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By supafly, Junior Member on 18th January 2006, 08:02 PM
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Just sent this to o2 customer service...they really are bad!!!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I purchased an o2 Exec on the 15/1/2005, but am so appalled at the level of customer service that I will be returning the o2 Exec tomorrow for a refund unless something is done.

My first issue with o2 is that I was overcharged. Instead of paying the brochure price of £99.99 for business users (I am the MD of Global Viewing Limited), I was charged £229.99. My secretary has been on the phone to customer service who were useless, telling her to visit the shop from which it was purchased. I went to the o2 shop and was told a regional manager would be contacting me to refund the difference, I have had no call. Also your shop assistant made me feel like a criminal and would not return the brochure listing the £99.99 price.

Second issue, I have just discovered I am unable to make any phone calls from this phone see here:

Indeed it is true I cannot make any phone calls, your brochure says I should be able to at £0.21 a minute.

And thirdly, your customer service number is a joke, I gave up after wasting over 20 minutes of my time listening to your annoying o2 jingles.

Quite frankly, if I don't have my issues resolved by noon tomorrow I will be returning this product and informing my business associates to avoid o2.

Your faithfully,
Paul O'Brien
18th January 2006, 08:42 PM |#2  
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Interested in the reply
Hey there
I'm interested with when and what O2 say in response to your email. I've just emailed them myself after getting quite annoyed with one of their phone operators. It's not in relation to an actual problem with my Xda, it's just that I haven't receieved it!

Basically I called on Monday to request the upgrade to the Xda and was told to call back on Wednesday to give a change of address (so I could have it delivered to an address different to my billing one). For starters, I have just found out that the girl who processed my order should have put the address change through straight away on Monday (and then I wouldn't have had to call back!). Anyway, I called Tuesday (just in case) and another girl said she would put the fax through (and told me that the girl originally was wrong). I also called this morning and the address change hadn't happened, so the operator told me AGAIN that he would change the address. However, it was too late, and the Xda has been delivered to my billing address.

Now, not only have I spent money calling them, I have to spend money getting it sent on to me. I thought O2 were great until today!

Anyway, I'll see what they say in their reply email.

19th January 2006, 02:42 PM |#3  
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I received no phone calls or emails from o2. So after dealing with the shop yesterday being made to feel like a criminal, useless telephone customer service which takes forever to answer, overcharging by £130 and lastly put on a data only tariff which won't allow me to receive or make phone calls, I decided to pack up my o2 Exec and return it to the shop to cancel my contract.

However, today the shop customer service made an apology for yesterdays treatment, a £130 refund and enabled telephone calls on my tariff. That's all I wanted in the first place.
19th January 2006, 02:58 PM |#4  
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Sounds like a pretty good result. So are you keeping the Exec?

I got a reply to my email just now with an apology and a credit of £15 to my account. To be honest this probably doesn't even cover the telephone costs and postage onto the new address, so I'm not 100% pleased. I suppose it's something though. Not sure whether to chase it up further.

How's the Exec working for you? Is the machine actually good? I don't want to be dissapoitned when I (eventually!) get mine

19th January 2006, 10:37 PM |#5  
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I was only this evening talking to my daughter about what wonderful O2 customer service I've had since the start. It's really odd to read about bad service from other people, because my xda exec went back twice for repair, and the second time, the O2 shop staff arranged for me to get a replacement (they didn't have to do that until the 3rd time, and I didn't make a fuss about it). They also got me a line rental refund because of all the trouble I had with it. Since getting the replacement, I've decided I don't want it any more - it's a great piece of equipment, but for me, it's no use as a phone - which is why I bought it. So I rang O2 and asked if I could change it. They said normally, after 28 days, you can't change your phone. But they'd try for me. I had a phone call from them a couple of days ago saying they'd got me the phone I wanted and that they were waiting to hear whether or not I'd be able to make the switch. I'm still waiting for that confirmation call, but I have no doubt they'll follow it up. They've been smashing to me so far. Sorry to hear others haven't had such a great experience.
19th January 2006, 10:40 PM |#6  
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I used to be the same. I've never had a problem with them until now and I think the main problem originally was the lack of training for the first girl I spoke to - she apparently should have known to take the address straight away.

I'm glad O2 have treated you well though. To be honest, everytime I called they were very helpful and polite, it just obviously didn't get sorted hehe
20th January 2006, 09:21 AM |#7  
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I find O2 staff in the stores to be better (friendly) than Vodafone store staff. Orange do seem to have have the best trained in-store staff (they always have one person who is a geek).
20th January 2006, 05:53 PM |#8  
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I find this hard to believe...
I have been using o2 (formerly BT Cellnet and even Cellnet) in both a personal and business capacity since 1997 and have had seldom few problems with their customer service.

Whenever I deal with either o2 or o2 Data Support I have found the people at the other end to endeavour to resolve any issues many times taking hours if not days to smooth out any issues.

You can always speak to a manager if you so require unlike many call-centres.

My handsets have always been delivered next day by 1300 Hrs when I have required a fault replacement, an insurance replacement or an upgrade which is quite a feat considering the rural Scottish location I have the pleasure to telework for my company from.

Data support have always kept me informed and involved my feedback and suggestions in the roll-outs of patches, fixes and solutions to any technical queries.

They have always kept their promises and on the very few occasions I have been slightly "put out" they have compensated me by crediting the account with line rental refunds, £50 and the like.

The key to complaining or resolving issues with a call centre is to keep calm and to treat whoevers at the other end of the phone / postbox / inbox like a person not an idiot.... They deserve it and you would expect the same.

Going all out and trying to sound superior will always get their back up and they will be as unhelpful as their company policy goes. Yet again treat them as an equal and don't be a stuck up, swearing, irritable plank full of airs and graces.

Before anyone says "But I bet you only have your own personal account to deal with"...

Due to the line of my work I have a large communications budget to spend on behalf of my clients sourcing the appropriate mobile voice / connectivity solution and I choose to do business with the network with a proven track record in customer service, decent network coverage and good pricing strategies... ie o2.

Bear in mind that business is based on reputation and adopting such an amateurish attiude may damage yours.
21st January 2006, 12:07 AM |#9  
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Nice to See
For once it is nice to see that people are praising a network for what it does rather than for just what it does wrong!!!
Having read through this I found my self looking at this and thinking Supafly is blowing this completly out of context yes you paid more money for the phone but surely you have to say this is an honest mistake
Secondly why have a pop at the customer service team it is not their fault that so many customer are calling in at one time try calling SKY TV if you think 20 mins is a longtime try them you either get they are to busy to answer (something I have never heard anyone getting from O2) or like I got 'Your call will be answered within the next 160 minutes' as for the hold music I think it is pretty catchy.
21st January 2006, 09:13 AM |#10  
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All CS can be a pain in the backside

But everyones experiences are different ! I would rank o2 and Orange to be the best , followed by T-mobile , then (surprisingly) Three , followed by Vodafone

I never envisaged myself ranking Three above Vodafone - as Three CS is AWFUL , but recentley Vodafone have (amazingly )managed to do a worse job !

(BTW , yes I do have contracts with all of them )

But this is based PURELY on my experiences - I have several friends who swear that Orange CS is crap and Vodafone's is wonderful ! but you can only go by your own experience

I have found o2's staff in the shops to be freindly ,courteous , and human - and the same with the call centres , but I suppose if you get one bad assistant that all goes out the window

21st January 2006, 09:26 AM |#11  
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Blackpool Lancs
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All I can say is O2 have been great with me, with the Blue Angel (first one) the shop refused to change it, a call to support and return to the shop it was exchanged there and then, otherwise the local shop have been great many thanks. Mike
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