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[MOD][TUTORIAL][JB]How To Make a Debloat Script & Complete List Of System Apps

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By DaRk-L0rD, Senior Member on 27th October 2013, 11:21 PM
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Hello everyone!

Here is a tutorial on how to make a debloat script.

This tutorial should work for all Sony Xperia Devices running JB 4.1.2.


I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, global economic crisis, James Bond destroyed Aston Martin DB5 or M's death.
YOU choose to make these modifications. Follow carefully the instructions you will have no problem at all.

  • Before we begin with the tutorial, here is the complete list of the apps you will find in system/app, with a small explanation and if they can be removed safely.
  • There are probably some mistakes as they are almost 200 apks, so please collaborate with me.
  • If you want to restore some apks because you just changed your mind, just extract them from the rom (make sure it's deoxeded).
  • I won't tell you to remove the apks or not, i am just telling you which are safe to remove. YOU choose to delete them or not!
  • Use Control+F to find the apk you want, will save you time!


ApplicationsProvider.apk ==== Useful for installing and uninstalling apps
ArtFilterCamera.apk ==== Useful for the camera
AudioEffectService.apk ==== Audio Effect Service app
Autopoweroff.apk === Automatically shutdown your device if there isn't a SIM card in order to avoid battery drain in case of accidental power on***Safe to remove***


Backup-Restore.apk ==== Backup***Safe to remove***
BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk ==== Backup***Safe to remove***
Backup-wizard.apk ==== Backup***Safe to remove***
BlackTheme.apk ==== Black Theme***Safe to remove***
BlackThemeBlueAccent.apk ==== Black Blue Accent Theme***Safe to remove***
BlueTheme.apk ==== Blue Theme***Safe to remove***
Bluetooth.apk ==== Bluetooth
bootinfo.apk ==== ?
Browser.apk ==== Sony's default browser***Safe to remove***


CalendarProvider.apk ==== Calendar Storage
CameraCommon.apk ==== Useful for camera
CameraExtensionPermission.apk ==== Useful for camera
CdfInfoAccessor.apk ==== Software Component Descriptions
CellInformationWidget.apk ==== Widget that shows you your Operator Name***Safe to remove***
CertInstaller.apk ==== Manages safety certificates
ClockWidgets.apk ==== Clock's widgets
ContactsImport.apk ==== Import Contacts
Conversations.apk ==== It's the messages app
CosmicFlow.apk ==== Live Wallpaper***Safe to remove***
CredentialManagerService.apk ==== Credential Manager Service
CustomizationProvider.apk ==== CustomizationProvider
CustomizedSettings.apk ==== Customized settings


DefaultCapabilities.apk ==== Hardware Capabilities
DefaultContainerService.apk ==== Unpacking Apps for Installing
device-monitor.apk ==== Plug and Play monitoring
DownloadProvider.apk ==== Download app, connected with GooglePlay and browser
DownloadProviderUi.apk ==== Downloaded items list
DrmDialogs.apk ==== DRM Sync Service
DrmProvider.apk ==== DRM Protected Content Storage
DtcpCtrl.apk ==== ?


enhancedusbux.apk ==== app for usb connections
Exchange2.apk ==== Stock Exchange app***Safe to remove***
ExternalKeyboardJP.apk ==== Japanese keyboard***Safe to remove***


FaceLock.apk ==== Unlock with Face Recognition***Safe to remove***
fast-dormancy-wakeup.apk ==== ?


Galaxy4.apk ==== Live Wallpaper***Safe to remove***
GeneralDataDisclaimer.apk ==== General Data Disclaimer
GenericApplicationInstaller.apk ==== Application Installer Service
GenieWidget.apk ==== Weather/News widget***Safe to remove***
Gmail.apk ==== Gmail***Safe to remove***
GMS_Maps.apk ==== Google Maps=== Safe to remove
GmsCore.apk ==== Related to Playstore probably
GoogleBackupTransport.apk ==== Android Backup Service for apps
GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk ==== Calendars Sync
GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk ==== Contacts Sync
GoogleFeedback.apk ==== Market Feedback Agent
GoogleLoginService.apk ==== Google Login Service
GoogleLyricsPlugin.apk ==== Google Lyrics Plugin***Safe to remove***
GooglePartnerSetup.apk ==== Google Partner Setup
GoogleServicesFramework.apk ==== Google Services Framework
GoogleTTS.apk ==== Text To Speech=== Safe to remove
GpsSatellitesNotification.apk ==== GPS Satellites Notification.Remove it only if you don't use GPS***Safe to remove***
GreenTheme.apk ==== Green Theme***Safe to remove***


helpapp.apk ==== Help application***Safe to remove***
HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk ==== Live Wallpaper***Safe to remove***
Home.apk ==== Launcher
HotspotAdvancedSetting.apk ==== Hotspot Advanced Settings
HTMLViewer.apk ==== HTML viewer. If removed should not Interfere with Internet browser.***Safe to remove***


IddAgent.apk ==== Anonymous Usage Stats***Safe to remove***
Initial-boot-setup.apk ==== ?
InputDevices.apk ==== ?


JapaneseIME.apk ==== Japanese Keyboard***Safe to remove***


KeyChain.apk ==== Password Keeper


LiveWallpapers.apk ==== Live Wallpapers Service***Safe to remove***
LiveWallpapersPicker.apk ==== Live Wallpaper Chooser***Safe to remove***
livewaremanager.apk ==== LiveWareManager***Safe to remove***
LocalContacts.apk ==== Phone Contacts
LocationBasedWifi.apk ==== Location Based WiFi


MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk ==== Live Wallpaper***Safe to remove***
MediaProvider.apk ==== Media Storage
MediaUploader.apk ==== My Uploads For Youtube Uploading
MemcardTransportService.apk ==== Important for the Memory Card
MusicFX.apk ==== Related to Music
MusicWidget.apk ==== Music Widget=== Safe to remove


NetworkLocation.apk ==== Network Location Manager (Location Services, Check-in, Geo-tagging)
Nfc.apk ==== NFC
nfc-handover.apk ==== NFC
NoiseField.apk ==== Live Wallpaper***Safe to remove***
NoteWidget.apk ==== Notes Widget***Safe to remove***


OemCryptoReceiver.apk ==== ?
OMAClientProvisioning.apk ==== OTA Network Settings Download
OmaDownload.apk ==== ?
OmaV1AgentDownloadServices.apk ==== OTA services download and purchase/billing services
OneTimeInitializer.apk ==== Runs after first flashing of Gapps to allow you to chose which you want
OnOffTools.apk ==== Related to the launcher probably
OrangeTheme.apk ==== Orange Theme***Safe to remove***


PackageInstaller.apk ==== Package Installer
PartnerBookmarksProvider.apk ==== Bookmarks Related
PhaseBeam.apk ==== Live Wallpaper
Phonebook.apk ==== Phonebook (Contacts)
Phonesky.apk ==== Google Play Store
PhotoSlideshow.apk ==== Photo Slide Show
PhotoWidget.apk ==== Photo Widget***Safe to remove***
PicoTts.apk ==== Text To Speech Service***Safe to remove***
PinkTheme.apk ==== Pink Theme***Safe to remove***
PlusOne.apk ==== Google Plus***Safe to remove***
PMSservice.apk ==== ?
PMSserviceTriggerimei.apk ==== ?
POBoxSknMono.apk ==== Skin for Chinese Keyboard***Safe to remove***
POBoxSknPink.apk ==== Skin for Chinese Keyboard***Safe to remove***
POBoxSknSelector.apk ==== Skin Chooser for Chinese Keyboard***Safe to remove***
POBoxSknWood.apk ==== Skin for Chinese Keyboard***Safe to remove***
PrivInit.apk ==== ?
PSCertifiedSettings.apk ==== PlayStation


qcsemcservice.apk ==== RIL extension for default browser


Radio3.apk ==== Radio app
ReadyToRun.apk ==== ?
RecentCallsWidget.apk ==== Recent Calls Widget***Safe to remove***
RemoteControlService.apk ==== ?
retaildemo.apk ==== Retail Demo***Safe to remove***


SecureClockJava.apk ==== Web Clock Service
SemcAlbum.apk ==== Sony's Album***Safe to remove***
SemcAutoPowerOff.apk ==== Power Tools
SemcCalculator.apk ==== Sony's Calculator***Safe to remove***
SemcCalendar.apk ==== Sony's Calendar***Safe to remove***
SemcCamera3D.apk ==== Camera
SemcCameraUI.apk ==== Camera
SemcClock.apk ==== Sony's clock
SemcCnapProvider.apk ==== Media Related
SemcContactsProvider.apk ==== Contacts Storage
SemcCrashMonitor.apk ==== Crash Monitor
SemcDlna.apk ==== Stock DLNA app
SemcDlnaHandover.apk ==== Related to DLNA
SemcEmail.apk ==== Sony's email app***Safe to remove***
SemcMetadataCleanup.apk ==== ?
SemcMusic.apk ==== Walkman***Safe to remove***
SemcMusicVisualizer.apk ==== Walkman's visualizer***Safe to remove***
SemcNotes.apk ==== Sony's Note App=== Safe to remove
SemcPhone.apk ==== Phone
SemcPhotoEditor.apk ==== Sony's Photo Editor
SemcPowerSaveModule.apk ==== Power Managment
SemcSettings.apk ==== Controls the "Xperia" menu in Settings
SEMCSetupWizard.apk ==== Setup Wizard
SemcSimDetection.apk ==== Sim Detection
SemcStorageChecker.apk ==== Storage Checker
SemcTelephonyProvider.apk ==== Dialer Storage
SemcTvLauncher.apk ==== Related to Screen Mirroring
SemcTvOut.apk ==== Related to Screen Mirroring
SemcUnplugChargerReminder.apk ==== Unplug Charger Reminder***Safe to remove***
SemcVideo.apk ==== Sony's Movies App***Safe to remove***
SemcWarrantyTime.apk ==== ?
ServiceMenu.apk ==== ?
Settings.apk ==== It's the Settings menu
SettingsProvider.apk ==== Settings Provider
ShareApplication.apk ==== Share Application
SharedStorageBackup.apk ==== Possibly USB connection menu
ShutDownAnimation.apk ==== Shut Down Animation. In some phones show the Carrier's Name when you shut done the phone.***Safe to remove***
SimContacts.apk ==== Sim Contacts
SimlockUnlockApp.apk ==== Sim Unlock
Skin1.apk ==== It's a theme***Safe to remove***
skin-picker.apk ==== App that let's you pick up a theme
skin-upholsterer.apk ==== ?
SkyfallTheme.apk ==== Skyfall Theme***Safe to remove***
SmallApp-Calculator.apk ==== Small app***Safe to remove***
SmallAppManagerService.apk ==== Small app Manager***Safe to remove***
SmallApp-Notes.apk ==== Small app***Safe to remove***
SmallApp-Recorder.apk ==== Small app***Safe to remove***
SmallApp-Timer.apk ==== Small appSafe to remove
SmartcardService.apk ==== Important for Smart Card
SmartSearch.apk ==== ?
SomcCameraAutoUpload.apk ==== Probably related to Social Netoworks
SomcConnectivityCenter.apk ==== Connectivity Center***Safe to remove***
SomcMusicSlideshow.apk ==== Music Slideshow
SomcPhotoAnalyzer.apk ==== Photo Analyzer
SomcPlayAnywhere.apk ==== Throw Connectivity
SomcWifiDisplay.apk ==== Screen Mirroring
SomcXperiaLink.apk ==== Xperia Link***Safe to remove***
SonySCV.apk ==== ?
SoundEnhancement.apk ==== Sound Enhancement
SoundLevelAlert.apk ==== Alerts you when the sound is too high. You can remove after accepting the dialogue allowing the volume to go higher.***Safe to remove***
Sound-Picker.apk ==== Sound Chooser for notifications, ringtones ecc
SoundRecorder.apk ==== Sound Recorder
Stk.apk ==== Sim tool kit. Quick access to carrier's services.***Safe to remove***
Street.apk ==== Google street view***Safe to remove***
SuperStamina.apk ==== Power Managment
SwiqiMasterReset.apk ==== Bravia Engine
SystemUI.apk ==== SystemUI


Tag.apk ==== NFC Tags= → ***Safe to remove***
Talk.apk ==== Google's Hangouts***Safe to remove***
talkback.apk ==== Talk Back***Safe to remove***
TaskSwitcher.apk ==== Task Switcher
TetherEntitlementCheck.apk ==== Tethering
textinput-chn.apk ==== Chinese Keyboard***Safe to remove***
textinput-tng.apk ==== Sony's Stock Keyboard
TimeService.apk ==== ?
TopContactsWidget.apk ==== Top Contacts Widget***Safe to remove***


UnsupportedHeadsetNotifier.apk ==== Notifies you when you connect an Unsupported Headset***Safe to remove***
UpdateCenter.apk ==== Update Center***Safe to remove***
UpdateCenter.apk ==== It's the update center***Safe to remove***
usb-mtp-backup-transport.apk ==== Related to Usb
usb-mtp-marlin-wrapper.apk ==== Related to Usb
usb-mtp-update-wrapper.apk ==== MTP extension polling
usb-mtp-vendor-extension-service.apk ==== Sony MTP extension
usbotg.apk ==== Usb Otg
UsbTransportService.apk ==== Related to Usb
UseragentProvider.apk ==== User Agent Storage
UserDictionaryProvider.apk ==== User Dictionary Storage
UxpNxtLockScreen.apk ==== Lock Screen


Velvet.apk ==== Google Now
VerifyCertificatesDummyAppApplication.apk ==== Certificate identifier
VerifyCertificatesDummyAppMedia.apk ==== Certificate identifier
VerifyCertificatesDummyAppPlatform.apk ==== Certificate identifier
VerifyCertificatesDummyAppShared.apk ==== Certificate identifier
VideoEditorGoogle.apk ==== Google Video Editor
VoiceDialer.apk ==== Voice Dialer
VoiceSearchStub.apk ==== Voice Search
VpnDialogs.apk ==== VPN Dialogs


WallpaperPicker.apk ==== Wallpaper Picker
WapPush.apk ==== WAP push (for receiving MMS)
WAPPushManager.apk ==== Tethering connectivity
WeatherWidget.apk ==== Weather Widget***Safe to remove***
WfdService.apk ==== ?



EventStream.apk ==== Timescape***Safe to remove***
EventStreamPluginFacebook.apk ==== Timescape Facebook Extension***Safe to remove***
EventStreamPluginTwitter.apk ==== Timescape Twitter extension***Safe to remove***


facebook.apk ==== Facebook***Safe to remove***
FBCalendarSync.apk ==== Sony Facebook Integration Calendar Sync***Safe to remove***
FBIAppShare.apk ==== Facebook Share App***Safe to remove***
FBMediaDiscovery.apk ==== Sony Facebook Integration Media Discovery***Safe to remove***
FBMusicLike.apk ==== Sony Facebook Integration Music Like***Safe to remove***
FBSetupwizard.apk ==== Sony Facebook Integration Setup Wizard (not needed to setup or for FB Integration to work)***Safe to remove***


PostViewer.apk ==== Post viewer***Safe to remove***


SEMCFacebookProxy.apk ==== Facebook***Safe to remove***
SocialEngineCore.apk ==== Social Networks***Safe to remove***
SocialEngineFacebookPlugin.apk ==== Facebook Plugin***Safe to remove***
SocialEngineFacebookShareFrwkPlugin.apk ==== Facebook***Safe to remove***
SocialEnginePicasaPlugin.apk ==== Picasa Plugin***Safe to remove***
SocialEngineTwitterShareFrwkPlugin.apk ==== Twitter***Safe to remove***
SocialPane-Apps.apk ==== Social Networks***Safe to remove***
SocialPane-FeedWidget.apk ==== Social Networks***Safe to remove***
SocialPane-FriendsWidget.apk ==== Friends' Widget***Safe to remove***
SocialPane-StatusWidget.apk ==== Status Widget***Safe to remove***
SOMCTwitterAccount.apk ==== Twitter***Safe to remove***
SOMCTwitterSetupWizard.apk ==== Twitter Setup Wizard***Safe to remove***


timescaperssplugin.apk ==== TimeScape Plugin***Safe to remove***
TimescapeSpline.apk ==== TimeScape***Safe to remove***
TwitterPostViewer.apk ==== Twitter Post Viewer***Safe to remove***


WikipediaPlugin.apk ==== Wikipedia Plugin***Safe to remove***


YouTube.apk ==== YouTube***Safe to remove***
YouTubeKaraokePlugin.apk ==== YouTube***Safe to remove***
YouTubePlugin.apk ==== YouTube***Safe to remove***

Thanks to:
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27th October 2013, 11:21 PM |#2  
DaRk-L0rD's Avatar
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Isla Muerta
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Prompt How to make a debloat script
Hmmm... What is a debloat script man?
It's a script that removes a lot of extra stuff, unwanted apps, also known as "bloatware".

What you need:

1. Deoxeded Rom
2. Root permission
3. CWM
4. Winrar
5. Notepad++
6. This file : META-INF.rar

OK now, we are good to go:

1. Download and install Notepad++
2. Download the attached file and extract the META-INF folder. Go to META-INF → com → google → android.
Now you will see a filed named updater-script. This it the file that will do all the magic, so be careful. Now: right click on it and open it with Notepad++.

3. Now on Notepad++

a) Select Encoding → Encode in ANSI

b) Select Edit → EOL Conversion → UNIX/OSX Format

Now let's start:


Copy these lines in the Notepad ++



Now copy the following lines (immediately after the previous lines; no spaces between these lines):

run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/data");
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/system");
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/cache");


Now you have to add the path of the file you want to delete (add the lines immediately after the previous lines; no spaces between these lines):
For example:

delete("/system/app/SemcMusic.apk"); -- This one will delete the SemcMusic.apk
delete("/system/app/CosmicFlow.apk"); -- This one will delete the CosmicFlow.apk
delete("/system/app/WikipediaPlugin.apk"); -- This one will delete the WikipediaPlugin.apk


Now copy these lines(add the lines immediately after the previous lines; no spaces between these lines):

run_program("/sbin/busybox", "unmount", "/data");
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "unmount", "/system");
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/cache");

NOTICE: After the line run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/cache"); leave an empty line.

PHP Code:
Here is a example of a small debloat script:

ui_print("Learing how to make a debloat script -- DaRk-L0rD");
Just a small tip now:
delete_recursive("/cache"); → This command will wipe the cache.
delete_recursive("/data/dalvik-cache"); → This command will wipe the dalvik cache.


Now save the updater-script and exit from Notepad++.


The next thing to do is create the flashable zip.

a) Make sure that the updater-scipt is in META-INF → com → google → android
b) Now make a folder named system (leave it empty).
c) Select both META-INF and system folder and right click on them.
d) Select Add to archive...
e) Archive name: Add the name you wish. No spaces between the words, but only "-" and "." .
f) Archive format: ZIP
g) Compression method Store
---> The Archive format and the Compression method are very important, so make sure they are ZIP and STORE.
i) Now copy the zip file you created in your phone and flash it!


Happy debloating
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27th October 2013, 11:21 PM |#3  
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Isla Muerta
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Might need this one too
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27th October 2013, 11:52 PM |#4  
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27th October 2013, 11:53 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by whalesplaho


You was the one thinking that i was crazy bro! hahahaahahaha
27th October 2013, 11:59 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by DaRk-L0rD

You was the one thinking that i was crazy bro! hahahaahahaha

never said so..... yhu started it!!!
28th October 2013, 12:00 AM |#7  
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Isla Muerta
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Originally Posted by whalesplaho

never said so..... yhu started it!!!

Just kidding bro and you know it :P
28th October 2013, 12:10 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by DaRk-L0rD

Just kidding bro and you know it :P

joking too..... thanks for tha tut!
28th October 2013, 12:10 AM |#9  
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Isla Muerta
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Originally Posted by whalesplaho

joking too..... thanks for tha tut!

My pleasure bro
28th October 2013, 05:58 AM |#10  
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1. Instead of marking those which are safe to remove, I would mark the apk's which are needed for the phones's essential functions and which should not be removed. The rest may be some eye candy (i.e. wallpapers), or some features not everyone uses (examples: Teethering, TV launcher), or apps that may be redundant to some (example: Gmail, Email does the same). Their removal is subjective to each individual.

2. My comments after ->
ArtFilterCamera.apk ==== Useful for the camera -> these are mostly cheesy filter effects, IMO
BlackThemeBlueAccent.apk ==== Black Blue Accent Theme=== Safe to remove -> Themes come with build in accents but if you don't choose a theme that has accents, then you will have none. And also no check marks on check boxes, colours on toggles, etc.. My take: Don't remove.
BlueTheme.apk ==== Blue Theme=== Safe to remove -> it is the theme Air
HTMLViewer.apk ==== HTML viewer -> to my opinion safe to remove, haven't found any need to see html files outside the brower
NoiseField.apk ==== ? -> noise surpression for the mic
OnOffTools.apk ==== Related to the launcher probably -> threse are the Sony on/off toggle widgets
PartnerBookmarksProvider.apk ==== Bookmarks Related -> safe to remove
PicoTts.apk ==== Text To Speech Service -> safe to remove, keep the Google TTS, IMO
RemoteControlService.apk ==== ? -> That's the "find my phone and erase everything on it" feature, in case it's lost. If checked in settings, it also enables continuous phone location tracking and detail location storage on Google servers.
SemcAlbum.apk ==== Sony's Album=== Safe to remove -> I'd not remove that without having another one.
SemcEmail.apk ==== Sony's email app=== Safe to remove -> not present on my V
SEMCSetupWizard.apk ==== Setup Wizard -> safe to remove only needed for noobs, all setings can be done manually
SemcWarrantyTime.apk ==== ? -> exactly what is says, warranty timer
ShareApplication.apk ==== Share Application -> part of the social engine = safe removal
SomcXperiaLink.apk ==== Xperia Link -> easy connection to other Sony Link enabled devices
UpdateCenter.apk ==== Update Center -> not needed on non-stock roms
VpnDialogs.apk ==== VPN Dialogues -> safe to rfemove if you don't use VPN

3. Does anybody have a BlackThemeBlueAccent.apk for me?

Thanks once again for the gargantuan task you undertook!
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28th October 2013, 08:21 AM |#11  
DaRk-L0rD's Avatar
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Isla Muerta
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@peter-k bro, a complete list is always useful i think. Also, each of us probably wants to delete different stuff and have a complete idea i think is important.
On the other hand, i don't know what every single apk does and as i mentioned on the OP i will need your collaboration to find the mistakes because the list is pretty huge, so i wouldn't be able to say for sure which apks are important for the system and which not, so i preferred to add a "safe to remove" to those i know for sure that will not create problems.
Hope my english makes sense--> i don't have coffee at all
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