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Hello All,

I will try to maintain this thread with Feature requests from users.

This is a big as list right here peeps and XpLoDWilD has been taking time to read all the requests and answer them in the document on google docs linked below. Please go through that document before requesting to see if it has already been answered.

Originally Posted by XpLoDWilD

There, 'official' answers, open for discussion of course:

Added after XpLoDWilD answers above:-
  • T9 dialer
  • Sim Toolkit
  • Maybe multi window could have an option in the settings menu so we could have the top and bottom app like usual, but be able to have one app extra behind the top and bottom apps and be able to swipe to flip back and forth between apps, thus having 4 apps available on multiwindow?
  • Music for alarm
  • I would love to have a support for Note 3 Like ScreenShot wherein you will select the Part of the Screen to be Freezed and Save in to Gallery!
  • An Object Eraser where you can Remove unwanted things from your Pics like in Micromax Canvas Turbo
  • On my HTC One the recent apps list is a square list of windows. It would be really cool if we could utilize more of this big screen to display the apps rather than having a horizontal list to scroll through. Imagine if the recent list was displayed in app drawer style. It would very cool and more convenient if you ask me
  • System Wide Dictionary -
  • Multi Window features
    Launching applications in 'window mode' from the recents menu (instead of long pressing then hitting add to split view)

    Swipe left/right to get rid of the application
    Swipe up on an application to put it into the top window
    Swipe down on an application to put it into the bottom window
  • I have been playing with the idea of ungoogle my data (calendar and contacts). I have installed owncloud on my ubuntu server. It would be nice to have a native CalDav and CardDav provider included in Omni so you can sync with alternative sources.
  • is there any way to do ring alarm while phone is power off?
  • Maximised lockscreen widgets option
  • Hide initial page hints on lockscreen
  • Built-in cryptographic protocols that any app can use to securely transmit encrypted emails/chat/texts. (Cyanogenmod's PushSMS feature)
  • Features to protect from Google, Facebook and NSA spying.
  • Support for IP obsfuscating technology like Tor.
  • Support for the Dark Mail email protocol and support for Mailpile.
  • Support for Freedombox and related technologies.

Answered by @XpLoDWilD -
  • Extend Active Display to display time when screen is off and no notifications when hand is waved over proximity sensor, can work as a power button saver as well.
  • We all know that custom rom flashing is addictive, can we have inbuilt support for backing user app and data as a recovery flashable zip file? either in Android or in recovery?
  • CYAN 624
  • Full emoji support
  • It would be great if false would be changed to true in <bool name="quick_settings_show_rotation_lock">false</bool> in res/values/bools.xml in SystemUI.apk to enable the rotation lock button in the status bar.
  • Custom led pattern for contacts, as to see who texted or called you. Really use full for devices like the 2013 nexus 7 that does not support multi color led.
  • Ability to open new notifications from lock screen.
  • Invisible gesture unlock. I mean, without any dots or anything that signifies that a pass code is to be entered.
  • Snooze alarm with voice command.
  • Completely wipe device, with media, if pass code is incorrecly entered enough times.
  • Ability to share app data with restricted profiles.
  • Quick access to other users without having to lock and open device again.
  • Maybe a notification app like on LG, when gaming it just pops up when call comes in and doesnt disrupt the game, if you choose you van pick it up or not.
    Or you can ignore it, change mind and ingame swipe notification down to pick up anyway, ingame.
  • What about something like IOS banners that when a call comes in while you're busy a banner at the top underneath the status bar comes up. Swipe to answer. Click to dismiss. Etc.
  • From what i know, the kernel has to be customised for every Device, because they all have different Hardware. I dont know how depending these customisations are on each other, or how deep they are coded into the source. But if that would be possible, i would think a developer repository of kernel optimisations for already known hardware would be great, so developing a built for a new device, with partly known hardware, could be much shorter.
  • Ability to mount Network shares into the device as an external sd-card so that apps directly can access them
  • how about native reverse tethering? The more aps mess with the connection,like vpn proxy firewall,the less likely it works flawless
  • Halo
  • Pie
  • Floating Window -
  • full animation control as well as scrolling animations
  • ability to have carrier shown in statusbar with the ability to have a custom carrier like in Mokee OS
  • full control of the launcher, or perhaps even integrated launchers that are changeable
  • enable and disable the navigation bar like in Slimbean and customize its colours and so forth
  • reduce zip file size (something similar to slimbean)
  • ability to move status bar to bottom of phone screen, will be helpful as screen size increases and status bar at top can be a pain sometimes when looking for notifications.
  • white UI
  • transparent keyboard
  • Custom statusbar colors to match app...make it intelligent enough to figure out current app values and just emulate them - extend beyond current availablilty and allow custom colors on a per-icon/clock basis.
  • MIUI-style theme engine, where you can fine tune elements on a per-app basis, mix-n-match, etc. Would be great if it supported current MIUI/CM themes, but with this expanded functionality. And with MIUI, you can theme anything you know the package name of and can get the resources from.
  • With PIE - the ability to adjust the width of the trigger area, so if, say, it's at the bottom of the screen, it's only triggered by the middle of the screen, versus taking up the entire bottom.
  • Native CIFS
  • Quiet hours
  • on devices with soft keys (like the ones in s3) there should be an option that would make the keys light up with the notification led.
  • on devices with virtual keys (Nexus devices for example) swiping from either the left or the right edge of them to the opposite edge would allow to make a cool switch between open apps and swiping up would open recents with cool animation (and the same animation would be shown when the recents key is pushed too) (just like in Chrome Beta (video) that allows to switch between tabs)
  • a security feature that would allow you to protect an app by showing the "com.example.example crashed" notification and making a secret gesture would open the app (like this)
  • possibility to copy text from anywhere like from apps like settings or Google+
  • How about more native google feature support? Like...the stock music player incorporates a google music library, file explorer ties to drive, gallery could use google pictures, messaging/dialer natively support voice? That would be badas$. And chromecast support if Google ever allows it.
  • I would like to see the hybrid engine of pa on this rom too. Or at least something like it. On big screens like on the find 5 you get better looks on some apps with an lowered dpi!
  • swipe left and right between open apps
  • window switcher like on lg g2 rom.
  • Easy maximizing positioning of windows
  • multidpi support
  • How about taking a page from carbon, and making it so when you're on the lockscreen and you hold down the nav ring (where the home button is normally) it turns the torch on.
  • small but a feature i love is screen shot trash ...when u take a screen shot and it pops up in the notification bar roms like carbon have a trash button near the share button
  • something ive always like but no rom have it and id had to use 3rd party apps is the battery icon horizontaly like i0s 7 with text next to it every body have circle battery and vertical bout time we have horizontal.
  • brightness slider.drag your finger accross the notification bar to change brightness.
  • background transparency in app drawer And scrollable dock icons
  • Voice plus from CyanogenMod. Very useful for Google voice users
  • How about per app color for the notification/quick toggles? Always bothered me
  • Also how about making the display turn more orange when it's late/dark.
    Warm colors are easier on the eye in such conditions.That would be a natural development of the auto brightness - kernel so no
  • Backup of app data to a cloud service. Google may save your settings and re-download your apps, but it does not save your app data. - There are 3rd party apps to do that and omni will never entertain it as it can be used to steal personal data
  • I really would like to see that in apps like the dialer, the messaging and the people app(contacts) the user would have an opaque or blurry view of the home screen wall paper. Transparency is cool, but bluriness is better.
  • And it would be nice if the notification panel worked like ubunto os notification. You know, how you can slide between notification pages while scrolling it down.
  • And the last thing, if you could hide the permanent icons (something like the keyboard's icon or the gmd icon) from notification panel (like in MIUI).
  • An idea I had was to work on a "directional notification swipe"...example: you have a message....if you swipe right open message apk ready for reply...if you swipe left you just delete notification...same for recalls, maybe for facebook notifications...I don't know if is possible, but it's an idea
  • Ok, my feature request is simple. Just make how we can interact with our device as efficient and ergonomic as possible. Ability to operate phone by one hand etc. Probably will have different UI for tablet and phone, optimize for each device. Customize nav bar and ring targets (just swiping) are among examples,
  • one feature that i would like to see is the ability to completely disable the hardware key. MIUI have a feature to do this from the notification panel, but it's not permanent and resets on every boot.
  • port forward the features developed here, and work on the feature requests lying pending there, most of the developers who started opendesign are on omniROM too
  • camera with smart capture mode like in carbon, slim and liquidsmooth
  • AirPlay
  • LMT like Nav-Bar (Not PIE2, more simple, and animated)
  • And PLEASE respect the color calibration on the N4, if anyone wants to change it, they can do it manually. Some of us actually like the Google pressets.
  • can you try to enable the voice call "GSM call " ? on nexus tablet specially 2013 .would be awesome if its happen and imagine how many nexus users will install this Rom
  • turn phone's screen on desktop to mute any sound
  • gamepad mode (screenoff but touch sensitive) when HDMI OUT
  • tablet mode on large screen
  • Japanese/Chinese switching system font option (avoid bad character display)
  • tap on right/left of device to previous/next music player
  • build in firewall with simple rule per application (allow/ask/block radio button maybe?)
  • password on selected applications startup
  • hidding mode on app drawer, on picture gallerie
  • multi-users/profiles - being Worked on
  • It would be nice to have some features that Samsung's touchwiz has... For instance "movements". That is, the hability to use the devices sensor to do some stuff like "flip to mute". Some preset gama settings, a battery saving mode and built-in contact white and blacklist.
    I know this is possible with some apps like tasker, but wouldn't be nice for the less tech guys?
  • It would also be very nice if it would be possible to have a tool for choose the roms features. What is essential and what is optional.
  • It would be really nice to see you guys implement media control with the volume buttons when the device is locked!
  • swipe to delete in text message & email apps
  • ability to save apps on 'external' SD card - Android guys have stopped this for a reason so am guessing a no
  • Would love to be able to play songs like a pendrive E.g. radio usb ports.. and be able to know what's the charging current of the phone (maybe a dynamic icon for the battery at the quick setting panel. AntTek Explorer as basic explorer!!!
  • )Swipe to change b/w toggles and panel
  • Anything like those ubuntu status bar(wher u can swipe over icons to gain info)
  • A lot of guestures for accessing some features(surprise me over here )
  • Expandable and expanded volume adjustment window, as in CM.
  • Volume keys to move cursor r/l, l/r as in CM.
  • Camera Tile.
  • Hide status bar/status bar delete (for hidden status bar, there should be an option to disable 'swipe to peek' when in a fullscreen app).
  • All in one widget with weather,battery,clock,date,alarms set...etc.
  • Optional Programmed gestures to open (ribbons,app drawer,notifications,camera). Gestures are preferred to prevent accidental opening.
  • Swipe through open applications with multiple finger gesture.
  • Button control (allow more/custom actions to be programmed for long presses).
  • Help : There should be a searchable help because this seems like it will be loaded with features and sometimes you cant find a particular feature you want to edit. This help should be able to easily find the feature as well as a description of what it does.
  • I think you guys could likely optimize "Profiles" considerably with the addition of the geofence api, perhaps UI and a genetral ease of use overhaul.
  • A automated data migration (apps, sms etc) within the installer would be awesome
  • Combined Navbar with customizable buttons, and the popups for notification to display above the navbar instead of on top of it, so you can open the notification tray without having to wait 3 seconds for it to fade.
  • guest mode lockscreen -
  • Fully customizable nav bar like in aokp 7 soft buttons with long press features and icon customizability
  • Proximity sensor on during a phone call with Bluetooth hands free device connected. This way when the phone is in the pocket, no buttons get pressed accidentally during a call. I don't understand why this feature isn't on by default.
  • 3D Mode - A mode that can be activated and that turns the whole UI (Launcher, Apps, Games,..) to Anaglyph 3D. That could be so cool if it could be done!
  • On lockscreen have different logins, kind of like how Windows has it, you just tap an icon and put in your password for a different user. They get their own partition with their own apps and data (have like 3 different /data partitions, might be hell to back up in TWRP).
  • Also have something like PGM on the Nexus 4 and GN built into the kernel and enabled as an option in the device settings.
  • This may or may not have been in the OP (I didn't see it) but have something like LightFlow LED built into the kernel and ROM for awesome multi-color LED notifications and settings, especially for us Nexus users. But more options like blink speed in ms and multiple color combinations like blue then green then red for Mom, red then blue then orange for Bill etc.
  • One feature I have always wanted is the ability to have the slide unlock lead to a password or face unlock. It really doesn't seem fair that people should have to sacrifice security to be able to use the lockscreen shortcuts, or the battery indicator on this rom. - already planned
  • Fixed Volume bugs on the SPHD710 Epic4GTouch. CM Has a speakerphone bug that sounds very low and the micrphone records extremely low that it's pretty much non existent. Ability to wake the phone by saying "Omni on" or how the new Motorola phone listens to voice commands that can control music apps and wake phone from sleep.
  • Native multitouch gestures and the ability to define the actions; would be a great addition and something that android tablets are lacking behind in.
  • Theming engine
  • Groupsms
  • change the background of the settings app
  • Blackberry Lockscreen
  • Apt-X support
  • - I don't know if the Pv6 privacy extension is standard activated in the newest Android versions but for OmniROM it should be always on or confugurable over the settings.
  • PIE with a working hardware search key.( What I'm trying to tell is, having a search button in PIE that emulate hardware search buttons like in those old Android phones, not just to open Google Now like the PA or CM PIE but more like LMT or Slim PIE. (Sorry for the inconvenience, English is not my native language. ))
  • It would be great to have a call notification like the Galaxy Note III. Like this :
  • Quick Cover support.
  • SuperUser included
  • custom height navigation bar (for me is best 32dp and the action area is larger)
  • only text battery indicator
    battery level in lane above of screen
  • before time in status bar: "day of week" (localized)
  • option to change "device name" (super for monitoring connected device to AP)
  • possibility to change layout square in status bar
  • ofcourse high performance (eg. on Nexus 4 in AnTuTu over 21k points)
  • resize nav bar
  • Please add QuickPeek notification bar while playing games.
  • Seriously about the only thing I want is either on first boot holo light ui or a button to change to light holo. Almost every rom has a button to change to dark holo but not the inverse and its irritating.
  • As a side feature gesture unlock is cool
  • Extended quick settings buttons - For example, I use an overlay to show my up- and download rate. But sometimes it's annoying so I would like to be able to turn it on and off easily like my WiFi or my GPS. The app just has to support it. That's it
  • Random Colors for Quick settings Tiles
  • How about quick statusbar preview when in full screen apps like on Samsung roms, when you swipe down from top ?
  • Multi window :
    You gotta figure out some way to add apps to multi window without interruption of current process , something like Samsung side bar ?
    ATM you have to stop current app by long home press to be able to add new window , so if I was watching some online video I'd have t play it all over again ..
    What I wanna say is we need some way to create windowed apps without interrupting ongoing one/ long home press , because this way it's just ugly.
  • swipe down hide - swipe up show ( feature of GMD )
  • scrollable nav bar (like notification widgets, you can also put apps/shortcuts/and toggles, and with no scroll bars )( MY IDEA: dunno if someone have already made it )
  • Dual Layer ( i hope u guys get the point :> )
  • optional home button auto-hide ( feature of GMD )
  • customizable upto animations
  • something i have not seen sense my fascinate on aokp. adjustable auto-brightness variables
  • a mhl interface where you can send the output of a selected app to mhl, but then use the phone for other things.. so in car. send navigation to dvd player screen. and when i take a call the navigation continues on the second screen.
    when at home. you could mhl a movie to your tv, while using your phone for other things. is this possible?
  • Icon packs being able to be applied to stock launcher with out having to install a 3rd party app/launcher would be great
  • A built in "Mass Memory Mode" for sdcard would be handy.
  • Recent Apps custom Background and Alpha menu option.
  • Ability to change Wifi/signal Icon colors.
  • Could you implement iPhone like notifications for full screen apps? Or a way to pull down the status bar in full screen apps (like most Touchwiz phones)?
  • I wish there was a way to install wanted features through aroma installer, like brightness slider is something I don't use so I wouldn't choose to install the code or dark or light ui switch, some might choose to install dark, I would install the light holo switch
  • A shortcut in power menu to a dashboard where i can find all my rom controls - go to settings and voila! [don't be lazy ]

  • Active Display - Done
  • Double Tap to Wake - device dependent
  • build-in titanium-like integrated backup application - no as it can be used to steal private info by hackers
  • build-in tasker-like scheduler-trigger application - - 3rd party apps exist so no
  • side edge loader similar to "Unity Launcher" app - 3rd party apps exist so no
  • Volume Wake - already added to gerrit
  • Xposed framework baked in - Please use xposed app
  • Air gestures/wave2wake? - Please use 3rd party apps
  • A better dial-er than CM . Something having features like MIUI and similarly for a messaging app if possible. - - well find us a open source one and we will try also there are 3rd party apps
  • USB OTG - device specific, kernel so no
  • implementation of the proposed fm api as in - - being worked on
  • native built-in pdroid to allow faking privacy related info - - will create problems with faking info
  • ability to sync and view Picasa/Google+ galleries in the Gallery app. - - not open source by google AFAIK
  • - An advanced rights management system and integrated firewall like in MIUI where you can allow/forbid every right (root, wifi, 3g, contacts etc) for each app individually. - AppOps
  • ADB over wifi - is on gerrit
  • Facebook contact integration, HD contact pictures. - can use 3rd party apps
  • It would be great to have some common kernel features for all builds. Like governors, i/o schedulers, tcp congestion control algorithms, zram, ksm, specific filesystems support. Controlling them should be integrated into performance settings, with advanced fine tuning options as well.
    Other board-specific features (DT2W, S2W, fast charge, Wi-Fi power mode toggle, vibration intensity, gamma control, adaptive backlight, in-kernel auto brightness, BLN, etc.) should also have standard sysfs paths, this way the available features can be controlled in performance settings (or other places in the settings app) and those not included will simply be hidden. - kernel so no
  • Custom autobrightness - already on gerrit
  • LED color Settings - already on gerrit
  • sweep to wake - kernel so no
  • much more attracting looking gallery app! - please find one which is open source
  • boot screen changer (the picture that comes up first when turning your phone on) like this - this will be hard to do because every device has different partition details
  • Oh, and a few people have mentioned keyboard mods...I'd like a keyboard that will let me swipe my email address without having to save it first, and gives me the option to swipe passwords. I used to be able to do it in early versions of swype beta, but it's since been removed. - these options can be used to trick and steal your personal info so no
  • please impliment viper4android audio mod - you can always install from 3rd party. So am guessing a no
  • Add an option to the settings app to change the wifi region code. - - added to gerrit
  • use source code designed for the specific device (as trouble JSS vs. JWR with Andorid 4.3 on Nexus4)
  • kernel support for Touch Control (this I found on first page, but it's so important, that I must it leave here) - - kernel so no
    or support for Franco kernels (Franco have support for Touch Control) - u can flash it
  • support for some "call recorder" apps (eg. Call Recorder - is the best) - 3rd party app exist
  • xlythe (Will Harmon)'s calculator app AKA the calculator that comes with CM - - - aosp calc is already in
  • Would it be too much trouble to implement colored terminal output like in CM, PA etc? - will come down the line, low priority as of now
  • palm rejection (incoming call) - 3rd party apps exist so no
  • wave to hang (incoming call) - 3rd party apps exist so no
  • stylus support (ex: samsung's stylus button) - on gerrit
  • File Manager would be great - will come down the line, low priority as of now
  • Would love to see differential zip rom upgrades like it's done with CyanDelta Updater. (you download only 10 megs of delta to update your rom zip instead than the usual 100-200) - already planned
  • long press back button to kill apps - dev options
  • OTA updates would also be nice. - will be done in the future
  • messaging app with alot of features - - - 3rd party apps exist so no and if you need it badly find us a AOSP one
  • request a setting I had on PacMan. When you press Vol up or down the volume bar comes up on screen, but on the right side of it there is an expandable settings button. When you click it, it shows all individual volume types, and their corresponding current levels. That way it's super easy to change individual volumes. Alarm, notification, music, ring tones are all individual volume settings - on the list
  • I suppose this won't even make a list but, if possible, and if they're going to create some new music player, could I drop in a request for Opus support? It's an "official" audio standard now, and I suspect that support will grow over time - it's freakin' awesome for low bitrate audio and the only players that seem to support it yet are GoneMAD (which I can't tolerate) and Neutron (which to me is hideous).

    Would love to see a bare metal audio player that has the basics: good format support, cover art support (embedded as well as included in folders), and that's about it. I think support for Opus was in the works for Apollo, could still be at this time I have no idea but I wouldn't mind having it in something besides the aforementioned players.

    If you're gonna do a full blown open source OS, might as well have a media player that covers the open source audio format(s) fully as well or as much as possible. - XpLoDWilD is looking into it
  • Net speed indicator like in the latest Carbon - added to gerrit here & here

I am in no way related to OmniROM. Just created a thread to maintain a list.
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13th October 2013, 11:49 AM |#2  
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Something like Floating window (not the multi window)
13th October 2013, 11:56 AM |#3  
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Needs to have everything it can (I hope) but things that are kinda only in a few roms that you don't see a lot, for example, i'd like to see full animation control as well as scrolling animations, Net speed indicator like in the latest Carbon, and the ability to have carrier shown in statusbar with the ability to have a custom carrier like in Mokee OS?
13th October 2013, 01:18 PM |#4  
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I'd like to see full control of the launcher, or perhaps even integrated launchers that are changeable. The AOSP launcher is just fine, but I like the complete control I get with Nova.
13th October 2013, 02:27 PM |#5  
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My only feature request is to be able to enable and disable the navigation bar like in Slimbean and customize its colours and so forth, also if possible to have its size similar to how Slimbean is since it has quite a lot of features and the ROM zip is only 100MB which is amazing, also a holo dark/light toggle or option for all apps like Messaging, downloads etc.
13th October 2013, 03:06 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by munchy_cool

Below are the features I request.

  • Halo
  • Pie
  • Active Display
  • Double Tap to Wake
  • Volume Wake

Please be more creative

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13th October 2013, 03:12 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by maxwen

Please be more creative

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ability to move status bar to bottom of phone screen, will be helpful as screen size increases and status bar at top can be a pain sometimes when looking for notifications.
13th October 2013, 03:20 PM |#9  
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Something ive always wanted from android, but never found the right solution, Is a transparent keyboard.
13th October 2013, 04:30 PM |#10  
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Honestly one thing people haven't really mentioned is a framework like Xposed to be baked directly into the rom. Talk about customization and such.

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13th October 2013, 04:31 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by maxwen

Please be more creative

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I have already added volume wake to gerrit. Will be merged soon.

Regarding DT2W
This is actually very dependent on the device and needs kernel support. I have added this together with S2W for the Oppo find5. For other devices this needs more investigation if it is possible to implement

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