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By imanesaurus, Inactive Recognized Developer on 31st October 2013, 05:21 AM
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Announcement from imanesaurus: V8 RELEASED

(Unlocked Bootloader Only)

Please read the instruction and FAQ ON 3rd POST carefully before asking, and HIT if you like my work

--ROM Details--
-MIUI Patchrom
-Multilanguange Support
-Based CM10.1
-Smooth and Beautifull


What's working:
Almost Everything

What's not working :
- Same bug as CM10.1 -> by:ubberlaggydarwin
- Radio
- Torch

- Lemme know!

Flashing Instructions
1.Do a nandroid backup first the rom and copy to sdcard
3.a.If you're on CM or Stock ROM :
- flask kernel (boot.img) inside via fastboot
- go to CWM
- Install the rom from CWM
- Wipe data/Factory reset
- Wipe Dalvik & Cache
- Flash gapps
- Reboot & Enjoy

3.b If wanna upgrade your MIUI
- Install New Version
- Wipe dalvik & Cache
- Reboot & Enjoy

MIUI Huashan V9

Wanna contribute to this¶o‹ject?

Check 2nd post
--Frequently Asked Questions--
check 3rd post

Without them this rom is not possible, so many thanks to them :
MIUI --> for patchrom
ubberlaggydarwin, adfad666, -kali, eagleeyetom, --> For bring CM to our devices. You guys are AWESOME!
Svetius, ganeshbiyer --> For their advice to port rom
championswimmer --> For Xperia kernel tools
NitroWeb --> Multilang
Zdunex25 --> For helped me out from many problem on my patchrom
Miuiandroid translations Team
ViPER520 & zhuhang --> for Their awesome Viper4androidFX (Click Here For more info)
Din Aje --> For his supported and Donations. Really thanks mate!
ashishdubey --> For their ported z1s keyboard
And anyone else whom i've forgotten please remind me.

Note: I am not Responsible for any damage to your phone, just DO IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK

XDA:DevDB Information
MIUI V5, a ROM for the Sony Xperia SP

ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: Cyanogenmod 10.1

Version Information
Status: Stable
Beta Release Date: 2013-10-31

Created 2013-10-31
Last Updated 2014-03-10
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31st October 2013, 05:26 AM |#2  
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OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Flag Makassar, Indonesia
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--Screenshoot and video-

thanks to @KiaTheKing


56 Tips You Should Know About MIUI V5


4/3/2014| V8 --- 4.2.28
Changelog :
  • Merge w/ Latest MIUI Source (4.2.28)
    MIUI ROM 4.2.28 Full Changelog

    [Lock screen, status bar, notification shade]
    Optimization - When SIM card hasn't been inserted, status bar shows 'SIM card not inserted' icon (2-25)
    Fix - If user received a new notification while pulling down the notification shade, the shade would freeze (2-25)

    [Home Screen]
    New - After uninstalling apps, icons on the Home screen can be sorted out automatically to fill the vacancy (2-27)
    Optimization - When changing wallpaper in “Edit Home screen”, wallpaper can also be applied to lock screen (2-27)

    Optimization - Increased Wi-Fi download performance when using Bluetooth headphones to make a call (Mi 3) (2-26)
    Fix - Phone couldn't connect to some types of routers (Mi 3) (2 26)
    Fix - Ring volume for incoming call was inconsistent when using headphones (Mi 3) (2-26)

    Fix - Sometimes, in Airplane mode, Messaging app would FC (2-25)
    Fix - Sometimes Cloud messaging wouldn't work (2-25)
    Fix - Sometimes when sending group messages from SIM 1 or SIM 2, messaging app would FC (Redmi) (2-25)

    [Security Center]
    New - Scheduled reminders for Trash clean up (2-26)
    New - When installation of a new app fails due to insufficient storage space, Security Center reminds user to clean up Trash (2-26)
    Optimization - Default reminder time for Trash clean up set to 3 days (2-26)
    Fix - Data usage was displayed incorrectly (Redmi) (Mi 3) (2-25)
  • Included MIUI updated Version : 4.1.31 / 4.2.7 / 4.2.14 / 4.2.1
  • Added Portuguese Languange
  • Added Xperia Z1s Kitkat keyboard & Deleted Stock google keyboard --> thanks to @ashishdubey
  • Fixed some alien languange and wrong strings
  • Deleted Gapps for fixing Google play services displayed error (you need to reinstall gapps manually)
  • Deleted Carrier Name in MIUI Xperia settings, because it has officially added on Settings - Statusbar - Additional Settings

01/21/2014| V7 --- 4.1.24
Changelog :
  • Merge w/ latest MIUI Source (MIUI 4.1.24)
  • Addded Dutch languange
  • Updated Hungarian, Spain, Vietnam, and Russian translations
  • Added Control Panel in XPERIA OPTIONS which included :
  • Custom Statusbar layout ; 1. Default MIUI ROM | 2. iOS statusbar layout
  • Navbar Resize Options ; 0dpi | 24dpi | 36dpi | 48dpi (Instructions : Set navbar state to Enabled and chose dpi you want)
  • These options need to reboot after applied
  • Added new KitkatKeyboard with colorful emoji from Google Play as additional keyboard Options

01/21/2014| V6 --- 4.1.17
  • Merge w/ latest MIUI source 4.1.17

    MIUI ROM 4.1.17 Full Changelog

    Fix - Pressing the Power button lightly will turn on the phone (1-16)
    Fix - Opening FM radio without a headphone may make recording calls unresponsive (1-16)

    New - Delete batch call logs (Open “Keypad” , press “Menu”, click “Delete batch” and select the call logs you want to delete) (1-13)

    Fix - Widgets cannot completely show when added in MiSpace (1-14)

    Fix - Sometimes Themes app FC (1-14)

    Fix - MMS videos blur (1-16)

    Optimization - Cannot download higher quality music immediately after purchasing (1-14)

    Optimization - Location function for cities outside mainland China (1-16)
    Fix - The same weather alert appears repeatedly in Notification sheet (1-16)

    Optimization - Enhanced loading speed of video lists (1-15)
    Fix - No respond when decoding PCM audio files (1-15)
    Fix - Cannot play vob files (1-15)
    Fix - Video app FCs after it fails to analyze file path (1-15)
    Fix - Sometimes cannot load the posters of online videos (1-15)

  • Added Russian Languange
  • Updated some languange translations
  • Fix Headset buttons not working --> credits to someone that i forgot where is his post long time ago. PM me if it is you baby
  • Add Xperia Sections in settings (Settings - XPERIA), which included :
    1. Viper4android FX Changed it holo background themes to MIUI v5 background light themes(so you can't find Viper4android FX app in launcher anymore it moved to Settings - Viper4Android FX )
    2. xLOUD™ included
    3. Vibration controls from CM10.1 w/ MIUI V5 background light themes
    4. Hovering controls (this has some Air gesture feature from Sammy devices)
    5. MIUI spn conf as settings - carrier name (to change carrier/operator name as you like)
    6. I just added some screens about it. see attachment below
  • Added My Emoji keyboard MOD (It's enable by default, you'll find a new globe symbol on the lower left keyboard, Emoji keyboard will show up when you clicked on it )
  • Added some strings to System - about phone

01/11/2014 | V5
  • Merge w/ latest MIUI Source 4.1.10
  • Updated French, Hungarian, Polish, Indonesian translations
  • Added Vietnamese languange
  • Fix Offline charging
  • Fix Caller ID forced closed
  • Fix Equalizer (All sound mod should working now)
  • Added Viper4androidFX as additional sound MOD
  • Fix MiuiGallery not showing picture saved in external sdcard
  • Forget something will be added later, i'm in hurry now
01/05/2014 | V4
  • Merge w/ latest MiCode source MIUI 4.1.3
    MIUI ROM 4.1.3 Full Changelog
    Fix - Marking all notification messages as read will not affect private messages anymore (12-31)

    New - Move pictures to other albums (12-31)
    Fix - Some bmp pictures with the jpg. extension cannot be set as wallpaper (12-31)
    Fix - Sometimes there's no response when download original pictures or videos (12-31)

    New - Support using MiCredits to buy higher quality online music (12-31)

    Fix - Weather widget cannot update timely after deleting locations in weather app (12-31)
    Fix - Some themes cannot get weather data (12-31)

    New - Added Xunlei engine, increasing downloading speed by 70% (12-31)

    Fix - When watching online videos, connect device with computer will cause the video to reload (12-31)
    Fix- Sometimes offline videos cannot pause (12-31)
    Fix - When downloading offline video, click on the video name on status bar will not lead to the correct video (12-31)
  • Added Indonesian, Hungarian, French, Polish, Germany, Spain, & Arabic languange
  • Optimized multilang w/ deleting others unsupported languange in Settings - Languange
  • Small gapps included (only play store if youw want gmail, youtube, maps and etc. downloaded it from play store)
  • Restore some MIUI preinstalled apps (Because it has new app but didn't know what the function LOL)
  • Forget some thing will be writed later on OP
21/12/2013 | V3
  • Merge w/ Latest MIUI source (MIUI 3.12.20 Changelog)
  • Fix Setting - Security - *Options Forced closed in v2
  • Fix Reboot issue in v2.2
  • Fix Browser Menu in v2.2
  • Fix a bit layout issue
8/12/2013 | V2
  • Build w/ Patchrom Merge with Latest MIUI 3.12.6
  • Battery Life Seem a little bit better
  • Fix Empty APN on Setting
  • Fix Sometimes Charge with USB cable on PC take a long time
  • Enable WiFi Display
  • Removed some settings (Glove Mode, Dolby) will be enabled if i got it working.
29/11/2013 | OTA 3.11.2909/11/2013 | V1
  • Updated to MIUI 3.11.8
  • Fixed WiFi Reboot
  • Improved Battery life --> needed to test it, please give a feedback
  • Better RAM management (increased more free RAM 5-10%)
  • Added Touch Responsive Tweaks
  • Added Scrolling Responsive Tweaks
  • Added Battery Saving Tweaks & init D script
  • Support OTA for Next Released
01/11/2013 | 3.11.1
  • Sync with newest MIUI source (version 3.11.1). Check this out for MIUI changelog
  • Fixed Headset not detected
  • Fixed USB tethering
  • Sync with apps for XHDPI MIUI apps Previous version is for HDPI devices --> Fix overlay/some background images not fit
  • Added multilang support (currently uploading)
  • Enabled LED options in Settings
  • Updated OP miuiandroid gapps for JB 4.2.2
31/10/2013 | 3.10.25
Initial Released
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31st October 2013, 05:29 AM |#3  
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OP Inactive Recognized Developer
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--Frequently asked questions(FAQ)--

Q: My phone is stuck in bootanimation, plz help me????
A: Please help me too, to Read instruction carrefully before flash it. Wipe data/factory reset or you can stuck in bootanimation FOREVER

Q: Please fix root, i can't access superuser
A: Open Permissions app - Manage ROOT permission - Enabled Root Permission (Press the key above)

Q: Help me, when someone calling, my phone not ringing (cause only vibration) on this rom ,somebody help me?
A: Change phone ringtone in settings - sound, and your phone should be ringing

Q: How to bring more performance in MIUI?

hmm try this
  1. set background proccess limit to "at most 3 process" and turn on force gpu rendering in settings - developer option
  2. set Window animation and transition scale to .5x in settings - developer option
  3. turn off icon shadow and change transitional effect (to whatever you likes) in launcher settings
  4. turn off vibrate on touch in settings - sound
  5. go to security centre folder - app control - and unselect application that you wont make it boot in background process.

Q: Menu key is not working, Where is the application drawer?
A: MIUI ROM Didn't have something like that. just swype homescreen to the right and there is yours app

Q: Is it just me or everyone that you can't download apps when on mobile data network? i get this problem since first release?
A: Open "Downloads" application - Settings - Set data usage to unlimited

Q: On screen buttons tends to disappear and i have to restart to often, why?
A: Unfortunately it's still recognized as bug from original miui rom. so never asking again about this one, it will be fixed when it should be.

Q: Why I got status 7 error when installing OTA updates? How to fix that?
A: It's because you modified original miui apps/file (By using some mods/xposed/wsmtools/etc), just reinstall fullrom of MIUI and install OTA updates after that

Q: Why Viper4android is not working?
A: Open MIUI Music app - equalizer - set preset to "No effect". for detail go here


This app below will enhanced your MIUI ROM to make it much better, useful and even more beautifull, it's compatible with MIUI V5.
Just click the link and downloaded it there, and please read the installation guide firstly

[APP] WSM TOOLS v2.0.4 - MIUI V5 Control Panel & Xposed Alternative --> thanks @whitemamba for the info
Features :
  • T9 Module
  • MMS Rotation
  • Reboot Options
  • MMS Festival
  • Yellowpage
  • Units
  • Holidays
  • Browser Autofit
  • Alarm Time fix
  • Carrier Label
  • Email Rotation
  • Keyboard Fix

[MOD] Xylon Animation Framework [TESTED & WORKS GREAT ]

APP Collection [UNTESTED]
  • Ultimate Dynamic Navigation Bar
  • Super Backup
  • Pixlr Express
  • Wakelock Detector (Save Battery Life)
  • X-Plore File Manager
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31st October 2013, 05:48 AM |#4  
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Sent from my C5303 using Tapatalk 2
31st October 2013, 06:49 AM |#5  
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Very very good work mate.. But a little suggestion... U should take eagleeyetom's build as ur Base rom.. Its more stable than old one.. Just a suggestion only...
31st October 2013, 06:53 AM |#6  
zibiss's Avatar
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MIUI for XSP??? This is a very important message for me.
Great THX !!!
31st October 2013, 09:30 AM |#7  
Senior Member
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Awesome ROM Thanks
31st October 2013, 09:45 AM |#8  
adryanodej's Avatar
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have 2 questions ..
Thats a beautiful rom .. but i want to know for my personal curiosity how many free ram do i have after i install this rom .. and 2 ... an antutu benchmark will be great .. as i said.. only for my personal curiosity . Thanks a lot and sorry for my english
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31st October 2013, 11:06 AM |#9  
Inactive Recognized Developer
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Smile Dude.... DO SOME RESEARCH>
Originally Posted by Rajeev

Very very good work mate.. But a little suggestion... U should take eagleeyetom's build as ur Base rom.. Its more stable than old one.. Just a suggestion only...

Do some damn research.
Look dude. .

Please do some damn research before you call out comments.

It won't be anymore stable. I purely got eagleeyetom to make a build so you could have the last 10 days of CyanogenMod changes..

Check github before you spread your mind.

@imanesaurus: Thanks for giving credit and great to see another rom in this community even though I'm personally against MIUI (due to closed source business) so I'll stick with improving CM so the changes can come back in another rom (like this).
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31st October 2013, 11:12 AM |#10  
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where's download link?
31st October 2013, 11:35 AM |#11  
Thank you!
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