . I personally enjoy news, so hey lol If you do not like it, can always remove it :P

Settings Additions/Substraction
-So I enabled Smart block to our setting, you can enable or disable this from the very begining of the set up where you see "Learn about Key Features" it is the very bottom. YOu can find it under setting @ device
-Also enabled factory password section located under security.
-These were special requests from a real life friend :P
-Removed the Update Software option under device...was bugging me o.o
-I enabled the exit Exit button in web browser, another request :P
-I believe I also added in callback number under message

And the rest of the things no one cares for
-Just more edits with scripts and what not...for smoother, better batteries, yadi...yada...BTW If you are still experiencing battery drain, please remove the init scripts and tell me if your battery has improved!

9/09/2013 Little Minion VI, F for Fasti
Just want to start of with...did anyone notice the new bootanimation? COME ON!

Bug fixes!
-The Favorite App should now appear on the lockscreen
-Camera issue has been addressed
-Sensor crashing has been taken cared of
-Some other i can't recall lol

Infamous Kernel 2.0
-This should DEFINENTLY address the bootloop people were facing
-So no more bootloop, thank you for your patience :P
-And of course thanks @Jamison904 for the awesomeness of it

Infamous Tools
-Added in latest infamous tools!
-This is a work in progress by @Jamison904 and I dabble when he's not looking :P
-Now comes with Power User where you can find scripts to reboot, boot into recovery, etc
-The app is pretty cool so check it out!
-[Note] The app works best at lower DPI (known bug) so if you want to get the best out of it, will have to set it at 380 and below dpi.
-You can use Appsetting to set it at 380 if you prefer to use 480 for your phone. I can walk you through this if you do not know!

Removed Call recording
-I could not figure out how to do 3way calling when I really needed to do it so for now this is remove until I can troubleshoot and fix it!

Modded SecMMs AGAIN
-This will make it so that text messages received will not show up in your call log (I hated it!)
-So thanks to @jovy23 thank you for the walkthrough!

Tried to make it smoother
-Keyword, tried. So I fixed the scripts in the rom.
-I could be imagining things!

Some other things...I may have forgotten lol, other bugs that you do not care about since you did not find them lol

Rebased on MH1 from scratch (Again, Sorry guys no dirty flashing!
-3minit comes working out of the box, but updates should not give you any bootloop.

Call recording with MH1 Secphone,
-Thanks @DeeXii!!

Added in XperiaZ keyboard
-Thanks to Rizal Lovins
-I always used this...since this is my rom, I am slapping it in lol

Will look into having a white theme hopefully soon! <<< I will ask that you do not hold your breath though aka dont ask for ETA, Job hunting at the moment.

Rebased on MGA from scratch
-Much cleaner and simpler for me
-Do not have to wait on 3minit update from me, can just grab from Gary's App.

Did some build.prop clean up and edited some init.d scripts
-Hopefully much smoother with better battery ^.^

Camera Mods by @jovy23, Thx!
-Comes with disabled "Low battery", "Can't use flash" and "Unable to start while in call" alerts.

Added in ComaDose v2.1 by Goddly
-Much cleaner than pureperformance.

Added in native call recording from jrkruse
-Send him some thx

Removed the Minions Setting
-Will be replace with the Infamous Tool later ^.^


Update to Alpha 6.0
-Key highlight includes update to newest 3Minit framework, MGA

Replaced PurePerformance with Direct Inject
-Tell me how it is while I figure out PurePerformance issue. Let me know if smoother/laggier or not

Updated apps / Added Apps
-This includes titanium
-As well as trickster
-Added in NexMusic and Tmobile Voice Mail

Removed CRT, 3Minit now comes wiht Fade and CRT as lockscreen animations.

-Set all your 3minit configuration first.
-Then when finish to configure your settings. Choose your screen off effect.
He ask you to restart the phone.
-Then go use titanium backup, save 3minit app.
-Just go to uninstall 3minit WITHOUT to clean data/cache.
-Reboot phone.
-Use titanium backup to restore 3minit app and data.
-Now go in 3minit app, to choose your screen off effect, he ask you to reboot, do it,

then enjoy, it's working!

Added in Google Edition Media
-Tell me how it is, i Just like them better lol

Slight theming around, see if you notice :P

Removed the Theme toggles
-Since it wasn't well received [Haters]
-Will be bathing in it coolness by myself


Re-based to the latest Alpha
-Key highlights include native call recording
-CSC tweaks

Updated 3minit framework to 3.1.1
-All the small bugs that was present in 3.0 are gone.

Build Prop tweaks
-For performance, battery, smoothness

Cleaned up PurePerformance
-Optimized rom more for better performance
-Seems to make ROM smoother, than again I could be imagining things

NFC whilte Screen is off Thanks to OptimalKiller
-I have a hit or miss, let me know if it works for you.

Removed camera sounds
-Easy to reenable if you are interested just go through media/ui/and anything with apk.bak, remove the bak.

Placed our very own Minions Settings under My Device Thanks to @Jamison904 for the guide. Very helpful
-This comes with settings for 3minit settings, sound control, kernel control, and multiwindow
-if you click on sound control, it will take few seconds to pop up because it need Permission. After should be fine
-Keeps things more organize.

Added dashclock
-Its one of my favorites
-you can add more things for it if you go to playstore

Slight theming
-You will see the toggles are themed, and you will see random things across the rom. Beginning for hopefully, a better theme in the future
-Give me feedback as I will updating it whenever I can.
-SystemUI will crash at first innitial boot, you will not see this again. Make sure to let it sit for 5 minutes and than reboots.

Changed up our bootanimation
-Let me know what you think. Thanks to @blacknight1114 for guiding me with the set up.


Initial Release

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28th July 2013, 08:18 PM |#4  
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Yup this is mine too
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28th July 2013, 08:19 PM |#5  
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Questions And Answers

Answered by me and fellow Little Minion flashers.

Q: I cannot get ViPER4Android to work, what do I do?
A: @livito
Originally Posted by livito

I finally got it to work, I went to settings/my device/sound/music effect and selected musicfx then restarted, settings/my device/sound/music effect and selected viper4android fx and restarted again, that did the trick.
Thanks everybody.

Q: Is wifi-calling working?
A: @Tunasty
Originally Posted by Tunasty

Negative. Wifi calling is only on Tmo based roms. This rom is based of Infamous Alpha, which is Intl firmware.

If T-mobile ever upgrade, minions will be based of on that. The current firmware is just so crappy
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28th July 2013, 08:21 PM |#6  
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Senior Member
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Great rom, love the minions!
28th July 2013, 08:22 PM |#7  
Jamison904's Avatar
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Jacksonville, Florida
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Awesome job!!! Very impressed! You guys HAVE to try this. I put my signature of approval on it!

Also if anyone wants it, my kernel source is -
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28th July 2013, 08:24 PM |#8  
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And this is mine :P

Good job Madina! Very proud of you! Go Infamous team

S4 is poppin!
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28th July 2013, 08:25 PM |#9  
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Whooooooo!!!! Go Madina!!!!! I'm trying this now, was waiting.

Sent from my SGH-M919 using Xparent Red Tapatalk 2
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28th July 2013, 08:30 PM |#10  
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Download will be up soon ^.^
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28th July 2013, 08:35 PM |#11  
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Well done! Love the OP besides the rom lol...

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