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By niko001, Member on 6th August 2013, 10:54 PM
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DynamicNotifications is an elegant, unobtrusive way to show you your latest notifications even when the screen is off. When you miss a call or receive a new email/SMS, the display will discreetly light up to let you know, without needing to unlock the device. Most phones only have a pulsing notification LED that doesn't actually tell you anything about the incoming notification - with DynamicNotifications, you can immediately decide if something is important enough to act: DynamicNotifications (free) on Google Play

It uses the new "Notification Listener" service introduced in 4.3 and therefore has minimal impact on your battery. If you own an AMOLED-phone, the "battery saving" feature should work automatically, since black pixels are simply not turned on. The app comes with a number of additional features, such as not turning on when the device is inside your pocket, purse, or lying face down. I've recently added compatibility for 4.0+ devices via the "Accessibility service". How well this works may vary from device to device, the best experience/performance will be on Android 4.3.


Update (v1.2): I've released a beta-version (v1.2beta) through this Google+ Community (and have attached the same .apk to this post). Please let me know if you're running into any issues while using the beta, I will make it available as a public update soon. [Changelog]

Update (v1.3beta): Version 1.3beta is now live in the Google+ Community (and attached here). It implements multiple notifications (displayed as small icons below the "main" notification). Please let me know if something doesn't work.

Update (v1.3): I have just pushed version 1.3 to the Play Store (and attached it here), so everyone (not only beta-participants) should receive it soon. If you run into any issues, please email supp..

Update (v1.4alpha): I've just release the very first alpha version of DynamicNotifications that is compatible with Android versions >4.1.2. There are still many bugs to fix, so please don't be disappointed if it doesn't work on your device straight away. Please join this Google+ Community and opt-in to receive the alpha version via this link afterwards. It may take a few hours for the update to be visible in Google Play. You don't need to update if you're on Android 4.3, the only change in this version is 4.1.2+ compatibility. I'm going to bed now, it's 3am over here and I've been working nonstop on this app for the past 3 days, so please be kind if the alpha version doesn't work straight away ! Thanks!

Update (v1.4alpha6): I've updated the 4.1.2+ compatible version again, it's been pushed to the Play Store and is attached here. The changes:
- Custom brightness feature implemented
- If a custom timeout is set and you hold down the middle icon, the timeout is temporarily paused (until you let go of the middle icon again)
- Forces "portrait" orientation of the notification screen by popular demand
- Implemented JB-clock for devices running >=4.2
- Added explanation to the "Custom timeout mode" (currently doesn't work correctly if you've got your system lock set to "None" or "Slide" and requires Device Administrator rights to be able to shut off the screen)

Update (v1.4): I've further improved version 1.4 and have pushed it to the production-channel on Google Play (and it's attached here).
The changes are:
- Fixed JB-clock cut-off issue
- The *newest* notification will now always be displayed in the circle (and older notifications will move to the bottom icon row)

Update (v1.5alpha2): Attached is v1.5alpha2. *The only change* in 1.5alpha2 compared to 1.4 is that it adds experimental compatibility with Android 4.0+. So if you've got a 4.1.2+ device, you don't need to update to 1.5alpha2, but if you're running 4.0/4.1 it would be awesome if you could let me know here (or via email) if the alpha works for you. As I said, it's extremely experimental as I don't have a 4.0 device for testing, but it should work ! Thanks!

Update (v1.5stable): Changelog:
- Fixes SMS notifications on the Galaxy S2/S3/S4 + HTC One
- Now shows the notifications screen again if a second/third/etc. notification arrives (I'm still working on the "breathing" feature!)
- Clock cut-off issue should be fixed
- Main notification icon is now displayed in double the size (white ring coming soon!)
- "Screen shuts off after custom timeout passed, even if I swiped up" should be fixed
- Persistent/ongoing notifications are now blocked by default for pre-4.3 devices, too

Update (v1.6beta): Changelog:
- Revamped the "Custom screen timeout"-feature - it should now work even if you've got your system lockscreen set to "None"/"Slide" and also should play nice with the "Use as lockscreen"-feature. Please let me know if it works better than before - if it doesn't, I can easily switch back to the "old" custom timeout-implementation
- (Short) breathing animation once the notification screen starts up
- Dismissing a notification by swiping left or right should now turn off the screen for everyone, even if you're using "None" or "Slide" as your system lockscreen.
- New high-quality icons for popular notification types (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, WhatsApp)
- New ActionBar-menu-options for the Settings-screen (e.g. view FAQs, email me (with a log-file attached), uninstall the app (the app needs to be deactivated from the "Device Administrator" system settings menu before it can be uninstalled, which is why I included a "one-step-uninstall"-feature in the menu))
- Breathing feature (turns screen on and off at pre-defined intervals until you acknowledge the new notification)
- "Use as a lockscreen"-feature (Shows the notification screen every time you unlock your device, even if there are no new notifications)
- Some minor bugfixes (e.g. screen no longer stays on indefinitely if you've got the "custom brightness" feature enabled)
- Rebranding ("DynamicNotifications")

Update (v1.7): Changelog:
- Fixed the "night mode"-feature (wasn't working for some users)
- Improved stability of the custom timeout-feature (it should now work regardless of which other options (such as the Lockscreen-mode or the Auto-wake feature) you've enabled)
- "Double" notifications should now be fixed, please let me know if you're still receiving them
- The app should now work side-by-side with other apps that use the Accessibility-service on pre-4.3 devices, such as "Missed It!"

Update (v1.8beta): Changelog:
- "Auto-dismiss": If you remove a new notification via another device (e.g. read a new Gmail-message in your browser), the DynamicNotifications-screen will automatically close (4.3-only)
- "Multiple notifications"-option for pre-4.3 devices (shows the 3 latest notifications below the main icon. Since the Android system doesn't tell apps when notifications are dismissed on <4.3, it will *always* show the latest 3 notifications, even if you've already dismissed them from the status bar)
- Fixed a bug where the screen would turn off after swiping up
- Fixed crashes due to bad proximity sensor readings on some devices

Update (v1.9): Changelog:
- Appearance customization options (change background/foreground color, use custom background image, show date, change notification icon border style) [requires "WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"-permission to save the custom background image]
- Fixed a bug where the notification screen would be displayed even when the screen was on (requires "GET_TASKS"-permission)
- Customizable swipe-actions (open notification, unlock, launch camera, launch custom app, switch screen off, screen off + dismiss notification [Android 4.3-only], screen off + dismiss all notifications [Android 4.3-only])

Update (v2.0): Changelog:
- Ability to show DashClock extensions on the notifications screen [4.2+ only]
- Ability to deal with multiple notifications - "flick" any notification from the bottom row towards the center to make it the current "main" notification
- Increased the consistency of the breathing-feature
- Option to "lock" the notifications screen orientation to either portrait or landscape
- Double-tap anywhere on the notifications screen to turn the screen off/dismiss notification/dismiss all (deactivated by default, can be configured by double-tapping anywhere on the "Edit swipe actions"-screen)
- Preview for text messages should now work (for the stock Android messaging app)
- Homescreen shortcuts to toggle notifications and lockscreen-mode on/off (can be used by "Locale" to remotely activate/deactivate the notifications)
- "Holo"-blue as the new default foreground color
- Many app translations thanks to: Polish: Pan Szym, PiterDemon; Slovak: ja_som; Spanish: Rubén Navarro, Miguel Cruz, Cedric, Daniel Domínguez; Russian: Mavryck, Gidroparik, Виктор; German: user_99; Chinese (simplified): Peng Jone, iKira, zwei; Persian: Amirhossein

Update (v2.1): Changelog:
- Contact pictures for SMS, Gmail, etc.
- Music controls (displays track title/artist and album art in the "details" view at the top [4.3+ only])
- Small number-badge indicating the number of missed events
- "Breathe out"-animation
- Revamped "Advanced appearance options"-screen (live preview of all changes)
- Ability to block the "Home"-button
- New translations (Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Czech, and Dutch; Thanks, Steven, Greg, Gábor, PMoto, Edbertin, Michal, Pavel and René!)

Update (v2.2): Changelog:
- Minor bugfixes

Update (v2.3): Changelog:
- Ability to customize the location of the clock
- Optional lockscreen security (Pattern or PIN lock) integrated within the app's lockscreen
- Ability to customize the size of the main notification icon
- Improved the "breathe out" animation
- [Android 4.4] The softkeys (back, home, recents) are now hidden by default using the new "immersive mode"
- Added a "Dismiss (only)" swipe action option (i.e. don't turn off screen)
- New Korean and Japanese translations (Thanks, MJ and Ikuo Kamei!)

Update (v2.4): Changelog:
- "Syncing" of notifications across devices (if you dismiss a notification on your PC, it is also dismissed from DynamicNotifications) [Android 4.3+ only]
- Ability to show the statusbar on the lockscreen
- Added a "stealth mode" for the pattern lockscreen
- Ability to show second "Unlock"-swipe action instead of empty "Open Notification"-action when no new notifications are present
- Ability to directly show the secure lock if no notifications are present on the lockscreen

Update (v2.5beta4): Changelog:
- Daydream-feature (with separate breathing/timeout settings)
- New KitKat-style look for the main settings menu
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6th August 2013, 11:48 PM |#2  
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Parsing error on the I317 At&t Galaxy Note 2
6th August 2013, 11:49 PM |#3  
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Originally Posted by solohendo

Parsing error on the I317 At&t Galaxy Note 2

Parsing error as well on At&t Atrix HD MB866

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7th August 2013, 12:20 AM |#4  
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Parsing error on the karbonn as well
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7th August 2013, 12:41 AM |#5  
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Hmm, that's weird, thanks for letting me know! Have you tried the Google Play-version?

I've just downloaded the apk from my own post and installed it on my device (Galaxy Nexus running stock 4.3) and it works fine...strange!

I've re-uploaded the apk here
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7th August 2013, 12:43 AM |#6  
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It works on my Galaxy S4, running CM10.2.

However, I'm unsure of this behaviour:

When the phone's screen is off and facing up (the ceiling), upon receiving notification, ActiveNotifications would kick in.
However, when the phone's screen is off and flipped down (screen is facing my desk), upon receiving notification, and I immediately flip the phone up, all I see is just the phone's screen turning on, displaying the native Android lockscreen. Is this as intended?
7th August 2013, 12:46 AM |#7  
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Seems to be some compatibility issues showing same error

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7th August 2013, 12:52 AM |#8  
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Samsung s4 with miui v5. Problem parsing on both links

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7th August 2013, 12:57 AM |#9  
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Seem to me that it only work on 4.3, am I right?
edit: just read the op and it does say that it only work on 4.3
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7th August 2013, 01:04 AM |#10  
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Works fine on my stock unrooted Nexus 7 (2012).

Only tried it with gmail up to now. I'll have a proper test tomorrow.

Wouldn't mind it for my Xperia Z (4.2.2) either.

Sent from my Nexus 7
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7th August 2013, 01:06 AM |#11  
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Using galaxy note 2 running pa ROM. I also use lightflow to send notifications to my pebble watch. So everytime I get a text this app shows up as lightflow instead of text.

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