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[ROM]【4.4.4】Google Play Edition【JFLTE-GPE】 - 28-01-2018

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By Danvdh, Recognized Contributor on 6th December 2013, 04:45 AM
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Q: What is Google Play Edition?[/B]
A: GPE is stock Android compiled by Samsung, it offers the stability of touchwiz with the aesthetics of pure stock AOSP. All drivers for Camera (Including HDR), Bluetooth, GPS, are official proprietary so there will be no issues.

Q: Why 4.4.4 kitkat?
A: This basically sums it up, 4.4.4 is regarded as one of the best releases ever, meanwhile 5.x is regarded as the worst.


External SD permissions for app's added
Worldwide APNs
Long press recents
Nova launcher
USB debugging notification disabled
Nexus UI sounds
Advanced reboot menu
App ops
Updated Google Apps

Installation instructions

Make sure you are using the latest modem and recovery for your variant, TWRP preferred
1) Full wipe
2) Flash ROM
3) Flash SuperSU
4) Reboot

Note: The phone will have 2 short vibrations upon successful boot, this is the kernel and has no adverse effects. Do not worry about it :)

My stweaks kernel settings:

Governor: intelliactive.
I/O governor: fiops and read ahead 2048 for both int+ext.
Android logger: Off


IMPORTANT - Please follow the installation instructions, i9505 intl devices require root installed after ROM flash
28/01/2018 build - Download here
md5: 9872321d4eacb51a3e841eae6c16ab98

Note: If your using a North American device, you should use the build I posted in this thread.


-Fixed all camera related issues (Panorama mode etc)
-Updated Google Play Services
-Updated Google Play Store
-Removed Google Search from /system/priv-app

-Updated Google dialer
-Updated build.prop

-Added build.prop line for tethering unlock (certain carriers)

-Added latest Googy 4.4.4 GE kernel to the ROM

-Started with clean build of the official 4.4.4 GPE factory image
-Implemented many fixes including ext storage permissions, world wide APNs, etc.
-Added native advanced reboot menu
-Enabled app ops
-Updated all Google Apps to 2018 versions
-OTA updates from Google are disabled for good

Kernel source

Developers: Do not use this ROM or it's files without asking us first please

XDA:DevDB Information
【4.4.4】Google Play Edition 01-18-2018, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Danvdh, Mattbooth, googy_anas
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: Google Edition

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 201506014
Stable Release Date: 2015-06-21

Created 2013-12-06
Last Updated 2018-05-25
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  • Added GoogyMax3 back as the default kernel
  • STWeaks was readded after I mistakenly removed it.
  • Verizon default network value is 10, as per TouchWiz Lollipop values
  • Updated APN and SPN's from CyanogenMod.
  • Removed Archi Init, since everything is done via all the kernels we use.
  • Updated Interface app to be clearer on the purpose of the new disable/enable menu to recent on buttons, and how to set them
  • Updated some stock Gapps.

  • Changed the method of assigning the buttons for disabling and menu-to-recents (flashes a file)
  • Added GMail as default (again)
  • Updated Google Exchange Services
  • Updated Google Clock, WebView, Play Services, Photos
  • Updated @alucard_24 kernel, removed the battery drain and fixed the IR blaster
  • Updated NetworkMeter position from Optimised CM-12.1 and changed font to sans-serif-condensed
  • Added some stock build.prop values from TouchWiz 5.0.1 build.prop (mostly OpenGL optimisations)
  • Fixed wget for Alucard kernel's adblocking


  • Fixed Google Keyboard
  • Fixed OTA Updates not downloading properly (v2.4.5)

  • Fixed Google Now FCing when used
  • Made alucard_24's kernel the default
  • Worked with him to rebase his GE5.0 kernel to be fully up to date
    • Christopher GCC 4.9.3 compiled
    • Optimised for speed (-O3)
    • Removed all installer options now. Installer simply installs. Hulk or Googy kernel can be found in their threads
  • Stock GE kernel in addons
  • DPI changing in Interface app
  • Fixed a small bug in OTA Updates, version is now v2.4.4
  • Better supersu installation method in installer. Won't affect users, but makes it easier for me.
  • New Android M default wallpaper
  • Updated Google Camera, Keyboard and Chrome

  • Emergency release to fix faulty clock issue
  • Updated some Gapps that have had updates since the last release... because why not
  • Rolled back Google Play Services to official versions
  • Added SimpleFileExplorer as default, because we lacked a file manager. Why not ES File Explorer? It uploads data to China
  • Updated Hulk Kernel to 1.3.1

  • Still waiting for 5.1…
  • Updated Google Photos to the newest version, the stand alone
  • Updated OTA Updates to 2.4.2
  • Updated Google Camera, Search, Services and Clock (DeskClockGoogle) to the Android M Preview versions
  • Updated Chrome, Play Store and Keyboard
  • New, better, AROMA theme
  • *Remember addons are in the OTA app*

  • Added AOSP Email. Removed Gmail as a result of this
  • CM Calculator update
  • Added CM Calendar (LP themed AOSP Calendar)
  • Added Viper4Android
  • Updated Play Store
  • Updated AudioFX
  • Updated Eleven
  • Updated cLock
  • Updated Chrome
  • Updated Messaging (Google)
  • Updated Google Play Services
  • Updated Google Talkback
  • Updated Google WebView
  • Updated OTAUpdates app to 2.3.1
  • Changed around the Google Dialer and Contacts theme a little. More true to Material Dark, now.
  • Also changed the Dark Settings in the same way
  • Updated the AROMA theming as well.

  • Fixed the orientation bug. Both menu to recents and normal functions are working properly
  • Updated Cyanogen Messaging source code to 20150301
  • Updated Trebuchet source code to 20150301
  • Updated AudioFX source code to 20150301 (includes new icon)
  • Updated Eleven (Music) source code to 20150301 (includes new icon)
  • Updated Cyanogen Browser source code to 20150301
  • Updated Google Launcher
  • Updated Google Play Services
  • Updated Google App
  • Updated Apex Launcher
  • Updated Googy Max3 to 1.3.0 Final. Thanks Googy_Anas for all the hard work!
  • Updated OTA Updates app. Better Lollipop theming (checked the official guides). Added some developer stuff (BitCoin donations now accepted)
  • Added Alucard Kernel option in the installer
  • Added option to not install a DSP (MusicFX, AudioFX, DSP Manager) in case you want to use Viper4Android instead (not included)

  • Boot animation memory leak fixed thanks to arter97
  • Fixed System FC when expanding a content sensitive notification
  • Network meter settings will now be properly themed white if stock settings is chosen in AROMA
  • Landscape navigation bar will now properly hide if set to 0 dpi
  • Updated SuperSU 2.46
  • Updated OTAUpdater to 2.2
  • Updated Googy kernel to 1.2.9
  • Updated CM APNs
  • Modded framework and apks now compiled with latest apktool
  • Removed SNote preload data

  • Updated Busybox to 1.23.0-Stericson
  • Updated Google Apps
  • Updated NetworkTraffic mod style to match the clock (font weight and style)
  • Updated AROMA installer - now dark themed
  • Added mDNIe Controls to Interface
  • Added stock kernel option into AROMA
  • Added a better autohide method into the Network Meter, including a threshold slider
  • Added new method for disabling hardware buttons, also added ability to use Menu button as Recents, as has been requested a lot
  • Added new method of turning off the hardware keys backlight (no more rebooting to change this)
  • Added markdown parsing of the changelog in Settings (check Settings->About->ROM Changelog)
  • Added Battery light (LED) controls
  • Added quick pull down of the quick tiles
  • Added alarm icon switching without having to toggle an alarm
  • Added IME notification icon switching
  • Added navigation bar height option (can be used to force soft menu key in apps if off)
  • Added Ambient Display (on by default - this is default Android behaviour)
  • Fixed OTAUpdates "cancel" button not updating to "install" when download finishes
  • Fixed battery views and readded the text and landscape icons. Now shows on lockscreen properly
  • Fixed clock mod to allow left clock using new CyanogenMod method
  • Fixed NetworkTraffic mod not showing a single line correctly
  • Fixed default Trebuchet layout
  • Removed hidden battery init.d hack - new battery methods work properly now

  • Patched colorfade memory leak in services.jar
  • Network improvements for Verizon Wireless
  • Removed debug code from OTA app
  • Fixed spacing for U/D on network meter
  • Fixed Calculator delete string for English UK
  • Updates to our themed dialers
  • Sound recorder updates, Can now record in mp4 and wav
  • Compiled updated CM apps from source
  • Update OTA info in build.prop

  • Fixed tethering and enabled bluetooth tethering for all carriers
  • Updated Chrome
  • Updated Google Search
  • Updated Google Play Services
  • Updated AOSP Gallery
  • Updated Live walpapers
  • Updated the Inverted Teal phone/contacts app
  • Updated Interface app
  • Updated kernel to latest Googy 1.2.7
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Added full wipe option to aroma
  • Added volume panel timeout options
  • Added heads up timeout options
  • Added long press to skip tracks
  • Added hold back to kill current app
  • Added clock mods
  • Added CyanogenMOD browser option to AROMA
  • Added hardware swap file options in AROMA
  • Added CM Calculator
  • Added a choice in AROMA for Eleven and Apollo music players
  • Added AudioFX from CM12 to AROMA
  • Removed Gear Manager as it's not working
  • Removed WAV option from SoundRecorder, since it's not working
  • Live walpapers are now optional in AROMA
  • Updated build.prop

  • Rebuilt from scratch to log our changes in GIT, results in cleaner work
  • Enabled national roaming on most European virtual networks
  • Dirty flashers should no longer need to clear interface app and data
  • Fixed roaming for Videotron users in Quebec, Canada
  • App ops added to security settings
  • Device walpapers included in tiny .apk from source
  • Updated Interface app
  • Toggle for enable all rotations added to Interface
  • Toggle for wake on unplug added to Interface
  • Disabling battery icon in Interface will now stick after reboot
  • Improved show 4g for LTE toggle
  • AROMA improvements
  • Motorola Gallery now optional in aroma, it goes amazing with Moto camera
  • Oneplus Camera optional in AROMA, HDR and saving to SD card supported
  • Inverted teal theme for dialer in contacts added to AROMA
  • Custom DPI options in AROMA
  • Improvements to the tethering script for some carriers
  • Hide alarm clock toggle code simplified
  • Disabled safe media nag
  • Removed a duplicate ringtone
  • Updated OTA app
  • Updated build.prop

  • Even with 5.0.1 LRX22C - Unofficial 5.0.1
  • Deodexed framework
  • Updated kernel
  • Fixed SMS for vodafone NL
  • Increased the falsing threshold for when keyguard affordances
  • Voicemail now can be accessed by holding 1 for most carriers
  • Some ADB fail safe fixes that were merged into 5.0.1
  • Fixed SystemUI heads up notification spacing
  • Ported CM Battery icons to the ROM
  • Clear all in recents
  • Extended power menu
  • Toggle advanced power menu option in interface
  • Updated OTA app - fixed open recovery script installation. Using markdown for changelog rendering
  • Updated AdAway (fixes for 5.0)

  • TeleService FC with certain languages is fixed
  • Cleaned up Updater-Script in regards to setting default network for Sprint
  • Googla Wallet is now optional in AROMA
  • Google Sound Search is now optional in AROMA
  • Apex will now install as intended via AROMA
  • DSP or stock processing in AROMA
  • Spanish translation for interface app thanks to marcuzzi
  • Fixed Voice recorder
  • OTA app updates
  • AROMA improvements
  • Enabled HD-Voice for all, by default

  • Happy new year, FULL WIPE REQUIRED! =P
  • Implemented AROMA installer to customize your installation
  • Updated to latest googy_max kernel 1.2.5
  • Kernel will auto loki for AT&T/VZW
  • Verizon and Sprint will boot with proper framework and CDMA settings right out of the box
  • Added a fix for tethering on first boot. No need to reboot or issue a command in the shell
  • Turn off experimental NuPlayer by default - Should help fix some audio stuttering issues once and for all
  • Fixed FC's in Trebuchet Launcher
  • SQlite3 will now work as intended
  • Ported CM's Changelog feature into the GPE Settings.apk. Settings->About
  • Added option for dark material Settings
  • Added a choice for AOSP Messaging with quick reply
  • AOSP Sound recorder
  • Removed Adblocking by default, made AdAway an option in AROMA
  • Added missing Emoji fonts from the Nexus 5
  • Updated latest APN entires from CyanogenMod
  • Added in Material Gallery from CM (Deleting from SD card now works)
  • Added Moto Camera option. Moto Camera cannot shoot in HDR, but supports saving to SD
  • Updated OTA Updater. Now correctly checks update on first boot and background services does run to check in time
  • Updated Interface with some new icons and added ability to choose whether to disable hardware buttons when using onscreen navigation
  • S-tweaks themed material and enhanced
  • Updated Google Play Store and Google Camera
  • Removed some unnecessary files from the zip
  • Material UI themed cLock

  • Updated kernel to googy 1.2.4
  • Fixed all audio stuttering
  • Modded stock launcher (much faster, more features)
  • Performance added into Settings (opens s-tweaks)
  • Unlocked Teleservice, enabled all network modes (world phone)
  • Teleservice LTE toggling fixed
  • DSP Audio manager
  • Added file manager
  • Ported AOSP gallery (100% working on 5.x)
  • Gmail + stock exchange
  • Removed AOSP email (atm it's not ready)
  • H+ icon will now show when connected to HSPA+
  • Hide alarm clock (interface)
  • Enable on-screen navigation bar (Interface)
  • Show 4g for LTE (Interface)
  • Access to CM cLock settings (Interface)
  • Signal cluster fixed when not connected to data
  • OEM Brightness settings
  • Cleaned up code in OTA app
  • Added some binaries needed for Interface settings
  • Removed un-needed libs (Dalvik ones) from TTS, Search, Camera, Chrome
  • Updated build.prop (Ota info)

  • Updated to Googy kernel (fixes bluetooth)
  • Google now launcher now default
  • Added Chrome
  • Working 5.x email and exchange (Material)
  • Updated Search
  • Updated TTS
  • Updated System sounds with Nexus 5/6 sounds
  • Fixed carrier label on lock screen
  • Added Interface option to settings
  • Custom boot animation
  • Enable battery percent
  • Disable/enable touchkey lights
  • Change host name
  • Enable network traffic
  • Reboot options (Settings > Interface) (we cannot add to power menu yet as I have no way to access the .dex I need, this will work perfectly for now)
  • Added OTA app
  • SuperSU updated and now will not ask for a binary update on first boot
  • Updated APNs (should boot LTE on AT&T now)
  • Removed Samsung carrier codes
  • Other minor things I might be forgetting

  • Phone should now always boot properly on first boot
  • Rooted
  • Added busybox and init.d via archi kitchen
  • Integrated Superuser into settings
  • Added touchkey light binary script to turn lights off (type SU to get root then touchkeys in terminal)
  • ROM ships with stock launcher now
  • Added Google MMS
  • Updated Google Camera
  • Updated GoogleTTS
  • Removed Android Debugging notification
  • Made HSPA visable in the status bar
  • Menu no longer unlocks the lock screen
  • Updated build.prop

  • Android 5.0
  • Debloated
  • Home button lag fixed
  • Security FC fixed
  • Worldwide apns added
  • Fixed platform permissions for ext sd
  • Nova launcher
  • more that I'm just too tired to type right now

  • gmscore/search bug fixed (reverted)
  • updated Nova Launcher
  • updated build.prop
  • dirty flash is fine (wipe caches, flash, reboot)

  • Added light weight AOSP browser
  • "Find on page" string fixed and working with all languages
  • Updated Google play services
  • Updated Playstore
  • Updated Google Keyboard
  • Updated Calculator
  • Updated Host file (ad blocking)
  • Updated apns.conf to add more support out of the box for European carriers
  • Updated CM file manager
  • Updated weather widget
  • Updated Googe now launcher (Pure Nexus builds only)
  • Updated Google search (Pure Nexus build only)
  • Added Pure Nexus build to North American threads
  • Updated build.prop
  • ALL builds including INTL are shipping with stock kernel, flash your own GE kernel as the ones I provide go out of date rather quickly and flashing custom
    over stock is always the cleanest way to go about it, I don't have the time to be uploading 6 builds everytime I release an update.

  • Updated Kernels (latest)
  • Updated Superuser
  • Updated Novalauncher (Customized build only)
  • Updated Google search (Pure Nexus build only)
  • Updated Google Play Services
  • Updated Google Keyboard
  • Fixed Boot animation lag
  • Updated to latest Nexus boot animation
  • Updated cLock widget
  • Updated Google Camera
  • Genie Widget (Weather and news app) removed
  • Google Street removed (get it from the Play Store)
  • Added new optional flash for Interface Settings (Gravity box embedded into Settings)
  • Updated build.prop
  • Everything is up to date, if you enjoy this ROM please consider a donation to help out with real life stuff!

  • Lockscreen unlock ring in now centered (Great one Samsung/Google!) This is now fixed for you guys, the problem was in keyguard.apk and I fixed the derp they shipped.
  • Updated google play services
  • Enabled touchkey light control for ART users, simply type SU in terminal and then type touchkeys
  • Updated google search (Pure Nexus build only)
  • Reverted themed email in favor of stock email (Pure Nexus build only)
  • Uploaded 2 extra builds compiled with another kernel for you guys with "battery issues" to try out, not all hardware is made equal and some might have a better experience, all I know is on stock kernel from google the ROM is running perfectly. Special thanks to @googy_anas for allowing me to do this
  • Updated build.prop

  • Rebased everything I had going on in 4.4.3 into 4.4.4, this was a royal pain but it had to be done, I've smashed this project yet again with 4 straight hours of development, helps when you're organized and ready for surprises like this, No features are missing from 4.4.3 and the addons received an update too, I need a beer now. phew

  • Autobrightness adjusted, I upped the values a bit so mostly everyone should be happy, the screen is no longer too dark but does a good job saving power too, I'll be submitting this array to CM.
  • Home button long press vibration and touchkey button vibration smoothed out, should give the perfect amount of haptic feedback when this option is enabled
  • Kernel updated
  • Updated build.prop
  • Last 4.4.3 release, stay tuned 4.4.4 whenever they decide to give us that

  • Updated Superuser to the much awaited 2.0
  • Updated build.prop to reflect today's date without branding the ROM
  • Updated to the new CM autobrightness (will fix random brightness jumps aswell)

  • Kernel updated
    • Linux 3.4.92.
    • Ramdisk updates for GE.
    • 4.4.3 miscelanious stuff.
    • Fix IR for GE ROMs.
    • Merge in some more 4.4.3 stuff for GE.
    • Ktweaker update: AUTO HOTPLUG OPTION IS NOW A LIST SELECTION INSTEAD OF CHECK BOX, MAKE SURE YOU GO AND SET IT TO THE PROPER VALUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you used to have the checkbox off, select "Disabled", if you had it checked, select "KT Auto Hotplug"
  • Hangouts and google earth libs deleted

  • Vibration intensity reduced on back/menu/hold home haptic feedback, was way overkill with stock values
  • H+ icon will now show when H+ is available, H will show otherwise
  • Superuser updated to latest
  • Framework-res translation for the clock app is fixed, Ringtone array is flawless now in all languages (Samsung/Google derp fixed
  • Dialer is now Carbon Holo (Customized build only, doesn't effect pure Nexus)
  • Contacts is now Carbon Holo (Customized build only, doesn't effect pure Nexus)
  • Novalauncher updated (Customized build only)
  • Optional flash for the battery icon got an update

  • Framework-res ringtone translation fixed across all languages
  • App ops enabled in Settings
  • Google dialer has been themed Carbon
  • Uploaded a Pure Nexus ROM with no themes, just a pure vanilla Android experience for those users who just want to keep it as close to stock as possible

  • "Carrier Settings" in settings removed, this appeared when I world unlocked the dialer for you folks, it's gone now because it FC'd and we are not suppose to have it
  • Samsung missed a string in the ringtone/notification selection array, Default Ringtone should be "None", this is now fixed

  • WiFi DHCP fixed
  • Teleservice unlocked (We can now change to all available network modes)
  • Added CM filemanager by ktoonsez request for quick phone setup
  • CRT disabled in favor of the fade effect, much nicer on the eyes and better on battery life
  • Updated KT kernel, Nothing much here, just 4.4.3 ramdisk stuff
  • Don't expect a million updates like 4.4.2, I was well prepared for 4.4.3 and all my features/fixes from 4.4.2 are in this build

  • Rebased everything below on 4.4.3, I was prepared for this one so it's all here in the first build ;) (Except dialer mods/theme)
  • 7 hours straight on this tonight, RAWR!!!
  • ermm insert random stuff here because the changelog is to small
  • more stuff
  • even more stuff
  • enjoy!

  • Contacts clear field image is now visible, was black on black
  • Updated the official Google Camera and binary's into the system
  • Menu will no longer unlock the phone from the lock screen if no password is set
  • Small framework edit, cleaned up some code regarding the volume panel, nothing you will notice
  • Updated build.prop
  • Updated kernel (I've heard VERY good feedback on this release)
  • Removed CM weather widget and made it an optional flash (apparently creates wakelocks for ppl who don't use it?)
  • Everything up to date on a clean flash, no market updates required :)
    *No more releases, all necessary changes are documented and I cannot wait until 4.4.3 so I can have you guys a ROM

  • Deodexed this ROM and kept it fully compatible with ART (Believe it or not this fixes some strange issues for me, I think my odex script might break some things? all has been well for me now and I'm not seeing random SystemUI slowdown)
  • deleted old google search libs and some koreanime lib, oh and libpinyin is gone too because they are useless (since I've removed their native apps they just sat dormant in the lib folder wasting system space)
  • Updated the build.prop
  • Updated GoogleTTS and Keyboard again
  • Updated kernel (battery drain is gone)
  • Use new optional zips in the OP. most of them saw an update so just use new ones and don't flash the old

  • Cloudprint fixed (MAJOR bug), grab it from the market
  • Updated Google Keyboard in System/app
  • Updated Google TTS in System/app
  • Updated SU
  • Cleaned up some reboot menu code
  • Removed xposed, gravitybox, xuimod, get these yourself.
  • Made apollo a flashable addon
  • Google is now testing 4.4.3, this is a OTA I expect we will get in the next month or two
  • Updated kernel

  • Framework-res auto brightness values adjusted, I made the screen a bit brighter without losing much battery power, in fact you won't even notice. I just wanted to bump it up 5 values so we can show off how gorgeous this 1080p AMOLED really is
  • Redid contacts, I spent a great deal of time on this and I really think its a much better design then the last invert, Kryten and I talked about it but never did anything about it, I poured in a few hours the other night and came up with something I think looks gorgeous
  • SystemUI will now display H+ in the status bar and quicksettings as opposed to just H
  • Removed 2 useless build.prop tweaks that remained dormant and do nothing at all on 4.4.2, (they worked on 4.3)
  • Updated Gravitybox to 3.0
  • Updated kernel

  • Added native reboot menu to Google editon (Works on ART!!!)
  • Volume buttons can mute the device in the volume panel
  • Removed Samsung CABLservice and digitalpensdk from android system
  • Added custom Apollo music player
  • Re-odexed the entire build to match the new framework
  • Battery icon with % enabled is now an optional zip
  • Added the ability to disable touchkey lights via android terminal by typing touchkeys after granting terminal SU (ART users)
  • Reverted MMS back to inverted due broken widget, ill bring back the multi theme MMS.apk later
  • Added stock themed MMS as an optional flash
  • reverted opensource superuser back to chainfire SuperSU
  • to many people having issues on the CM SuperSU and I don't want anymore headaches, this one
    proved to work for many months
  • I'm taking a vacation, this is about as stable as it gets for the S4
  • Build.prop updated

  • Autobrightness values updated. These are MUCH better indoors, the minimum brightness is now down to 15 from CM's native 20
    and the brightness with a lux value of 150 and lower will now be 40 out of a possible 255 (max brightness), Autobrightness will
    now do what the feature is supposed to do, save battery
  • Added Opensource SU and removed chainfire SU
  • - this fixes the "fix root" nag in recovery
  • - It's faster debug (ALOT faster)
  • - It looks cooler
  • - It's integrated right into settings (settings>superuser)
  • Enabled battery % for ART users and made sure its clear to read at sub 50%
  • Updated MMS from source, it's now white but can be toggled to be inverted via settings
  • Updated Google Services Framework
  • Build.prop updated
  • updated kernel to kt 02/24/2014
    --WIFI driver update
    --Sound driver updates
  • Google Now Launcher is now available in the market and has been removed from the OP

  • Unlocked the dialer, we now have a world phone (you will still need to sim unlock if your provider locks it, however this helps travelers)
  • Unlocked every network mode available for our modem, (Settings - More - Mobile networks - Preferred network)
  • Enabled in call noise suppression (no idea why they didn't include this)
  • Disabled CSP from the dialer, we now have full control over the phone and what networks we can choose (might not affect your carrier but this is useful for traveling, trust me)
  • Tweaked my indoor auto brightness values, still using too much juice in medium/high indoor light, this is much better
  • Enabled app ops in Settings > Security, Take total control of the permissions apps are granted when you install them from google play, VERY useful if you are concerned about privacy or you just don't want some misc app seeing your SMS's or having network permissions
  • Added CM file manager to help users setup the ROM faster, This is actually a very nice app with lots of options and it works on ART. it's TINY too!
  • Removed the buggy/useless/unsecure/lame/stupid face lock feature
  • Updated Gravity box
  • Updated build.pop

  • Flash this if you are on my previous release from today (no need to install the full build, this change is very small, the main build is updated for new users to the ROM however :) )
  • Fixed date picker in contacts
  • Enjoy

  • Improved CM Autobrightness
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated build.prop
  • Use updated DarkUI, disable S-VIEW and Disable S-view + DarkUI zips
  • Enjoy!!!

  • *Recommend a full wipe, many changes have been implemented
  • Updated Kernel
  • Fixed home button lag
  • Disabled double tap for recents menu
  • recents is now back to S4 standard of long press home
  • Disabled Samsung Autobrightness (horrible)
  • Enabled Stock Autobrightness with CM Autobrightness values (this took some research but I pulled it off without breaking ART) - This will result in massive battery savings
  • Gravity box should now be able to control auto brightness values
  • Removed Google search from system/priv-app for 2 reasons, 1) its out of date and 2) I actually prefer it as a user app, makes it easier to hibernate with greenify for non-premium users
  • Removed Google earth libs, hangouts and chrome libs out of the system/lib folder
  • the ROM is very light now, comes in at less then 300mb
  • Updated Gravitybox
  • Updated build.prop
  • This is the most polished google edition available. I proudly support all 3 variants of the Galaxy S4 and I hope the international community appreciates this hard work ;)
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6th December 2013, 04:46 AM |#4  
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6th December 2013, 04:49 AM |#5  
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6th December 2013, 06:23 AM |#6  
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Thumbs up Looks like a promising, no exaggerations ROM
Seems like a solid build. Will give it a try tomorrow after my exam. Good to see you managed to fix the front facing camera issue since that was the only bug for my M919.
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6th December 2013, 06:28 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by ebahena

Seems like a solid build. Will give it a try tomorrow after my exam. Good to see you managed to fix the front facing camera issue since that was the only bug for my M919.


Front facing camera quality - fixed
H+ icon support - fixed
distorted system volume up/down sound - fixed
platform permissions - fixed

there was more bugs in this OTA but they are all fixed here in this build

now it's just random reboots for some users but there is nothing I can do about that from the ROM side of things
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6th December 2013, 07:32 AM |#8  
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What is the status with random reboots?
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6th December 2013, 07:40 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by velein

What is the status with random reboots?

almost worked out, if you experience them flash the kernel in post 3 by following the instructions.
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6th December 2013, 08:30 AM |#10  
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Will the camera save to ext. sdcard.

Sendt fra min GT-I9505 med Tapatalk
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6th December 2013, 08:38 AM |#11  
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nice development, I have a question. Is this rom from a Samsung GE firmware that allows to use the s-view functions and the Galaxy Gear stuff?

thanks a lot
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