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[ROM] [4.4.2/4.3] [Paranoid Android 4.0/3.99][Official AOSPA-LEGACY]

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By dcos, Senior Member on 31st August 2013, 05:32 PM
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Announcement from dcos: 4.2-BETA2 Release

You are entitled to NO support, I will do my best, but my time is limited. Everything you receive here is a bonus and given AS-IS.
If you need really stable ROM, I recommend you use Stock.
I'm not responsible to any damage you cause to your device.
All the flashing is on you. 
I'm not a developer, I'm just an enthusiast trying to learn.

Hello guys,
Thanks to the team behind AOSPA-Legacy we now have our device succesfully merged into their git. This means that our device is now officially supported, and should be getting auto builds.

You can follow AOSPA-legacy community on G+ for latest updates.

Images and videos:


EternityProject RILJ by @kholk
lights library by @arararagi

Installation instructions:


@kholk (EternityProject) for new RIL implementation
@arararagi for his lights library
arcee for being our CM device maintainer. Without him none of this would exist!
molesarecoming & D4rKn3sSyS for founding and inventing ParanoidAndroid.

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] [4.4.2/4.3] [Paranoid Android 3.99/4.0][Official AOSPA-LEGACY], a ROM for the LG Optimus 4X HD

dcos, JoinTheRealms
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.1.x
Based On: AOSPA, AOSP, CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Stable Version: 3.99-RC2
Stable Release Date: 2013-10-12
Current Beta Version: 4
Beta Release Date: 2014-03-26

Created 2013-09-14
Last Updated 2014-03-31
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31st August 2013, 05:32 PM |#2  
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Paranoid Android - Main Features

PIE is an unobtrusive replacement for the stock on-screen navigation buttons. It stays hidden off-screen, only to be brought to life by a predefined gesture. PIE can be manifested on all four sides of the devices.
PIE isn't just about a new navigation experience, either – it also offers customizable colors, status information (like clock, date, et cetera), notifications, and toggles. One nice thing about PIE is that it's dynamic, meaning its size will be defined by the device's dpi; in other words, you won't see a stretched phone UI on a tablet.

Hybrid Mode
This Rom features true Hybrid Mode… it lets you scale and project every app, every widget, even system components individually. Remember, android is modular, everything is an app (Lockscreen, navigation bar, dialogs, popups, keyboards, widgets and your regular apps of course).

Apps have the capability to switch into various designs or layouts according to the device they run on. This can result in a complete new experience as many apps will transform to the better.

For every element that you like, chose a mode (Phone UI, Phablet UI, Tablet UI) and/or a size. Regardless of the mode selected, you are 100% independent of the system DPI which runs nicely in whatever value it has been assigned to.

You do not need to boot your phone into a certain DPI. Neither will most of the changes you apply require a reboot.

What is DPI?
Dots Per Inch. As the name defines, DPI is the number of dots per inch of a screen.
In PA, we can modify DPI of any & every app or service independently.

Lower DPI value, would cause a general shrinkage, & higher DPI value, would cause the app to get bigger.

In general, we have a few standard DPI values:
xHDPI: 320 DPI | HDPI: 240 DPI | MDPI: 160 DPI | LDPI: 120 DPI

Per App Color
Part of the Hybrid Engine allows you to color the status bar and navigation bar for individual apps. This completely transforms the user interface and allows for customization on a completely different level.

HALO (2.0)

What this update brings...
Version 2.0 of HALO retains all the original functionality of HALO as described below, with the added bonus of
1. The actual notification is displayed as opposed to just the notification text
2. As a result of point 1, some apps can provide you with a "richer" notification experience (notification widgets).

The most common use of notification widgets would be found in music apps, however, any app can create this type of notification.

Remember, this is dependent on the app itself. HALO does not control this behavior and is not responsible for creating the widget.

As long as the feature is supported by the app however, it can be displayed in HALO without the need for any additional HALO configurations.

These notification widgets can be interacted with via multi-touch. One touch to drag HALO and hold the notification on screen, the second to select an option in the notification widget.

Pull down (status bar) or swipe up (PIE) the notification shade, tap HALO icon

Animator duration scale must be turned on, at least .5x or higher (Don't know what this is, don't touch it)

Reverse HALO Checked* - Double tap HALO, hold on second tap and drag over red X
Reverse HALO Unchecked* - Tap and drag HALO over the red X

*Reverse HALO option: Settings - Toolbars - Reverse HALO

Move HALO - Same as deactivate but DO NOT place over the red X. Instead, drag to screen location you would like HALO to dock at.

Settings - Toolbars - (HALO)

HALO Policy - Choose either blacklist or white list
Blacklist - select the apps that WILL NOT appear in HALO
Whitelist - select the apps that WILL appear in HALO

Hide HALO after activity - HALO will appear for incoming tasks and scroll out of sight after a short while.

Reverse HALO - Swap the task switching and moving gestures

Re-size HALO - Select between predefined HALO sizes

Pause Active App - When opening an app in HALO, the underlying/active app will be paused

Swipe Up (marker 1) - Dismiss Notification
(persistent notification CANNOT be dismissed - just like your status bar)

Swipe Up (marker 2) - Dismiss All Notifications

Swipe Down (marker 1) - Hide HALO
(HALO immediately goes into hidden state, bypassing normal hide delay)

Swipe Down (marker 2) - Silence HALO (New notifications will not cause HALO to pop-up until the user "wakes" HALO)

Swipe Left/Right - Swiping away from HALO allows you to scroll through notifications (if multiple notifications exist).
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31st August 2013, 05:32 PM |#3  
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Hybrid Properties – DPI / Layout / Colors

Settings / Hybrid Properties / (swipe right)

Interface – Here you can define your workspace layout and assign global properties (Phone UI / Phablet UI / Tablet UI).
Apps that have been set up manually will override global properties. These are simply preset options available to the user as a base.

Apps – Define individual properties to customize how the app displays. These settings apply only to the selected app.

Lock Screen - The lock screen is controlled by the "Android System" app. Make changes to this app to control DPI, Layout and Color.

Apps - Size vs Layout
Size allows you to change the DPI of the selected app
Layout changes the outlook of the app by defining which screen size it should use (changes may be slight or drastic, this is up to the app)
When layout is adjusted, sometimes you may have to adjust the size to make sure items fit neatly.

Settings - Hybrid Properties - Interface - GLOBAL COLOR (enable)
For every app installed (system apps & user app) you can set individual colors for the status bar and navigation bar. This can be done globally or on a per app basis. In order to enable hybrid colors you MUST enable per app color

Color - Transparent Status bar/Navigation bar
Transparency for both the status bar an nav bar should be set only on the launcher (default launcher or installed launcher of choice). Setting transparency on some individual apps will return "garbage" as apps don't draw under the status and nav bar. It's best to set a solid color for the status bar or nav bar in individual apps.

Color - PIE Colors
PIE color is based on status icon color, navigation glow color and navigation button color.

Reset properties
Backup preferences
Restore Preferences
Delete Backup
Expert Mode – this gives you deeper control over the hybrid engine. Options included are overall DPI and UI settings and extra options per-app.
Once expert mode is selected, under the interface option you would now have access to the lockscreen slider and Global Apps control.
The lockscreen slider allows you to change the DPI of your lockscreen, while the global apps section allows you to change the settings for all system apps or user app at once.

On a per-app bases you now have an extra menu with three options when expert mode is enabled (Expand / Force / Large)

Expand – displays app in full screen mode
Force – force scaling through other hosts such as widgets
Large – Force app to display as though it were displaying for a large tablet

I think everyone pretty much understands Expand.

In short, it allows widgets to succumb to hybrid properties.
Widgets depend on the launcher to define its size/layout parameters. So normally, even if you setup an app to follow a custom layout, the widget ignores these scaling values and uses its default settings as dictated by the launcher. Force allows you to override this system and the hybrid values of the app would be forced on to the widget.
Use this feature cautiously and enable it only if you need it.

Sometimes, changing the layout of an app to Tablet UI isn't enough to actually change the layout of the app. For such apps, enable the large screen option to see the difference.
For some apps, enabling Large give it a whole new layout, additional to the available layout options.
Again, use this option only if needed.

Per app full screen
Nexus 4 - Paranoid Android - Hide NavBar in Specific Apps

Mini tutorial – getting the best out of dash clock

Miscellaneous Settings/Features

Settings – Toolbars
Quick pulldown - Edge of status bar will pull down quick settings
Circle battery
Quick Settings Panel - Options (reorder tiles, add new tiles, auto-close panel when tile is selected)

Settings – Display
Display Brightness sensitivity
Pulse notification light - Custom LED colors for notifications
Font Size

Settings – Users
Multi-user accounts (Lockscreen MUST be in landscape orientation to switch users)
To use multi-user:
Turn on lock screen rotation
Go to Settings - user
Create new user account (restricted or normal)

Switching Users
Go to lock screen (turn off / turn on screen or use quick toggle tile)
Switch to landscape orientation
Select user account

Settings – Lockscreen
Background – Custom image
Allow rotation – Enables landscape mode on lockscreen
Quick unlock - no need to press enter when entering lock pin
See through lockscreen (exactly what it sounds like!)
Home screen widgets - allow widgets from the homescreen to be added to the lockscreen
Maximize widgets - lockscreen widget always maximised
Shortcuts - add shortcuts to the lockscreen

Settings – Language & Input
Disable fullscreen keyboard - Landscape keyboard will not take up the entire screen

Settings – Sound
Volume panel style - Single / Expandable / Expanded / None
Quiet Hours – Configure hours the device should be silent
Volume rocker music controls - long press volume control to seek tracks
Volume rocker wake - turns screen on when volume is pressed

Settings – More
NFC Polling modes (screen off / screen on, locked / screen on, unlocked (default))

Phone - Settings - Blacklist - (Enable Blacklist)

Expanded Desktop Mode (Full Screen Pie Mode)
Long press the power button and select Full Screen (PIE) – this removes your status bar and navigation bar and activates the PIE controls. All screen real estate is utilized without stretching or distorting your homescreen.
The stock Paranoid Android launcher has the option to use a pinch gesture to toggle this mode.
There is also a quick setting PIE tile to toggle PIE mode

- To activate PIE without activating Full Screen mode (PIE and status bar at the same time), you need to set your nav bar to 0%. Do this by going into
Settings -> Hybrid Properties -> (swipe right) -> Interface -> (slide nav bar to 0%).
Because the status bar is still visible, PIE will not show status information when activated like this as such information would be redundant.
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31st August 2013, 05:33 PM |#4  
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Buglist & changelog

Just standard CM/PA "bugs" (if there are any )

Button backlight notification for 2 sec when USB/charger is plugged in (Settings->Display-> Battery light - has to be enabled)
Some GPS tweaks
Added HALO))) to the build
Built with Linaro
Removed ParanoidOTA.apk
Added Torch
Volume button wake: (Settings->Buttons->Volume button wake)
Proper control over button backlight, you can now enable/disable Notification Light, Battery light, Battery low light (Settings->Display->Pulse notification light and Battery light)
Upstream fixes
Paranoid Android 3.99 RC1
Menu key is properly detected by apps
Added lights library all thanks to @arararagi
Disable backlight during charging
Add EternityProject RILJ all thanks to @kholk
Add LG camera HAL parameters
Navigation bar disabled by default
Hardware buttons back light & custom actions control
Vibrator intensity control
31.08.2013: Initial build
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31st August 2013, 05:33 PM |#5  
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31st August 2013, 05:34 PM |#6  
ectoplasma22's Avatar
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I'll try thank you very much

Sent from my LG-P880 using xda premium
31st August 2013, 05:50 PM |#7  
josue270193's Avatar
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Thumbs up
Thanks for the rom, i will try to used! I was waiting for this rom for a while
31st August 2013, 06:44 PM |#8  
Afro's Avatar
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Finally PA for our device, thanks very much! I'm downloading now, will report later!
31st August 2013, 07:04 PM |#9  
laufersteppenwolf's Avatar
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nice work, but an important Q: what device tree and what kernel are you using?
please put this information into your OP for being fully GPL compliant you might wanna take a look at this
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31st August 2013, 07:08 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by laufersteppenwolf

nice work, but an important Q: what device tree and what kernel are you using?
please put this information into your OP for being fully GPL compliant you might wanna take a look at this

Yes, you are completely right. Thanks I'll update it. Device and kernel tree are the ones from official CM.

Sent from my lg-P880 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app

EDIT: sources stated in third post, hope it's OK now
31st August 2013, 08:34 PM |#11  
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Could just resist and flashed
About this advanced settings FC's , it is normal for non official PA. I have the same on Galaxytab 7.0, maybe it contains device specific settings I don't know
But I found serious bug... My external SDcard is not detected :/

EDIT: Wait !! It is mounted on /storage/sdcard1 , but just doesn't show up normally with X-plore like it did on 4.2.2

EDIT1: Bug with busybox and Xposed, same as in SlimBean 4.3 by Demetris, Xposed could not be installed because of busybox not being found.
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