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[ROM][XXLTA]ChippyNote_XXLTA_v.4 >> slimming.. step by step [21Dec2013]

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By chipwizz, Senior Member on 9th September 2013, 01:51 PM
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Important: You may post in this thread only if you understand and agree to following rules...
1. Be polite while posting.. you may be "Recognized" big shot but that doesn't entitle you to post your creepy opinion anywhere and everywhere.
2. ChippyNote was started for personal use hence will have features which i desired. I decided to share my work so that like minded people can benefit from it.
3. Screenshots are shared to give a glimpse of look and feel of ROM, If looks are not as per your liking, please move on. There are 1000 other roms out there from where you can choose what you like.
4. Developers are not here for money. Please consider their tremendous efforts and numerous hours spent before asking something new.
5. I will greatly appreciate polite suggestions and will try to include them if i find them in line with ChippyNote purpose statement.
6. I don not know anything and everything about android. I collected just few droplets from this forum. So do not expect every issue to have quick resolution and every question a perfect answer. And one more thing, No.. i do not work for google or samsung.
7. For credits, If i missed any one, send me a PM. I like to give credit where it is due.
8. Thanks buttons are there to be used.
Do not quote long posts, No spamming with offtopic discussions. No criticism to other developers in this thread, take it somewhere else.
9. Last but not the least, You should ask if you have questions, but before that you must search, search and search.

Purpose: Share ChippyNote ROM which is custom ROM for my personal use and explain process to transform a stock TW rom to one which can be characterized as slim, light, stripped, barebone, naked or whatever you may like to call after removing all those useless programs and features which are commonly called as bloats.

Hi, Few members approached me to understand the stripping/slimming process of a stock TW rom. For the benefit others I am sharing here what i was able to understand. For experts there is nothing much but you can always suggest improvements.
Due to other priorities, I am not able to check thread during weekdays but only on weekends.

* majdinj
* Phil3759
* xperiacle
* DF1E for Simple Explorer
* XDA-developers
* CM community
* SGN N7000 community
* and of course you, if not covered above
Current Version
Download: ChippyNote.V4: (143mb)
>> Dark theme... it's my choice
>> Themed and tripped down dialer, secmms.apk, Seccontacts.apk, Secsettings.apk, Framework-res.apk
>> simple root file explorer
>> Apollo, calculator,deskclock from cyanogen
>> Superbackup and naked browser as user app
>> Rom do not install modem, instead it uses existing one.
>> SecLauncher2 is modded for 5Cx6R and other regular mods
>> SecMMS is modded for save msgs, delayed msgs, group messages, dark bubbles and overall inverted looks etc etc...
>> I dont recall much.. i need to start noting it down while working

Installation Process:
Coming from Touchwiz 4.1.2
1. Flash latest philz-cwm6 kernel+recovery
2. Reboot to recovery
3. wipe data/factory reset => Clean to install new rom
4. Install ChippyNote.v4
4. Following are the apps you may install if needed. Simple search on XDA will provide you a link.
-KK email/exchange
-KK Calendar/calendar provider
ScreenShots : 21st Dec2013

Dialer and Contacts Screenshots

Themed Secmms.apk Screenshots



Previous Versions

Step by Step Process
1. Following applications/files were used during this exercise.
a. Stock ROM (N7000XXLT9_N7000XXLT3_N7000OXXLT3_HOME.tar)
b. philz latest XXLT9 kernel from here (
c. dsixda kitchen
d. 7zip
e. Notepad++
f. with optipng plugin
2. open rom tar file with 7zip and pull .img files(cache.img,factoryfs.img, hidden.img) in original_update folder of kitchen.
3. open philz signed zip with 7zip and pull zimage to original_update folder of kitchen.
4. start dsixda's Android Kitchen (guides available on XDA to setup dsixda kitchen)
5. while setting up working folder provide set of .img files as original rom
6. carefully follow the process as guided by kitchen to get all folders extracted
7. once you complete rom extraction, move all apks from preload app directory to system app directory for deodexing
8. move to advanced options for deodexing. just make sure to use right api level (16) while deodexing app and framework folders.
9. Here you may also find option 13,14 and 17 useful to include root, init.d, data app, updaterscript
10 if you have used option 17 for updaterscript then it will be good idea to visit your updater script under "Kitchen\original_update\WORKING_xxxxxxx\META-INF\com\google\android" and check if everything is alright
11. if you are seasoned rom maker then you may check out build.prop under system folder in working directory of kitchen.
12. you can add tweaks if you wish. Here are assorted one that i use.
# Chippy Tweaks
# Dalvik VM Tweaks

# Enable GPU Acceleration

# Media Tweaks

# Delays

# 3G Tweak

# Camera Tweaks

# Save Battery Tweaks

# Network Tweaks
net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.umts=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.gprs=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.edge=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.hspda=4096,87380,256960,4096,16 384,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.hspa=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960

# DNS Google

# SleepMode

# Disable Sending Usage Data and Error Checking

# Better Signal Tweaks

# More Tweaks

# Support IP v4 and v6

# Faster Boot

# Improve battery under no signal

13. So now we have pure deodexed stock rom structure available. You can zip it flash it to your note. But i may like to strip it before passing it on to my device so that it is real slim and fast. So here we go
14. First round of stripping will be to eliminate all those files and apps which user dont use atleast once in a week and can be deleted straight from working folder. As a user one can always decide to keep the apps that you need. I prefer to delete any app that i dont use atleast once in a week. For me here is the list of files which i delete
1 AccuweatherDaemon.apk >> I prefer padfone2 weatherclock
2 AccuweatherWidget.apk >> I prefer padfone2 weatherclock
3 AccuweatherWidget_Main.apk >> I prefer padfone2 weatherclock
4 AllshareMediaServer.apk >> app for sharing, I never needed it
5 AllSharePlay.apk >> app for sharing, I never needed it
6 AllshareService.apk >> app for sharing, I never needed it
7 AnalogClockSimple.apk >> I prefer padfone2 weatherclock
8 Aurora.apk >> Live wallpaper-I use nice jpgs
9 AutomationTest_JBUP.apk >> test app, not essential
10 BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk >> I don’t want anyone to keep my data including password
11 BasicLiveWallpapers.apk >> Live wallpaper-I use nice jpgs
12 Bluesea.apk >> Live wallpaper-I use nice jpgs
13 BluetoothMap.apk >> app related to Bluetooth
14 BluetoothTest.apk >> app related to Bluetooth
15 ChatON_MARKET.apk >> samsung chat
16 ChocoEUKor.apk >> I don’t use this font
17 ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk >> in case you don’t believe on google for checking your browsing habbits
18 ClockPackage.apk >> really bulky clock app from sammy (14.6 mb for simple clock that I hardly open…no way, CM deskclock is for me)
19 CloudAgent.apk >> in case you don’t believe on samsung for snooping on your data
20 CoolEUKor.apk >> I don’t use this font
21 crayon_physics.apk >> game but not upto my liking
22 DataCreate_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk >> app used by Snote
23 DigitalClock.apk >> Clock widget
24 Dropbox.apk >> dropbox app
25 DropboxOOBE.apk >> dropbox app
26 DSMForwarding.apk >> Notification of change of SIM
27 DSMLawmo.apk >> Remote locking device
28 DualClockAnalog.apk >> clock widget
29 DualClockDigital.apk >> clock widget
30 FaceLock.apk >> never worked perfectly.. May be my face is not so friendly.
31 FactoryTest_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk >> as name suggests
32 FlashAnnotate.apk >> required for spen annotation and screenshots function
33 FlashAnnotateSvc.apk >> required for spen annotation and screenshots function
34 FlashBarService.apk >> required for stock multiwindow, I prefer from xperiacle
35 FmmDM.apk >> samsung app to trace stolen phones
36 FmmDS.apk >> samsung app to trace stolen phones
37 FotaClient.apk >> required for Over the air updates
38 Gmail.apk >> available on market
39 GMS_Maps.apk >> available on market
40 GoogleBackupTransport.apk >> I don’t want to backup with google
41 GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk >> I don’t want to backup with google
42 GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk >> I don’t want to backup with google
43 GoogleFeedback.apk >> hmmm
44 GoogleTTS.apk >> googles implementation of tts
45 GroupCast.apk >> I don’t use it
46 HelpHub.apk >> no thank you
47 HelvNeueLT.apk >> one more font
48 INDI_Server.apk >> indi server implementation
49 Kies.apk >> samsung desktop sync app
50 kieswifi.apk >> samsung desktop sync over wifi app
51 Kobo.apk >> book reader
52 lcdtest_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk >> testing program
53 LearningHub_HD.apk >> I don’t need this
54 Magazines.apk >> magazine reader
55 MediaUploader.apk >> as name suggests but removal never stopped me uploading files
56 Microbes.apk >> Live wallpaper-I use nice jpgs
57 MobilePrint.apk >> mobile printing.. Anyway who does it ?
58 MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk >> samsungs mobile tracking program
59 Music2.apk >> music player
60 MusicFX.apk >> samsungs music player component
61 MusicHub_31.apk >> as name suggests
62 MusicPlayer.apk >> music player
63 OceanWeather.apk >> live wallpaper
64 PageBuddyNotiSvc.apk >> samsumg crap
65 PanningTryActually.apk >> samsumg crap
66 PaperArtist.apk >> good one but I don’t fancy it
67 PhotoWall.apk >> samsumg crap
68 PickUpTutorial.apk >> samsumg crap
69 PlusOne.apk >> available on market
70 PolarisViewer.apk >> I prefer polaris office with editor feature
71 PopupBrowser.apk >> samsumg crap
72 PreloadInstaller.apk >> samsumg crap
73 PressReader.apk >> samsumg crap
74 PRUI.apk >> samsumg crap
75 QuickSnote_Q1.apk >> samsumg crap
76 ReadersHub.apk >> samsumg crap
77 RoseEUKor.apk >> one more font
78 SamsungApps.apk >> samsumg crap
79 SamsungAppsUNA3.apk >> samsumg crap
80 SamsungIME.apk >> sammy keyboard
81 Samsungservice.apk >> samsumg crap
82 SamsungTTS.apk >> samsumg crap
83 SamsungWidget_FavoriteApp.apk >> samsumg crap
84 SamsungWidget_ProgramMonitor.apk >> samsumg crap
85 SChoice.apk >> samsumg crap
86 sCloudBackupApp.apk >> samsumg crap
87 sCloudBackupProvider.apk >> samsumg crap
88 sCloudDataRelay.apk >> samsumg crap
89 sCloudDataSync.apk >> samsumg crap
90 sCloudSyncBrowser.apk >> samsumg crap
91 sCloudSyncCalendar.apk >> samsumg crap
92 sCloudSyncContacts.apk >> samsumg crap
93 sCloudSyncSNote.apk >> samsumg crap
94 SecBrowser.apk >> stock browser
95 SecCalculator2.apk >> stock calculator
96 SecFactoryPhoneTest.apk >> test app
97 SecMiniDiary.apk >> diary
98 SecNoteMyFiles.apk >> file manager
99 SecWallpaperChooser.apk >> stock wallpapers
100 SelfTestMode_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk >> test APP
101 serviceModeApp_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk >> service mode app
102 SetupWizard.apk >> sammy crap
103 ShareShotService.apk >> sammy crap
104 shutdown_JBUP.apk >> what is this
105 SignatureLock.apk >> I am not fan of it
106 SimpleAlarmClock.apk >> samsumg crap
107 SimpleFavoritesWidget.apk >> samsumg crap
108 SlideShow.apk >> slide show
109 SmartcardService.apk >> what is this
110 SMemoProvider_Q1.apk >> smemo
111 SMemo_Q1.apk >> smemo
112 Snote_Q1.apk >> Snote related
113 Snote_Q1_Provider.apk >> Snote related
114 SNS.apk >> samsumg crap
115 SPlannerAppWidget.apk >> samsumg crap
116 SPPPushClient_Prod.apk >> samsumg crap
117 Street.apk >> Google street view, can be downloaded from market
118 SuggestionService.apk >> what the heck, I don’t want to comment
119 SyncmlDM.apk >> samsung software updates: never worked in my land
120 SyncmlDS.apk >> samsung software updates: never worked in my land
121 SystemInfo_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk >> what is this ?
122 Talk.apk >> Gtalk: available on market
123 talkback.apk >> Voice feedback (accessibility option)
124 TrimApp_phone.apk >> Part of video editor
125 TwDVFSApp.apk >> Ubergizmo: app responsible for changing the CPU frequency when subjected to benchmark test but will do not make any difference in working
126 VideoHub.apk >> sammy video hub
127 VideoPlayer.apk >> very limited stock video player from sammy, I prefer mxplayer
128 VoiceRecorder.apk >> as name suggests
129 VoiceSearchStub.apk >> as name suggests
130 voice_talk_Q1.apk >> as name suggests
131 VpnDialogs.apk >> if you are not connecting via vpn
132 WeatherWall.apk >> weather wallpaper
133 WebManual.apk >> help manual
134 WlanTest.apk >> as name suggests
135 wssyncmlnps.apk >> Related KIES syncing
136 YahoonewsDaemon.apk >> yahoo service demon
137 YahoonewsWidget.apk >> yahoo news widget
138 YahoostockDaemon.apk >> yahoo service demon
139 YahoostockWidget.apk >> Yahoo finance widget
140 YouTube.apk >> Youtube app, can be installed from market
141 Zinio.apk >> Magazine reader
142 gmscore.apk >> google framework, automatically added when connected to market
143 SecEmail.apk >> Replaced with AOSP email.apk
144 SecExchange.apk >> Replaced with AOSP exchange.apk

15. Remove com.dropboxpartner.jar from framework since dropbox apk already deleted
16. remove language files which are not required from following folders
a. system\CSC:
b. system\hdic: contains dictionaries for various languages. remove all exept your language.
c. system\T9DB : various keyboard layout configurations. remove all exept your language.
d. system\tts : text to Speech files. remove all exept your language.
e. system\usr\srec : google defined dictionary, hotwords and hotter (foul/offensive) words. remove completely.
f. system\wakeupdata\sensory : sammys sensor specific langs. remove all exept your language.
g. system\etc\kies : you know it..remove it completely.
h. system\vendor\pittpatt: facerecognition files, i prefer to remove it.

17. Remove non-required fonts. I removed following...
1 AnjaliNewLipi-light.ttf
2 DroidSansArmenian.ttf
3 DroidSansEthiopic-Regular.ttf
4 DroidSansGeorgian.ttf
5 DroidSansHebrew-Bold.ttf
6 DroidSansHebrew-Regular.ttf
7 GS45_Arab_AndroidOS.ttf
8 GS_Thai_111220.ttf
9 Lohit-Bengali.ttf
10 Lohit-Kannada.ttf
11 Lohit-Telugu.ttf
12 SamsungBengali.ttf
13 SamsungDevanagari.ttf
14 SamsungGujarathi.ttf
15 SamsungKannada.ttf
16 SamsungMalayalam.ttf
17 SamsungOriya.ttf
18 SamsungPunjabi.ttf
19 SamsungSinhala.ttf
20 SamsungTamil.ttf
21 SamsungTelugu.ttf

18. Lets clean up the media folder. I delete following files. You can delete as per your liking.
Dir> Media
1 bootsamsung.qmg
2 bootsamsungloop.qmg
Dir> Audio>alarms
1 A_toy_watch.ogg
2 Beep_Beep_Beep.ogg
3 Chirp_Chrip.ogg.ogg
4 Good_Morning.ogg
5 Piezo.ogg
6 Rooster.ogg
7 Ticktac.ogg
Dir> Audio>notifications
1 01_Sherbet.ogg
2 Cheeper.ogg
3 Merope.ogg
4 Moonbeam.ogg
5 Pizzicato.ogg
6 S_Buubles.ogg
7 S_Charming_bell.ogg
8 S_Chopsticks.ogg
9 S_Cloud.ogg
10 S_Flowers.ogg
11 S_Glittering_Light.ogg
12 S_Good_News.ogg
13 S_Harmonics.ogg
14 S_Haze.ogg
15 S_Knock.ogg
16 S_On_time.ogg
17 S_Opener.ogg
18 S_Postman.ogg
19 S_Pure_Bell.ogg
20 S_Starry_night.ogg
21 TaDa.ogg
Dir> Audio>ringtones
3 Eridani.ogg
4 Lyra.ogg
5 Pegasus.ogg
7 Rigel.ogg
8 Road_Trip.ogg
9 S_A_cricket_chirps.ogg
10 S_Basic_bell.ogg
11 S_Chime.ogg
12 S_Crossingwalk.ogg
13 S_Cuisine.ogg
14 S_Down_Hill.ogg
15 S_Emotive_Sensation.ogg
16 S_Faint.ogg
17 S_Happy_synth.ogg
18 S_Illuminator.ogg
19 S_Mirage_of_you.ogg
20 S_More_polite.ogg
21 S_Over_the_horizon.ogg
22 S_Polaris.ogg
23 S_School.ogg
24 S_Single_tone.ogg
25 S_Sniper.ogg
26 S_Spinning_around.ogg
27 S_Wine_Bottle.ogg
Dir> Audio>ui
1 Birdsong_by_the_lake.ogg
2 Fairy_fountain.ogg
3 Gentle_spring_rain.ogg
4 Serenity.ogg
5 Sparkling_mist.ogg
6 The_secret_forest.ogg
Dir> video>Shutdown
1 shutdown.qmg

19. Lets identify the unused libs from lib folder for safe deletion.
1. >> somewhere I read that it is needed only for Zinio.apk
2. >> used by Sammy's chaton
3. >> used by music hub
4. >> Required for Cryonphysics
5. >> required for Snote
6. >> handwriting recognition, used by keyboard, snote
7. >> used by samsung keyboard
8. >> used by Faceunlock feature
9. >> used by Facerecognition feature
10. >> used by Facerecognition feature
11. >> used by Facerecognition feature
12. >> AFAIK Obsolete. This was required for the Google+ application
13. >> used by google goggles
14. >> afaik this used for Google voice services only
15. >> used by indi server
16. >> used by indi server
17. >> required for kies
18. >> lifevibes IDK!
19. >> lifevibes IDK!
20. >> I think its for AllSharePlay.apk ?
21. >> LWP
22. >> used by Music Hub
23. >> MyScript engine files used by Snote/keyboard
24. >> MyScript engine files used by Snote/keyboard
25. >> MyScript engine files used by Snote/keyboard
26. >> MyScript engine files used by Snote/keyboard
27. >> MyScript engine files used by Snote/keyboard
28. >> required for AllSharePlay.apk
29. >> required for AllSharePlay.apk
30. >> used by paper artist
31. >> used for text to speech engine
32. >> used for polaris office
33. >> used for polaris office
34. >> used for text to speech engine
35. >> used for samsungs allshare
36. >> I think this for sammy's learning hub
37. >> for snote
38. >> used for text to speech engine
39. >> used in video chat
40. >> used in video chat
41. >> used for video editor
42. >> used for video editor
43. >> used for video editor
44. >> used for video editor
45. >> used for video editor
46. >> used for video editor
47. >> japanese dictionary
48. >> I think this is required for video chat
49. >> came from ChatON_MARKET.apk
50. >> came from SyncmlDM.apk

20. After deletions its time to check on bulky apps and replace it with lighter one. Following are the ones used in this rom.
1. Samsung SecEmail.apk and SecExchange.apk were replaced with AOSP email.apk and exchange.apk
2. Samsung ClockPackage.apk and various clocl widgets were replaced with MiUI deskclock ported by HootanParsa
3. bulky soundrecorder from samsung is replaced with MIUI sound recorder port by HootanParsa (Layout needs to be fixed)
4. Accuwether stuff was replaced by Asus Padfone2 humble but useful weatherclock. i modded it to work with Miuideskclock
5. SecCalculator replaced by simple CM calculator
6. all samsung music stuff is replaced by powerful Apollo mod by 7ORO
7. file manager replaced with OIfilemanager
8. Stock browser replaced with lightweight and fast nakedbrowser

21. After deletion and replacement i optimised stock apps for size. basically lang files which were not needed , were deleted and pngs were optimsed/edited. This is where i theme apks. This need apktool setup.
22. move apk to be optimised to apktool folder and decompile it.
23. Now one can delete language (not used) specific folders inside apk such as raw-de or values-de if german language is not used. I retained de,es,fr,it and ru which can cover quite a lot of users.
24. Now check out larger png/jpg files. generally i look for files which are bigger than 10kb. To optimise i use with optipng plugin
25. In case you want to theme or mod any apk you can do it here.
26. once you are done compile apk. Instead of signing i prefer to drop META-INF and AndroidMenifest.xml from original apk to modded apk
27. this way you can strip down the larger apks such as secsettings or framework-res. Now move all the stripped apks to respective folders in ROM working folder.
28. zip all now to get your rom.

In case you are trying these steps but think these steps are taking you nowhere, then its better you stay away. it can result into anything from world war 3 to your phone getting fried. If you are ok and understand what you are doing but need some clarification, i will try my best efforts and available knowledge.
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9th September 2013, 01:52 PM |#2  
chipwizz's Avatar
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Modded APKs:
1. SecLauncher2: with 6Rx5C grid, Scrolling wall.
In case you prefer Splanner here is CWMzip. Just make sure to delete calendar.apk and CalendarProvider.apk from system/app before you flash this CWMzip.
2. N7000 SNote stripped(avoid installing on v2 since libs may clash): - 32.49 MB
Attached Files
File Type: apk SecLauncher2.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.14 MB, 302 views)
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9th September 2013, 01:53 PM |#3  
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To do..
1 languages in dropdown during initial setup Resolved in V2
2. Change obstructive background Taken care in V2
3. Addon for SNote Added to Post2
4. Addon for SPlanner Added to Post2
5. Combine all addons in one aroma installation package empowering users to select what they want to install.
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9th September 2013, 02:06 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by chipwizz

Purpose: Share ChippyNote.v1.XXLT9 and process to transform a stock TW rom to one which can be characterized as slim, light, stripped, barebone, naked or whatever you may like to call after removing all those useless programs and features which are commonly called as bloats.

Hi, Few members approached me to understand the stripping/slimming process of a stock TW rom. For the benefit others I am sharing here what i was able to understand. For experts there is nothing much but you can always suggest improvements.

Good thread, I like the way you explained everything.


I asume you are releasing this Rom you seem to be making, it would be good if you released too as slim base one slimmed but without theming or modding. So it can be a good replacement for old Xlite Rom
9th September 2013, 02:35 PM |#5  
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Good job mate i luv it i am gonna try it on latest build

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9th September 2013, 02:45 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by trinev

Good thread, I like the way you explained everything.


I asume you are releasing this Rom you seem to be making, it would be good if you released too as slim base one without slimmed but without theming or modding. So it can be a good replacement for old Xlite Rom

My internet connection sucks. BSNL DSL got down at 96percent upload to
Will wait for some time if it starts again. My apologies for wait

Edit: Internet started. Upload is now re-initiated.
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9th September 2013, 03:35 PM |#7  
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Chippy is back !! Can't wait to try the new ROM

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9th September 2013, 03:35 PM |#8  
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Impatiently waiting for this ROM I'm currently using Bare Bean 2 Rom, which is about 260mb weight, so I'm really interested Great that it's 320dpi
9th September 2013, 05:52 PM |#9  
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This is what i was waiting for welcome back chip

This rom is for me
9th September 2013, 08:26 PM |#10  
kurnik_94's Avatar
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Downloading... Great ROM! No lags, no FC and control panel settings working
9th September 2013, 09:55 PM |#11  
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Bro, Got some lib files with relevant explanations that i collected last time we spoke. Let me know if you want to check it.
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