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By albinoman887, Inactive Recognized Developer on 13th November 2013, 09:15 AM
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| CyanogenMod 11 - Android 4.4.2 - KitKat |

 * Your warranty is now likely void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * spontaneous combustion, or any other host of cosmic penalties
 * which may befall you, your family, or your phone.

If you ask any questions that are answered in the first two posts your question will be ignored. If you don't search prior to posting you will be ignored. If you don't read you will be ignored. If you've done all that and still don't have an answer then feel free to ask your question. Ambiguity doesn't help anymore. Elaborate. It's that simple.

  • Built from CM source
  • Service
  • Text
  • Data
  • Call
  • Audio
  • WiFi
  • Google Now
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • MMS
  • Video playback
  • Audio playback
  • SDcard mounting
  • Camera
  • Video Recording

  • You tell me

  • Do NOT use superwipes
  • Wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache
    ** (if you are simply applying an update to this rom base this might not always be required)
    *** ((but do not report bugs if you didn't full wipe))
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash GAPPS (in 2nd post)
  • Reboot
  • ???
  • Profit
To enable Developer Options and Performance go to Settings, About Phone and repeatedly press Build Number.
If you use ADB read this: PSA by CM
If you use reboot to recovery read this: PSA by CM
Regarding new Superuser: PSA by CM
Read the FAQ thread here before posting any questions in this thread: FAQ

  • android1234567 for his work on ION support with camera!
  • johnnyslt
  • And any and all users in this thread who contirbuted or will contribute to making this ROM as stable as possible
  • dastin1015 for being an awesome dev partner and friend!
  • gerrit and everyone on it
  • All my supporters!

I really didn't want to do this but people keep asking so here is a donation link if you want to buy me a coffee or pack of smokes (I go through a lot sitting on the PC messing around lol) go ahead. But not required or expected by any means

Note: The name on the paypal account may say patricia, this is because it's a family paypal account.

Thanks and happy flashing!

Download link is in 2nd post
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13th November 2013, 09:15 AM |#2  
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* New EXP CAF build
* Still working on camcorder. try todays nightly, i didnt have time to compile both builds but I made some changes that might fix it

* Added link to a test build with CAF kernel...

* Oh don't even ask for a changelog its been so long....

* Kernel: fixed issue with mobile radio (sigh.)
* Switched to adreno blobs from mako (MR1)
* Reverted CRT hack for 4.1 (credit: android1234567)
* Kernel: disabled some un-needed debug options
* Updated to newer ril to fix mobile network selection
* Synced with CM

* Android 4.4.2
* ION support (credit: android1234567)
* A lot of work done to the camera wrapper by dastin1015 to fix some bugs, and be generally more compliant with KitKat
* Fixed audio in VoIP calls (credit: ivanich)
* Fixed sdcard issues (credit: android1234567)
* increased PMEM SMI size, hopefully fixed camcorder crashing after multiple recordings
* Clean sync of GPU drivers from samsung msm8660 common 3.0 kernel (seems to yield better performance)
* Synced with CM at time of compile
* Probably some other small changes I forgot

* Complete re-build. Hopefully some of the issues from the last build are gone
* Cherry-pick: A few misc audio fixes to try and fix skipping playback of flac audio
* Cherry-pick: Superuser while using ART should be fixed now
* Cherry-pick: av : squashed update of changes from CAF
* Cherry-pick: Lockscreen : Customizable shortcuts
* Cherry-pick: QuickSettings : Port from cm-10.2 (WIP)
* Cherry-pick: QuickSettings : Swipe to switch
* Cherry-pick: Framework : Improve notification shade auto-collapse code
* Cherry-pick: Framework : Make notification-shade-collapse-after-dismiss behaviour configurable
* Cherry-pick: QuickSettings: Update all QS drawables to fit KitKat

Note: i would do a full wipe. and install the pa_gapps MODULAR package. its linked to in the DL section... the Full version install google keyboard and it conflicts with AOSP


Kernel now based on Bruce's kernel with a few changes by me, including:

* ION Support
* Compiled with linaro
* Set flash to disable if battery is below 10% to prevent the random shut-off when taking a pic
* Removed/Disabled KSM
* Removed ZRAM
* User-configurable GPU OC (Not OC'd by default)
* Optimized and compiled with with the "Optimize a lot, or -o3 option)
* Added more I/O schedulers
* Tweaked voltages a bit
* Reverted CRT hack to smooth animation in Android 4.2.2+
* PM_FAST enabled by default (high power wi-fi when screen is off)

These settings were changed by me to help make the kernel more stable with our ROM, observed with tests by me. If you want more features of the Sultan kernel feel free to flash it, but support will not be provided in this thread.

Other Features of the kernel include:

* OC to 1866Mhtz (default 1566Mhtz)
* Undervolted
* User-configurable CPU OC
* User-configurable CPU default governor (ondemand = default)
* User-configurable I/O scheduler (default = SIO)
* User-configurable badass gonvernor (default = balanced)
* Sweep2Wake

You can edit many of the settings in /system/etc/init.d/99kernel, here is a snippet of the script with all the config options

Kernel init script: Click Show Content to expand

#Script originally made by Axetilen. Modified by Sultan (android1234567)
#Updated for albinoman887's ChronicKernel (98% of the credit goes to android1234567. Thanks so much man :)

# Configure your options here #

# Config default CPU Gonvernor (Disabled by default: When disabled uses internal Kernel setting)
# For better battery life switch to badass
# Kernel Default: ondemand
# Possible values
#  badass
#  ondemand
#  interactive
#= lagfee
#  performance

# Config I/O scheduler
# deadline
# cfq
# noop
# vr 
# sio (default)

# Config CPU max frequency
# Default: 1566000 (1566Mhtz)
# Overclockable to - 1836000 (1836Mhtz)
# for badass set to 1566mhtz (best performance/battery life)

# Config CPU min frequency
# Default: 384000 (384Mhtz)
# Range 384000 - 1944000 (384Mhtz - 1944Mhtz)

# Config 3D GPU clock
# 228571000 = 228mhz
# 266667000 = 267mhz (default)
# 300000000 = 300mhz (Recomended For balance of Performance and Battery life)
# 320000000 = 320mhz

# Config 2D GPU clock
# 145455000 = 145mhz
# 160000000 = 160mhz
# 200000000 = 200mhz (default)
# 228571000 = 228mhz (Recomended For balance of Performance and Battery life)
# 266667000 = 267mhz

# Badass
# possible values
# 1 = performance
# 2 = balanced
# 3 = battery saving

# Enable Sweep2Wake
# 0 = disabled (default)
# 1 = enabled
# 2 = enabled (with no button backlight during sweep)

# Enable Fastcharge
# 0 = disabled
# 1 = substitute AC to USB charging always
# 2 = substitute AC to USB charging only if there is no USB peripheral detected

# Fsync Control
# Disabled by default (recomended)
# 2 = Fsync disabled
# 1 = Fsync enabled

# Disabled by default
# 0 = Disabled
# 1 = Enabled

# End of configurable options #
Please note this is not the full script just a small portion, Check /system/etc/init.d/99kernel for the full script

Team Hydra Github (main): https://github.com/Team-Hydra
CyanogenMod Github: https://github.com/CyanogenMod

ROM : cm-11-20140424-UNOFFICIAL-pyramid.zip
Goo.im Repo : HERE
EXP: http://www.chronic-buildbox.com/cm-1...AL-pyramid.zip
* This ROM can also be downloaded directly with GooManager *


[*] Below is a link to unofficial nightly builds. These are snapshots of source at time of compile and may be unstable/unusable and not supported


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13th November 2013, 09:18 AM |#4  
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Wow. This was unexpected . Thank you so much!

PS: what does the " * " at the SD card mounting stand for?
13th November 2013, 09:19 AM |#5  
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Thanks Albinoman
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13th November 2013, 09:19 AM |#6  
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and it begins
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13th November 2013, 09:20 AM |#7  
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Fifth Place!
13th November 2013, 09:21 AM |#8  
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And the game begins Thank you, albinoman887 for not quitting developing for our phone.
13th November 2013, 09:32 AM |#9  
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No need for a reboot between flashing ROM and flashing GAPPS?
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13th November 2013, 09:33 AM |#10  
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Downloading all packets. Thanks...

Edit: Got freeze with every possible ways.
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13th November 2013, 09:33 AM |#11  
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Does AndroidRunTime work?
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