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[KERNEL][ALL ROMS][SEP 14] Glitch for Flo/Deb - r574

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By Tk-Glitch, Recognized Developer on 19th September 2013, 12:45 AM
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Announcement from Tk-Glitch: Glitch is now on Flo !
These kernels are provided as-is without warranty. I'm not responsible for any problem you may encounter with your phone or tablet or if your cat suddenly dies.
Although, don't expect support even if I will eventually help because I love cats.

Overview & features :

"With great power comes great responsibility". Don't go crazy with overclocking, only the best devices will be able to get 2.3 GHz stable or even bootable, though heat will be your main issue.

- Based on Google AOSP 3.4.0 and LineageOS's kernel sources for MSM devices

- CPU OC up to 2.3Ghz with OV/UV support / minimum frequency down to 81 MHz (configurable)
- L2/bus speed OC up to 1.49GHz / 4.8GBPS
- GPU OC up to 627 MHz with OV/UV support

- CPU governors : Faux's intellidemand, interactive, ondemand, smartmax, intelliactive, conservative, elementalx
- I/O schedulers: noop, deadline, cfq, fiops, sio, BFQ, zen

- Kernel based intelli-thermal driver by Faux123
- Kernel based msm hotplug driver by Fluxi

- tni.andro's battery life extender support
- Magnetic on/off setting
- USB fast charge support
- USB OTG charge hack support by flar2

- FauxSound support
- LineageOS's PCC color tweaking
- Fsync switch on/off
- Touchscreen patches by Showp1984
- Touchscreen wake/sleep gestures by flar2

- Kali Pwn Pad experimental support
- Optimized algorithms and libraries
- Various performance and power saving tweaks
- NTFS, NFS and exFAT support
- F2FS support up to all-F2FS with automatic ramdisk patching at flash time (reflash if you change partition format !)
- Kexec-hardboot support for Multirom compatibility

- Full package comes with Aroma installer to set core features at flash time (L2 OC level, CPU OC, etc.)
- Pure package will restore Aroma settings backup if present, or else will offer you a balanced preset for day to day usage

- Custom Synapse support with various settings and core features tweaks
- Compiled with Linaro 6.1.3 toolchain with various optimizations
- SELinux Permissive patch (Disabled by default, can be enabled in Aroma)

- Wifi firmware overrider to fix wifi on 4.4.3 & lower or on roms using old wifi firmware (up to r226 - Kitkat only)

You can tweak multiple options of this kernel with TricksterMod, FauxClock, Kernel Adiutor, Synapse(r500 and up, definitely recommended to get the most available options) or similar apps. (They are all available on the PlayStore)

Note to MultiROM users : don't use the kernel sharing feature. Flash the kernel on each rom instead. Also, it may take more time booting on secondary roms when using F2FS. Don't worry and wait for a bit
Downloads (all kernels are compatible with both flo and deb)
Grab your build from here :
Glitch kernel r574 download - For AOSP 6.0.1/7.x.x and LineageOS 14.1
Mirror + older builds : Mediafire

What are the differences between "Full" and "Pure" builds ?
The "Full" builds are using Aroma Installer so you can tweak various options at flash time. At the end of the process, a file containing your settings will be created (/sdcard/glitch-settings.conf). The "full" builds are also able to restore your settings from Aroma after a rom flash or wipe for example.
On the other hand, "Pure" builds aren't coming with Aroma and will try to restore your settings from your SDcard, or use a default profile if none is found. Both Full and Pure builds are coming with a custom Synapse support to let you tweak all the core options on the fly once booted.
If you flash a "Pure" build without a profile, the default preset will be applied. It's been tweaked for a good balance between performance, power consumption, stability and functionality for day to day usage. The default settings applied are as follow :
- 1.7GHz max CPU freq (from 1.5GHz stock) / 1GHz max CPU freq when the screen is off / "Balanced" L2 OC
- msm_hotplug driver in place of msm_mpdecision
- 450MHz max GPU freq (inline with other Snapdragon 600 devices - from 400MHz stock)
- Safe CPU and GPU undervolting for lower heat and power consumption
- Deadline I/O sched / Interactive CPU governor
- Doubletap to wake and fastcharge enabled (Doubletap to wake will slowly drain power during suspend, so disable it if not used)
- Everything else is kept stock

What do I have to do to use F2FS on one (or more) of my partitions ?
First, BACKUP your data if needed, especially if you're planning to use F2FS on DATA partition, as changing filesystem will wipe the partition. Change partition formats as needed in your recovery. It is NOT recommended to convert system partition as F2FS as it'll be slower than EXT4 to begin with (as the partition is mostly read only) and will alter compatibility with many roms (especially CM/LineageOS based). The last thing to do is to flash any Glitch kernel with a revision number past r150. You can restore your settings from SDcard if any, the install process will detect the partitions and modify the ramdisk accordingly so you can finally boot and use your fresh FS.

What L2/cache OC setting should I use ?
This setting will overclock bus speed and RAM so it's a bit delicate to tweak, yet it can give a nice "free" global performance boost. A simple test to check for stability is to run the camera app 3 or 4 times in a row while waiting for 10 seconds between each launch. If your device freezes, it's unstable ! It's also the only setting you can't change on the fly once booted, either from Synapse or sysfs, and requiring a reflash (using Aroma or changing the value in /sdcard/glitch-settings.conf).
Let me give you some details about the available settings so you can choose wisely :

Stock (1.13GHz-4.26GBps) is the regular, out of the box, non OC setting.
Improved (1.19GHz-4.26GBps) is the same as "ElementalX" setting in Flar2's kernel.
Balanced (1.22GHz-4.66GBps) is the same as "Ultra" setting in Flar2's kernel.
Fast (1.35GHz-4.66GBps) is a nice jump over "Balanced", yet stable for most devices. A kind of sweet spot.
Extreme (1.43GHz-4.80GBps) is were most users will start to get issues. Provides a great boost if stable.
Glitchy (1.49GHz-4.80GBps) pushes your hardware to the limits. Will be unstable for most devices.
Thanks to everyone helping me to debug and find new useful things to integrate !

Without all of you, this kernel wouldn't be !

XDA:DevDB Information
Glitch kernel for Flo, Kernel for the Nexus 7 (2013)

Tk-Glitch, Google, animania260, CyanogenMod, TeamDouche, flar2, Faux123, franciscofranco, Showp1984, Team-Hydra, sixstringsg, Poondog, ZeroInfinity, Fluxi, arter97, neobuddy89, alesaiko, 228aye, AndreiLux, amarullz ,followmsi, and all my community
Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: CPU OC/UV 2.3 GHz, GPU OC/UV 627MHz, FauxSound, S2W/S2S/DT2W, Bus speed OC

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2013-09-19
Last Updated 2017-09-13
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Git commits for nerdz & lolcats
Latest release's changelog with words for humans :

14/09/2017 - r574 :
- Synced with latest LineageOS 14.1;
- Updated toolchain to Linaro GCC 7.1.1-2017.08;
- Added touchscreen-calibration fix patch by parrotgeek1;

Previous changes below :

17/07/2017 - r572 :
- Synced with latest LineageOS 14.1;

11/07/2017 - r571 :
- Synced with latest LineageOS 14.1;

29/06/2017 - r570 :
- Synced with latest LineageOS 14.1;
- Updated toolchain to Linaro GCC 7.1.1-2017.05.

03/06/2017 - r566 :
- Synced with latest LineageOS 14.1;
- Changed the behaviour of the permissive/not permissive switch to either force permissive or keep rom default (instead of forcing enforcing before) to prevent issues with some implementations;
- Added a service that restarts GMS (Google Mobile Services) post boot to fix memory leak/battery drain linked to them - Curently working in permissive mode only (like init.d and some advanced Synapse settings);
- Updated toolchain to Linaro GCC 6.3.1-2017.05.

07/05/2017 - r565 :
- Synced with latest LineageOS 14.1;
- Added a simple check for the MPDecision service starting mechanism used by your rom : If it's using the same trigger as LineageOS (init.flo.power.rc), you'll be able to enable/disable the service at will after boot. If it's using a different trigger, the binary will be nuked the old way (renamed to mpdecision_bck) if you're using the in-kernel msm_hotplug driver (effectively preventing you to play with it after boot). It's not a solution that pleases me, but it will fix cases of both hotplug drivers loaded at the same time on non-LOS-based roms, and that's all that counts for now.

14/04/2017 - r564 :
- Synced with latest LineageOS 14.1;
- Corrected HZ reference in touchscreen driver.

30/03/2017 - r563 :
- Fix potential touchscreen inconsistencies on some panel revisions
- Fix gesture switch (S2S/S2W/timeout)

27/03/2017 - r561 :
- Synced with latest LineageOS 14.1;
- Backported high-resolution support for sched-clock;
- Fixed CPU detection on subsystem_restart;
- Make rpm clocks sleeping clocks;
- Pushed updates from franco kernel regarding GPU, CPU freq and video;
- Added Zen I/O scheduler (pretty nice sched to say the least);
- Enabled I/O is busy flag for msm_hotplug driver by default (boosts CPU freq during heavy I/O load -> big smoothness gains in many apps and games);
- Added compiler fixes and optimizations from alesaiko (breakfast kernel);
- Moved to latest Linaro GCC 6.3.1 compiler (as the changes above fixed high power consumption issues on GCC5+);
- Consolidated Synapse support. The path of the generated config file is now /data/synapse instead of ramdisk to keep it safe during rom upgrades and reboots. If you get a "No UCI support" message on first Synapse launch, just kill the app and relaunch it. It'll not happen again after that unless you wipe data or I'm forcing a regen in a future update.
- Fixed init.d injection not using the correct path for busybox since a few releases and updated the execution process to N standards;
- Changed the way we get rid of mpdecision to prevent the service from starting in the init process instead of renaming the binary. This enables the possibility to enable or disable mpdecision on the fly after boot, even if using msm_hotplug as default hotplug driver.
- Fixed missing options in Synapse;
- Added various smaller performance patches and optimizations as well as a few more variables to play with for nerdz and lolcats (see github commits);
- Tweaked debugging config;

12/03/2017 - r544 :
- Sync with latest LineageOS 14.1
- Disabled backlight dimmer by default - Added a note to Aroma installer about potential issues with some panel revisions

23/12/2016 - r543 :
- Sync with latest CM14.1

18/12/2016 - r542 :
- Enable RPFILTER (CM14.1 tethering fix)

05/12/2016 - r541 :
- SElinux switch now works on boot without needing root access. As a result, also removed related post-boot script hooks
- Added prebuilt config file for Synapse for faster launch and fix possible error on first launch (clear Synapse data if you get issues)

04/12/2016 - r540 :
Due to some of the changes in this build, restoring settings from sdcard backup (by flashing Pure Edition or restoring through Aroma) may lead to different settings being applied depending on what you set before. It is strongly suggested to use the Full installation at least once to update your settings or delete glitch-settings.conf on the root of your sdcard before flash to use the default preset.
- Post CM14.1 merge cleanup pass. It was definitely needed ! Including, but not limited to :
- Removed Lazyplug and Intelliplug hotplug drivers (due to conflicts leading to performance issues)
- Removed Dynamic Fsync / Added switch to disable Fsync (after corrupting ~15 installations with DynFsync, I don't feel like it's worth the slight I/O perf boost)
- Replaced Showp1984's DT2W by flar2's S2W/S2S/DT2W (the touchscreen issues I faced with it aren't reproducible anymore)
- Removed LZ4 and use XZ compression instead
- Removed WQ_POWER_EFFICIENT (couldn't see a measurable gain with it enabled)
- Removed ROW ioshed
- Rollback'd to older Intellidemand governor
- Reworked settings application and restoration system to work with CM14.1/without SuperSU and load it early during boot by init hooking (CM14.1 PCC livedisplay related race condition "fix" included). Note : MultiROM users, you may want to disable MultiROM menu if you have it enabled to further reduce the chances to trigger the issue (completely fixed it on my side). Feel free to report your findings on the matter.
- Added flar2's ElementalX governor
- Updated default profile (the one you get while flashing Pure package or using restoration option in Aroma without sdcard backup)
- Updated thermal profiles
- Updated available options in Aroma
- Updated busybox to 1.25.1 YDS and moved from /sbin to the more convenient and standard /system/xbin
- Updated Selinux switches to work with more roms (now working on CM14.1)
- Moved Synapse files from /data/synapse to /res/synapse in ramdisk
- Updated Synapse presets
- Updated Synapse settings (Aroma installer will give more gestures-related options though, at least for now)

29/11/2016 - r534 :
This kernel will only work with AOSP 7.x and latest CyanogenMod 14.1 based roms. If you get incorrect colors and slow UI, rollback to r533 CM.
- Rebased using CM14.1 tree
- Updated color controls to mimic CM's PCC implementation (Thanks @flar2)

07/11/2016 - r533 :
- Added SDCardFS support
- Fix for CVE-2016-3903
- Fix for CVE-2016-3934
- Fix for CVE-2016-7117
- Added LazyPlug switch and settings to Synapse (hotplug tab)
- Added DT2W switch to Synapse (misc tab)
- Fix GPU voltage range formatting in Synapse
- Fixes regarding power efficiency
- Contextual fixes and speedups
- Now building CM variant of the Nougat kernel too. AICP is the first N rom on this device to require a CM compatible kernel.

14/09/2016 - r530 :
- Modified rom injection/flash time mods logic to be more robust and universal. Fixes inconsistent boot or even bootlooping on hybrid F2FS roms like CyanogenMod or PureNexus THIS CHANGE MAY FORCE YOU TO REFLASH YOUR ROM TO BE ABLE TO BOOT (even on a non-hybrid rom - no wipe required)
- Fixed settings not applying after setting them through Aroma/glitch-settings.conf
- Security patch to avoid invalid access to ashmem area
- Security patch for vulnerability CVE-2016-2059
- Removed deprecated binary injection code
- Default thermal presets calibrated for better efficiency and performance (they were too aggressive in r520)
- Little naming change for the builds. Full is still "Full", but "Restore" is now "Pure". Pure edition is now fully standalone and doesn't require a previously generated profile from Full edition (but will gladly restore it as before if found during install). It can be fully tweaked through config file and/or Synapse like Full edition.
- Nougat build "Full edition" now has a Nougat themed splash screen for Aroma
- Synapse presets are now working. Make sure to press apply when Synapse comes back if you want to keep it ! (Make sure to clear Synapse data after first boot to force a regeneration !)
- Small things you won't notice

24/08/2016 - r520 :
- Rebase from latest AOSP sources
- Synapse support with many more features and personnalization available than ever before ! Aroma settings are a joke compared to what you'll have in Synapse. Don't flash UKM on top by the way, and make sure to clear Synapse data if you've flashed one of the previews. Even more to come soon.
- Updated Neobuddy89's msm_limiter driver to latest from Nexus 6
- Updated Neobuddy89's state_notifier driver to latest from Nexus 6
- Moved to Faux123's Intelli-thermal driver
- Added some memutils optimizations and more for performance
- Updated Xbox One gamepad driver
- Removed loads of dead code and buggy merges
- Switched to Linaro 4.9.4 toolchain - After weeks of testing, my tab runs cooler, stabler, and longer than with 5.x for an invisible performance difference. Worth it !

10/08/2016 - Preview r516 is available here. More options available in Synapse which is now also enabled with the "full" build, merged android-6.0.1_r0.105, and various other tweaks for speed and power savings. Full changelog here.

04/08/2016 - A preview (r513) is available here. Synapse part still needs some work. Notably, some hotplug drivers options are missing and you can't apply presets. The kernel itself should be stable enough for day to day usage.

12/07/2016 - r499 :
- Fix for glitch settings not applying if the rom doesn't use the init.trace.rc file (Dirty Unicorns is one of them)
- Sync fstab with latest cm13 (may fix usb otg on cm13 based roms in some specific configurations)

11/07/2016 - r478 r498 :
- Synced source up to android-6.0.1_r0.98 changes (latest)
- Getting ready for rebase and Synapse-compatible release
- Removed deprecated libs from r478 installer (fixes setperm errors on some custom/recent roms)
- Fixed CM compatibility

10/12/2015 - r412 :
- Merged with android-6.0.1_r0.1 changes
- PowerHAL patch to fully disable touchboost calls when Qualcomm MPdecision isn't used. This gets rid of the touchboost log spam and (small) overhead.
- Updated F2FS
- Installer scripts fixes and cleanups
- Added back CM build - untested

02/12/2015 - r410 :
- Updated base to linux 3.4.110
- Merged with android-6.0.0_r0.1 changes
- Added Neobuddy89's MSM Limiter driver, enabling max/min/suspend frequencies tweaking on the fly. No more need to reflash for that (/sys/kernel/msm_limiter/ for who's interested). Also added his state notifier driver for further tweaking.
- Removed MSM Sleeper as it's covered by MSM Limiter already
- Changed how settings are applied (moved from init.d script to service) to prevent permission denied issues (Thx Flar2). Due to changes to the way your settings are handled, it's recommended to make a full installation. Settings aren't retrocompatible with previous Glitch kernels !
- Performance and stability improvements by removing coresight from Adreno drivers and better CPU management/scaling through MSM Limiter
- Aroma slight changes to reflect internal changes (note : CPU uV is now applied for both 384MHz step and lower ones)

15/09/2015 - r361 :
- Fixed no mobile network issue on DEB
- Disabled unnecessary debugging

13/09/2015 - r360 :
- Merged with android-5.1.1_r0.17 changes
- Added Lazyplug hotplug driver by Arter97 (you may need to make a full installation if you want to switch to this driver)
- Updated F2FS
- Updated BFQ to v7r8
- Added experimental Nvidia relaxed power savings
- More fixes and various optimizations regarding performance and efficiency

09/09/2015 - r353 :
Note : CM related issues some are encountering aren't adressed with this update. CM team is breaking more and more stuff while using AOSP bases for the kernel and I won't make a CAF based version again. The updated toolchain and added fixes in this release may or may not help, but I won't provide support for CM related issues anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Fixed SELinux switches (You'll need to use the restore function in full package or just the restore package to switch between permissive and enforcing modes. Enabling it in glitch-settings.conf isn't enough for it to work.)
- Disabled Android Logger by default for less overhead
- Updated toolchain to Linaro GCC 5.2.0 with LTO support
- Tiny fixes

02/07/2015 - r350 :
- Merged with android-5.1.1_r0.13 changes
- Fixed missing governors from previous release
- Added native support for Xbox One controller from Linux 3.17
- Fixed a potential instability case in idle state
- Updated base to linux 3.4.108
- Under the hood fixes
- CM and AOSP kernels are now sharing the exact same base for better stability and maintenance

08/05/2015 - Hotfix - r344 :
- Rolled back various GPU driver patches to fix some Chrome scrolling lockups and possible RR linked to the underlying bug linked to them
- Send enforcing=0 to kernel command line if you're using the permissive ramdisk mode (may fix boot on some non-standard roms - AICP still not booting for me though.. If you know why I'm all ears)
- Modify fstab.flo file in ramdisk even when using CM kernel (enables some non-standard CAF based roms with no "multi-mount fstab" support to boot - it mustn't exist, but better safe than sorry)

08/05/2015 - r343 :
- Merged with android-5.1.1_r0.10 changes
- Removed UKSM
- Disabled KSM
- Removed transparent compression support
- Replaced Flar2's S2W/DT2W by showp1984's DT2W
- Various F2FS changes from arter97 and Jaegeuk Kim
- Various backported drivers from arter97
- Updated Intelli-Plug
- Cleaned up base and bumped back to latest 3.4.y (3.4.107 atm)
- Enabled back kernel mode NEON
- Removed PIE bypass patch from Aroma
- Added Motorola's Qualcomm optimized memutils
- Added BFQ v7r7 ioshed
- Updated Intelliactive governor
- Fstab patching changes to fix boot on some non-standard roms
- Updated Random
- Updated toolchain to Linaro GCC 5.1.0 with LTO support
- Added LTO optimizations

19/04/2015 - r330 :
After breaking my partitions while attempting to improve F2FS mounting time, I was forced to format everything. After my backup restoration and system reinstallation, r327 F2FS implementation is now booting faster than EXT4 on my tab (with mounting times of ~5sec versus 30+ before). So I've then decided to revert the planned F2FS changes for r330 (which made it 1sec faster before formatting, but much slower after) as it didn't make sense. If F2FS mounting time is bothering you, fully formatting your partitions and restoring your data will give you a nice performance reward in return.
- Added flush_merge to F2FS mount options for faster flushing
- Added "transparent compression" support (CM sync)
- Added back optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
- Enabled back unaligned memory access
- Switched to SIO ioshed (from ROW) at boot time as well as others small tweaks for possible further boot time improvements and smaller file size

16/04/2015 - r327 :
- Merged with android-5.1.0_r0.10 changes
- Updated F2FS implementation using Motorola's sources
- Cleaned up permissive ramdisk patches (fixed related SODs with it enabled)
- Introducing "restore" builds. You can now update your Glitch setup without Aroma using these builds. Your settings will be restored from the SDcard backup made by a previous Glitch installation, so if you don't have a "glitch-settings.conf" file in the root of your SDcard, please use a full build first to generate it ! The "full" builds are using Aroma as before.
- Updated toolchain to Cortex A15 optimized Linaro GCC 4.9.3-2015.03

07/03/2015 - r320 :
- Updated F2FS implementation and bumped to latest
- Various scheduler optimizations - Better hardware use means potentially lower max OC !
- Improved boot times (At least with EXT4. F2FS mounting time feels a bit longer with the updated F2FS implementation)
- Reverted Slimbus OC as some users got issues with it
- Removed some ramdisk mods interfering with permissions
- F2FS/EXT4 detection script rewrite to preserve rom's fstab structure
- Added another permissive switch to disable SELinux enforcing (it will be enabled if you tick the permissive patch in aroma)
- Removed wifi patch from Aroma as it's now useless with lollipop
- Added some security patches from CM source
- CM kernel rebased on Glitch AOSP (again) - Looks good after a few days of intensive use
- A few little glitchy tweaks
- Updated toolchain to Cortex A15 optimized Linaro GCC 4.9.3-2015.02

16/01/2015 - r307 :
- Disable wake gestures by default
- Fix for a little color tweaking bug
- Updated CAF variant for CM12 support & sync with Glitch AOSP r307
Note : r307-CM is NOT compatible with CM11. It must be used with CM12 only.

12/12/2014 - r306 :
- Added vmalloc setting to command line to fix some video playback issues. Thanks to @szale9001 for pointing this out !

16/11/2014 - r303 :
- Added Chainfire's partial root ramdisk patch by default
- Added cernekee's PIE patch to Aroma (allows third party native executables to run, lowering security. Fixes various apps)
- Added SELinux permissive + sepolicy ramdisk patch to Aroma (enables full root access but lowers security. Fixes various apps)

15/11/2014 - r300 :
- Updated AOSP kernel with lollipop-release - BREAKS COMPATIBILITY WITH 4.4.x due to GPU driver changes !
- Removed interactive GPU governor
- Merged GPU patches from codeaurora & franciscofranco for better responsiveness and battery life
- Cleanups

26/09/2014 - r226-disabledAVS :
- r226 variant with disabled AVS for users with recurrent instability issues. Higher power consumption than standard build when used without uV.
Follow up to this post :

22/09/2014 - r226 :
- Added experimental support for Kali Pwn Pad (as it was requested by some - Thanks for the list Flar2 )
- Disabled compaction (a little higher RAM consumption for higher performances - Doesn't seem to affect multi-tasking in a negative way)
- Disabled MSM hardware adaptive voltage scaling (should fix the last remnants of SoDs/RR happening for some even on other kernels - May lead to higher power consumption) I will make a test build with it disabled for who wants to try in the next days
- Updated Faux Sound to 3.6
- Enabled more TCP congestion-avoidance algorithms
- Enabled NFS support
- Moved exfat to built-in instead of module
- Added black magic

17/09/2014 - r223 :
- Better hotplug driver settings in 99glitchsetup script / Fix Qualcomm MPDEC activation
- Lowered "Glitchy" L2/bus settings to make it usable by more users
- Enabled various compiler optimizations (like some GCC graphite optimizations)
- Updated toolchain to Cortex-A15 optimized Linaro 4.9.2 2014.09
- Echo touch firmware version to logfile (/data/local/tmp/glitch-kernel.log)

10/09/2014 - r220 :
AOSP kernel only (CAF kernel will follow as soon as possible) :
- Rebase using latest Google source (fixing various bugs like SoD, random shutdown, slowdowns etc.) and staying on 3.4.0 base for now to prevent issues til I'm able to fix them all with latest Linux upstream
- Aroma Installer rework for less pages on fresh installation mode, similar to Flar2's presentation
- Added new options to Aroma installer
- Updated Flar2's S2W/DT2W system, enabling gesture support
- Replaced Showp1984's MPDecision by Fluxi's MSM Hotplug driver - new default
- Updated Faux123's Intelliplug hotplug driver as well as intellidemand & Intelliactive governors
- Updated/fixed Smartmax and Smartmax EPS (extreme power saving) governors
- Updated FauxSound
- Updated Flar2's msm_sleeper
- Added a backlight dimmer function
- Cleaned up/removed a vast amount of old patches
- Added release number to internal kernel naming so you know what version you're on
- Added a wlan firmware override setting in Aroma. This is basically the same as using 4.4.4 PRIMAtor to enable 4.4.3 or lower support or to fix wifi on a few roms that are using older wifi blobs
- Slight tweaking here and there
- Removed kernel-based NEON support - Needs more testing
- Switched to LZ4 kernel compression - Higher kernel size but faster boot times
- Updated toolchain to Cortex-A15 optimized Linaro 4.9.2 2014.08

05/07/2014 - r151 :
AOSP kernel only :
- Base update from Linux 3.4.86 to 3.4.96
- Removed some unnecessary Aroma pages for faster navigation
- Removed Qualcomm-Optimized Dalvik/Bionic from Aroma to prevent users from softbricks when used on incompatible ROM
- Added F2FS support
- Added F2FS partition detection script to modify ramdisk accordingly at flash time. You will need to launch Aroma installer each time you change FS on supported partitions (DATA, CACHE & SYSTEM) to refresh the ramdisk configuration (you can restore your glitch settings to do that btw, no need to clean install). You can use all of them as F2FS, or just one, you decide.
- Enabled Intelliactive governor
- Added CTCaer's patch to restore forced TS firmware update sysfs

05/06/2014 - r147 :
AOSP kernel only :
- Merged with 4.4.3
- Base update from Linux 3.4.82 to 3.4.86
- Switch to Cortex-A15 optimized Linaro 4.9.1 toolchain

25/02/2014 - r142 :
- Base update from Linux 3.4.79 to 3.4.82
- Added 81 MHz CPU frequency
- Updated ondemand governor
- Switch to Cortex-A15 optimized Linaro 4.8.3 toolchain
- Disable input-boost by default in Aroma

07/02/2014 - r140 :
- Update to Linux 3.4.79
- Switch to XZ compression
- Add kernel mode NEON support as well as NEON accelerated AES & XOR implementations
- Fix CPU load miscalculation
- jbd2 and ext4 optimizations
- Add max screen off frequency support - Thanks to Flar2 (if disabled in Aroma, changing frequency in apps won't have any effect)
- Add UKSM support
- Add dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
- Enable Wiimote HID support
- Enable USB printer support
- Bugfixes
Aroma installer overhaul :
- Reworked installation process to be clearer and more customizable
- Added an automatic backup of your settings to the root of your internal SDcard
- Added a restoration mode to get your settings from internal SDcard backup back on any rom (cross-compatible with Glitch kernel variants)
- Renamed /system/etc/settings.conf to glitch-settings.conf to make it more obviously glitchy
- Removed the need to set CPU OC, L2/cache OC and auto-uV again when keeping previous settings (now reading it from your settings at flash time. Note : editing this part in /system/etc/glitch-settings.conf requires a reflash using the "already glitched" option)
- Added Qualcomm optimized Dalvik/Bionic libraries into the installer (bionic only on CM variant) so you can install/restore them with the kernel
- Added I/O scheduler, CPU governor, read-ahead buffer size, fast charge, max screen off frequency and maximum multi-core power savings to available settings
- Fixed how the min CPU clock is applied to make it more robust and work better with governors
- Fixed how the min CPU freq uV is applied to make it work independently of the min freq (by subtracting the uV amount to the original voltage instead of forcing plain values) - Also, make it capable of setting uV for all freqs for future use.
- Changed the auto-uV menu to reflect the internal changes
- Fixed some permissions issues
- Added hotplug driver check so it's possible to restore it as well from settings without interference
- Change theme

25/01/2014 - r132 :
Performance and stability improvements :
- Enhanced memory management
- Lower CPU overhead
- Improved I/O speed in many cases
- Improved ondemand governor behavior
- Fix a memory leak
- Fix some msm_bus bugs
- Fix a false error report in Aroma log
CM kernel only :
- Fixed the "black caterpillar" bug
- Improved GPU performance consistency

23/01/2014 - r130 :
- Faux123's LCD color control driver updated to Flo version (thanks to him to make it opensource), adding gamma control. (You'll need FauxClock to tweak it - color is still available from TricksterMod)
- Some GPU driver related bugfixes
- Implemented LoUIS API for cache maintenance operations
- Update base to Linux 3.4.77
- Revert some CAF updates (fixes some L2 corruption that could lead to random reboots / black screens)
- Battery life improvements
- Some cleaning
CM kernel only :
- Fixed color control
- Fixed random heavy GPU performance drop
- Changed memory allocation to be in line with CM
- Changed naming in Aroma to differentiate from "pure" AOSP

Older changelogs are available here
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19th September 2013, 02:34 AM |#3  
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Looks like a nice kernel that will really show what this device can do

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19th September 2013, 02:51 AM |#4  
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That's what I'm trying to make. And I *think* (may be wrong though) I'm the only one yet using a fully working GPU OC implementation on flo kernel. It's an adaptation of Galaxy S IV's (i9505) GPU OC code from Team Hydra.
It seems 627 MHz is around the max possible with stock voltage, probably even 600 MHz for many. I'll see what it can do with a bit more juice.

Other things to do : add more frequency steps for the CPU, lock the default freq, and make the L2/bus speed configurable.

After that I think we'll be able to push the thing to the limits if we want to.
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19th September 2013, 05:00 AM |#5  
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Thanks for your hard work I'm going to try it on pacman ROM I'll let you know how it goes

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19th September 2013, 05:16 AM |#6  
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Thank you, I'm curious to know what results you'll get
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19th September 2013, 05:24 AM |#7  
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Awesome so far .WOW

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I wanna show u my settings, I use trickster, so sound and faux kernel app to get the results I need was going to show you pictures but all the sudden XDA premium has no picture button I'm a little lost their. Touch responses phenomenal and just like faux kernel the sound is this did really well I can finally listened stock sound sucks on this product even know what has supposedly way better speakers, thanks to people like you I can actually hear the videos I watch without headphones now. Thank you very much I've been using it for about 5 minutes swimming around on everything and everything smooth as hell

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---------- Post added at 12:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:20 AM ----------

Add me on gtalk. [email protected]

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---------- Post added at 12:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:21 AM ----------

I'm kinda pissed,paid XDA apk all of a sudden has no way to show pictures. Argggg

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19th September 2013, 05:28 AM |#8  
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The problem exists on the free app as well ^^
Try scrolling up and down away from the images and back on them, it'll eventually show up at some point.
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19th September 2013, 06:35 AM |#9  
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Thanks for your work. I'll give this kernel a try.

Coming from N4 motley kernel I'll love to use init.d scripts to set up color "calibration", sleep states, etc. What do you think about implementing / documenting such features for your kernel?

Otherwise, let me see if I need something. Hm, what about USB OTG and ntfs/f2fs support?
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19th September 2013, 06:45 AM |#10  
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USB OTG is working out of the box. NTFS/F2FS support isn't. I'll look into adding them =)

Your idea is nice, I'll think about it.

Thanks =)
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19th September 2013, 07:21 AM |#11  
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Do you plan on adding Faux's color mod? I will give this kernel a shot and report back.
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