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[INDEX][REPO] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android ROM/Kernel/Xposed/Themes/Apps [09 feb]

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By Benny Bosser, Senior Member on 10th September 2013, 07:20 PM
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Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Repository!


09 Feb 2015: Added a Note 4 port
05 Aug 2014: Thread ownership transferred from Orr.Penn.18 to Benny Bosser (big thanks to him and XDA ). Limited changelog due to XDA characters limitations.

Any requests or remarks about the thread? Please send me a PM or post it in the thread.

Note 3 Specials

Fimware files
Battery life discussions
Maximize Battery Life
[GUIDE] Ultimate Battery Life For Note 3
iFixit: Note 3
Download Google Apps (Gapps)
[GUIDE]Better Battery Life 101

Note 3 ROMs

Original Android Development

[ROM][KVT49L]AOSP | Dev: broodplank1337
[ROM][AOSP]Carbon Rom [hlte] | Dev: CarbonDev
[ROM][HLTE] MoKee OpenSource Project | Dev: Ryuinferno
Omni | Dev: jakew02

Android Development


[ROM][HLTE] AICP | Dev: oblikas
[ROM][AOKP]Android Open Kang Project | Dev: scar45
[hlte]AOSB Project | Dev: codexc
[AOSP][CM11][ROM]BeanStalk | Dev: kenzolo
[CM ROM][N9005 hlte] OFFICIAL CM11 nightlies | Dev: nowy57
[hlte/universal] OFFICIAL CyanogenMod Builds | Dev: AlecRobertson
[ROM][AOSP] C-RoM | Dev: aways
[SaberMod] [Unofficial] C-RoM plus extra features | Dev: vikas724
[ROM]Heisenberg | Dev: kenzolo
[ROM][N-9005]Lightning Speed Stable | Dev: pranavaryans
[ROM][[Official][OSE-ROM][hlte] | Dev: timpohladthomas
[ROM] Resurrection Remix® | Dev: ZION959
secXces | Dev: secXces_debaki
[ROM] W03 Slim | Dev: nowy57
ROM]SlimKat | Dev: fahadali2315
[ROM][KERNEL][CM11]Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build | Dev: Snottierwhale
[ROM]Biftor™SlimKat Rom | Dev: Biftor
[Rom]Dirty Unicorns | Dev: Moepda
[ROM][WARRANTY FRIEND][SAFESTRAP] S5 Rom Porting By lKinder_Bueno | Dev: lKinder_Bueno
[Rock Solid]Vendetta ROM | Dev: tattooboy
[ROM][HLTE] SlimKat | Dev: cordell12
[ROM][OFFICIAL][hlte] Daydream | Dev: Genie's
[CM]Nan0 L | Dev: ProtoDeVNan0
[ROM][AOSP] BlissPop | Dev: ProtoDeVNan0

Samsung Based

[ROM]AllianceROM | Dev: spary b
[ROM][N9005]AndroidNow NG | Dev: P4R14H PL
Assassin ROM | Dev: firasusman
BLAZED UP | Dev: yotaking
[ROM][N9005]{~BoBCaTROM_EVO_v9.0~}|OTA Update | Dev: BoBCatRoM
[ROM][KERNEL][SM-N9005]CivZ_FlexKat + KK_Xplorer_Rev -Aroma Installer[Odex option, CallRecord, BatteryMod, 4-way-Reboot, InkEffect, OC, UV, usb_FastCharge, Synapse, CIFS, NTFS, ExFat, MDNIE,............] | Dev: civato
[ROM]CRASH ROM AR | Dev: Crash 1976
[N9005] Echoe Rom | Dev: friedrich420
[ROM][N9005] GalactusMOD | Dev: maskerwsk
[ROM][SM-N9005] HAL 9005 | Dev: theresident
[ROM ]HaWKiSH | Dev: zohawkish
[ROM][N9005][AROMA] JACKYAWAY | Dev: jackyaway
[ROM][N9005]ALEXNDR | Dev: _alexndr
[ROM][SM-N900W8] {no name ROM} | Dev: shant0nu
[ROM][N9005] Omega Rom | Dev: ::indie::
[ROM]Re:Mix Rom N9005 | Dev: meawww
[ROM] S5 Port - Ice Black ROM | Dev: Obi_xD
[ROM] Sotmax Ultimate Stock | Dev: sotmax
[Rom] [Aroma] SUPER.FAST & FAMOUS®Séries kitkat | Dev: IZI.Xav
[ROM][N9005] Sweet ROM | Dev: not-i
TeknoTurk Rom N9000q S5 | Dev: condor10ur
[ROM][SM-N9005] TW MultiX | Dev: tkari4
[ROM][N9005] Multi CSC DPI, Ultimate 698 Mo and AOKP | Dev: rayman95
[ROM][N9005][WEIGHTLOSS] XXUENC2 KitKat 4.4.2 | Dev: insty
[ROM][N9005] MIUI V5 By Wonitor | Dev: Wonitor
[ROM][N9005] MIUI V5 for Galaxy Note 3 | Dev: bhflower
[ROM][4.4.2][hlte-unified]MIUI V5 for Galaxy Note 3 | Dev: JTJTJ
[Rom] prometeus{note 3 n9005} {n900t} amazing battery live | Dev: prometeus69
[ROM][4.4.2]Ultimate Rom SM-N9005 | [OTA][Fast, Stable, Battery Friendly][ONLINE] | Dev: joosh3
[ROM N9005]AUDAX ROM | Dev: pierdebeer
[ROM][PORT][N9005][Tweaked Stock S5 ROM][Performance & Battery] | Dev: g00h
[ROM][AROMA][N9005][Tweaked Multilang MIUI | Dev: g00h
[ROM][N9005] Galaxy S5 Stock ROM | Dev: jamal2367
[N9005]Stock Note 3 Note 4 features | Dev: smegg
Rebirth rom | Dev: raiden123
[ROM][N9005]X-Note | Dev: soloilmeglio
[ROM] FULL NOTE 4 EXPERIENCE - mix of the best - TMT | Dev: maxicet
[ROM] TW 5.0 Lollipop - TMT | Dev: maxicet
5.0 Lollipop ROM | Dev: KenTcN
[LOLLIPOP UPDATE!!25-12][ROM] [TW ANDROID 5.0] Echoe Rom | Dev: friedrich420
Lollipop android 5 Rom list! (Updated daily) | Dev: Sgmaster
[ROM][9005][5.0_lollipop]CivZ Flex_Lollipop Rev | Dev: civato
[ROM]AryaMod | Dev: kmokhtar79
[ROM][5.0][N9005]CRASH ROM | Dev: Crash
[ROM][N9005] XXUGBNL8 5.0 and Odexed Multi CSC DPI | Dev: Rayman95
[ROM][ODEX/DEODEX][N900X][Tweaked Stock TW Lollipop] | Dev: g00h
N9005 Lollipop 5.0 S5+Note3 | Dev: lijianjunyonghu
[ROM][N9005][5.0] Masik Lollipop | Dev: Masik Development
[ROM,TW] [ 02/08/2015] Note 4 port 5.0.1 - DarkLord rom by Samsungviet | Dev: nambavuong

Exynos Android Development

[ ROM]CRISKELO-Rom NOTE | Dev: criskelo
[N900] Dr.Ketan Custom control ROM Odexed|Prerooted|AROM|Multi DPI | Dev: dr.ketan
[ROM] EpsilonProjectROM | N900 | 05/30 > / < Root | Xposed | Lite | Stable | > | Dev: core720
[ROM][N900][AROMA] Lidroid / Theme Support / 29 toggle buttons | Dev: lidroid
[ROM][N900]ThunderWolf Series S5 Rom | Dev: Blackwolf10
[ROM][SM-N900] TR ROM [ODEX][AROMA] SUPER FAST POWERFUL battery-friendly | Dev: murat25750
[ROM][SM-N900] alba19986's [UltraLite] | Dev: muratbaizhanov
[ROM][4.4.2][SM N900] UMUT ROM S5 style [ODEX][AROMA] stingy battery | Dev: murat25750
==>ROM-VN-SM900<== De-Odex-Online-Aroma | Dev: nguyenxuanhoa
TeknoTurk Rom N900 S5 Visual Aroma installer | Dev: condor10ur
[ROM] [Official] [N900/N9000Q] MIUI Rom [OpenBeta] | Dev: sawgent
[ROM]AllianceROM | Dev: NunHugger
pekaka's ROM|Odex|Rooted|AROMA|Kernel|MoreFunction | Dev: pekaka
[ROM] [SM-N900] BuRc RoM [oDeX] | Dev: burckucukaslan026
==>ROM-VN-SM900<== De-Odex-Online-Aroma | Dev: nguyenxuanhoa
[MOD][PORT][N900] S5 MOD | Dev: mucahidkose
[ROM] [SM-N900] CyanogenMod | Dev: toxicthunder
NOTE 3 SM N9000Q 5.0 lollipop Official FULL TURKEY ROM | Dev: serdals

AT&T Galaxy Note 3 Android Development

[ROM]**~AllianceROM KitKat~** Note3/S5 Based ROMs | Dev: RErick
[ROM][THEME] Dynamic Kat 4.2 [ThunderKat Edition][GPE 4.1 + 6 Colors][S5 2.1] | Dev: bri315317
AT&T S5 ROM | Dev: Skizzy034
[Rom][New Version][UPLOADED] The S5 Experience [Galaxy S5 Themes & Apps] | Dev: Jtrain88
[ROM] FireKat Deodex | Dev: megalomanic14
[ROM] FireNote Mj5 Deodex | Dev: megalomanic14
[ROM] Dynamic Kat Xtreme [AOSP Hybrid] | Dev: bri315317
[ROM][PORT] X-Note | Dev: bri315317
[ROM[UrDroid][STOCK][ODEXED][Deodexed][W/ROOT] | Dev: carl1961
[ROM] PureROM CE | Dev: tropazr
[ROM] AzureROM Six Clean Edition | Dev: tropazr
[ROM][N900W8/N900T/N9005]Canadian S5 Port | Dev: cdmvirt
[ROM] Dynamic Kat KillerKat | Dev: bri315317
[ROM]Note 4 Port Evolution | Dev: kbythwood

Sprint Galaxy Note 3 Android Development

[ROM][THEME][MOD][APP] KitKatKiller | Dev: JoshBeach
[ROM| Galaxy Note fre3 Hybrid De[Odex] -BeastMode Kernel- | Dev: freeza
[ROM] MOAR_S5_Port | Dev: sac23
[ROM] Priest Punch [TW DeOdexed] | Dev: 1brainsurgeon
[ROM][OFFICIAL][KitKat 4.4.4][Hlte Unified] PAC-man VERSION [AOSP] [NIGHTLY] | Dev: ZION959
[ROM|Stockish|NO KNOX] Sprint TouchWiz KitKat DeOdex | Dev: freeza
[ROM][Port] X-NOTE build | Dev: kstephens98
[ROM|NC5D|KitKat|4.4.2] Priest Punch[TW DeOdexed] | Dev: 1brainsurgeon
[ROM][4.4.4][OFFICIAL] Sprint LiquidSmooth | Dev: itsmikeramsay
[ROM]Bonsai_Stable | Dev: MasterZen88
[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][HLTESPR ][Zion Kernel] Slimkat-Remix | Dev: ZION959
[ROM] Minin3; project MAXIMUS | Dev: mjcollum
[ROM] Sacs_N4-N3 | Dev: sac23
CyanogenMod near final nightly build for hltespr! | Dev: noobnl
[Baseband/Modem] Odin flashable | Dev: freeza

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 Android Development

Tweaked | Dev: dwitherell
[ROM] [STOCK] N900T Deodexed | CIQ Free | KNOX Free | Dev: jovy23
[ROM] ViSiON-X N3 INTL [N9005/N900T/N900W8] | Dev: TheAxman
[ROM] no_name S5 Transformer for Canadian N900W8 and T-Mobile | Dev: shant0nu
[ROM] WICKED™ KitKat v1 [AROMA] [ROM Control] Fully Customizable | Dev: evil1art
[ROM] DECEPTICON - TW 4.4.2 SM-N900T, SM-N900W8 | Dev: markbencze
[ROM] ☆ DARTHSTALKER NOTE3 ☆ | VERSiON 7 ☆ | Dev: jovy23
[ROM]S5NOT3V8Final[LIVE] | Dev: ktetreault14
Infamous Open Android Project | IOAP | Dev: Jamison904
[rom] jedi elite v2 4.4.2 - aroma, battery bar, 3minit battery. | Dev: markbencze
[ROM] ViSiON-X N3-US TMO [N900TUVUDNF4] [N900T/N900W8] | Dev: AxAtAx
|[ROM]| EffortLess ROM [Latest Stock+] | Dev: effortless
[ROM] SuperStockCustomRom | Dev: Misterjunky
{ROM}{Port}N900T_Sprint_Note3 | Dev: allenjthomsen
[ROM]Note 4 Port Evolution | Dev: kbythwood
[ROM] DomPop - N900T - Stock TW Lollipop| Dev: kevp75

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Android Development

[Rom][4.4.2] AllianceRom | Dev: bajasur
[ROM][Port] [S5/Note3] JasmineROM | Dev: hsbadr
[ROM/THEME] Got bigginsROM? Illuminati Style! | Dev: deuce_biggins
[ROM] Eclipse Note 3 TW - Real AOSP styling! KitKat has arrived!! | Dev: nitroglycerine33
[ROM] Hyperdrive | Dev: sbreen94
[ROM] ObjectiveROM | Dev: cubusmybro
[KERNEL] [KEXEC] Kernel EXECution [UNDER DEVELOPMENT] | Dev: hsbadr
[ROM] deltaROM, a darker ROM experience | Dev: LeftyGR
[DEVED/TW-ROM FIX] Developer Edition TW-4.4 ROM Fix File | Dev: Hashcode
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Original Android Development

[Kernel][SM-N9005]AEL Kernel | Dev: friedrich420
[KERNEL] AURORA | Dev: MojoManagement
[KERNEL][N9005]Blaze™ Kernel | Dev: GuneetAtwal
[SM-N900*] CF-Auto-Root | Dev: Chainfire
[Kernel][N9005] Custom N3 | Dev: Wootever
[kernel] leanKernel | Dev: Imoseyon
[KERNEL] Kernel Sapec | Dev: zamcum
[Kernel] SELinux Permissive and allow ADB to run as root On KitKat XXUENA6 | Dev: zamcum
[KERNEL] [SM-N9005 HLTE] SkyHigh TW Kernel | Dev: UpInTheAir
[KERNEL]- SM-N9005 - SELinux Permissive | Dev: danieljamie
[KERNEL]TW (Hybrid/OC/UV/Intelliplug/FauxSound/intellithermal) | Dev: faux123
[Kernel][n9005] Ultimate Kernel | Dev: da4kgr3y
[KERNEL][TW][N900T] | ColonelX(B) | Dev: itsmikeramsay
[COLOR=blue][KERNEL]BeastMode/COLOR] | Dev: antiochasylum
Shinto Kernel | Dev: Megaflop666

Android Development

[KERNEL] Kernel Sapec TW_KK_N9005 | Dev: zamcum

Exynos Android Development

[Kernel]halaszk-UNIVERSAL5420 | Dev: halaszk88
[kernel]goodHanrry-kernel | Dev: goodhanrry
[kernel]pekaka-Kernel:N900N | Dev: pekaka
SueMax-kernel | Dev: djmax81


[RECOVERY]CWM Based Recovery | Dev: Chenglu
RECOVERY] TWRP TeamWin Recovery Project | Dev: bigbiff
[RECOVERY LOCKED/WARRANTY SAFE] Safestrap Recovery | Dev: Hashcode
[hltexx][hlte][CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch | Dev: Phil3759
[OFFICIAL][RECOVERY] Cannibal Open Touch | Dev: Sblood86



[MOD] Volume Boosting Sound Hack Mod | Dev: nowy57
[SCRIPT/TOOL] kn0x0ut Toolbox - Install custom roms, mods + more and KEEP WARRANTY!!! | Dev: zroice
[SHARE][MOD][TWEAK] VulpiX | Dev: Nitzz
[FIX] Galaxy Note 3 X-Note Rom bluetooth/camera/NFC/etc FIX/COMPATABILITY | Dev: Leonidas87
Script / Fix Soft Brick Loop_ EFS partition | Dev: firasusman
[MOD]NEW[**Assassin_1_Click_Real_S5_Converter_Fully_Working **] | Dev: firasusman
[MOD][GUIDE] SecMms.apk TouchWiz Mods | Dev: jovy23
[MOD]**ROM_CONTROL**NC2**Native Rom Control | Dev: maskerwsk
[MOD]HOW TO Enable All APP in floating pen window | Dev: simplelife1988
[Tool]MultiToolMod - Customize your ROM yourself! | Dev: dr.ketan
[MOD] increase headphone volume | Dev: Mohamedselim
[TWEAK] [ROOT] mDNIe screen sharpness tweak | Dev: alexhc18
[Tool][Clean script] AriAnA™ Note3-N9005 & N900 Clean and wipe Script | Dev: dash REZA
[GUIDE] How to disable the air command pop up sound | Dev: Benny Bosser
[kernel] and Some mods for XXUGBNL8 | Dev: zamcum
UPSM and Emergency mode N9005 Lollipop | Dev: dr.ketan

Bloatware Removal

[NOT FOR NOOBS] Bloatware removal - Hardcore mode! | Dev: zroice
[TOOL/UTILITY][AROMA] SGN3 (SM-N900x) Bloat Removal Tool] | Dev: crackpot
[Script] Remove Bloatware [650 MB] | Dev: CoOoL_BoY
Applications Safe to Remove | Dev: KeesStolk
[MOD][N9005][N900S] SmartDebloater | Dev: SkywalkerZ
[GUIDE] Apps that are safe to remove/freeze | Dev:


The modules you find here are the ones I use and the note specific ones. No more Xposed updates until it supports Lollipop as I'm using a Lollipop rom now

Xposed - General info, versions & changelog | Dev: rovo89
[MOD][XPOSED] ActivityForceNewTask | Dev: GermainZ
[MOD][XPOSED][4.0+]App Settings | Dev: GermainZ
[MOD][Xposed] Burnt Toast | Dev: MohammadAG
[MOD][Xposed] Disable Clear Defaults Dialog | Dev: MohammadAG
[MOD][TouchWiz] Disable Samsung MissedEvent Widget | Dev: invano
[APP][4.0.3+ & GB][XPOSED] EnhancedToast | Dev: defim
[MOD][XPOSED][2.3.3+]FakeID vulnerability | Dev: Tungstwenty
[APP][XPOSED]Gesture Navigation-Multitouch Gestures | Dev: FemBlack
[APP][XPOSED] GravityBox - tweak box for Android 4.4 | Dev: C3C076
[MOD][XPOSED] Keepchat - Save your Snapchats automatically! | Dev: Ramis
[XPOSED]KitKat BUGS fixer | Dev: Falseclock
[Mod][Xposed] Amplify | Dev: cryptyk
[MOD][XPOSED][4.0+] Notification Mod | Dev: vrthe1
PlayPermissionsExposed | Dev: GermainZ
[MOD][Xposed] S-View ALL the covers | Dev: MohammadAG
S-View Mods for Note 3 | Dev: MohammadAG
[Xposed] S5 SystemUI Theme and Tab | Dev: xperiacle
[APP][Android 4.0+]DVFS Disabler | Dev: wanam
Remove screenshot delay | Dev: MohammadAG
[MOD][XPOSED][4.0+] Smiley Replacer | Dev: rovo89
[APP] [XPOSED] Snapchat Full Text in Caption | Dev: elesbb
[MOD][XPOSED]SnapColors | Dev: iphone4life4
StopSwitchDelay - Remove 5s Delay To Open Apps After Pressing Home Button | Dev: GermainZ
[MOD][Xposed] Tinted Status Bar | Dev: MohammadAG
[APP][4.2+][Touchwiz] Wanam Xposed | Customize your Stock Samsung Roms | Dev: wanam
[MOD][XPOSED][2.3+] Xposed Additions | Dev: dk_zero-cool
[MOD][XPOSED][4.0+] XuiMod | Dev: zst123
[APP][Xposed][Youtube AdAway] | Dev: wanam
[APP][4.0.3+ & GB][XPOSED] BootManager | Dev: defim
[Xposed] Note3 UPSM-Emergency Mode | Dev: xperiacle
Screenshot Delay Remover | Dev: MohammadAG
[Mod][Xposed] Snapshare - Share images and videos in snapchat! | Dev: P1nGu1n_
XPrivacy - The ultimate, yet easy to use, privacy manager | Dev: M66B
[APP][4.0.3+ & GB][XPOSED] HaveOwnOrientation | Dev: defim
[Xposed][MOD] Less frequent notifications (per app notification throttling) | Dev: ofmb
[MOD][XPOSED] DirectAPKInstall | Dev: Matsca09
[MOD] Battery History XXL | Dev: moneytoo
XThemeEngine | Dev: ruqqq
[Mod][Xposed] Play Store Changelog - Show the full changelog! | Dev: P1nGu1n_
Snapall | Dev: dapaintballer331
[Xposed] Popup Window MOD | Dev: xperiacle



Theming 101 | Dev: Bubbajoe40356
[MOD][GUIDE]Add CPU usage in notification panel | Dev: meawww
[GUIDE][MOD] Lockscreen style Note 4 for Note 3 | Dev: ksr007
Enable/Activate Lens Flare (Light) Or Particle effect | Dev: amk19
[Guide-Lollipop]Clock center status bar. | Dev: thanhfhuongf


[Themes][Xposed] Many themes for the Xposed AirCommand Theme Module | Dev: absinthesummer
[Xposed] Air Command Themer - Great THEME Collection [Updated] | Dev: xperiacle
[Xposed] S5 SystemUI Theme and Tab Pro-style Recent Apps | Dev: xperiacle
[Wallpaper] Very Good Lock Screen Galaxy Note 3 Wallpaper 1080x1920 HD | Dev: loveEA
[mods][toggle] Musticon_toggle_by_gigamatrix for KitKat4.4.2 n900/9005/odexed/deodexe | Dev: gigamatrix
Note 3 Home screens | Dev: androidflea
Wallpaper from my Note 3 | Dev: locce
Perfect NOTE 3 HD wallpaper *DAILY UPDATE * | Dev: Egyptian man
{Theme}{4.4.2}{4.3} The Best Theme Ever 4 Note 3 By SiR M V8 | Dev: thermax04
[Air command KK Theme | Dev: sibinn
[THEME][SGN3] TWRP | Dev: z31s1g
[KEYBOARD][THEME]- Note 3 Keyboard - Android L Themed | Dev: xinfinityoO
[KEYBOARD][THEME][5-ROW] - Google Keyboard S5 THEMED | Dev: kevin_1351
[THEME][KIT KAT][n9005 & n900P/V] All Backs Black | Dev: coldmethod
KRYON THEMES | Dev: wally3614
{Theme XperiaAlloy} | Dev: gitin
[THEME][APP]Multiwindow Transparency{0%-25%-50%-75%} | Dev: kushXmaster
[Theme] Illuminati | Dev: cerj
[THEME]☆Note 3 SamsungIME Keyboards☆ | Dev: cbucz24
[THEME]☆ Black & White | Dev: cbucz24
[Theme][VRTheme] DARKNESS and PURENESS | Dev: unisol107
Samsung Galaxy Note3 - N9005 Theme by Pille_S5830 | Dev: Pille_S5830
[Lollipop]Keyboard Note 3 for Android 5.0 | Dev: thanhfhuongf
Amazing AOSP theme For Lollipop N900/N9005 TouchWiz ROM(Android 5) | Dev: Breakcore_Rush
{Theme}-Lollipop panel theme | Dev: arash2901
Google Android L Bootanimation | Dev: ogrecords79
[theme] - LL SecMms with lovely sony emoji and new designed Bubble styles | Dev: arash2901


[apk] note 4 weather | Dev: Djimmy
[HOT] Note 4 Apps Collection | Dev: Albe95
[APP] Enable Ethernet! | Dev: USBhost
S Note, Watch ON, S5 Message,S5 FileManager, Calendar and more from S5 | Dev: Albe95
Galaxy S5 weather | Dev: kyawthettun
[APP] Fix Internal SD-Card write access error | Dev: mannyvinny
LG G3 SMART KEYBOARD | Dev: gerardroid
[APP] Knock Code | Dev: Graffiti Exploit
[APP] Sony Xperia Z2 Walkman + Album + Movies | Dev: IGZO
[APP][2.2+] INSTWOGRAM - Two Instagram Accounts in One Device | Dev: Me-Nex S
Lollipop sms messenger | Dev: raiden123
[APP] Convert Everything | Dev: raiden123
Gear Manager For Lollipop | Dev: Tetraguy
[APP][MOD]Fast Launcher [N9005/P][4.4.4][5.0][Fast TW Launcher] | Dev: SkywalkerZ
[Apps] S Pen QuickMenu & Note Screen Writer (Aka Proj. Clone AirCommander) | Dev: st-tps


[MOD] Status bar and notification for Rom S5 | Dev: Thanhfhuongf
[MOD] Accuweather widget transp, night-effects, black/blue font | Dev: ElMartinoAT
**MOD** Real Weather Clock Widget and Weather UI | Dev: [motionless]
[Xposed] SecThemeChooser for Note 3 | Dev: xperiacle
[MOD][n900+ 9005] Touchwiz S5 (4x5 , 5x5 ,5x6 , 6 icon in dock) | Dev: ksr007
[MOD][HOW-TO] Imaged Battery for 4.4.2 KitKat NA6/NA7/NB3 | Dev: parkhyb
Screen mirror fix for leaked N900 lollipop (also work on kitkat) | Dev: dr.ketan
[MOD] SystemUi SecSettings 5.0 | Dev: Djimmy
[MOD] S-View Cover Backgrounds For Lollipop [ New Sharper Images ] | Dev: shafez
[MOD] TreDots: Overlay Menu on Note 3 [N9005] | Dev: PsychicJian
[MOD] floating message/air message | Dev: nambavuong
[Port]Note 4 keyboard for note 3 | Dev: thanhfhuongf
S5 Toolbox & N4 SideKey for N3 L | Dev: thereassaad
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Rooting/Bootloader Unlocking Tutorials/Thread Collection

Note 3 successfully rooted (unlocked bootloaders only) | Dev: yongyut

[HOWTO] Root + TWRP Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 (Canadian) models | Dev: AllGamer

[SM-N900*] CF-Auto-Root | Dev: Chainfire

Universal Root de la Vega v0.2 - Public Preview [KNOX 0x0 Root] | Dev: designgears

[VIDEO] How To Root with Root De La Vega WARRANTY SAFE | Dev: designgears


How to Root the Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9006 China Version - ONLY SM-N9006 Tutorial | Dev: michael1982t

[ROOT][N9005] Root XXUFNF4 or newer stock firmware (KNOX 0x0) | Dev: _alexndr

[APP]RegionLock Away[ROOT] | Dev: Chainfire

[SCRIPT/ZIP][N9005][4.4.2] Init.d Support without need of use Custom Kernel | Dev: _alexndr
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20th September 2013, 01:46 AM |#5  
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Keep up the good work
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20th September 2013, 04:57 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by sharl1987

Keep up the good work

This is by far my favorite go-to ROM!

Sent from El Grande Note 2
20th September 2013, 08:35 AM |#7  
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Are you going to keep ROMs/Kernels for N9000 and N9005 in one thread?
20th September 2013, 07:15 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by sharl1987

Keep up the good work

Thanks bro! Updating it tomorrow.

Originally Posted by NGP

Are you going to keep ROMs/Kernels for N9000 and N9005 in one thread?

Yes, eventually. When the development starts picking up!

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21st September 2013, 11:15 PM |#9  
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If I get the ATT Note 3, I will bring Asylum to it. (I'm the asylum creator)
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22nd September 2013, 02:36 AM |#10  
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would like to see a lite rom
23rd September 2013, 06:33 AM |#11  
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Hello to note iii rom

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