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By szezso, Inactive Recognized Developer on 9th November 2013, 01:06 PM
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Szezso proudly presents


The Incredible S is still alive, even if it's legacy!

So, let's see, what everyone wants to know:


What's working:
- Boots
- WiFi
- Camera
- Camcorder
- Video playback
- SD
- Bluetooth
- Audio
- Native WiFi/BT/USB Tether
- Hardware Accelaration
- Microphone
- Native screenshot
- Torch (screen-off also)
- Button Rotation
- SELinux
- Built-in Superuser
- ART (Android RunTime)


- Major:
- Nothing, hopefully
- Minor:
- Nothing, hopefully

List all Questions and Off-Topic discussions here


Some general truths:
- Using ION, the up-to-date memory allocator
- No graphical glitches
- Using the latest available Adreno libraries (AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_VANILLA_04.
- Latest (3.14) KGSL drivers in the kernel
- The best graphic performance because of the latest Adreno drivers
- Using the latest RIL libraries (2.2.0018G)


About the system, and the kernel:
- KTU84Q, Kitkat 4.4.4, built from CM11 souces after the 10.27'th repo sync
- Uses my kernel, an ION enabled one, named TESCO-Minimal kernel, properties:
- Patched up to 3.0.101
- 615MB of accessible RAM
- ck1 patchset
- Bluetooth Low Power Mode
- OC and UC to 122Mhz - 2016Mhz
- 245Mhz - 1024Mhz, ondemand governor as default
- SmartAssV2, Lionheart, Smartmax, SmartAssH3, Powersave governors
- KGSL drivers from CAF ics_strawberry
- ION drivers from CAF ics_chocolate
- 2 Way Call Recorder
- Undervolted WiFi
- Sweep2Wake
- DoubleTouch2Wake
- Multitouch fixed
- Kernel source:


How to install this:
- You have to S-OFFed, of course
- Just download the ROM, wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache, wipe boot
- Install the ROM, and if it's done, install the Gapps
- If your phone unlocked by, you may have to flash the boot.img manually:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

Download section:


And a proper GApps, you need to flash this too:


- technoid1964 for the phone
- Inferi0r for the nice SSD
- CyanogenMod
- Evervolv Team
- legaCyMod Team
- paulb-nl
- sultanxda
- Mustaavalkosta
- Epic.
- Google
- hTC

- 11/09
- Initial release, first ALPHA version!

- 11/10
- Fixed WiFi
- Parially fixed SDcard
- Some small changes in the kernel

- 11/12
- Fully fixed SDcard
- Fixed installing error
- Fixed GPS
- CM sync

- 11/18
- CM sync
- Fixed Camera (everything works (FFC, automatic focus as well! ))
- Fixed PC Mount
- Fixed graphical glitches (Browser is still buggy, isn't usable, but better now)
- The PMEM errors in logcat disappeared
- Fixed green color bug, when you took a picture/video
- Emojis are now working in the stock Messaging app
- Much faster now

- TESCO v3.1
- Video drivers backport from ZTE Warp Sequent 3.4.0
- GPU drivers backport from the same
- msm_rotator backport

- 11/26
- Fixed Video Playback
- CM sync
- Some Webcore improvements

- 11/30
- Fixed native Screenshot
- CM sync

- 12/02
- Fixed Recent Apps menu
- Better Browser performance
- CM sync

- 12/12
- CM sync
- Android 4.4.1_r1
- Video playback refix
- Ringtone bug fix

- 12/14
- Now using ION
- Latest Adreno drivers
- No graphical glitches
- No lags with apps, which use native webcore
- No camera, yet
- Much, much faster
- Fixed SDcard again
- Fixed lockscreen layout
- CM sync
- Android 4.4.2_r1 (merged)

- 12/17
- CM sync
- Fixed Camera (kinda works)
- Fixed messages

- 12/21
- Fully fixed camera
- CM sync
- TESCO 3.2.0

- 01/10
- Fixed Video playback
- Updated media_codecs
- Fixed MMS issues
- Fixed huge battery drain (hopefully)
- Disabled CRT screen-off animation (replaced to a fade-out one)
- Volume wake support
- Disabled Phase Beam LWP scrolling
- CM Sync

- TESCO 3.5.2
- Latest, 3.14 KGSL drivers
- Added ION heap for CAMERA_ID, to fix video playback
- Updated bcmdhd (WiFi) drivers from sultanxda's kernel
- Enabled simple GPU governor
- Using genlock from CAF msm-jb_chocolate
- Enabled SG chain to fix hTC 3.0 kernel bug

- 01/13
- CM sync
- Fixed laggy video playback
- No more memalloc errors in logcat

- Kernel:
- TESCO 3.5.3
- Wifi drivers from Mako
- Other small improvements
- Fixed ION setup

- 01/31
- CM sync
- Refix WiFi (should work properly now)
- Some small optimizations

- 02/15
- CM sync
- Really fixed WiFi (works as it should)
- Merged with CM11 M3
- Updated libhtc_acoustic from One V (should give us better audio quality)
- Fixed game crashes (like Subway Surfers) with new KGSL drivers, thanks: galaxyfreak

- Updated ION drivers from Google's MSM8255 ION kernel
- Replaced BCMDHD drivers
- Updated ION sizes for better RAM management

- 03/18
- Fixed Camcorder and HW-accelerated Video Playback! (720p, YouTube HQ -> no problem anymore ) Thx. paulb-nl!
- CM sync
- Added DeviceSettings (ATM, you can only control the S2W behavior, more to come! )
- Added VibratorHW (You can control the vibration's strongness)
- Added CameraWrapper (doesn't affect the usage, it's just good for me )
- Compiled with AOSP GCC 4.7.3 now
- Enabled CM's performance profiles
- Switched to stock CM wallpaper
- Fixed Microphone issues
- Fixed built-in Superuser
- Fixed screen-off Torch

- New kernel, based on TESCO 3.5.4, but named TESCO-Minimal (3.6.0 right now)
- Ported ION-compatible vidc drivers, which are compatible with our MDDI panel also (Credit: paulb-nl)
- Increased MSM_ION_CAMERA_SIZE to fix 720p encoding
- Enabled KSM and zRAM
- Updated Genlock driver from CAF kk_3.5_rb4.1
- Also compiled with AOSP GCC 4.7.3

- 03/26
- CM sync
- KVT49L (merged)
- Built with scorpion optimizations
- Using CM's PowerHAL
- Fixed microphone/speaker etc. audio issues

- Rebased on TESCO 2.9++ (3.0.86), but called TESCO-Minimal 3.6.2
- We lost some optimizations, but battery drain now should be fixed, please test it!
- Compiled with Linaro 4.8.3 again

- 03/28
- CM sync
- Updated audio_policy.conf (should fix audio issues)
- Fixed S2W, DT2W, FCHG, TUN, KSM, VPN permissions in ramdisk (Tun, VPN support now should work, like the Advanced Settings app)
- Updated to an ION-compatible one

- TESCO-Minimal 3.6.7:
- Fixed the 5 second delay, when you wanted to recrd a video (CAF & paulb-nl)
- Blink notification LED infinitely (not delayed notifications)
- Flashlight: Keep LEDs on after screen turns off
- Added UHID support
- Updated KGSL drivers from CAF msm_jb-2.5.5
- Allowed flash LEDs to be used until 1% battery
- Update ACPUclock from poondog
- Updated SmartMax governor to latest
- Added SmartassH3, Powersave governor
- Updated ION heap sizes (575MB -> 586MB RAM)
- Added DT2W, Stroke2Wake (can be controlled from Advanced Settings)
- Added Forced Fast Charge option (can be controlled from Advanced Settings)
- Reverted some not-working UKSM stuffs, so we have proper KSM now!

- 04/19
- CM sync
- Updated Adreno libs again (some libs weren't the latest, but now, they're!)
- Completely reworked overlay (should fix the well-known "speakerphone bug")
- I removed some unneeded firmwares, etc. to make the ROM a bit smaller
- Updated CameraWrapper from CM's hTC MSM8960 Wrapper

- TESCO-Minimal 3.6.7
- Reverted many stuffs again (hopefully fixed the battery drain again)
- Patched up to Linux 3.0.101
- Updated fbearlysuspend driver
- Disabled has_outer_cache, because msm7x30 doesn't support it

- 06/17
- Android 4.4.3_r1 (merged)
- Many, many cleanup in the dev. tree
- Using the latest Broadcomm firmwares available
- Enabled memory optimizations introduced in Kitkat (we should have more free RAM now)
- Fixed some errors in the log when booting
- Updated audio header from the kernel (made the audio quality much better)
- Using the wallpaper, made by Epic.
- Enabled DT2W, Fast Charge
- Fixed screen-off animation

- Updated net subsystem from DHD, to fix the WiFi with AOSP BCMDHD drivers
- Updated board-vivo-wifi for AOSP BCMDHD support
- Added 1305Mhz step to the acpuclock
- Enabled zRAM
- Now build with Linaro GCC 4.9.

- 06/28
- Android 4.4.4_r1 (merged)
- CM sync
- Enabled SD eject option
- Some cleanup
- Increased boot speed

- Now compiled with AOSP 4.7 GCC, to fix graphical glitches

- 07/19
- Andrid 4.4.4_r2 (merged)
- CM sync
- Disabled QCOM_BSP (may I'll add it back, I just wanted to see if it fixes something)

- KGSL driver from CAF's kk-2.7-stable branch
- ION drivers from CAF's kk-2.7-stable branch
- Fixed graphical glitches
- Updated msm_rotator to match with 3.4 kernels
- Reverted back to old ION setup, so we only have 586MB RAM again (will work on this)

- 08/08
- CM sync
- Fixed Video Playback (used media-caf to build libraries)

- ION drivers from CAF jb_2.5.3
- KGSL drivers from CAF jb_2.5.3
- VIDC drivers from CAF jb_2.5.3
- Some cleanup

- 08/31
- ROM:
- CM sync
- Fixed issues with Hardware Acceleration (720p videos & UI)
- Enabled QCOM_BSP (better graphics)
- Fixed built-in Torch, when you close the phone
- Enabled HW-acelerated MP3 decoding (now not the CPU, but the DSP decodes the MP3 files, should make battery life better, while listening to music)
- Enabled Soft Reboot option
- Serious cleanups in the dev. tree

- TESCO-Minimal-3.7.2
- ION drivers from CAF ics_chocolate
- KGSL drivers from CAF ics_strawberry
- VIDC drivers from CAF ics_chocolate
- Added sysfs for softer flash to the aat1271 driver (fixes Torch anyways )
- Shared heap for PMEM_ADSP & ION_CAMERA_HEAP (615MB of accessible RAM)
- Bluetooth drivers updated from CAF jb_chocolate
- Added support for Ad-Hoc (IBSS) mode
- Updated genlock from CAF jb_2.5.3
- Updated power drivers from CAF jb_chocolate
- Several futex and SELinux updates

- 09/10
- ROM:
- CM sync
- Hopefully fixed non-booting issues

- Kernel:
- Added back all of the panel clients, hopefully fixes boot issues

- 09/20
- ROM:
- CM sync (M10)
- Several patches to make the UI more responsive
- Custom healthd source (may makes the battery life better)

- Kernel:
- Some small changes from CAF

- 10/27
- ROM:
- CM sync
- Removed LOWMEM flag (should make the phone faster)
- Fixed Live Wallpapers
- Two changes from CAF:
- Set background app limit to 16 (For low memory devices, the original limit of 24 would be impractical anyways since it cannot contain that many apps. )
- Allowed more background services (Some services or broadcast may get tremendous delay because of the limited background services. It will bring about many issues like alarmmanagerservice's wakelock held too long. )

- Kernel:
- Some changes from CAF, related to the net subsystem and the DSP's driver


Thanks to Epic.

Thanks to Gizmo648

Thanks to achilles08

Thanks to funCrash93

Thanks to Mohamed AB M
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9th November 2013, 01:07 PM |#2  
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[Q] I've flashed the ROM, but it stops at the splash screen, what's the problem?
Flash the ROM with TWRP or the latest 4ext Touch Recovery.

[Q] The 720p Video Playback is laggy, why?
I haven't found a solution, yet, we really need newer video drivers, to fix these bugs, and not just make workarounds.
It got solved in #08.31 version.

[Q] When I'm playing a video, the control buttons are invisible, why?
Actually, this is a problem with my display-legacy, but we have to use that, because of the old msm_fb, what the Vivo has. Live with it.

[Q] I've just installed this ROM, but the WiFi doesn't work, why?
Probably, you've unlocked your Bootloader with hTCDEV's method. That means, you have to flash your boot.img with fastboot, to get it working (guide is in the first post).
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9th November 2013, 01:09 PM |#3  
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That is a big surpirse szezso.
That means you gonna drop support for 4.3.

Will try it and post feedback.
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9th November 2013, 01:14 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by Iqbal Ansari


That is a big surpirse szezso.
That means you gonna drop support for 4.3.

Will try it and post feedback.

Actually, this ROM isn't good as a daily driver, at the moment, it's only for a test, but with time, every bug will be sorted out. I already fixed the SD card and the WiFi bug...
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9th November 2013, 01:15 PM |#5  
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You are "INSANE"!!!

Very very good job szezso wish u the best! even though I moved to N5, it's a pleasure to see my old phone getting kitkat!
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9th November 2013, 01:18 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by bob8x

You are "INSANE"!!!

Very very good job szezso wish u the best! even though I moved to N5, it's a pleasure to see my old phone getting kitkat!

I'll support the IncS till there are users all over the World.
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9th November 2013, 01:19 PM |#7  
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I knew this was comin seeing the silence Awesome
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9th November 2013, 02:00 PM |#8  
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oh yes you rock szezso ...... just for test yeh ....
go go for fixed .... I need this
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9th November 2013, 02:13 PM |#9  
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Everyone please hit this button to submit as news
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9th November 2013, 02:52 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by szezso

Mine. You'll get an error while flashing the ROM, don't care about that, just flash the boot.img after the ROM (needed for S-OFF users too). It'll be fixed in the next release, I know, what makes the problem.

You are THE ONE man! Awesome!
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9th November 2013, 03:13 PM |#11  
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You are the only reason I stick in vivo !
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#nice # fresh #szezso_is_sexy #kitkat #vivo #cm11, thank you

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