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[ROM][4.4.2_r2][KVT49L][AOSP][VZW] Octo_Kat

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By Dubbsy, Senior Member on 2nd October 2013, 07:06 PM
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Announcement from Dubbsy: Team-OctOS release for Verizon Galaxy S 4 variants

REAL AOSP+OctSettings=OctOS


Disclaimer: OctOS is a WIP. It has been evaluated as being stable, and is suitable for daily use in most cases. While it may be considered stable, there may be unknown bugs. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.

Rules for inquiring a subject matter concerning this project are:
1. Read the OP fully.
2. For bug reports, we need a log to assess the issue. Capture a log while replicating the issue.
3. Do not ask ETA's on updates; you will be ignored.
4. Use the "search this thread" feature to make sure your question wasn't already answered by using key words.
5. Only ask a question about this project. Any questions about another ROM or project will be disregarded.
6. You don't like our OctOS symbol. Too bad.
7. You want 100% untouched/unmodified AOSP. This isn't the ROM for you. But may I suggest you look to @broodplank1337
8. Team OctOs/Octo-Kat is open source. You can always build it yourself.

AOSP Android 4.4.2 KOT49H

OctSettings - These features are included and can be enabled at the user's preference. They are hidden within About phone>Build date to keep true to AOSP style.
  • White/Black kitkat look
  • Tapping the Build Date will bring up hidden settings that are not AOSP
  • Google Dialer features
  • Option to use OmniSwitch as default app switcher
  • Battery Icon style
  • Clock & Date customization
  • Double tapp to sleep
  • Screen Recorder w/ sound
  • Clear all button
  • Circle memory bar
  • Led customization
  • Smooth progressbar
  • Navigation Bar (On-Screen Buttons)
  • Notification LED control
  • ChaOS's Active Display
  • Application Side-Bar
  • Status Bar modifications
  • Battery Bar
  • Quick-Tiles
  • Notification drawer ribbon
  • T-Mobile theme engine support
  • Power Menu Options
  • Apps Ops preserved
  • OctPapers
  • OctOTA
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • SuperSU is baked in now
  • Quiet Hours
  • Carrier Name choice
  • StatusBar Font choice
  • Clear All button and Memory Indicator options
  • And if you tap the Kernel version like a mad man you'll get our CandyPuss

Most recent builds will always be on our website.
Uploaded to XDA's DevDB
-Do Not Mirror our files without talking to us. We can do that ourselves should we desire to.-

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why isn't there XXXXXXX feature.
A: Shoot us a Suggestion if you want to see something added. While we are not going to promise to implement, we will always look into it

Q: But CM and all the others have..
A: ROM developers, including CM, build something they want to use. The ROM dev that includes something they won't run implies less than 100% effort to ensure it does work. As a team, we have similar goals and objectives. If XYZ ROM has a feature you want, and we don't (or don't want), feel free to use XYZ ROM, or build your own custom version of Octo-Kat.
A2: CM is not AOSP and neither are any of the CM-Based ROMS. You may not realize the differences but trust us the differences are real and don't make adding every option as easy as if we were based off of CM like every other "AOSP" rom available. Take this as a stab at those who claim to pull AOSP source but really just pull CM because it's easier. Sure we use CM, but it's because AOSP doesn't and probably never will support the s4 or any devices we make this ROM for.

ADB Logcat tutorial here: How to create a logcat log


Let us know if you run into bugs. Get Syslog from the Android Market, if you don't already have it. No logs and we can only try to recreate the event off of vague descriptions. Please also include what you were doing when it FCed or failed. Logs can be emailed to: [email protected]

  • Carrier-Option Menu choice FC
  • Bluetooth when connected to Automotive Headunits
    - This is a known Android Issue and has been reported to Google here and here

Basic Instructions:
  1. Download ROM .zip file
  2. Download KitKat GApps - * See Note Below! *
  3. Download latest SuperSU flashable Su is baked in now.
  4. Reboot to Recovery (Note: Use Three-Finger or adb reboot recovery - ROM Manager or similar software is NOT supported)
    --- TWRP is the ONLY recovery Team OctOs uses - We do not support/diagnose flashing on CWM ---
  5. Flash ROM, GApps, SuperSU .zip files
  6. Clear Dalvik/Cache
  7. Reboot

A Note about the Team OctOs GApps
We in Team OctOs believe in choices. We believe in leaving the fundamental decisions about your phone to you.

In that spirit, Team OctOs gives you options for your GApps experiences. While kitkat GApps package should work, we offer you the choice of using some of the same GApps packages that we use ourselves, and leave the choice up to you.

You can find our Team OctOs GApps packages here, and break down into the following types:
  • GPe - Google Experience
    • Regular GPe GApps
    • Dalvik-Enhanced GPe GApps
  • AOSP
    • AOSP GApps
    • Dalvik-Enhanced AOSP GApps

The Dalvik-Enhanced packages are NOT ART compatible. If you plan to run ART, don't use those.


Special thanks to

  • @broodplank1337 for the great aosp source to start
  • @buckmarble for helping on a lot of random issues. :good:
  • @JBirdVegas for giving a hand with error logs

    We would also like to thank
  • CyanogenMod for their device specific files and drivers
  • ChameleonOS
  • SlimROM
  • OmniROM
  • Anyone else who has ever submitted Open-Source code

We will only update the DevDB with Stable Releases, whenever possible. This means that the DevDB may be behind non-milestone releases. If you have an issue with compulsive flashing, or feel the need to live 'life on the edge of brick', we invite you to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter. Any dailies that can be released, we will release there. Please note, we pull these releases after a day or two, so if the latest link posted there is empty, simply wait until the next one.


Change Log:

  • Statusbar font, Carrier label, some FC issues addressed, lots of syncs with Google -2/26/14
  • Google Dialer features-2/12/14
  • Fix Google backup and restore-2/8/14
  • Fixed proximity sensor for Active Display-2/8/14
  • Battery theming via theme choose-2/7/14
  • OmniSwitch settings in OctOs Tentacles-2/6/14
  • Added missing functions in Active display-2/6/14
  • About Us in OctOs Tentacles-2/6/14
  • OctOs Easter Egg-2/6/14
  • Smooth progress bar-2/3/14
  • Applications: OmniSwitch by Omni Developer maxwen-2/3/14
  • Double tap to sleep in status bar-2/2/14
  • Add Music tile-1/30/14
  • Fix Quick Settings in OctOs Tentacles-1/30/14
  • Move to custom-built Linaro 4.7 Toolchain and Optimizations (-O3) for both ROM and Kernel-1/28/14
  • Screen Recording (Video)-1/28/14
  • Kernel has now been moved to its’ own project-1/22/14
  • OctSettings has been replaced by OctOs Tentacles-1/22/14
  • New Wallpapers-1/22/14
  • IR-Blaster Support – WatchOn 6.1.2+-1/22/14
  • Applications: Hallmonitor by Alexander L. Burka
    This application mimics the S-View™ case functionality in a non-TouchWiz Environment-1/22/14
  • Kernel: GPU OC to 533mhz-1/13/14
  • Kernel: CPU Auto HotPlugging-1/13/14
  • Kernel: Update Linux kernel to 3.4.76-1/13/14
  • Finalized OTA update system-1/11/14
  • Fixed HDR Camera and Flash Issues – Note: HDR is only available on AOSP GApps packages-1/10/14
  • Mic on VoIP Fixes (Skype, Hangouts, etc)-1/8/14
  • Added ota app-1/4/14
  • Added app sidebar-12/27/13 ** Removed for now due to bugginess
  • Added active display-12/27/13
  • Added lockscreen ring battery setting-12/27/13
  • Added circular memory indicator-12/25/13
  • Added clear all button option-12/25/13
  • Added navbar customization-12/24/13
  • Added battery bar-12/24/13
  • Added option to remove tile labels making tiles smaller-12/24/13
  • Added build date in device info screen-12/23/13
  • Added theme manager-12/23/13
  • Added battery customization-12/23/13
  • Added quick settings and notification drawer customization-12/23/13
  • Added LED customization-12/20/13
  • Added power menu configuration-12/19/13
  • Added statusbar clock and date customization-12/19/13
  • Added navbar and navbar custom height-12/19/13
  • Added Oct Settings to hidden menu-12/16/13

- Follow Team OctOs on Facebook

While we are certainly not requiring donations or money. But donations of money or devices will certainly speed along development. We plan to purchase and build 3 identical servers to be able to handle the work load of building our ROMs. Hosting, Electricity, and Parts alone are out of pocket at this point. But we love what we do. So, if you feel led to send us a device(even old ones you've moved on from, or new ones) or small donations towards our server project we'd be extremely appreciative. Contact @Dubbsy for device donations. He will make sure they get to each team member as needed. Thanks to all the users who make it feel like we are doing something that people enjoy!

XDA:DevDB Information
OctOS-Galaxy S 4 variants, ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4

Dubbsy, treken, Grommish, Grommish, agat63, cjkacz, buckmarble, winner00, wizard0f0s
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Galaxy S 4 rooted with Non-SS recovery
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Beta
Beta Release Date: 2014-01-17

Created 2013-10-02
Last Updated 2014-05-21
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2nd October 2013, 07:06 PM |#2  
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About OctOS:

Treken (Co-Founder) – Coding, Scripting, Github, Troubleshooting
Dubbsy (Co-Founder) - Coding, Scripting, Github, Troubleshooting
HLXanthus - Graphic Design, Aroma Packaging
CJKacz – Lead Tester / Tester Oversight
Grommish - Server, Tools, Social Media
Agat63 – Custom Kernel
Cruiserdude – Testing and Networking
Red3razor – Graphic Design and Themes
SimonTuffGuy – Website and Hosting

Official Website

Originally Posted by treken

Our team was assembled as a result of some developers that would not donate their invaluable knowledge when called upon for help. Both Dubbsy and I(treken) decided to join forces and create our team so that we could work together and surpass any challenge that we were presented with in the whole scheme of development. We've added people as we saw fit who all have the same attitude and mindset that we have.

The name was derived from the Latin word "octo" or Greek word "okto" meaning "eight/8". Eight is numerically symbolic for new beginning, and so we wanted to start a new team with a new attitude towards development. We feel that by producing a stable ROM that the user will be able to rely on OctOS for their daily.

Our mission statement is simple. REAL AOSP base. Google Play Edition Layout if so desired by using the GPE GApps. AOSP GApps also available for the purists. With the settings you all know and love hidden away in our own setup called OctSettings under Development Settings hidden to keep the look of AOSP. We call this REAL AOSP+GPE+OctSettings=OctOS

Enjoy Friends!
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2nd October 2013, 07:06 PM |#3  
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Aroma has been put on hold until we get the ROM exactly how we want it and start getting it ported to all the other devices.
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2nd October 2013, 07:09 PM |#4  
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The aroma interface is my major part here. If you have aroma specific questions direct them at me like this


@hlxanthus I have [insert issue here] and here is how to duplicate, and here is the aroma log and/or recovery.log

Thanks all and enjoy!!
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2nd October 2013, 07:10 PM |#5  
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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at the following address:

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2nd October 2013, 07:20 PM |#6  
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2nd October 2013, 07:31 PM |#7  
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2nd October 2013, 07:43 PM |#8  
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2nd October 2013, 07:51 PM |#9  
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Been waiting for this, can't wait to try it out. Thanks, team OctOS!

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2nd October 2013, 07:55 PM |#10  
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Glad to see this

Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 4

---------- Post added at 11:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:54 AM ----------

And for sprint users, we download the same zip. As its multi carrier ?

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2nd October 2013, 08:00 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by daniel4653

Glad to see this

Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 4

---------- Post added at 11:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:54 AM ----------

And for sprint users, we download the same zip. As its multi carrier ?

Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 4

Yep, all carriers will be built in one zip. Sprint and Verizon are the only ones fully setup right now. @Grommish & @agat63 are on Sprint. The rest of us are Verizon users.

And a version of this has been on all our phones for awhile. It's stable for us.
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