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[ROM][KK][4.4.4][21/09/15][EOL] S+ Reborn Release 14 [SMOOTH+++][FAST++++]

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Announcement from nilac8991: S+ Reborn Release 14 4.4.4 Released!!

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

- Based on CyanogenMod 11 Release 15
- Xperia complete UI with custom theme
- Xperia Z2 && Z3 APPS
- Reborn Tweaks
- Xperia Z3 Launcher
- Xperia Z3 Keyboard
- K^ Kernel By Christopher83
- Performance Control
- ClearAudio+ with Sound enhancements fully working
- And other that i forgot...

ROM Base Working List

Receiving and making calls
Proximity sensor
USB mass storage
HW accelerated gui
HW accelerated video
USB/Wifi tethering
USB OTG (Only FAT32 support)
Phantom key presses filtering

Xperia APPS Working List

WALKMAN (Z3 Version) Working!!
Album (Z3 Version) Working!!
Xperia Home (Z3 Version) Working!!
Xperia Movies (Z3 Version) Working!!
Xperia Calculator (Z2 Version) Working!!
Xperia Calendar (Z3 Version) Working!!
Xperia Notes (Z2 Version) Working!!
Xperia Clock (Z2 Version) Working!!
Xperia Keyboard (Z3 Version) Working!!
Sony's Smart Connect Working!!
Sony's LifeLog Working!!
Z3 Backup and Restore Working!!
Sony's Movie Creator Working!!
Reborn Addons V3.20 (With AROMA Installer) Released!

Reborn Addons Features

Smart Connect
Sony's Backup and Restore
Sony's Movie Creator
Xperia Z3 Wallpapers
Reborn Tweaks
Xperia Converter
Xperia Recorder
Sony's Sketch
Smart Key


How to show your appreciation to the developer..

There are many ways to support the developer like :

  • Press the "Thanks" button.
    Hit the donation button and "buy me a beer".
    Share your opinion about my work and write some feedback in the thread.
    Advertise my work to your friends.
    Rate my thread with 5 stars.

ADC Team for the ROM Base
Christopher83 for the Kernel
Ben Ling for the Walkman app, Movies and Xperia Home
ashishdubey for the Theme
MajorD. for the Bootanimation
Me for the ROM inspiration and the rest of the work

XDA:DevDB Information
S+ Reborn for SGS+, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: Release 14
Stable Release Date: 2015-09-21

Created 2013-09-13
Last Updated 2015-09-21
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-30-35.png
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ID:	3074775   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-40-09.png
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ID:	3074776   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-40-19.jpg
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Size:	35.9 KB
ID:	3074777   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-31-21.png
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Size:	224.5 KB
ID:	3074778   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-32-30.png
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Size:	154.4 KB
ID:	3074779   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-32-56.jpg
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ID:	3074780   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-36-08.jpg
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Size:	36.3 KB
ID:	3074781   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-36-26.png
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Size:	127.0 KB
ID:	3074782   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-36-54.png
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Size:	221.9 KB
ID:	3074783   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-12-21-13-37-08.png
Views:	6788
Size:	238.7 KB
ID:	3074784  
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5th September 2013, 03:52 PM |#2  
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**Read These Notes Before Downloading the ROM!!**

** ROM Installation **

Because our partitions values assignment are changed, every user before to install this ROM should follow these simple steps so exactly as Christopher said now we have plenty of space for system (1.3 GB), cache (520 MB) and data + internal sd (4.7 GB) partitions.
  • First you will need to download the modified recovery from Here (Don't flash it!!)
  • Make a Backup as usual to your phone stuff like apps, Whatsapp conversations ecc....
  • Backup your internal sd content, because all its content will be lost so make sure to backup everything like photos, videos ecc....(you can copy the full content on a pc or inside a new folder of your external sd)
  • Now Reboot inside CWM or TWRP recovery which not includes new partition assignments
  • Make a Nandroid backup of your entirely ROM and backup it on the external sd
  • Install the new TWRP recovery that includes new partition assignments
  • Make a Reboot Recovery (To reboot inside the new one)
  • Wipe Data as ext4 partition (Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> Select Data -> Repair or Change File System -> Change File System -> EXT4 -> Swipe)
  • Make a Wipe for Dalvik Cache, Cache and System
  • Now you can Download the ROM from the Downloads section under this post
  • Once you downloaded plug the device on the computer , then mount USB Storage (Make sure that MTP is enabled)
  • If you finished copying your files than you're free to install the ROM now

** General Notes **
  • If you're flashing Smart Connect and Lifelog from Reborn Addons don't try to update them through Google Play if it ask you because they will not work anymore because these two apps are ported for non Xperia apps
  • DON'T and don't try flash any type of music mod. If you want to flash an audio mod, let me know by PM or post it here on the thread.
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5th September 2013, 03:53 PM |#4  
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Change LOG

S+ Reborn Based on Android 4.2.2

Beta 1 
- Initial Release

Beta 1.5
- Added Bravia Engine 3
- Removed zGapps
- Added S+ Reborn Tweaks
- Added OTA Updater Support

Release 1
 - Updated ROM Base To CM 10.1 RC 6
 - Added Xperia Fonts
   Added Xperia Sounds
 - Added PerformanceControl.apk
 - Updated
 - Added more Xperia Wallpapers
 - Updated Xperia Apps
 - Solved Issues in WALKMAN APP 
 - Updated K^Kernel to 2.1 Version 
 - Better Stability NOW and more Smooth
 - Fixed The Bug with the Theme Chooser, Now its fine

Release 2
 - Deleted some unused files
 - Updated Xperia System Theme 
 - Removed Old Xperia Z Keyboard
 - Added NEW Xperia i1 Keyboard 
 - Removed Facebook plug-ins
 - Removed You Tube plug-ins
 - Removed Wikipedia plug-in

Release 3
- Updated ROM Base to CM 10.1 Release 7 By ADC Team
- Updated Kernel to 2.2 Version (Thanks Christopher)
- Some improvements made to the ROM and Theme
- Added ROM Stats 
- Added Grenify like System App
- Updated Performance Control  

Release 4

- Removed Xperia Z Launcher and Added Xperia Z Ultra Launcher
- Updated Xperia Tweaks in build.prop
- Added Music Widget for WALKMAN
- Updated Xperia widgets for the new launcher
- Updated PerformanceControl.apk
- Updated RomStats.apk
- Added MySQL data base cleaner (VACCUM Command at    every boot)
- Updated Fly On Mod Tweaks to Beta 5
- Removed Stock Calculator and Calendar
- Added Xperia Calculator
- Added Xperia Calendar
- Added Xperia Convertor
- Some other improvements made to the ROM

Release 5

- Updated K^Kernel to 2.3 Version (Thanks Christopher)
- Added Viper4Android FX Engine
- Added Official S+ Reborn Bootanimation (Thanks Cooptx)
- Updated X Reality Engine and Xperia Apps 
- Updated WALKMAN (New Graphic!!)
- Fixed the problem with the WALKMAN widget
- Fixed the non Displayed Icons (Maybe)

Release 6 PMEM (EOL)

- Updated K^Kernel to 2.5 Version (Thanks Christopher)
- Updated ROM Base to the Release 8 by ADC Team
- Reverted to stock calendar due to FCs and not    Synchronize Google account
- Removed all the Plug-ins located in the Xperia apps
- Updated Xperia Keyboard (Thanks Rizal)
- Updated ViPER4Android 
- Reverted back to old Xperia_Launcher_2.apk
- Updated Fly ON Mod Tweaks
- Updated PerformanceControl.apk
- Some minor improvements made to the ROM
  PLEASE REFER to the ADC Team thread to how to recalibrate the sensors!!

################DEVELOPMENT ENDED################
S+ Reborn Based on Android 4.3

Beta 1
 - Initial Release

Beta 2
- Changed ROM Base to Carbon ROM by educk
- Changed Ka Kernel to Phenom Kernel by educk
- Added ROM Stats
- Updated Performance Control 

################DEVELOPMENT ENDED################
S+ Reborn Based on Android 4.4

Release 1
- Initial Release

Release 2
          ROM More Faster than EVER!!
- Updated ROM Base to the latest by ADC Team
- Changed Kernel with the K^ Kernel by Christopher
- Updated Xperia Launcher (More fluid now!!)
- Updated Performance Control
- Fixed Google DNS Problem
- Added Xperia Z Ultra Calendar /Remove Stock Calendar
- Added Xperia Z Ultra Clock /Remove Stock Clock
- Partially fixed the problem with Album
- Partially fixed the problem with ViperFX Engine, you can use it like equalizer
- Updated Xperia Theme
- Removed Xperia Converter
- Removed Xperia Unused Plugins like facebook, twitter ecc....
- Removed SMC DLNA due to incompatibility 
- Added Xperia Scratch 
- Updated Xperia Keyboard (Now with less RAM consumption)
- Fixed the Problem with OTA Updater
- Updated WALKMAN to version 8.1.A.0.3 with All Features
- Updated Album to version 5.3.A.0.22 with Photo Sildeshow and Photo Editor(NEW)
- Updated Movies to version 5.3.A.0.18 with VideoUnlimited
- And a lot of other fixes that i don't remember :)  

Release 2.1 
- Fixed zRAM issue. Check the first post for more informations..

Release 3
## Rebranded Project Name##

- Merged latest changes made by ADC Team
- Updated K^ Kernel
- Fixed the problem with the not showing correctly search bar in the app drawer
- Fixed the problem with launcher crash when trying to uninstall an app
- Updated Xperia widgets
- Album fully functional Now!
- Removed Viper FX Engine (Temporally), use DSP manager instead
- Updated Performance Control 
- Updated WALKMAN (Fixed some bugs, and partially fixed the download music info)
- And some other changes that i forget in this moment ;) 

Release 4

- Merged Latest changes made by ADC Team (Release 2)
- Updatad K^ Kernel
- Updated Gapps
- Re Added ViperFX Engine
- Removed SoundEnhancement
- Reborn Tweaks V3
- Updated Xperia Notes (New Graphic!)
- Added for this version Fast Boot (So if you don't see the bootanimation don't panic i'ts normal,just wait till the screen appears)
- Updated Clocks Widgets
- Removed OTA Updater 
- Updated Performance Control 

Release 5

- Merged Latest changes made by ADC Team 
- Updated K^ Kernel 
- Removed Desk Clock 
- Removed Xperia Sketch
- ROM is now signed
- ViperFX engine is now standalone app and it's available to download in the desciption 
- Reputted the bootanimation 
- NEW Xperia Z2 Calendar with Tasks
- NEW Xperia Z2 Launcher  
- Fixed (Maybe) the Google sync calendar  
- Xperia Z2 SystemUI (Very thanks to ashishdubey for original porting)
- Some changes in updater-script and build.prop
- Updated Gapps to latest version
- Removed YouTubeKaraokePlugin.apk and YouTubePlugin.apk
- S+ Reborn is now part of the XOSP Project so the ROM now on will be again S+ Reborn
- And some other minor things that i don't remember  

Release 6


- Merged latest changes made by ADC Team 
- Added ROM ChangeLOG in About Phone section
- Added ROM banner in settings
- Implemented S+ Updates in About Phone section 
- More small changes made in settings. You will observe by your self
- Updated META-INF directory with the new update-script
- Updated K^ Kernel by Christopher83
- Updated GAPPS
- Updated Performance Control   
- Removed some apps originally from stock CM
- Fixed some problems with theme chooser
- Overall ROM performance increased  

 **Xperia APPS**

-  Updated WALKMAN to latest version from Xperia Z2
-  Removed Album app due to force closes (Needs work on it)   
-  Updated Video app to latest version
-  Updated Xperia tweaks 
-  Temporarely removed the WALKMAN widget due to incompattibility
-  Reverted back to old SystemUI because the older one cause many crashes
-  Added/Updated Xperia Z2 Keyboard
-  Added Xperia Z2 fonts and replaced the old ones
-  Added Xperia Z2 sounds and replaced the old ones
-  Updated XperiaZ2 Theme (Very thanks to thomassafca for providing me the modified theme)

 **Reborn Tweaks**

Alright i will not tell you all the changes made but just the most relevant 

Reborn TweaksV4


- Updated the present Tweaks with some modifications 
- Added and introducing Qualcomm tweaks
- Added and introducing  Liquid Smooth Ui tweaks
- Added some new Wireless tweaks and some new mobile data tweaks


-  Updated Defrags Database command (VACCUM) thanks Costinutz32
-  Added cleaner script (which it will be runned every 30 hours at boot time) 
-  Added Governor tweaks for the following ones: Ondemand OndemandX Conservative Lulzactive and SmartassV2
-  Updated auto-zipalign script (now the script will run also for the framework and system apps) thanks Costinutz32

Release 7


- Very Big revision made for the System Base(Removed a lot of unused things)
- Solved finally the problem with the Google CalendarSync Adapter
- Updated GAPPS
- Final fixes for OTA Update.(Now is fully working so you should   receive the new updates from now on 
- Implemented eXtremeBeats™ Audio Mod instead of use Viper. Use DSP Manager just to use the equalizer but don't use any other mods over this!! (Full credits are given to Applicare Studios for original work)
- More System space now and ROM is now slimmed a bit with 30 mb less

 **Xperia APPS**

- Very Big revision made to the Xperia APPS files
- Updated Xperia Z2 Launcher to version 6.3.A.0.5 
- Updated Xperia Weather widget
- Added/Updated Xperia Music Widget (Original this time)
- Solved the download music info (Now it will not cause you force closes)
- Updated Movies app to version 7.1.A.0.4
- ClearAudio+ NOW FULLY WORKING!! 

 **Reborn Tweaks**


-Removed old Xperia Tweaks and replaced with the Reborn Audio Tweaks(credits to Applicare Studios)

Release 8


Release 9


Release 10


- Merged latest changes by CYANOGENMOD (Release 13)
- Updated K^Kernel by Christopher83 
- Old Settings app (If you want the new one to swap the memory check the download section) 
- Updated eXtreme Beats (Now with compatibility mode) 
- Updated Performance Control 
- Updated OTA Updater 
- Some clean up in build. Prop Updater-script 
- Some other minor fixes like better stability and other... 


- Updated Xperia Home (Z3 Version) 
- Introducing Sony's Smart Connect
- Introducing Sony's LifeLog 
- Updated Clocks widgets, Weather widget 
- Updated WALKMAN (Latest Update for the Z2 Version) 
- Updated Movies App (Latest Update for the Z2 Version) 
- Z3 Media (Phone Ringtones, system sounds ecc....) 
- New Xperia Z3 Wallpapers 

 **Reborn Tweaks**


- Removed all the init.d scripts at the moment but they will be reintroduced in the next releases...
- New Tweaks regarding the security 
- Updated hosts file in order to block every single add while you are surfing the internet


- build.Prop cleanup 
- New Liquid Tweaks 

Release 11


- Updated GApps 
- Solved the Walkman problem regarding the volume
- Implemented and added AC!ID Audio Engine (For Now)
- Removed the eXtreme Beats audio Engine
- Fixed the double tap status bar problem to lock the screen
- Clear Audio+ is activated by default from buil.prop (So if you don't
  notice any difference when activating it's for that)
- Removed the SoundEnhancement app due to the known issue in Walkman
  regarding the volume (Temporally removed)
- New Bootanimation (Many thanks MajorD.)
- Updated GApps


- Updated Walkman to version 8.4.A.5.3 (Z3 Initial Release)
- Updated Xperia Theme with some new Z3 elements! (thanks Ashish Dubey)

 **Reborn Tweaks**

Reborn Tweaks V6

- Added PureGraphics HD
- Added Supercharger V6 (Provides Video entropy like Seeder)
- Some changes in the governor and I/O scripts in init.d
- Mega clean-up for all the build.prop tweaks
- Mega clean-up for all the init.d scripts
- Added new ones instead
- Updated host file regarding the Ads Block 

Release 12


- Merged latest changes made from Release 12 (ADC Team)
- Updated K^ Kernel
- Updated Hosts file regarding Ads block
- Removed stock Messaging app and replaced with the Xperia Z3 Conversations one (Alpha stage! so it's not made it to be for daily use!)
- Removed OTA Updater
- Fixed the WiFi Thethering
- Updated GApps
- Clear Audio by default through build.prop lines...
- Overall ROM performance and RAM management increassed
- Boot time decreassed by some seconds less!! 
- Reborn Tweaks removed and added them to the Reborn Addons
- Removed Stock Galery 

- Updated Xperia Home
- Updated Xperia Home Widgets
- Updated Walkman to version 8.5.A.0.6 (Now with a better and faster UI)
- NEW Album app (Z3 Version) as a Data app (It works only as a data app so don't change it)
- NEW Movie app (Z3 Version) 
- Removed Xperia Z3 Wallpapers (You can find it in the Reborn Addons)
- NEW Xperia Keyboard (Z3 Version)

Release 13


- Merged latest changes from Release 15 (ADC Team)
- Updated K^ Kernel 
- Updated GApps
- New Clear Audio configuration 
- Overall ROM performance increased thanks to Christopher83


- Updated Walkman 
- Sound enhancements fully fixed with all functions working 
- Clear Audio is available again in Walkman settings
- New updated Xperia Calendar to Z3 version 
- Fixed the problem with the Weather widget in Xperia Home

Release 14 EOL

- Sources synched up with the latest ones from ADC Team
- Merged almost all Stagefright fixes (Just one is left)
- Updated K^ Kernel to it's latest version
Reborn Addons

Version 1.00

 Initial Release

-Added Utility apps and Personalization section with Sony's Sketch

Version 2.50

- New Added Sony's Movie Creator
- New Added Sony's Backup and Restore app 
- Added Xperia Wallpapers in the personalization section
- Created section for the Reborn Tweaks
- Added Battery featured Tweaks (Coming soon also the Performance ones...)
- Added a little description for each app
- Two different types of Reborn Tweaks (Performance and Battery saving)
- Some other minor changes made in the aroma installer 
- Added Signature and ROM verification

Version 2.70

- Fixed the ROM verification error
- Updated ChangeLOG 
- Fixed Smart Connect force close problem (Compatibillity bug)
- Fixed also the non installation problem 

Version 3.20

- Added section for the Ads Block
- Added compatibillity for galaxysmtd and vibrantmtd
- Updated Lifelog
- Updated Smart Connect
- Updated Recorder app (New Look!)
- Cleaned up some unnecessary files in aroma folder
- New Smart Key
- Added the possibillity to remove previously Reborn Tweaks intallation
- Added Reborn Addons banner
- Updated ROM verification for all the devices

Version 3.3

- Updated ROM verification for galaxysmtd && vibrantmtd
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5th September 2013, 04:53 PM |#5  
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- Added LINK for download!!

P.S Just founded that the GApps are not working correctly so when you flash the rom flash also the Gapps, i will solve this in the next release...

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5th September 2013, 05:00 PM |#6  
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Awesome man! Downloading... Will report back.

BTW, can you pls implement HALO in next release? I will able to make this my daily then.

Sent from my GT-I9001 using xda app-developers app
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5th September 2013, 05:03 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Aldokazer

Awesome man! Downloading... Will report back.

BTW, can you pls implement HALO in next release? I will able to make this my daily then.

Sent from my GT-I9001 using xda app-developers app

i Will see!!
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5th September 2013, 05:07 PM |#8  
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Good Work... expecting more stable one...
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6th September 2013, 12:53 AM |#9  
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You finally released it, huh?Nice one!
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6th September 2013, 12:59 AM |#10  
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Nice to see new ROM for GS+.
Will test & report tomorrow ....

Sent from my GT-I9001 using xda app-developers app
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6th September 2013, 10:36 AM |#11  
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Hi Nilac,

i surely give your ROM a try but earliest sunday afternoon due to a lack of time. The first impression from the screenshots are promissing

BTW do you use the sony walkman from this thread or do you use another one ?

Cheers Rhonin
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