[ROM] [44433.001 - 2015-11-15] Eureka-ROM - Based on OTA 44433

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What is it?

With over 4000 users, Eureka-ROM (formerly PwnedCast) is the de facto third-party Chromecast ROM. Maintained by Team Eureka, this ROM adds features such as SSH and Telnet access, DNS customization, and a web-based configuration panel to the stock Chromecast OS, while maintaining the stock OS's simplicity and ease-of-use.

What does it do?

Along with all the features of the stock OS, Eureka-ROM allows you to
  • Use SSH, ADB, or Telnet to access a root shell
  • Specify alternate DNS servers to overcome certain region-based restrictions
  • Use custom application whitelists to bypass Google's application registration requirements
  • Configure the device using a web-based control panel
    • View device status and network information
    • Enable or disable Team Eureka's OTA updates
    • Select which whitelist provider you want to use (Google, Team Eureka, or custom)
    • Enable or disable remote services
    • Set custom DNS servers
    • Reboot and reset your device

Eureka-ROM also includes several internal changes:
  • Google's OTA updates are disabled, so your Chromecast won't patch itself.
  • Instead, OTA's are delivered by a custom Team Eureka update engine (more information).
  • A custom "Team Eureka" boot animation is installed so you can easily determine that your device is running Eureka-ROM.
  • The stock recovery image is replaced with FlashCast to further prevent any attempts by Google to patch your device.
  • The idle screen URL restriction is removed.
  • A custom kernel image is installed to enable the following features:
    • Interactive root UART console
    • In-OS USB device support
    • CIFS/Samba share support

How do I use it?

  1. Setup and Install FlashCast v1.2 on a USB drive. This step requires booting your Chromecast once in order to initialize FlashCast. Make sure to follow all the installation instructions given in the FlashCast thread.
  2. Rename the downloaded Eureka-ROM zip file to and place it in the root folder of the FlashCast USB drive.
  3. Plug the FlashCast USB drive into the Chromecast, hold down the button, and connect power to boot the device. If you attempt to use an earlier version of FlashCast, such as v1.0, the installation will fail.
  4. Flashing will take about 9 minutes, so be patient! As long as the Chromecast's LED is blinking white, flashing is in progress.
  5. When done flashing, the device will reboot.
  6. Enjoy!


The custom features of Eureka-ROM are configured through the web-based control panel. To access the panel, use a web browser on your computer or phone to connect to the device's IP address. You can determine the IP address using the Chromecast setup application.

Who made it?

The majority of the ROM consists of the stock OS image provided by Google. ROM-specific features were written by members of Team Eureka. We'd like to also thank the GTVHacker team for their initial exploitation and documentation of the Chromecast and the following individuals for their various contributions:
  • death2all110
  • ften
  • tvall
  • Anyone else we missed!

Where do I get it?

44433.001 [2015-11-15] (latest version):
SHA256: a905a61d78b700aebe03d155cdf1ca7ca69a91b73685006fde 6d8f088bedbfef
MD5: 280223014b97b1090c9ef98698a2bc7d

Updated base firmware to 44433
All new binaries using the new toolchain
Default to Google Whitelist (on reset/fresh install)
Add Userscript support! (runs /data/ on startup)
Fixup a bug in the whitelist sync script
Minor changes to WebUI panel backend code (fix some things)

27946.002 [2015-04-06]:
SHA256: deb031c8fa7ec9790077e0dadc7a986dff70f0822d3031f1b6 573d112987d0d7
MD5: 9e627a8788b28156b41e9401e938663d

Fix a bug that broke the OTA service

27946.001 [2015-04-05]:
Download link removed due to a critical bug. Please use a later release instead.
SHA256: aa75c65801d214632e0448026085b23b46011e2ffc6e53ea04 ceb064b9cbee07
MD5: 2e6e17a14484a8d5f182ae400865ca33

Updated base firmware to 27946

26653.001 [2015-02-21]:
SHA256: c53db4f08140129aef70afab83383bc9db95d09d4e8b3f8df6 6bb6c305e4cab6
MD5: 5d7f25f72e269d8d52e8fc64b2e5e255

Updated base firmware to 26653
Fixed the Force Update Feature (Thanks @fkrone!)
Upgraded to SuperSpeed™ V2.0

22062.001 [2014-12-07]:
SHA256: 3d2def8229ddc2fdd103df500a49156b6d47e4b066fcc45de9 7c059b2b38f9f1
MD5: 90c79ff4bc2f7af16e63543f8886194f

Updated base firmware to 22062
Improved the SuperSpeed™ technology
Updated Busybox to version 1.21.1
Updated webpanel (check repo for changes)

19084.001 [2014-09-12]:
SHA256: 9a8df71a608abef4433769798df7365da07784ecf64bd90257 acef04e78fd475
MD5: 2414b9f0fb603ec809cad2b6fec6909f

Updated base firmware to 19084
Added SuperSpeed™ magic to the flash process!

17977.001 [2014-08-05]:
SHA256: 5b350cb1161e7b8f5fcba19b03a1a71a38897372fa635d7c05 0921e97b850636
MD5: 1a3a1f03cbcd6dff9453d0ae35af4e12

Updated base firmware to 17977
Updated Recovery Image to Flashcast V1.3

17250.003 [2014-06-22]:
SHA256: 4cc774c725a061050e1dd9023ef1a5cc26ef48360104e2ba17 562de41030fccf
MD5: 1c7c4c5d6ecb82d6ffe37af4a54ab26d

Fixed a critical bug that caused the OTA system to not function

17250.002 [2014-06-22]:
Download link removed due to a critical bug. Please use a later release instead.
SHA256: 1259cba5fce9b6e2e173f08e71be5603f7cff9cb2b2f344fcd bacc70219a5bb8
MD5: b4478f4606cd8e0d3276531e7484e41e

Updated base firmware to 17250
Added the ability to change the device hostname from the Web Panel
Added the ability to force an update check from the Web Panel
Enhanced the OTA system to make sure updates are applied when downloaded
Added Donator list to the Web Panel

16664.004 [2014-05-04]:
SHA256: be9009eddb2089b902d7f429b4e3fe29dd76acb176f207d90b e8670c7b3f0a30
MD5: 2af4b1ac869473c92095b3aa940ecea1

Added support for Team-Eureka's v2 API whitelist. (Enables support for Android KitKat Screen Casting)
Added support for a device to be a "developer" device when the Google whitelist is selected.

16664.003 [2014-04-09]:
SHA256: e4567d1ed9a38cd5bdd338d63ee633541d5e1d25dd5e80bfc1 1df0a3f93f7d40
MD5: f354c80a7ba994a1adef98a8bdf1a29b

Fixed a critical bug with SSL libraries that caused DRM content (Netflix/HBO-GO) to not play, or crash the device.

16664.002 [2014-04-08]:
Download link removed due to a critical bug. Please use a later release instead.
SHA256: f0ec41755140587eb5cdff9237db66053f59ebce6668d58b9a 4d64ed1e197f18
MD5: ed98c926ece1b030873c5b64a801e475

Fixed a permissions issue which caused an HTTP 500 error to be shown instead of the web panel.

16664.001 [2014-04-08]:
Download link removed due to a critical bug. Please use a later release instead.
SHA256: e0dfa8eee51b50d87cfbb3d8a748dcd511f33d5186013a20e4 08cc111527e513
MD5: 92a5468efa49a6e45e11fc4ff442e075

First release using the new versioning scheme of basever.release. Also includes a number of internal changes:
  • An updated base image (build 16664)
  • A custom kernel build, which enables early-boot initramfs modifications to be made
  • An updated recovery partition based on FlashCast v1.2
  • A migration of SSH keys out of the /system partition so that it can be pre-packed in the future to significantly decrease flash times

v2.0 [2014-02-14]:
SHA256: 4b50ad1de4b75e8a509df3289687fec3fd2dab1dec3d4b8648 dbcfa4e0c4ddb4
MD5: ddbc4a5a6079dcd44422b0b5e88157cd

Updated the base image to build 15250

v1.1 [2013-12-21]:
SHA256: a653139b6efa453dafc1b848c5498e556db36739e44f88a784 df874861d1b1f4
MD5: 32426753e7101c717ec9a3f245a31eb6

Fixed a bug that caused config changes to be ignored

v1.0 [2013-12-20]:
SHA256: 2953f5bf3237e04670382547d958940f6c6362503b6ac1de4f 45a2610db96d3d
MD5: 5d30d112b21d6de2f715067f3ef6dcb4

Initial release of Eureka-ROM, formerly PwnedCast


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21st December 2013, 05:12 AM |#2  
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Soo happy to have this out the door, hope everyone likes the work here - we've been working pretty hard on it over the last few weeks (sorry for the delays in getting this out to you all!)

If anyone has any bugs to report please PM myself or ddggttff3

Just so everyone knows there is a LOT of changes under the hood for this. It implements the EurekaSettings newly defined standards where configuration settings are held within ini files for user/system data and so settings in Eureka panel will be held in future OTA updates! (my favourite setting).

Whitelisting now is hosted locally on the device and syncs the whitelist from Team Eureka servers so if our servers go offline your device doesn't (and of course you have the option to change this to use Google's whitelist servers, the local file (non syncing) or another web based whitelist of your choice (if anyone ever wants to set one up).

I really hope you all love this as much as we love bringing it to you.
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21st December 2013, 05:29 AM |#3  
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Number of devices on the latest Build: 3

Well I'm gonna have to fix that...

FAQ updated.

Rootable serials thread updated.

Side trivia note: Google Santa Tracker now sees my Chromecast, well, at least the one that's on Eureka-ROM!
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21st December 2013, 05:37 AM |#4  
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nice cant wait to try this thanks for all the hard work


flash went great and love the Configuration panel simply awesome guys.
21st December 2013, 05:37 AM |#5  
Junior Member
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Turned on my chromecast first time today. To my surprise Team Eureka showed up on my screen with an update. Thank you guys!!!
21st December 2013, 05:38 AM |#6  
Flag Boston
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Thank you
Great rom flash went great thanks so much
21st December 2013, 06:13 AM |#7  
Senior Member
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Congrats on the release. I'm sure many think of this as a great CHRISTMAS gift

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
21st December 2013, 06:21 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by bhiga

Well I'm gonna have to fix that...

FAQ updated. Chromecasts next.

I really hope you like the release bhiga!
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21st December 2013, 06:42 AM |#9  
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Web GUI rocks
Great effort updating to latest build.
Web GUI is a great idea.
21st December 2013, 06:47 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Kyonz

I really hope you like the release bhiga!

yes... Yes... YES!!!
My Chromecast is at 51 C hehehe
Serial # display
So... much... awesome!!

Not to mention, I can play Google Santa Tracker now!!!
21st December 2013, 07:56 AM |#11  
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Holy fudge Batman! I saw the thread, went to my Chromecast and boom updated without my knowing! Thanks for the awesome update .

One question, how do I set my own DNS? I see there is a option to enable or disable, if I disable and reboot the device will I get the option to set it manually?
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