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[ROM][4.1.2] Sami OS 1.4 - Codename: Alpha [Sept 30th, 2015]

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Announcement from Sami Kabir: My all-new website dedicated to Sami OS is now live! Visit:
"Enjoy the Stability of Stock firmware and the Smoothness of Vanilla Android"
Sami OS for the SGSA

Current Version: 1.4 (Check under ROM Updates for Download link)
Total Download Count: 10040

The most hyped ROM is finally here! Being in XDA Developers' forum for quite some time, it tempted me to contribute something to our device and after EIGHT Months, I finally present Sami OS 1.0 for our Galaxy S Advance!

Based on Samsung's UBLPH firmware, the Sami OS 1.0 is a Custom ROM bundled with a lot of features along with a stunning Dark UI which obviously makes it a great alternative to Samsung's stock firmware because the purpose of creating this ROM is for Faster Performance, Longer Battery life and Smoother UI. Just like a Lamborghini, its both FAST and BEAUTIFUL!


 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, loss of data, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
 * Please do some research if you have any concerns about the features included
 * in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications,
 * and so please don't point your finger at me for messing up your device.

Here's a summarized list of almost all the features that makes this ROM so special...
  • Rebuilt using Samsung's UBLPH firmware
  • Pre-rooted with SuperSU (v1.65)
  • Debloated i.e Removed most of Samsung's Bloatwares like Music Hub, Social Hub, Samsung Apps, etc.
  • Removed unnecessary library files from system > lib folder
  • Removed all Bloatware and Customization made by Claro AR
  • Deodexed System Apps and System Framework
  • Zipaligned System Apps (for better utilization of RAM)
  • Completely themed Samsung's TouchWiz UI and most System apps with Premium Black color to make it look more Elegant
  • Updated all System Apps to their latest version (with the multi DPI version of Google Play 4.4.21)
  • Added a couple of languages like Arabic, Urdu and Farsi (but the ROM isn't completely multilingual yet)
  • The entire UI is 100% Hardware Accelerated - so no or less lags will be seen (but at cost of some battery life)
  • 1% Battery mod added
  • Tonnes of Build.prop tweaks added
  • Enabled and Added a couple of init.d tweaks (note: some of the values set in those init.d tweaks are experimental)
  • Several Miscellaneous tweaks added for Faster (and Lag free) UI and smoother live wallpaper animation
  • Fixed Home Button Lag
  • Replaced all the Default Jellybean transitions and animations with ICS transitions and animations
  • Added a couple of Audio and Volume tweaks (still experimental)
  • "Under the Hood" Performance tweaks for Aggressive Gaming
  • "Under the Hood" Power tweaks for Maximum Battery Life
  • Performed many several tweaks for MUCH Better Ram management; and therefore more multitasking!
  • The color of the Status Bar has been Darkened
  • Themed and Rearranged the Toggle Buttons in the Notification Bar
  • Disabled auto-scrolling of the quick settings toggles when the notification bar is pulled down
  • Added a couple of hidden Toggles (like driving and airplane mode toggles)
  • Replaced Stock Wallpapers with Better Alternatives - also added a few extra HD wallpapers
  • Added HOSTS file - no more ads in any app or on websites (Doesn't yet block each and every ads)
  • Miscellaneous Internet/Network tweaks added
  • 4-Way Rotation hack enabled - now you can use the phone while holding it upside down too!
  • Phone will not not Wake up (when in Sleep) with "Refreshing Sim Data" message when its in Airplane Mode
  • Unplugging Charger doesn't wake up the Phone/Screen (its a small mod)
  • Adaptive Multi-Rate wideband encoding enabed to improve in-call audio quality
  • Disabled APK signature verification
  • Added Custom Boot Animation support
  • (Realistic) Ripple Effects on lock screen enabled
  • Enabled stock AOSP lock screen from Android 4.1.x (with four shortcuts)
  • Slightly modified Samsung's Circle lockscreen with four lock screen shortcuts instead of three
  • Integrated several tweaks from Pimp My ROM app
  • Modded TouchWiz to enable "wallpaper scrolling" which Samsung decided to remove for some reason
  • Removed Ascending Ringtone functionality
  • Partially themed and optimized Phone and Contacts app (with single color and compressed png files) to decrease loading time delay to some extent
  • Enabled Smart Rotation feature
  • Enabled a couple of hidden and important features in stock Messaging app
  • Revamped the Settings app and gave it a new and Better set of Icons
  • Revamped the Power Menu and also added Hot Reboot and Reboot to Recovery Option
  • Enabled Call and Message Blocking option in Settings app (can be used as an Alternative to Blocking Mode)
  • Removed "Software Update" menu from About Phone section
  • Removed "Software Update" widget
  • Updated Polaris Viewer 4.1 with Polaris Viewer 5
  • Disabled scrolling cache across OS (for smoother scrolling)
  • Disabled annoying Startup and Shutdown sounds
  • Added Google Edition phones' Camera and Gallery app with working Photosphere and Photo editor!
  • Added Genie Widget
  • Added Nova Launcher
  • Added FlipBoard
  • Added Root Browser
  • Added shortcut to Task Manager on App Drawer
  • Replaced Stock Internet Browser with the AOSP Web Browser
  • Replaced Samsung keyboard and SWYPE with Stock Android 4.2 Keyboard
  • Replaced Stock Music player with Play Music+ (a modified version of Google Play Music)
  • Replaced Stock Calender app (aka SPlanner) with Android 4.2.2 Calender app
  • Replaced Stock Calculator app with CyanogenMod calculator app
  • Replaced Stock Memo app with a modified Notes app from Sony Xperia T
  • Replaced the stock Clock app with a Ported version of MIUI Clock (only digital clock widget doesn't work/load)
  • Modded the TouchWiz launcher to reduce sluggish animation which occurs occasionally (to some extent)
  • Added SunBeam Live Wallpaper (the awesome LWP found in Google Edition phones)
  • Removed some stock Ringtones and Notification tones and added a few "better" ones by myself
  • Added iPhone's "well recognized" Ringtone and Notification tone
  • Added Samsung Galaxy S4's Over the Horizon ringtone
  • Added Ubuntu font and the new Roboto font seen in Android 4.3
There's a lot more to add to this HUGE list and obviously I have forgotten a few of them myself!
NOTE: The features/changelogs of Sami OS 1.1 and above are under Changelog (in Post #2)

Screenshots can be found on the "Screenshots" tab above.. Get ready to blow your mind by finding out how BEAUTIFUL my ROM is!

To Download my ROM, please visit its webpage and while it downloads you can spend your time reading all the instructions and tips that are mentioned in this thread. After the Download completes, you can start reading the instructions given below and please read all the instructions carefully to successfully install Sami OS...

  • A fully functional GT- i9070 or i9070P of course
  • Your phone must be having enough Battery charge (30% or more - just to be safe)
  • Your External SD Card must be having enough Storage capacity
  • Your phone must be running any of Samsung's Jellybean (4.1.2) firmware. If you're running Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread, then please upgrade to Jellybean 4.1.2 first! Or if you're running Android 4.2 or above then please downgrade to Jellybean 4.1.2, then you'll be able to install my ROM.
  • Your phone must be Rooted
  • Your phone must be running a custom kernel which has either TWRP or ClockworkMod recovery installed (Recommended Recovery: TWRP)
  • (Optional) You must have Odin and Samsung's USB Drivers Installed on your PC. You must also have a USB cable and a copy of Samsung's Jellybean firmware; just in case you fail to install Sami OS and end up with having no OS on your phone
  • (Optional but Recommended) You must backup all your Apps, Games, App data, Memos, Messages, Call logs, etc. to your External SD Card. But do note that I will not be held responsible if you lose all your files, apps and all your data since installing any ROM will require deletion of user data for preventing common installation errors.

Installation of Sami OS:
- Download my ROM and put it on your External SD Card (make sure it has sufficient space to store my ROM in there)
- Reboot to Recovery. To do that, turn off your phone and Press and hold Volume Up, Home and the Power button and release it when you see the Samsung Logo after a short vibration...
For people with TWRP Recovery:
- Go to Settings and Disable (un-check) Zip Signature Verification
- Then go to Mount and check (mount) System
- Then go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe and check System, Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache. Then swipe to wipe/erase them. As stated above, doing all these will erase pretty much everything on your phone so make sure you backed up everything first
- Then go back and select Install, switch to external_sd card and select ""
- Then swipe to flash it and the rest of the Installation should be automated, so wait for a while for the installation to finish
- After the Installation is over, it should show a "Successful" message in Blue text. Now all you have to do is press on Reboot to do Reboot to System!
For people with CWM Recovery:
- Go to Wipe data/factory reset and Confirm its deletion
- Then go to Wipe cache partition and Confirm its deletion
- Then go to Advanced, then select wipe dalvik cache and Confirm its deletion
- Then go to Mounts and Storage and mount your system
- Then on the same menu, select Format /system, /cache, /data and /preload folders one by one
- Now go back to Main menu and select Install zip from sdcard
- Then toggle signature verification to DISABLE it
- Then on the same menu, select "choose zip from sdcard"
- Now search for "" and select to install it... the rest of the Installation will be automated, so wait for a while for it to finish
- After that's done you can now go back to main menu and choose "reboot system now" to Reboot your phone. And that's it!
- Your phone should now reboot and it will be "stuck" on that "awesome" Boot Animation for a while; so don't worry.. it happens every time you install any Custom ROM - so there's nothing to worry about. Just wait for about 3 to 5 minutes.. BUT if your phone is experiencing a bootloop (i.e taking way too much time) then reboot to recovery and wipe your cache, dalvik cache and data again. If that too doesn't fix it then please refer "If Sami OS didn't successfully get installed" section below....
- If everything goes OK then you will see Sami OS' final installation wizard which requires you to setup your user language, your Wi-Fi, your Google Account, etc...

If you constantly keep getting Force Close errors on the Setup Screen, then do this:
Even though I never experienced this after flashing my ROM, this is what you should do if you have this problem:
- Reboot to Recovery
- And Fix Permission (TWRP: Advanced > Fix Permissions.... CWM: Advanced Menu > Select Fix Permissions)

If that did not work then here's what shut_down did to fix this issue:

- Reboot to Recovery
- Perform a Factory Reset and then Wipe Cache (Refer the instructions above.. you're just basically doing the same thing)

If Sami OS didn't successfully get installed:
If things go horribly wrong then...
- Reboot to Recovery and wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache AND/OR perform a Factory Reset
- If that did not work then make sure that the zip you downloaded is "complete" and not "corrupted" and install again

If none of the above helps then follow the instructions below:

- Reboot to Recovery and wipe your entire System (i.e Everything!)
- Then reboot to Download Mode (to do that, turn off your phone and Press and hold Volume Down, Home and the Power button and release it when you see a picture of an Android logo after a short vibration...)
- Press volume up to continue and connect your phone with your PC using the USB Cable
- Open Odin and wait for it to recognize your phone
- Then click on PDA and choose your stock firmware
- After it verifies the .md5 checksum; click on Start without checking any other check-boxes or anything else
- It should then install Samsung's 4.1.2 firmware

And that's pretty much it! So Congratulations, you just installed Sami OS on your phone! So now there's only one last crucial step remaining.. And that is to take pride and update your Signature and click on the Thanks Button. I hope that you will all enjoy using it...

XDA:DevDB Information
Sami OS for i9070, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070

Sami Kabir
ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
Based On: Samsung's Jellybean VJLPE Firmware

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.4
Stable Release Date: 2015-09-30

Created 2013-10-26
Last Updated 2016-01-08
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ROM updates, Changelogs, Bug fixes, Add-ons and my To-Do list
ROM Updates & Download Links:

- Sami OS 1.1 Update (Description and Screenshots, Download Links)

- Sami OS 1.2 Update (Description and Screenshots, Download Links)

- Sami OS 1.3 Update (Description and Screenshots, Download Links)

- Sami OS 1.3.1 Update (Description and Screenshots, Download Links)

- Sami OS 1.4 Update (Description and Screenshots, Download Links)


Sami OS 1.0 (Codename: Alpha) -- Released on 26th October 2013
  • Initial Release
Sami OS 1.1 (Codename: Alpha) -- Released on 31st December 2013
  • Fixed the "Master Key" Security Vulnerability
  • Slight framework tweaks to reduce random "sluggishness of TouchWiz UI" to some extent
  • Modified ROM's overall Dark theming and added some visual elements from Android KitKat
  • Replaced most of the System apps' icons with the icons from Kitkat (and a few from other sources)
  • Ported and Added a Dialer widget from Samsung's JB 4.2.2 firmware for S3
  • Enabled CRT Off effect
  • Disabled "Battery Full" notification
  • Fixed the "3G Status bar icon bug"
  • Disabled 4-Way Rotation hack enabled (now you can no longer use the phone while holding it upside down)
  • Lowered Screen Auto Brightness levels to save battery life (to some extent, don't worry you probably won't notice the screen's lowered brightness)
  • Fixed the rare "USB not recognized" message on Windows when phone was connected
  • Slightly modified TouchWiz launcher (SecLauncher2.apk) to make it more snappier and faster than before.. Also reduced those random lag and redraws to some extent
  • Removed a couple of (unnecessary) system apps to free up more space in the System Partition
  • Removed "KioskMode" from framework-res.apk - thus reduced its actual size by 4.7 MB!
  • Removed SyncmlDM.apk (its an useless system software updater)
  • Removed Polaris Viewer 5 (because it doesn't work - you can now get the good old Polaris Viewer 4 from Add-Ons Section)
  • Added the very handy Popup Browser from Galaxy Note II
  • Couple of new build.prop tweaks
  • A couple of tweaks to cut down some time on Booting Process (this shortens the process by a couple of seconds)
  • Updated a new and improved ZipAlign and Vacuum script (which will automatically run every two weeks (twice in a month) instead of running on every boot - this speeds up the overall boot process)
  • Changed some of the values in Services.jar with the ones from CM 10.1 (I'm still experimenting to find the best combo of values for better memory management and performance)
  • Did some Miscellaneous Battery and Performance tweaks and enhancements
  • Updated the modded Multi DPI Play Store to version v4.5.10
Sami OS 1.2 (Codename: Alpha) -- Released on 7th July 2014
  • Replaced TouchWiz UI (to some extent) with themed Holo Dark UI in most of the UI elements!
  • Added a toggle button that will show all the quick settings toggle buttons ((just like TouchWiz on Android 4.2 and above))
  • Rearranged the quick settings toggle buttons and added Blocking Mode and Wifi Hotspot toggle buttons
  • Added 3Minit Quicklaunch Panel under quick settings toggle buttons
  • Added a multi-functional "QuickLaunch" functionality on the status bar.. (to change its functionality or to toggle it On or Off, check under More Settings in Display settings)
  • Enabled Blocking Mode! (PS: Alarm and Timer works only with Samsung's Clock app)
  • Added the ability to use the Menu button to either bring up Google Search or to kill apps
  • Added experimental support for i9070P. Please flash AFTER flashing to make your phone compatible with my ROM
  • The fix for "No Audio" bug in Max Volume in Sami OS 1.1 has been implemented
  • Applied Possible fix for Video Playback lag issues on YouTube (but there are some kernel related issues that still might cause video playback lag at certain times)
  • Slight UI tweaks and adjustments (to make it less laggy at certain times)
  • Updated various parts of the OS (including TW Framework, Browser core, WiFi, Bluetooth and Input service) thanks to Samsung's UBLPK firmware
  • Replaced the old Shutdown Animation with the one from Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Replaced the old Boot animation with a new one, inspired by WATCH_DOGS
  • Revamped and Themed the TouchWiz lock screen to make it look a lot like the lockscreen in Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Revamped Phone and Contacts app with a new Theme and performed some minor tweaks to reduce its sluggishness to some extent
  • Revamped the Settings app by giving it a Holo Dark UI and replaced the icons with the ones from Android KitKat
  • Revamped Recents panel by giving it a more Galaxy S5-ish look
  • Replaced the default Jellybean Platlogo with the one from Android KitKat
  • Replaced the old, laggy Music Player with Apollo v1.3.0
  • Replaced Samsung's File manager app with MiXplorer v4.7.3
  • Replaced Samsung's sluggish Messaging app with the stock AOSP Messaging app from CM 11
  • Replaced the old Keyboard app with the one from Android L (has a dedicated Smiley key but no emoji support)
  • Replaced the old Clock app with the one from CM 10.1 (everything except Digital Clock widget works)
  • Replaced the old Calendar app with the one from Android KitKat (though they are almost identical)
  • Replaced Samsung's Downloads app with the one from CM 10
  • Updated Nova launcher to version 3.0.2beta2 (please note that this is a Beta build)
  • Updated Google Play Store to version v4.8.20
  • Reduced the font size of AM/PM indicator on status bar
  • Replaced some of the old Status Bar icons with the ones from Android KitKat
  • Replaced some of the old Icons and Fonts with new ones (updated Roboto font, removed Ubuntu and added two new fonts)
  • Disabled the small but annoying vibration while unlocking device (on AOSP lockscreen)
  • Disabled the annoying "Connected as media storage" ongoing notification message and added USB Settings instead
  • Disabled "Mobile Data Toggle" warning message which comes before turning your Mobile data off (it gets kinda annoying after sometime, that's why)
  • Fixed some of the init.d scripts (thanks to littlethings) and updated some of the existing ones
  • Slightly decreased the animation and transition speed of windows in Samsung's TouchWiz launcher. Also themed it a little bit.
  • Slightly tweaked build.prop and services.jar (ProcessList.smali and ActivityManagerService.smali) for better RAM management and overall performance
  • Permanently disabled CPU rendering for 2D and 3D applications.
  • Added the ability to set how the long Volume panel will stay on your screen
  • Added "Quick Unlock" feature that will unlock your phone as soon as correct pin or password is entered
  • Added a couple of more Wallpapers and deleted a few existing ones. Now there are a total of 45 Wallpapers to choose from
  • Added 3 new ringtones, 1 new alarm sound and 1 new notification sound (all were taken from Samsung)
Sami OS 1.3 (Codename: Alpha) -- Released on 20th February 2015
  • Did some subtle changes and minor improvements to the UI - inspired by Android KitKat 4.4 and Lollipop 5.0
  • Revamped AOSP lockscreen and Pattern lock grid - inspired by Android Jellybean 4.3, KitKat 4.4 and Lollipop 5.0
  • Remade the WATCH_DOGS boot animation and also made it a little longer
  • Replaced the old Galaxy S5 shutdown animation with a new one, inspired by WATCH_DOGS
  • Freed up a few MBs from the System partition by mostly reducing the size of many system APK files and also by removing some unnecessary (apk and lib) files
  • Slightly tweaked some of the existing init.d scripts, build.prop and services.jar (ProcessList.smali and ActivityManagerService.smali) for better RAM management and overall performance
  • Updated various parts of the ROM (including system apps, framework and lib files, browser core and bluetooth service) using Samsung's VJLPE firmware
  • Did some miscellaneous changes and performance improvements to the Phone (Dialer) and Contacts app. Its also based on VJLPE firmware's ones
  • Enabled Call Recording feature
  • Added a Call button next to Contacts and Logs
  • Disabled "End Call" screen (thanks to nijel8)
  • Added an Accounts & Sync sub menu (now all your accounts will be displayed under one sub menu)
  • Added the missing Horizontal Calibration feature which Samsung's 2.3 firmware had but 4.1 firmware doesn't
  • Edited (fixed) some of the default values set in power_profile.xml file in framework-res.apk
  • Re-enabled CPU rendering for 2D and 3D applications (this might give a slight bump to graphics performance)
  • Disabled Journaling in system and cache partition. (WARNING: Sudden power loss due to random reboot or due to a system crash will result in loss of data! More info at the end of this post)
  • Performed some miscellaneous changes for both Battery-life and Performance enhancements
  • Better thumbnail generation - thumbnails should now occupy very little space (NOTE: In order for it to take effect, all your existing thumbnails have to be deleted. More info at the end of this post)
  • Partially fixed the "Home button" bug - now pressing it while the screen is off for a long time will just wake the screen. It won't minimize the app which is running
  • Made some changes to reduce laggy scrolling through lists and also slightly improved its speed
  • Added a potential fix for Media Scanner Wakelock (thanks to isaak)
  • Added the ability to either hide or show alarm icon on status bar (look under Settings > Display > More Settings)
  • Fixed some minor layout issues in "expanded" Quick Settings toggles. Also, replaced all the toggle icons with the ones from Galaxy S5
  • Fixed all the layout problems in AOSP Browser. Now it shows suggestions properly as you type on the URL bar
  • Updated hosts file. Also reduced its size from ~12 MB to just 890 KB
  • Slightly edited gps.conf for (possible) improvement in overall GPS performance
  • Fully disabled app verification (apps with broken/mismatched signatures can now be installed - thanks to CNexus)
  • CRT-Off animation is now a bit more smoother. More info can be found down below
  • Added Hebrew language
  • Fixed the buggy Messaging app in Sami OS 1.2 by replacing it with a new, bug-free and slightly themed CM 10.1 Messaging app
  • Updated the default file explorer, MiXplorer to version 5.1. It now has new UI and a design inspired by Material Design. It also supports custom themes! (Visit this link to checkout themes made for MiXplorer)
  • Replaced Google's DeskClock with an alternative one (its the one that was introduced in Sami OS 1.0 - but now its far better than before and is slightly themed by me)
  • Replaced Samsung's Voice Recorder app with MiSoundRecorder (its MIUI's default Voice Recorder ported by HootanParsa and completely themed by me)
  • Updated Nova Launcher to version 3.3
  • Updated Google Play Store to version 5.1.11 (not 5.2.12 - i.e the latest version)
  • Slightly themed TouchWiz Launcher to make it look a bit more like the one in Samsung Galaxy S5
  • "Smooth spinners" - (the spinning/loading animation in apps is now played much smoothly than before)
  • Updated the icons of some System apps
  • Changed some of the UI sounds and added 2 new Notification tones
  • Added some new wallpapers. Removed a few old ones. Now there are a total of 50 amazing wallpapers
  • Replaced the default android emojis with the ones used in WhatsApp and in iOS
Sami OS 1.3.1 (Codename: Alpha) -- Released on 15th April 2015
  • Fixed RAM management issue in Sami OS 1.3 (to some extent)
  • Improved multi-tasking (and overall performance) to some extent
  • Lowered Battery consumption to some extent. Longer stand-by time
  • Reduced Screen Wake lag to some extent
  • The infamous Home button bug has been finally fixed
  • Revised and corrected all the init.d scripts. Also corrected its formatting
  • Replaced all the Default ICS transitions and animations with Lollipop's ones
  • Minimum GPU frequency is set to 320000 kHz and the Maximum GPU frequency is set to 560640 kHz (just change the "idx" value in order to change minimum/maximum frequency. Check out mali_dvfs_data for more info)
  • Patched the Fake ID vulnerability
  • Enabled Journaling in System partition - but kept it disabled in Cache partition
  • Noticeable performance improvements in Web Browsing has been done
  • Reduced Call Log storage limit from 500 to 250
  • While playing music, dark background is shown only under title and playback controls on lock screen.
  • Did some minor changes and improvements to the theme and UI
  • Did some minor layout changes to the Recents panel
  • Did some minor layout changes to the Switches
  • Removed Airplane Mode Confirmation Dialog when toggled from Quicksettings
  • Removed 2 more unneeded system apps (PRUI.apk and wssyncmlnps.apk)
  • Added one new wallpaper. Removed an old one
  • New icons for Gallery and Sound Recorder app
Sami OS 1.4 (Codename: Alpha) -- Released on 30th September 2015
  • Merged the contents (and therefore, the changes and features) of Sami OS 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 update
  • Fixed the USB Mass Storage force close issue that Sami OS 1.2 introduced
  • Battery and Memory Management (and therefore Performance) improvements
  • Expect a SOT of 2(.5) to 3 hours (or even more) with moderate phone usage and with Powersaving mode enabled. Further improvements can be observed by using Greenify.
  • Fixed all the init.d scripts (to some extent) and tweaked some of the previous values in build.prop
  • Reduced boot-up (and shutdown) time slightly, to some extent
  • Removed SysScope and permanently set Device Status to "Official". Thanks to 0tt0m@n
  • Added the ability to Double tap status bar to Sleep (feature backported from CM11, thanks to BOOTMGR)
  • Minor changes to visual elements in theme and UI - inspired by Android M and L
  • Themed volume panel. It now looks much cleaner! - inspired by Android M and L
  • Gave the Settings app a colorful and better set of Icons from Galaxy S5. Also changed the battery stats chart color to blue
  • The "new" bean bag easter egg game now has Android M's platlogo and floating Marshmallows and Lollipops
  • Added an optional Spellcheck (a red line will appear under mistyped words.. Google Keyboard must be "checked" for using this. Thanks to primitive.A
  • Enabled the "Turn off all Sounds" widget. It can come handy at certain times!
  • Disabled the "Listening at high volume..." warning toast (thanks to BOOTMGR)
  • Enabled Touchboost. CPU will ramp to 600mhz upon touching the screen (thanks to cocafe). You can disable it to save some battery (more info about this at the bottom).
  • Patched Removed the need to fsync before a database write is done. It'll improve database read and write speeds but at a small risk of data corruption due to sudden reboot or major system hang(up). See below for more info
  • Removed quite a lot of unneeded system apps and files that just run in background and consume RAM and CPU time. (see below for the list of files removed)
  • Removed (almost) all traces of FOTA updates service from Samsung
  • Removed (almost) all traces of DivX DRM service from Samsung
  • Removed (almost) all traces of sCloud service from Samsung
  • Fixed the broken Ripple Effect in Sami OS 1.3
  • Enabled Blocking mode (ongoing) notification
  • Slightly altered the minimum and maximum brightness values in build.prop (ro.lcd_brightness=170, ro.lcd_min_brightness=20)
  • Made fling velocity (notification bar pull down and pull up) a bit more faster
  • Faster (though not smoother) progress bar (horizontal)
  • Updated Nova Launcher to version 4.0.2
  • Updated MiXplorer (file explorer) to v5.5.4 Beta
  • Updated for i9070P users
  • Replaced 13 old wallpapers with 13 new ones
  • Replaced the default emojis in framework-res with the ones made by Google
  • Changed restart title to "Reboot Options"
  • Changed the Icon of the Voice Recorder app
  • Corrected a typo in framework-res (strings.xml) made by Samsung :P
Depending on their severity, these bugs will either be Ignored or Fixed via Add-Ons/Bug-fixes or ROM updates...
  • Gallery app can't set custom lock screen wallpapers (sorry, this cannot be fixed atm)
  • Polaris Office 5 doesn't work at all. It force closes probably due to missing or conflicting library files (download Polaris Office 4 from the Add-Ons section below)
  • Status Bar shows "3G" icon no matter what kind of data network the user is using (fixed in 1.1 Update)
  • No Audio @ Maximum Volume.. in SOS 1.1 (fixed in 1.2 Update)
  • The "Wake up in lock screen" option in lock screen settings doesn't work (fixed in 1.2 Update)
  • The default music player, Play Music+ can be laggy and slow sometimes; this is because its a heavy modification of an earlier version of Google Play Music app (fixed in 1.2 Update)
  • The Digital Clock widget doesn't load.. Maybe because of the differences in version of Android or due to missing framework or library files (fixed in 1.3 Update)
  • MiXplorer - the default file explorer in Sami OS 1.2 has a bug. It will force close (almost) every time you browse through your Root partition. (fixed in 1.3 Update)
  • The default messaging app in Sami OS 1.2 cannot receive any messages. (fixed in 1.3 Update)
  • The size and position of "Minute" in the default clock app in Sami OS 1. 2 is wrong. (fixed in 1.3 Update)
  • Pressing on the Home button when the screen is off not only turns on the screen, but also minimizes the currently running app (fixed in 1.3.1 Update)
  • Enabling USB Mass Storage crashes SystemUI (fixed in 1.4 Update)
  • Ripple Effect doesn't work (fixed in 1.4 Update)

Below are a list of add-ons that have been tested and is completely compatible with Sami OS:
  • This is for i9070P users only. This makes your phone compatible with my ROM.
    NOTE: This is a flashable zip! So just Download the zip and flash it via TWRP or CWM Recovery!
  • Samsung_KNOX_and_ZHA_ap_MMSCtrl for saving yourself from the Android Stagefright vulnerability by disabling MMS. Though, I'm not sure if it will work with every single Messaging apps that are available for our phone)
  • Un-patched for avoiding any risk of data corruption
  • SystemUI.apk with 3minit Quicklaunch Panel Disabled. Compatible with Sami OS 1.4 only (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • SystemUI.apk with WiFi in and out indicator on Status Bar. Compatible with Sami OS 1.4 only (to install, first Rename it appropriately; then just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • SystemUI.apk with WiFi in and out indicator and 3minit Quicklaunch Panel Disabled. Compatible with Sami OS 1.4 only (to install, first Rename it appropriately; then just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • This is a flashable zip for reverting all my ROM's Lollipop animations to the default ICS ones. So just Download the zip and flash it via TWRP or CWM Recovery!
  • Dark_Void.micfg A beautiful Dark theme made by me for MiXplorer 5.5.4 Beta
  • This is a flashable zip! So just Download the zip and flash it via TWRP or CWM Recovery!
    NOTE: This will revert almost all my ROM's icons to Samsung's default ones and is irreversible
  • Stock Music Player (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • AccuWeather Widget from GB This is a flashable zip! So just Download the zip and copy it to your External SD Card and then Reboot to Recovery and flash it! NOTE: Sometimes the widget loads up with weird layouts.. So you will have to resize it to your preference!
  • Polaris Viewer 4 (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • Google Play Games app (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • Video Editor from CyanogenMOD 10.1 (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • Stock Keyboard (from Samsung) (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • This is a flashable zip! So just Download the zip and flash it via TWRP or CWM Recovery! NOTE: Installing this will remove AOSP Camera and Gallery app.
  • Clock app (from Samsung) (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • Clock app (from CM 10.1) (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)
  • Messaging app (from CM 10.1) (to install, just push it to system/app folder using any Root Browser)

My To-Do list:
Below is my to-do list, which basically gives you an idea of what features the next version(s) of Sami OS will be having...
  • Try to add User suggested Features and Suggestions
  • More Status Bar mods
  • Fix the Bugs mentioned above (there isn't any left)
  • Add proper support for GT- i9070P (an experimental "fix" has been released)
  • Re-odex the entire ROM (you can do it yourself.. just search for an universal Re-Odex script on XDA)
  • Implement Aroma Installer (Cancelled)
  • HTC Sense styled recents app menu (Cancelled)
  • Add Airplane Mode toggle below the Bluetooth toggle (Cancelled)
  • Modify TouchWiz launcher to minimize itself when an app is launched (like Nova launcher does) (Cancelled)
  • Implement Viper Audio Mod (Cancelled)
  • Add Ink Effect (Cancelled)
  • Increase the system's default volume limit for much louder sound (Cancelled)
  • Use volume buttons to skip music tracks (Cancelled)
  • Enable CRT Off animation with ON/OFF toggle in Settings menu (Done in 1.1 Update)
  • Enable Blocking Mode functionality (Done in 1.2 Update)
  • Add Long Press Back (or Menu) key to force close an app (Done in 1.2 Update)
  • Try to make the clock on lock screen look more like the one in stock Android 4.4 (Done in 1.3 Update)
  • Enable Call Recording feature on stock Phone app (Done in 1.3 Update)
  • Add stuff from Android KitKat and L (Done in 1.4 Update)
  • Remove occasional Screen wake lag (Done in 1.4 Update)
  • Add New wallpapers (Done in 1.4 Update)
Some thing you'd like to add to this list? Then please post a request on the "Feature Request" Tab above

You can also take a look at my ROM's Official website to stay updated
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26th October 2013, 07:18 PM |#3  
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Cool FAQs, Tips and Notes, My Opinion on my ROM, Credits and Acknowledgements
Should I install/update in a chronological order?
Yes. This means that you should install Sami OS 1.0 first (if you haven't already) and then reboot to system. Use your phone for a while and setup everything. Once all that is done, reboot to recovery and start installing the updates one by one (in a chronological order) without rebooting to system.

Is updating from 1.x to 1.z possible?
Yes, it is possible. But its recommended that you install 1.y first.. So that you won't miss out from any new features or fixes that were introduced in the 1.y update... I know that this will become a little tedious, but its the only way for me to keep the size of the updates smaller - so that it can be uploaded and downloaded much quickly. Detailed instructions on how to update to my ROM's latest version is available. Just look for it on the Second post of this thread.

Flashing so many zip files is a little tedious. Why not merge all the updates into one zip file?
Even though I've considered about doing this ever since I released the 1.1 Update, there are a lot of some reasons why I'm not doing this. You can download the ROM and all its updates and mods on your PC , extract them to a single folder and then manually merge/combine all of them. Once that's done, select the 3 folders (META-INF, system and vrtheme) and use any file archiving software (like 7-zip or WinRAR) to make a zip file out of it. Let me know if you bump into any problems.

Can I flash xyz performance/battery mods or scripts while I'm using your ROM on my phone?
No. My ROM already has a lot of scripts and various other tweaks and mods. So adding more will either have no effect or make things worse (slower performance, boot loop, high battery drain, etc.). So please ask me first before installing anything like this and I'll try to find out if it'll work on my ROM without any issues or not.

Tips & Notes:
Below are some tips and notes which I'm sharing from my experience:
  • Please don't use your phone after restarting or turning it on for at least a minute.. Its going to lag.. This is probably because the system is still busy loading all its services, files, apks, scripts and because the media server will be running in background.
  • You can use Greenify to disable most system apps like Google Play Services to get lower battery consumption (while phone is idle). Additionally, you can also use CoCore E 8.2 Kernel if you prefer better battery life over performance
  • The best way to clear your phone's RAM is by doing a Quick (Hot) Reboot instead of Normal Reboot.. This is because Hot Reboot just restarts the OS; not the entire device.. Thus its faster than a Normal Reboot and also doesn't drain your battery while it reboots
  • You need to disable MMS to save yourself from the recently discovered Stagefright security vulnerability by using a small app. Look for "Samsung_KNOX_and_ZHA_ap_MMSCtrl" under the Add-Ons section
  • If for some reason your phone's system partition becomes read-only then type this into Terminal Emulator:
    mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 /system
  • Before installing any mods or scripts please make sure that they are compatible with Sami OS! Because I added a lot of tweaks too; so my tweaks may interfere with the tweaks you install!
  • You can use apps like SDMaid Pro to maintain your phone's optimal performance by clearing cache, (old) logs, bulk of unneeded files and disabling auto-starting of certain apps on Boot
  • The safety_level is changed from 3 to 1 in So, there is a small risk of data corruption here. This is because no fsync is done before databases are committed into disk and hence it'll be faster but at the slight risk of corruption. This could include launcher widgets going missing or SMS messages going missing or corrupted etc.. But do note that this is the default behavior in JB 4.3, KK 4.4 and above. You can revert back to the older file if you want to avoid any risk of data corruption.
  • If for some reason adb is no longer working then add this line below to your build.prop and then give it another try:
  • After updating or installing my ROM, if you cannot see your accounts (e.g- Google, Yahoo, WhatsApp, etc.) under Accounts in Settings (app), then all you need to do is log out and sign back in. You should now see them now
  • Please disable Keytones, Touch Sounds, Screen lock sound and Haptic Feedback under Sound menu (in Settings).. Use only if required to do so; because they all contribute in consuming your battery.. The same thing goes for Motion options as well..
  • Checkout this simple trick to change the Status Bar's gradient orientation
  • For switching to Material theme on your Keyboard, go to Settings > Language and Input > Google Keyboard Settings > Advanced Settings and change the Color scheme to "Material"
  • For my own benefit, I chose not to Re-odex my ROM. But if you want to Re-Odex my ROM on your phone then you can use Universal Odex Script or anything similar to do it. Because I did not try it yet, please tell me if you did it and succeeded.
  • If you're into pimping, tweaking and modding your phone, then you should definitely checkout Xposed (if you haven't already). It drastically simplifies this process by taking away the need for flashing zip files or modifying any apk or jar files!
  • Checkout XMultiWindow. It's functionality is quite similar to Samsung's MultiWindow functionality - but this is way better in my opinion
  • Checkout XBlast Tools. It's more or less like an All-in-One Tweak Box. You can change a lot of stuff in your phone on the go without modifying any APK files!
  • If you don't want to use CRT Off animation then please uncheck it from Settings > Display (obviously ) and then using MiXplorer (or any browser with Root access), go to system > etc > init.d folder and open 03_crt_net.
    Look for the lines containing "fbdelay" and "fbdelay_ms" and delete or comment them out. Save the file, set the proper file permission and restart for it to take effect. This should remove the "delay" in powering your screen off..
  • You can disable Touchboost feature to save some more battery.
    Using MiXplorer (or any browser with Root access), go to system > etc > init.d folder and open 02_kernel. Look for
    "echo on > /sys/kernel/mxt224e/touchboost" and "echo 500 > /sys/kernel/mxt224e/touchboost_delay" and delete or comment them out. Save the file, set the proper file permission and restart for it to take effect
  • If for some reason you want to have a persistent notification of USB debugging (enabled) then add this line below to your build.prop:
  • Right now, the best kernels to use with Sami OS are CoCore E 8.2, 10.0 and Refresh R09 (link to thread)
  • If you're wondering why this thread is full of textual information, its because I want to this thread as Noob Friendly as possible! And yes, I typed each and every words - so yeah, I think I deserve a thanks for that too.
More will be added soon to this list very soon!

My Opinion on my ROM:
I've been running the "pre-release" and the "final" version Sami OS for quite some time now.. And yes, my phone is super smooth with the combo of Sami OS and CoCore E r09 BUT I did notice some occasional hiccups and lags on my ROM too! I'm sure that a very few developers will tell bad about his/her ROM, but I'm just like you - I always want the best in my phone and so I am being honest with you.. Nothing is perfect in this world, and my ROM is certainly not an exception.. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it.. Because it indeed is super smooth most of the time!!!

One more thing.. my ROM still isn't completely optimized for Aggressive gaming, multi-tasking and battery conservation yet but I hope that it will get better along with the future updates it'll be getting..

Credits And Acknowledgements:
Below is an alphabetically arranged list of names of all the people whose work has either directly or indirectly helped me in making my ROM and I'd like to Thank them from the bottom of my heart for helping me when I needed it...
  • acl1
  • b16h22
  • CNexus
  • cocafe
  • Didact74
  • drnarinder
  • EnricoD
  • fbs
  • Gharrington
  • Goldieking
  • gu5t3r
  • hastalafiesta
  • HootanParsa
  • isaak
  • joehanh88
  • Jtfk
  • KINGbabasula
  • lokeshsaini94
  • loserskater
  • majdinj
  • mariozawa
  • MikiGry
  • mkaluza
  • nijel8
  • ocoot
  • Oliwe
  • olokos
  • P.Castro
  • pranavburnwal
  • Qadir64
  • Shaaan
  • shut_down
  • SimonGleinert
  • Spannaa

Dear reader, if you believe that you or your work has helped me in making my ROM and yet I did not mention your name here, then I'm extremely Sorry! Just PM me and I'll add your name asap!!

Liked my ROM?
Want to show me your Support? Then all you have to do is become a Fan of Project: Sami OS by "Liking" its official Facebook page... You have no idea how much it will mean to me


You can also choose to go a step further and support my work by donating me with your desired amount of money.
More info about this can be found here

Or you can just Click on the Thanks button, rate the ROM and Thread with 5 Stars!

I'd like to add a few more things:
- You are free to modify the "looks" of my ROM (or my themed System apps) for your personal use only. If you wish to share it with others then do ask me for my permission and please give me the proper credits for my hard work
- Please don't Mirror (or Re-upload) any of my works.. Because it will mess up the Download Statistics of my works
- It took me more than a gazillion clicks to make this, but please just spare one click to click the thanks button below to motivate me! And don't forget to rate the thread with 5 stars too!
- You can also Follow this Thread to stay updated by knowing whats happening on my thread; thanks to XDA's DevDB Template!
- Please do not quote this entire post. It's long as hell, reading it once is more than enough and so no one wants to see it again...

Want to learn more about Project: Sami OS?
Want to learn more about Project: Sami OS and know the mystery behind the name "Sami OS for Android"? Then Click Here!

Want to Recommend me a new feature for my ROM?
Then please Send me a PM or leave your requests on the "Feature Requests" tab above. I'd be glad to receive any recommendations (or Bug reports) to make my ROM much better anyway! But do note that I am not an Android Wizard who can make miracles happen; If you ask me for something which I can't provide then I will clearly deny your request.

And that's pretty much it. Thanks for visiting this thread and for downloading and using my ROM... Make sure to leave your comments, reviews and write about your experience with my ROM!
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26th October 2013, 07:24 PM |#4  
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Where's download link?

Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9070 met Tapatalk
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26th October 2013, 07:28 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by Jeroenvk94

Where's download link?

Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9070 met Tapatalk

Going to share it ASAP! This thread is still under construction
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26th October 2013, 07:30 PM |#6  
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Waiting for it. Thank you very much for your work.
26th October 2013, 07:31 PM |#7  
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Awesome work bro :thumbup:

Sent from my GT-I9070 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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26th October 2013, 07:59 PM |#8  
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Yeees waiting for thiss !!!
26th October 2013, 08:10 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Darkness and Hope

Yeees waiting for thiss !!!

Waiting for what?

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26th October 2013, 08:12 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by AltamashAN

Waiting for what?

Sent from my GT-I9070 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app

Sami was put this ROM into his sign.It was shared in his web site, finally it's fixed and here.
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26th October 2013, 08:18 PM |#11  
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Long long waiting rom.. I will download and flash asap..

Sent from my GT-I9070 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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