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[Rom][S4][CM10.2][Oct11]Dark Jelly, (ville) Build 2013.10.11

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By XXMrHyde, Senior Member on 22nd August 2013, 01:29 PM
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Note: You have to install a JB RUU or install the needed firmware files, to be able to boot the rom!
You can find a guide at post #2

Dark Jelly is a Custom Rom based on my Unofficial CM10.2 Build.

For an easier, more comfortable, and customizable installation, I use the Aroma-Installer by Amarullz,
which allows a graphical Touch-Installation.

For an easy kernel installation I use the S-On Kernel Installer by xHausx,
this means you don`t have to use Fastboot or HTC-Dumlock to install the Dark Jelly.

For an easier, and more comfortable updating, the OTA Dark Jelly Update function is included,
I use the UpdateMe App from acquariusoft for OTA updates

Included OpenPDroid
OpenPDroid, (by FFU5y), is the privacy protection framework, (an extension of Syvat's PDroid).
For including the OpenPDroid Patch I use the Auto-Patcher, (by pastime1971 and mateorod).


  • intervigil,
  • xkonni
  • CM-Team (for CyanogenMod)
  • Team-Win (for HTC-Dumlock)
  • Amarullz (for his Aroma-Installer)
  • xHausx (for his S-On Kernel Installer)
  • ock (for his AlphaBlue Theme, and the permission to use his Theme, as a base for my modded theme)
  • acquariusoft (for the UpdateMe App)
  • dc211 (for Radios)
  • yzoni (for Radios)
  • Kurosoul (for the VF-UK 1.08es-Radio)
  • Korumera (Big thanks for his Filehosting @XDA File Server)
  • TweetyPeety (for and Filehosting @Custom-Android-Fileserver)
  • jrummy16 (for the Root-Browser App)
  • owain94 (for the Code of my first Source-Code changes)
  • SlimRoms (for some sourceode changes)
  • BeerGang (for some sourceode changes)
  • ...Awesome... (for his AwesomeBeats app)
  • tonyp (for answering all my questions, I know they are a lot, )
  • gerardroid (for offering a collection of Holo Dark Themed Apps)
  • Kryten2k35 (for the Holo Dark Themed Google Music and Hangouts)
  • "Unknown" (for the Holo Dark Themed GMail and Play Store)
  • svyat (for PDroid)
  • FFU5y (for OpenPDroid and PDroid Manager)
  • pastime1971 (for Auto-Patcher)
  • mateorod (for Auto-Patcher)
  • Twist79, (for betatesting my Builds)
  • everyone who had contribute to (Open)PDroid and PDroid Manager)


  • Based on my Unoffical CM10.2 Build
  • Customizable installation with AROMA Installer
  • Aroma Installer with english or german language
  • Aroma Installer option to customize the installed Dark Jelly
  • Additional Apps are (un-)installable via Aroma-Installer
  • System-Apps are (un-)installable via Aroma-Installer
  • The superuser App can be choosen in Aroma Installer, (SuperUser or SuperSu)
  • CM/Android Videos are (un-)installable via Aroma-Installer
  • Preinstalled gapps
  • (Un)installable OpenPDroid Framework and PDroid Manager App
  • Selectable bootanimationen (CM10(.1/.2), Nexus4/7, Galaxy Nexus or Google Edition)
  • Backup-Function, (Ringtones, Notificationtones, Alarmtones, Font and Bootanimation)
  • Ubuntu- Roboto, (4.3/CM10.2)- or Roboto, (4.2/CM10.1) Font
  • Additional "Tablet Dual Panel Mode" for settings
  • Additional RAM bar in the recents apps screen
  • Low battery warning modes
  • Customizable Stausbar backround color and transparency (mode)
  • Clock Position Option
  • Custom clock color, (Status bar)
  • Custom clock/date color, (Status bar expanded)
  • Added 3 battery icons
  • Option to show the circle battery status dotted
  • Customizable circle battery status color
  • Customizable battery status percentage text color, (separate for charging/non charging)
  • Customizable circle battery status charging animation speed
  • Percentage-Battery-Mod
  • Additional customizable netzwork speed indicator in the statusbar
  • Additional customizable Battery bar
  • Customizable Notification Drawer backround color and transparency
  • Option to always show the settings button in the status bar expanded header
  • Customizable carrier label, (ported from BeerGang)
  • Show the Wifi network name next to the carrier name, (Notification Drawer)
  • Option to show the Custom carrier label instead of the original on Lock screen and/or Notification drawer
  • Custom Carrier/(Wifi) networkname color, (Lock screen and Notification Drawer)
  • Recents RAM-bar
  • Position option for Clear all button on recents apps
  • App Ops settings at system settings -> "Security"
  • Advanced reboot enabled by default
  • Developer options and performance enabled by default
  • Preferences categories at Systemsettings -> "About phone"
  • Build-Version at "about phone"
  • Dark Jelly Changelog
  • OTA Dark Jelly Updates (with UpdateMe App)
  • Deleted CM-Updater
  • Deleted CM-Stats
  • Removed Google Anlystics support
  • AlphaBlueMod-Theme, (original AlphaBlue Theme by ock)
  • AlphaBlueMod-Theme Light, (without Holo (Dark) Theme for apps)
  • Holo (Dark) Theme for Calendar, Email, Mms/Sms and Contacts/People, (AlphaBlueMod-Theme)
  • AOKP Weather-Icons for LockClock, (Chronus), instead of the white CM ones

(from Nexus 4, ignore the navbar, everything else is the same)

Ui: Gallerie
(Homescreen, Status bar expanded, Pie Controls)

Settings: Gallerie

About phone: Gallerie
(Settings -> About phone)

Lock screen: Gallerie
(Settings -> Lock screen)

Themes: Gallerie
(Settings -> Themes)

Interface: Gallerie
(Settings -> Interface)

General: Gallerie
(Settings -> Interface -> General)

Status bar : Gallerie
(Settings -> Interface -> Status bar)

Status bar expanded: Gallerie
(Settings -> Interface -> Status bar expanded)

Recents apps: Gallerie
(Settings -> Interface -> Recents apps)

Navigation: Gallerie
(Settings -> Interface -> Navigation)



The theme can`t be choosen, (This theme was improperly compiled….):

(may possibly occur)

  • Apply System Theme
  • System-Settings -> Apps -> Tab “all” -> Theme Provider -> delete data
  • reboot


Disappearing user apps, (Dark):

if user apps, (included in the rom!) won`t be displayed in the app drawer:

(Should only be needed for Non-Wipe installations),
if you want to install the dark app version
you have to uninstall the light version before installing the rom.

If you already installed the rom without uninstalling the light version,
and the app won`t be shown in the app drawer:

  • Install the (Light) version(s), (use the "Customize rom" option in Aroma Installer)
  • Uninstall the app(s), (System settings -> Apps)
  • Install the (Dark) version(s), (use the "Customize rom" option in Aroma Installer)


Theme Chooser Themes:

If you want to use annother Theme, don`t choose at:
System settings -> System -> Status bar -> Battery status style:

  • Circle (AlphaBlue Theme)
  • Circle (AOKP)
  • Circle (HoneyComb)

These styles doesn`t support other Themes, (they will stay unthemed).


TWRP Recovery:

The installation of Dark Jelly isn`t working with TWRP-Version,

  • use TWRP-Version 2.2.X, 2.3.X, 2.4.X, 2.5.X or 2.6,.X instead!


Included user (g)apps:

If you want to switch from dark (g)apps to light (g)apps or vice versa,
it isn`t possible to do it directly, you have to uninstall the app first,
(the same way for updating a dark app version via Play Store,
which is also a switch from dark to light!)

  • Uninstall the app using System settings -> Apps,
  • Reboot the phone/tablet
  • For updating via Play Store::
    • Install the app via Play Store, (this will always be the light version)
  • For switching:
    • Reboot into recovery
    • "Install" the rom
    • Choose "Customize rom", (not "Install rom")
    • Disable all options except "Install Google Apps"
    • Enable "dark" or "light" for the app(s) you want to switch,
    • enable "Don`t install" for the app(s) you don`t want to change,
      ("Don`t install" in this case means do nothing!)
      (as there is no "Don`t install" option for Google Now,
      you have to choose the version you have already installed)


- You can find the SourceCode changes @ my Github
(I only uploaded the relevant parts with my changes, if you want to build the Dark Jelly S Edition from source,
use the "dark-jelly-cm-10.2" Branch, you also need to download the official CM10.2 Sources)
The following repos are needed:

  • android_device_htc_s4-common
  • android_device_htc_ville
  • android_frameworks_base
  • android_packages_apps_Calendar
  • android_packages_apps_Contacts
  • android_packages_apps_Email
  • android_packages_apps_Gallery2
  • android_packages_apps_LockClock
  • android_packages_apps_Settings
  • android_vendor_cm
  • android_vendor_tmobile_providers_ThemeManager
  • android_vendor_tmobile_themes_AlphaBlueModV2
  • android_vendor_tmobile_themes_AlphaBlueModV2Light

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22nd August 2013, 01:29 PM |#2  
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 3,150


JB RUU installation for booting the 3.4 kernel:

  • You have to use Windows!
  • BACKUP your WHOLE data, (backup from recovery, and backup your sd-card content to your PC/NB, your sd-card will possibly get DELETED!)
  • if your device isn`t S-Off, it`s a good time to S-Off your device, (makes much easier, e.g. flash boot and radio images from recovery, install ervery RUU you like, ...)
  • download a JB RUU, e.g. from here, (I choosed the 3. from top, RUU_Ville_U_JB_45_S_HTC_Europe_3.16.401.8...)
  • there is no need to relock your bootloader, if your device is S-Off
  • there is no need to flash the stock recovery, if your device is S-Off, (maybe it`s working with S-On, too)
  • I flashed a stock HBoot, (DON`T DO IT IF YOUR DEVICE IS S_ON!, (maybe it isn`t needed)
  • install the RUU, (I won`t explain how to run a RUU, there a good guides on XDA!)
  • while on Stock, DON`T install a OTA update, it isn`t needed, and some users mentioned the S-Off status got reverted to S-ON, and there are problems S-Off these devices!
  • if your device is S-On, you have to unlock your bootloader again, (full procedure, your old unlock token won`t work)
  • no need to root your device, (for installing Dark Jelly root isn`t needed, and Dark Jelly is pre rooted)
  • flash a recovery, I prefer TWRP, ( is working fine for me)
  • copy back your sd-card content
  • flash Dark Jelly:
    • restore your recovery backup, Dark Jelly can be flashed using Non-Wipe, (I recommend a Full-Wipe, there a much changes in the rom!)
    • flash Dark Jelly from Stock rom, (Full-Wipe needed!)
  • if you can`t get the RUU to run, you can give this a try, (I recommend to install a RUU)


DON`T wipe in Recovery and choose the Aroma Installer Full-Wipe function, too
this will result in a "white HTC-Logo Loop",
you have to wipe only one time!
The Full-Wipe function in Aroma Installer is working fine, so there is no need to wipe in recovery.



Full-Wipe is required, if you came from a:
- non CM10(.1/.2) based Rom, (Stock-Rom, CM9,)

Full-Wipe is recommend, if you came from a:
- CM10(.1/.2) based Custom Rom

you can do a Non-Wipe if you came from an:
- Previous Dark Jelly Build, (CM10.2)


Flash the Rom:


  • Copy The Rom-Zip to your SD-Card,
  • Flash in recovery, (this will run the Aroma Installer)
  • Choose the "Install rom" option, (NOT "Customize rom"!)
  • Choose the options which suits your needs

Dark Jelly Updates:
(Available from Build 3.2)
  • Press at the notification, or
  • Systemsettings -> About phone -> Dark Jelly Updates, or
  • Execute the UpdateMe App
  • Download the update
  • Press "Reboot and Install"
  • If the installation won`t start, flash the zip manually, (can be fount at /sdcard/UpdateMe)
  • Follow the instructions at "Recovery" above


Some Infos to the S-On Kernel Installer included in this rom

The S-On Kernel Installer bypasses the non working kernel installation with recoveries on HBoots >= 1.13,
by installing the kernel on first boot.
The S-On Kernel Installer requires a working boot!
When something goes wrong while installing Dark Jelly, and you get a bootloop,
your boot isn`t working anymore, so the S-On Kernel Installer won`t work too.
This means you have allready installed a non working kernel after reinstall the Dark Jelly and choosing another kernel.
To get a working boot again, you have to flash a working kernel with fastboot and install/recover the matching rom,
(for me I get the best results by recovering a backup).


Some Infos to the Kernel Option in the Aroma Installer:

There is only ONE kernel included in the rom!
The differences are the way of the installation:

  • Option 1: For S-On devices, the kernel will be flashed using the S-On Kernel Installer,
    Note: the kernel will be installed on first boot, the device will reboot one time! This isn`t a BOOTLOOP!
  • Option 2: ONLY for S-Off devices, or HBootl below 1.13! the kernel will be flashed in recovery
  • Option 3: No kernel installation, this can be used, if you don`t want to reflash your custom kernel again, (the kernel has to be CM10.2 based!)
    possibly this will break you wifi, in this case you have to flash the matching modules for the custom kernel!


AlphaBlueMod ThemeV2:

Version2 will be installed as an additional theme besides the old one,
it doesn`t updates the old one to Version2,
if you don`t like to have 2 themes, you have to deinstall the old one manually:

  • apply the System Theme,
  • deinstall the old Theme

in any case you have to apply Version2 manually,
(take a look at the theme info at -> System settings -> designs,
to choose the right one, if you have both installed)


Customize the Rom:

With the Customize Rom Option you can customize the Rom without installing the whole Rom again,
NOTE:Dark Jelly has to be installed,
and the installed Build has to match with the "Rom-Zip",
e.g. only customize installed Build 2.2 with the "Rom-Zip" Build 2.2!

Available is:

  • Change the Bootanimation
  • Change the Font
  • Change the Superuser App
  • Change the Radio
  • Install/deinstall CM-Videos
  • Install/deinstall System- and User-Apps

Let's start
  • in Aroma Installer choose "Customize Rom"
  • select the options you want to change
  • if you select nothing, nothing will be changed,
  • the options are similar to the options while installing the rom,
    (except deinstall apps aren`t available while rom installation)
  • take a look at the "Install/Deinstall Info Popup
  • make your selections


12.09.13 (Build 2013.08.31)
A detailed changelog can be found here
  • Updated to the latest CM-Source
  • Based on my Unoffical CM10.2 Build 2013.09.12
  • Aroma Installer: Updated to version 2.70-RC2
  • Aroma Installer: Fixed all bugs, (mostly the update to 2.70-RC2 fixed it)
  • Aroma Installer: Use ttf fonts, (this will add support for german letters "ä", "ö", "ü" and "ß")
  • Aroma Installer: Changed Confirm dialog "Language" to Selectbox "Language"
  • Aroma Installer: Split "Additional functions" into 2 screens, (One-S)
  • Aroma Installer: Moved "Wifi fix" option to the 3. position, (Nexus 4)
  • Aroma Installer: Added Screen "Aroma customization"
  • Added Gallery/Camera option
  • Settings: Reworked styles
  • Settings: Statusbar: Added Date styles
  • SystemUI: Statusbar: Added a fully customizeable date left to the clock,
    (by user request, thanks, with default date format, I like it)
  • (G)apps: Gallery and Camera: Added a graphical overlay "G" to the launcher icons (Google version)
  • (G)apps: Gallery and Camera: Added a graphical overlay "AOSP" to the launcher icons (AOSP version)
  • Apps: Removed Awesome Beats, (One-S version, Awesome Beats doesn`t support CM10.2)
  • Apps: Updated Boatbrowser
  • Apps: Updated Flash Player
  • Apps: Updated Google+
  • Apps: Updated Play Music, (Dark and Light)
  • Apps: Updated SuperSU


31.08.13 (Build 2013.08.31)
A detailed changelog can be found here
  • Updated to the latest CM-Source
  • Based on my Unoffical CM10.2 Build 2013.08.31
  • Renamed Roms from "Dark Jelly * Edition" to "Dark Jelly"
  • Renamed Build version from number to date, e.g. 4.2 -> 2013.08.31
  • Changed changelog from device specific to general
  • Reorganized Statusbar expanded settings
  • Added Quick Settings and Quick Access Ribbons style settings
  • Some fixes and changes for sw-600dp screens, (e.g. Tablets)
  • Updated Google+
  • Updated SuperSU
22.08.13 (Build 2.2)
  • Updated to the latest CM-Source
  • Based on my Unoffical CM10.1 Build 33.1
  • Initial release
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22nd August 2013, 07:12 PM |#3  
Darknites's Avatar
Senior Member
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The banner has CM10.1
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22nd August 2013, 07:22 PM |#4  
Senior Member
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Nice! Thank you sooo much for your effort, XXMrHyde!!!
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22nd August 2013, 08:18 PM |#5  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Darknites

The banner has CM10.1

Take a look under the Banner,

Gesendet von meinem Nexus 4 mit Tapatalk 4
22nd August 2013, 11:02 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by XXMrHyde

Take a look under the Banner,

Gesendet von meinem Nexus 4 mit Tapatalk 4

Ya I didn't see that until after.

Sent from my HTC One S
22nd August 2013, 11:59 PM |#7  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Darknites

Ya I didn't see that until after.

The logo in Aroma Installer is still CM10.1, too,
24th August 2013, 12:01 AM |#8  
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Thumbs up Day 1 ends

installed with full wipe from 33.1,

used TB to restore apps (no data, just apps) and all seems ok.

noticed a little notification sound stutter when messages come in (as found in 31, but seemed to be solved in 33.1)

Otherwise all ok, no FC's yet.
24th August 2013, 11:05 PM |#9  
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 3,150
Thanks for your feedback.

I always restore user apps and user apps data, (of course no system apps and system apps data),
never got problems, but I don`t want to say it`s working with all apps.

The notification sound stutter may have something to do with the delay when waking up the screen.
25th August 2013, 01:41 AM |#10  
OP Senior Member
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The Dark Jelly S Edition Update to Build 3.2 is available.


  • Updated to the latest CM-Source
  • Based on my Unoffical CM10.2 Build 3.2
  • Settings:
    • Settings -> Interface -> General: Removed screen "Recents RAM bar", (moved)
    • Settings -> Interface: Added screen "Recents apps"
    • Settings -> Interface -> Recents apps: Added screen "Recents RAM bar", (moved)
    • Settings -> Interface -> Recents apps: Added listbox "Clear all button position", (new)
  • SystemUI:
    • Fixed Recents RAM bar on landscape
    • Fixed Clear all button while Recents RAM bar is deactivated
  • Gapps:
    • Updated Hangouts, (Dark and Light)
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26th August 2013, 12:46 AM |#11  
Senior Member
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Sweet ROM -- thanks so much for the effort you put in! I just installed it a couple hours ago and have been working on configuring it / setting it up the way I like it. One issue I came across is that the MMS app stays on white background, even when I tell it to use the dark theme in the MMS settings.

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