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[ROM][4.4.4][GSM/CDMA] CarbonRom Unofficial - 2014/10/23 updated!

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About Carbon

CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware support and fixes. We strive to not only provide you with the best rom we can build, but also to give back to the Android community and our fellow developers. For us, this is about creating something we can be proud of and hope you will enjoy.
Please feel free to look at, build, and use our code on CarbonDev Github


Download Carbon




4.3.1 JellyBean

- repo sync
- rebase omap4-common
- Fix camera (Maybe it work)
- reAdd 1% Battery
- remove autowifical script (consider dhacker's commit)

- updated to 4.3.1
- repo sync (fc fixed, quickpanel updated)
- using lastest linaro toolchain 4.7 (4.8 has an audio error. so i replace it to 4.7 for stablity)
- fixed camera open error (carbon & cm commit)

- repo sync (add quickpanel some toggles, gesture lock)

- repo sync
- disabled autoset zram
- add OMAPParts

- repo sync
- rebase env ubuntu to mint
- rebase soruce
- replace jdk 1.7.0 to 1.6.0
- readd % battery
- readd 30 count media volume
- using linaro gcc 4.7

- repo sync (various many small changes)
- cuter bootanimation
- replace and bring commits to device conf (LiquidSmooth)
- Linaro 4.8
- edit init and add vold.fstab for sdcard (Experimental)
- revert: replace jdk 1.7.0 to 1.6.0
- etc..

4.4.1 KitKat

- initial release

- sync source from carbon repository (pure carbon build!)


- Track frameworks/webview from CM.MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/androidkk7:29 PM
- fs_mgr.c: fix i++ error and optimize codeMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_system_corekk6:20 PM
- Add DC-HSPA+ TCP buffer sizesMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_system_corekk6:20 PM
- adb: Allow configuring the adb shell with a persistent property.MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_system_corekk6:20 PM
- Bleed keyguard widget picker list into translucent barsMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_Settingskk6:19 PM
- Show memory full text only for internal storageMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_Settingskk6:19 PM
- Fix one NPE in tethering settingMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_Settingskk6:19 PM
- Re-add LoaderCallbacks to CyanogenMod dialerMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_Dialerkk6:19 PM
- Dialer: restore full compatibility with theme chooserMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_Dialerkk6:19 PM
- Audio: SetForceUse config check in AudioServiceMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Wifi: wifi not connecting, once the APN gets disabled stateMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Fix alarm wakelock not being released.MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Bringup NSRM(network socket request manager).MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- alarm: add JNI interface for clearing alarmMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Alarm: Add one more RTC alarm type for poweroff alarm.MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Frameworks: Update DocumentsUI for theme chooser combatibilityMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Appears black screen fix for a whileMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- UI not updated correctly in expanded statusbarMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Perform NTP lookup at Mobile data connectionsMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Set Settings.Global.WIFI_SUSPEND_OPTIMIZATIONS_ENABLED default valueMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Webkit: add to support file uploadingMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- FLAG_PRIVILEGED disappears if privileged app is updated and rebootedMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Fix incorrect name in eglSwapBuffers log wrapperMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Don't confuse stat and stat64.MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Allow override of DUN settingsMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- Revert "Turn off carrier provisioning by default"MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- hh: Disable gapless by defaultMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_device_lge_hammerheadkk6:18 PM
- hh: Enable qrngdMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_device_lge_hammerheadkk6:18 PM
- hh: Tune interactive governorMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_device_lge_hammerheadkk6:18 PM
- Remove dead code.MergedMehmet SanokCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk6:18 PM
- CarbonAbout: CleanupMergedDaniel MMCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_CarbonAboutkk5:05 PM
- ROMStats: replace ic_launcher-web.png and icons in /res for all dpi sizesMergedJohn KirkCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_ROMStatskk10:21 AM
- Revert "Remove qrngd"MergedMehmet SanokCarbonDev/androidkk4:28 AM
- Add all G2 varientsMergedRobert RasconCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkk4:12 AM
- bootanimation dimens are defined on commonMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_device_samsung_herculeskkJan 26
- bootanimation dimens are defined on common treeMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_device_samsung_skyrocketkkJan 26
- Base: Disable proximity sensor when screen goes on in ActiveDisplay/PocketMode.MergedMehmet SanokCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekkJan 26
- Fixed stylus eraser being rejected by palm rejectionMergedMehmet SanokCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekkJan 26
- Add maintainer's information pt1MergedRabih SalameyCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_CarbonAboutkkJan 26
- Re ordering for m7 devices for jenkinsMergedDaniel MMCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 26
- Set Settings.Global.WIFI_SCAN_ALWAYS_AVAILABLE default valueMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekkJan 26
- MediaFocusControl: Deny audio focus if notification stream is 0MergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekkJan 26
- Bluetooth:GAP: Handle exception while unregistering the ReceiverMergedMehmet SanokCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_SettingskkJan 26
- smdk4412-common: camera: implement CAMERA_MSG_FOCUS_MOVE to report CAFMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_device_samsung_smdk4412-commonkkJan 26
- properly resized bootanimations for various screen resolutions to overcome ...Mergeddamian deaucaliCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 26
- build: Add time taken to Brunch/Make carbon buildsMergedRabih SalameyCarbonDev/android_buildkkJan 26


From Carbon
- Switch over to Slim's lockscreen stuff.MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_CarbonFiberskk9:56 AM
- Frameworks: Port Lockscreen Targets and Shortcuts to SlimKatMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk9:56 AM
- Rollback CM's lockscreen shortcutsMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekk9:56 AM
- Remove device tree... fix for roomservice/jenkinsMergeda rrrghhhCarbonDev/hudsonjb22:40 AM
- Button linking back to Carbon's site and donate linkMergedDaniel MMCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_CarbonAboutkk1:38 AM
- Performance: Allow enabling KSM by defaultMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_SettingskkJan 30
- Fix to rm roomservice & other local manisMergeda rrrghhhCarbonDev/hudsonjb2Jan 30
- CF: organize some preferencesMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_CarbonFiberskkJan 30
- Grant dev tools system permission to trigger media-scan serviceMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_developmentkkJan 30
- Track a few CM externalsMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/androidkkJan 30
- Make novoMergeda rrrghhhCarbonDev/android_buildkkJan 30
- Settings: Slims navbar and navring customizationsMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_CarbonFiberskkJan 30
- fb: Slims navbar and navring customizationsMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekkJan 30
- Revert "Add back navigation ring customization."MergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekkJan 30
- fb: add DeviceUtils helper classMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_frameworks_basekkJan 30
- Fixup about data for bionicbeastMergedJohn KirkCarbonDev/android_packages_apps_CarbonAboutkkJan 29
- Update ascii with new logo artMergedJohn KirkCarbonDev/android_buildkkJan 29
- Revert "Move message blacklist to framework (2/3)."MergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_packages_services_TelephonykkJan 29
- overlay: Enable Keyguard camera widget on tabletsMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- Add missing quoteMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- Change APN XL IndonesiaMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- 3 ID for monthly serviceMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- Overhaul O2 UK APNsMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- busybox: add libsepol to product packagesMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- Fix Simyo APN, Remove Blau ESMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- Fix Mobile Vikings APNMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- Add Nextel 3g BrazilMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- Add Pepephone Public IP APNMergedAndros RosaCarbonDev/android_vendor_carbonkkJan 29
- Fix overflow in adb_clientMergedTylar OverturfCarbonDev/android_system_corekkJan 28

From CM
- sync struct wl12xx_platform_data to hardware/ti/wlanMergedMichael GernothCyanogenMod/android_kernel_motorola_omap4-commoncm-11.0Jan 31
- Loglevel 8 -> 3MergedLucian CristianCyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_omap4-commoncm-11.0Jan 31
- always reset modem on boot, not only on SOLANAMergedMichael GernothCyanogenMod/android_kernel_motorola_omap4-commoncm-11.0Jan 28

4.4.2 KitKat

- repo sync
- 3.0.31 kernel
- change dpi to 220
- etc

- repo sync

- repo sync
- Linaro 4.8

- repo sync
- improve hdmi perform-

- repo sync (include many commits)

- repo sync

- repo sync
- roooooooll back to 3.0.8 kernel
- etc

- repo sync

- repository sync

- repo sync
- fix power button

- repo sync
- add linaro 4.9
- add persist
- etc

- repo sync
- remove linaro 4.9

- repo sync
- change dpi to default(240) for our eyes

4.4.3 KitKat

- repo sync
- 4.4.3
- revert dpi to 220

- repo sync

- repo sync

4.4.4 KitKat

- repo sync
- 4.4.4
- fix app2sd (internal)

- repo sync

- repo sync

- new develope env
- repo sync

- readd App2SD
- repo sync

- repo sync

- repo sync

- repo sync

- repo sync

Carbon ChangeLog!


- 教えてくれ


We spend an astonishing amount of time developing this software. We can't spend much time on XDA as a result, so if you need support, please try the following:

1) Search. Search, search, search. Yes, you. I don't care how unique or important your question is, it's very likely someone has adressed it already. Especially if you're even close to new at this.

2) Read our FAQ, which can be found on our page linked above. It's new, but expanding fast. Just like us!

3) Ask a question in your device forum. Someone will no doubt try to help you. Warning: this help may come in the form of telling you it's a dumb question that has been asked before. See step 1 - such are the perils of asking questions when you haven't done the research yourself. Android is about helping yourself.

4) Ask a question on our IRC channel. Connect to #teamcarbon on or click here. You'll find several other Carbon fans and usually one or more devs as well. Please be polite.

Reporting Bugs or requsting some features


Twitter: @qkdxorjs1002

KaKaoTalk: qkdxorjs1002

Device tree and kernel source

CM Stuffs

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28th August 2013, 08:54 AM |#2  
DumbleCore's Avatar
Senior Member
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Thx!! Will give it a try later :thumbup:

The Wipe!
°It's all about the Wipe°
XT910 D'Unicorns - JBX - Hybrid
28th August 2013, 08:59 AM |#3  
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Lets try... Downloading

Sent from my XT910 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
28th August 2013, 11:09 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by Para94

Lets try... Downloading

Sent from my XT910 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app

Working fine atm

Sent from my XT910 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
28th August 2013, 11:59 AM |#5  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 55
Running smooth... Discovered a couple of bugs though.
- Battery in multiples of 10, not 1.
- Screen in settings causes FC.
- Floating window from toggles not working.
- Contacts and calendars not syncing though, not sure why.

But other than that, really smooth!
28th August 2013, 11:44 PM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag Yangon, Myanmar
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Can you all use WiFi? I tried to reboot and use terminal Emulator but WiFi is still off

Sent from my XT910 using xda app-developers app
29th August 2013, 12:13 AM |#7  
qkdxorjs1002's Avatar
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No problem for me
Do you have do this command on terminal?
$ su
Sent from my XT910 using xda premium
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29th August 2013, 02:27 AM |#8  
Radon7's Avatar
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any mirrors?
29th August 2013, 06:25 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Spectral1991

Running smooth... Discovered a couple of bugs though.
- Battery in multiples of 10, not 1.
- Screen in settings causes FC.
- Floating window from toggles not working.
- Contacts and calendars not syncing though, not sure why.

But other than that, really smooth!

The 10 percent aren't a bug the one percent mod might not be implemented. No FC in settings.
Everything is syncing fine also i had AT First some problems.

Sent from my XT910 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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29th August 2013, 08:37 AM |#10  
Thanks Meter: 22
Everything worked fine, except for force close when trying to access display settings. Dirty reflash nor clean reflash did not help.

And 1% battery mod would be greatly appreciated too
29th August 2013, 11:19 AM |#11  
Senior Member
Flag Taranto
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focal go in crash after photo
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