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[ROM][UB][Linaro][KitKat][4.4.4]Carbon Rom[Unofficial]

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By abcdjdj, Senior Member on 20th January 2014, 11:44 AM
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About Carbon

CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware support and fixes. We strive to not only provide you with the best rom we can build, but also to give back to the Android community and our fellow developers. For us, this is about creating something we can be proud of and hope you will enjoy.

Please feel free to look at, build, and use our code on CarbonDev GitHub.

We would like to thank CyanogenMod for their device trees, framework/settings mods and their code that was incorporated into this project. We also extend our gratitude to the devs whose code that we have incorporated. Proper authorship has been maintained and can be viewed on our repository.

Special thanks also go to Slim Rom for some of their features, PA, AOKP, and anyone else we may have borrowed commits from that hasn't been mentioned here. If you feel you have been unfairly left out, please - let us know.

While we make every effort to test these builds as much as possible, we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your device, family, pets, or perception of reality. We ask that you do your part to know your device and know how to recover from problems before you flash! If you have questions, ask your fellow users or ask us in #teamcarbon on freenode IRC.


Even though Carbon keeps a very stock AOSP look overall, it is still PACKED with additional features that you can enable as you please. There are honestly way too many features to list, the entire feature list can be found over here -

Work in progress.. Many things related to carbon fibers are yet to be merged with 4.4.2.. So have patience..

Non-Working List:

Whatever doesn't work on OpenSemc11, won't work here either. Not working:-
--> Qr scanning, skype and apps which use the camera (temporary fix available - Settings-->Developer Options-->Disable HW Overlays) (FIXED)

Downloads (Select latest by date):

All Downloads


1. Make sure you have CWM installed and a working nandroid backup.

2. Download the ROM.

3. Place the ROM in your internal storage.

4. Reboot to recovery.

5. Wipe Data, Dalvik Cache and Cache

6. Flash the ROM.

Optional- Flash gApps.

7. Reboot and Enjoy.

Building Instructions

The Carbon Team:-



Bionic Beast









Remember, every penny you send to us goes right back into the ROM. It's used for hardware, server costs, etc - all the things that help us make Carbon better with every release. Your support means the world to us! If you've enjoyed Carbon, please consider a donation toward this goal. Thank you, and we hope you continue to enjoy Carbon! Donate here to team Carbon.


Carbon Team
@RaymanFx and the OpenSemc team - For the Device Tree, Kernel Source and other repos
@deedwar - For telling me the fix for screenshots and offering me lots of help
@billchen1977 - For his fixes in the kernel
@Abhinav2 - For helping and guiding me through the entire process

Rom Sources

Kernel Sources

Device Tree

XDA:DevDB Information
Carbon Rom, ROM for the Sony Xperia Acro S

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Stable Version: Beta 10
Stable Release Date: 2014-06-23

Created 2014-01-20
Last Updated 2014-07-31
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20th January 2014, 11:44 AM |#2  
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20th January 2014, 11:44 AM |#3  
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FAQ & Changelog

1. When will the bugs be fixed?

-- We are trying our best to fix the bugs present and we hope to do so ASAP.

2. How often will you provide updates?

-- I'll try to update this rom as often as possible but I gotta even spend time on studies.

3. Many apps which require Superuser access say that my phone is not rooted.
-- Please download SuperSu from PlayStore and open it and install the binary.

4. Which gApps to use?

-- PA Gapps -

5. Why is the proximity sensor on all the time/My phone wakes up without me pressing any buttons?

-- Its a feature of carbon known as pocket mode. It doesn't take much battery but still if you want you can turn it off by going to Settings->Carbon Fibres->Lock Screen-> Notifications and uncheck pocket mode.

6. How to access developer options?

-- Go to About Phone in settings and tap Build Number 8-10 times.

7. Why is xyz feature of Carbon Fibers not working?

-- Carbon fibers are still being ported to 4.4 so may not work properly.

8. Is HALO present in the ROM?

-- Not for now but its being ported to it


Beta #11 (10/7/14)
-->Switched to Evolve-2.5 kernel (new ION API)
-->Switched back to the ION branch of fuji-common repo (bring back mpdecision, thermald)
-->No random reboots with the new ION kernel (huge thanks to deedwar and wzhy)
-->Enabled moving apps to sd (thanks to deedwar and pagaiba)
-->Lots of upstream carbon changes and fixes

Beta #10 (23/6/14)
-->Switched to Deedwar's Evolve-1.17 kernel (720mb user ram)
-->Updated TWRP to
-->Android 4.4.4
-->Tons of upstream changes, fixes and new features

Beta #9 (29/5/2014)
-->Compiled using the stable default toolchain (no graphical glitches and other weird problems)
-->Switched to deedwar's evolve kernel 1.15 branch (should fix the instagram issue and very smooth - thanks @deedwar )
-->    Added Dark Carbon Quick Settings Tile

    normal click: turn on/off dark/light theme
    longpress: switch between the auto modes (manual/light sensor/twilight)
--> Added circular memory indicator for recents menu
--> Many changes and fixes to Themes manager
--> Fixed displaying user information for multi-user devices on the User Quick Tile
-->Added support for more media types
-->Added Slim’s Hardware Key Rebinding

    a ton of new customizations and actions for hardware keys

-->Fixed issues with CM Theme Manager (not really, still broken)
--> Added “Peek” from PA
-->Fixes to recents panel and recents ram circle
-->Too many more upstream changes

Beta #8 (7/5/2014)
-->Reverted back to the old ION API (no random reboots, and all previous features like oc, fastcharge etc are there)
-->Disabled thermald and mpdecision
-->Removed 60 seconds checking interval for battery percentage in TWRP
-->Built with Linaro 4.9.1
-->Switched to Cm’s Download Manager, which should support the pause/resume downloads feature we added a while back
-->Tons of little fixes and changes
-->Added more stock ringtones
-->Added Omniswitch
-->Added Audio Themes
-->Added Hebrew translation for Carbon Fibers

Beta #7 (29/04/14)
-->Temporary workaround for Illumination Bar brightness - c01d44a
-->Fixed battery percentage in TWRP - e083d84
-->Fixed brightness slider in TWRP - 7d2142f
-->Compiled with the latest Linaro Toolchain (thanks to Cl3kener)
-->Switched to cm-11.0 branch of the kernel (new ION API, updated kernel drivers from caf kk_2.7)
-->Enabled mpdecision and thermald
-->Added Battery Saver Mode
-->Added Omni Performance Control
-->Added Gesture Lockscreen
-->Added power menu Quick Tile
-->Fixed donation link and images in About Carbon menu
-->Fix text messages not being received due to blacklist bug
-->Fix long-press on Network Mode Quick Tile
-->Added ability to pause/resume downloads
-->Cm Theme Engine fixes
-->Fix Dialer/Phone background color being white when using Dark Carbon
-->Other changes and fixes

Beta #6 (18/4/14)
-->Fixed time and date resetting on reboot
-->Added Fast Charge thanks to DoomLoRD
-->Disabled CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) in the MMC driver in the kernel
-->Improved and optimised calculation algorithms in the kernel
-->Used deedwar's media repo
-->Removed Home Button wake option (doesn't work on phones without mechanical buttons)
-->Switched to Sony's kernel logo
-->Fix no bg_pipe at mixer=0 and lots of changes in the video drivers in the kernel
-->Removed some unnecessary code in the kernel
-->Added Cm’s new Theme Manager
-->Other changes & bug fixes
-->Fixed vibration intensity not remembering custom value
-->Fixes for blacklist
-->Fixed ART not working
-->Better battery life
-->Mark messages as unread in stock MMS app
-->Disabled full screen keyboard
-->Force enter key instead emoticon key in keyboard 

-->Added Recents RAM Bar
-->Fixed Carbon Fibers Tile in Quick Panel
-->Other small fixes
-->Removed some unnecessary code

Beta#4 (26/3/14)
-->TONS of upstream changes, fixes and new features. Here's the list of upstream changes from the last build:-
Nightly 3-26-2014 Began building i9100 with SaberMod Toolchain Made Dark Carbon menu glow even/consistent on pop ups and menus Fix LTE quick tile Many other fixes Nightly 3-25-2014 Various fixes Nightly 3-24-2014 Nothing, Gerrit was being updated Nightly 3-23-2014 Added device settings for Samsung msm8660 devices Small changes/fixes Gerrit required an update which required us to backup all the old commits to a different location and have a fresh new listing. So that is why our Gerrit looks empty. Nightly 3-22-2014 Small changes/fixes Nightly 3-21-2014 Added Battery Bar (displays battery level in a slim bar under the statusbar) Fixed inability to mount/unmount sdcard for galaxy s2’s and Note 1 Many other fixes Nightly 3-20-2014 PIE fixes Lockscreen slider fixes Fix memory leak Other fixes Nightly 3-19-2014 Added settings button in Quick Tiles panel to instantly edit Tiles Various additions and fixes to Active Display including: Add option Double tap to sleep every where Allow to show numbers of notification on Handle (only show if notification count is enabled in bar settings) add battery circle around handle (only show if battery circle around lockscreen handle enabled, see security settings) Added time-context headers in the statusbar This commit adds image headers to the notification panel header, based on the date/time. There are pictures for morning, afternoon and night, as well as special events like Christmas and new year's eve. Nightly 3-18-2014 Added more items on lockscreen that can have custom colors Added ability to customize Toast Animations Moved “lock before unlock” option from Carbon Fibers to Security settings Other fixes Nightly 3-17-2014 Fixed tiles flipping even when disabled Fix video recording on devices that were getting camera FC Cleaned up the Volume Steps options and put them into their own section in Sound settings Nightly 3-16-2014 Fixes to audio for i9300 Changed “immersive” tile name to “expanded desktop” Fixed wifi and expanded desktop tiles not doing the flipping animation Nightly 3-15-2014 Added Smooth/Custom Progress Bar settings Added breathing icon for SMS/Missed Call/Voicemail notifications Added option to show lockscreen slider before protected lockscreen (pin, pattern, etc.) Added flip animations for quick settings tiles Put PrivacyGuard and Blacklist into their own “Privacy” header in Settings Fixed battery drain after phone call for i9300 List volume steps Changed Circle with Text battery icon to current CM version Before: After: Nightly 3-14-2014 Added option to disable camera shutter sound (this is illegal in some states, make sure you are following your local laws regarding this feature) Added option to set screen timeout to “never” in quick tiles Added Smart Pulldown for the statusbar. This adds the ability to directly open the Quick Settings panel when there are no notifications present in the notification panel. Added the ability to set day and week on the data usage graph instead of only months. Fixed bootanimation for d801 Nightly 3-13-2014 Added ability to flip phone to mute/reject a call Alot of complex fixes for many devices suffering from phone FC’s. There may still be data issues overall, but phone FC’s should be fixed Nightly 3-12-2014 Small fixes Nightly 3-11-2014 Fix Dark Carbon aesthetics and color mismatches for dialer and in-call UI Nightly 3-10-2014 Small changes Nightly 3-9-2014 Add ability to show notification count and change network statusbar icon Nightly 3-8-2014 Lots of fixes Nightly 3-7-2014 Lots of fixes Nightly 3-6-2014 Lots of fixes Nightly 3-5-2014 Fix menu unlock always unlocking even when disabled Other fixes Nightly 3-4-2014 Added Contacts to Dark Carbonified apps Decrease volume panel transparency An absolute TON of other fixes and changes courtesy of the beast Andros Rosa. Check out our gerrit for more info on the specific changes Nightly 3-3-2014 Fix owner profile photo not displaying in user Quick Tile Variety of Cm PrivacyGuard fixes and changes Nightly 3-2-2014 Various changes for the m7 (HTC One) Nightly 3-1-2014 Track our own MMS app, more features added to app Nightly 2-28-2014 Fixes for d2lte data/LTE issues Fix incoming call card Fix sensors, compass and low in-call audio for t0lte Added YellowPages Canada to reverse lookup provider in Dialer Other fixes Nightly 2-27-2014 Add Camera to apps affected by Dark Carbon Set expanded desktop through profiles Speed up boot time for multi-core devices Fixed memory leak in settings>InstalledAppDetails Nightly 2-26-2014 Made DocumentsUI into a standalone file manager Enabled back key when in Emergency Call Dialer Other fixes Nightly 2-25-2014 Fix derp which caused d2’s not to boot Fix SystemUI FC on flo Nightly 2-24-2014 Added native Facebook Contact sync capability to stock Contacts app Show download speeds in notification shade when downloading a file, as seen in this pic Active Display rework from Omni which adds many different fixes as seen in this commit Nightly 2-23-2014 Added ability to use custom Lockscreen wallpaper Added back Dark Carbon (system stuff will be darked out, but not all apps are yet) Possibly fix ART boot issues Fix DSP Manager FC on mako and other tuna devices Nightly 2-22-2014 Added Slim’s Power Menu Nightly 2-21-2014 Fixes to Italian Translations in Carbon Fibers Added Spanish (espanol-ES) translations to Carbon Fibers Fixed issue for users using Xposed and having the navbar be enabled on boot even though navbar is disabled Other changes Nightly 2-20-2014 Fix LED for hlte devices Added cLock settings back to lockscreen settings Added Menu and home button unlock Added camera button functionality for applicable devices Fixed ASCII Carbon logo looking squished when flashing ROM in recovery Switched to Slim’s toolchain for i9300 Nightly 2-19-2014 Unified jflte variants Added Custom lockscreen background color Fix lockscreen rotation Nightly 2-18-2014 Merged commit to fix LTE on d2lte Other changes/fixes Nightly 2-17-2014 Switched to Slim’s Camera App Fix LTE not working for d2lte (hopefully) A few “under the hood” fixes Nightly 2-17-2014 Added ability to show battery level around lock ring Nightly 2-16-2014 Added Carbon Fiber Quick Setting Tile Fixes for jftle Fixes for deb (should boot now) Nightly 2-15-2014 Update to Android 4.4.2_r2 (small changes) Nightly 2-14-2014 Small fixes to flac sound to stop stuttering/skipping Small fixes in general Nightly 2-13-2014 Updates to i9305 device tree to fix IMEI issues Variety of fixes to various parts of the OS
-->Switched to my own kernel sources (elite-1.7 branch) -->Switched to Cm's display-caf -->Added Overclocking support upto 1.7 GHz (thanks to DooMLoRD) -->Added NEON and Snapdragon Optimizations (thanks to DooMLoRD) -->Enabled GPU slumber for better battery life (thanks to billchen1977) -->Fixed the annoying led which remains after disconnecting the charger:D -->Added OmniRom's Apollo Music Player -->Removed unneeded maxlayers to speed up the system [Smoother UI, no status bar lag and default theme is lag free] (thanks to deedwar) -->1080p videos now can be played even in the default gallery app (thanks to deedwar) -->Games like Candy Crush Saga work perfectly now (thanks to deedwar) -->Fix USB and charging on fresh install (thanks to deedwar) -->Switched to official TWRP sources ( latest) -->Smoother scrolling in twrp and more options in settings -->Fixed the time issue on networks which don't sync the time -->Other stuff that I can't remember right now Beta#3 (13/2/2014) --Updated sources - --SlimPie added --GPS Fixed --QR Scanning and other camera apps fixed --Pushed all code to my Github Beta#2 --Updated sources - --Latest upstream sources (EGL fix etc thanks to Great_Geek) Beta#1 --Switched Kernel sources to deedwar's kernel (tweaked with more governors, i/o schedulers, -O3 optimizations etc) - --Compiled Kernel with Linaro 4.7 Optimized for Cortex A8 Neon CPUs --Compiled Rom with Linaro 4.8 --Updated sources -,n,z (Many things should now work in Carbon Fibers and overall performance improvement) --New stuff like Navigation Bar (enables without reboot, and fully customizable) and lots of newer options in existing menus Alpha#2 -- Fixed Screenshots -- Fixed white screen problem in bootanimation Alpha#1 -- Initial Release

1. Missing the stock Sony UI? Check out this awesome theme -

2. Getting lots of battery drains because of apps like Facebook? - Go to Settings--->Developer Options and enable Developer Shortcut. After using an app like Facebook, go to the recent apps menu and press and hold on the app in the list and you will see the option for force stop. Note:- Force stopping an app will prevent the app from starting again on it's own unless the user himself starts the app [so you won't receive any notifications but your phone is guaranteed to get deep sleep]

3. Laggy launcher? I'd recommend using Nova. It's much smoother than Launcher3

4. Music Lover? Viper4Android works perfect on this rom -
Note:- Please install it as a system app so that it does not get killed by the system

5. Working walkman -

6. Want to play 1080p videos? Please install MX Player. It can play even 1080p vids in H/W mode

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20th January 2014, 11:53 AM |#4  
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OMG......Super cool

Downloading ;D

Keep it uP
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20th January 2014, 12:06 PM |#6  
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Very excited for this ROM loved it on N4 and was waiting for someone to develop it for our device.
Just wanted to clarify that is this ROM for XS or Acro S as in the OP its says a ROM for Acro S and this thread is posted in the XS development section.

Sent from my LT26i
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20th January 2014, 12:10 PM |#7  
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if its aosp how come it is based on CM ?

so whether it is AOSP or CM ?
20th January 2014, 12:11 PM |#8  
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[QUOTE=Dev.7;49602015]Very excited for this ROM loved it on N4 and was waiting for someone to develop it for our device.
Just wanted to clarify that is this ROM for XS or Acro S as in the OP its says a ROM for Acro S and this thread is posted in the XS development section.

Me too..which device.

Sent from my LT26ii using xda premium
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20th January 2014, 12:11 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Dev.7

Very excited for this ROM loved it on N4 and was waiting for someone to develop it for our device.
Just wanted to clarify that is this ROM for XS or Acro S as in the OP its says a ROM for Acro S and this thread is posted in the XS development section.

Sent from my LT26i

This rom is for Xperia S (nozomi). It shows Acro S in the DevDb because this forum's name is Sony Xperia Acro S but the rom is definitely for XS
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20th January 2014, 12:19 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by abcdjdj

This rom is for Xperia S (nozomi). It shows Acro S in the DevDb because this forum's name is Sony Xperia Acro S but the rom is definitely for XS

I should have seen the sources before posting or should have guess that as you develop for S/SL(Xperia Nexus ROM).
Sorry for disturbing you for such a lame question
PS-Keep up the great work going mate.

Sent from my LT26i
20th January 2014, 12:19 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Saurav16

if its aosp how come it is based on CM ?

so whether it is AOSP or CM ?

Well it is using stuff from CM too, according to the manifest.xml file of this rom and it's using cm11's kernel. But according to Carbon's website, it is based on AOSP.
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