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[UPDATED][2015][How-to][Everything you need to know and do to your Captivate Glide

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By stormdude124, Senior Member on 25th January 2014, 05:26 AM
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[UPDATED][2015][HOW-TO]Everything you need to know and do to your Captivate Glide by Stormdude124!

Hello, I see a lot of people wondering how to root the captivate glide,what ROMS are active and want to use a custom ROM but can't figure out how to do it. Well, here is a awesome guide that's easy to follow! When your done don't for get to drop a thanks if I've helped!

(of course when you make any modifications to your phone I'm not responsible but I am here to help!
I'm not discouraging you to do this,because this makes your phone awesome, but you know the drill :3 )
Firstly you need to update your firmware to 4.0.4 UCLJ3,You technically don't have to do this step,but this is the guaranteed way to successfully do it and have no issues. Here's two simple ways you can do it:

*If you are rooted /have the Rodgers version and want to update:
If you are on 2.3.5 android firstly, Update to official ICS 4.0.4 via ODIN.If you have Rodgers version you need root anyways .Click the button to show more and why:
Okay so you have the Rodgers version of the phone and you want root right?
Well your in luck! It does require having a custom ROM first...The reason is because the pre-rooted 2.3.5 ODIN flashable ROM is dead and I have yet to find one.If you want to be on official ICS Do this:Flash TWRP>backup your ROM>Install CM11 from recovery(it is pre rooted thats a plus!)>backup your /efs(this contains your unique IMEI number) with efs pro>then flash the 4.04 offical firmware via ODIN below this>restore your /efs. (if it was lost of course)If you want to stay on your custom ROM theres no probem with that,but if you have problems with signals or anything just flash this in recovery.
If you have any questions regarding this method check this thread out first.Anyways please follow the guide for step by step instructions on how to do everything and have the required files!
Rooted at&t version you don't have to do anything special just update normally *Sweet tits it already uploaded to my Google Drive! now its available to anyone Links are below this [I'm pretty sure if you have Rogers version you can update with this as well,but you need to have root to have your /efs partion backed up because in some cases it was reported lost.]

ICS 4.0.4 UCLJ3 Mirror 1 SamMobile(needs account) Mirror 2 My Google Drive (anyone can access no account required and fast speeds!-a txt file is included if you need more help you out on flashing it )
and here's also a guide on how to flash it!(if you are following this guide please use Bubor's TWRP as it is needed for KitKat ROMS)

*If you are not rooted /at&t version and want to update:
you can simply use Kies
If and after you updated though Kies,make sure you uninstall Kies before you install ODIN.
Basically follow this youtube video and install TWRP not CWM!!!

I can't stress how important it is to Have TWRP, CWM will simply not work,but if you installed CWM its not hard at all to change! Just flash this in CWM and your recovery will change to TWRP
If on mobile or non flash device click here
While watching this video please flash TWRP!!!!!

You should now be fully updated and rooted!!!
This is not necessary if you are staying on your current network,but if you want to unlock your phone to another network,It would be cool to see this first:

Here is a list of currently active ROMS (as of 1/24/14)
(Bubor's, grtsarav's,and xdajog's ROMS) The only bugs which are in JB+(4.1+) include,No Bluetooh Headset (everything else works fine,BT speaker file transfer ect.) Fixed camera Rotation,meaning when you take a Picture it will always be rotated at 90 degrees,just rotate them in gallery.

Anyway the ROM I use is CRdroid 4.4.4,but if your looking for something a little more Stock based use sediROM.
But i'm not the one to tell you what ROM to get! Try them all! Or try just try one! What ever you like! All I know is you'll enjoy the life and freedom with a custom ROM!!!

*Please read if you have a JellyBean ROM* all Jellybean ROMS haven't been updated in awhile.If you would like a ROM that is guaranteed to have updates please choose a KitKat branch or use sediROM (which is ICS 4.04)
Lollipop (Android 5.0-5.0.x)

Alsas Fix -It is baked into the ROM,download terminal emulator to activate
CyanogenMod 12 5.0.2 Last Update: 03/02/15
Current Status: Stable
-Root: can be enabled in development settings,enabled by tapping build number 5 times!
Bugs: Unfortunately if you want to use this ROM you sacrifice your camera.┬▓Apparently apps that didn't work in 4.4 work fine in this build,meaning you can use latest google now ect.

KitKat (Android 4.4-4.4.4)
Note:* the alsas fix (aka skype fix) has its own version for 4.4.3 and 4.4.4,here's the link for 4.4.3*
Here's the link for 4.4.4

*Freshly updated 4.4.4*
CyanOgenMod 11 M12 (KitKat 4.4.4) Last update:01/13/15 Current Status: Very Stable
OMNI ROM (Kitkat 4.4.4) Last update:12/23/14 Please go to Test Directory for this version (window mode feature) Current Status: Very Stable
P-A-C Man ROM RC1 (KitKat 4.4.4) Last update:12/23/14 Current status: Very Stable

grtsarav's ROM:
*updated to 4.4.4*
crDroid Simple (KitKat 4.4.4) Last update: 10/02/14 Current status: Very Stable
Note:* the alsas fix (aka skype fix) has its own version for 4.4.3 and 4.4.4),here's the link for 4.4.3*
*Here's 4.4.4*


>All 4.x.x ROMS<*It has came to my attention that some apps aren't compatible with our phone anymore.This is due to a bug in the Nvidia GPU and NEON Instructions that our CPU is not compatible with.
Below I have provided the latest versions of affected apps that work with our phone:
Google Now (Search) GNL Says you need a newer version of search downgrade it
Google Now Launcher-Use this If The latest GNL says you need a newer version of search
Youtube 5.3.32-Some say the latest version works,but it crashes constantly.This one doesn't.
Google Camera 2.2.024 -Tested works great!
Google Maps 6.14.4 -the latest works but there's a bug in the NV Graphics that gives you a black screen when you leave the app and comeback to the same session o_0
4.4.x Gapps package from 03/16/14-Okay we lucked out here,I couldn't find an old Gapps package any where on the web containing compatible Google Now and guaranteed no F/Cing apps ,then I check an old folder I had on my phone.What do you know? I have the file saved from way back

If you installed a newer version of these apps that didn't work,just uninstall the updates and install the one provided!
also If you find an app no longer compatible with this phone let me know and I'll post an older version that does!

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0-4.04)
xdajog's ROM
(Private beta testing completed.)
SediROM v1.6*1.6.21* (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4) Current Status: Very Stable
Last update:01/08/15 Compatible with enterprise apps
Now has the option to turn root (su) off or on!
Everything works including Bluetooth headset
Very Recommended ROM!
Please report bugs promptly so he can give you the best experience

ROMS that haven't been updated in awhile:
Jelly Bean (Android 4.1-4.3)
P-A-C Man ROM (Jelly Bean 4.3.1) Last update:02/25/14 Current Status: Support probably ending soon...
CyanOgenMod 10.2.1 (Jelly Bean 4.3.1) Last update:02/25/14 Current Status: Support probably ending soon...
(Discontinued as of January 2014) OMNI ROM (JellyBean 4.3.1)
For older ROMS click here
you must change the assert tag to flash in TWRP:


@Bubor:You may want to install older rom, you must change assert tag in rom zip file META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script:

assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "i927" || getprop("") == "i927" || 
       getprop("ro.product.device") == "SGH-I927" || getprop("") == "SGH-I927" || 
       getprop("ro.product.device") == "SGH-I927R" || getprop("") == "SGH-I927R" || 
       getprop("ro.product.device") == "SGHI927" || getprop("") == "SGHI927" || 
       getprop("ro.product.device") == "SGHI927R" || getprop("") == "SGHI927R" || 
       getprop("ro.product.device") == "n1" || getprop("") == "n1" || abort("This package is for \"i927,SGH-I927,SGH-I927R,SGHI927,SGHI927R,n1\" devices; this is a \"" + getprop("ro.product.device") + "\"."););

Custom Kernels: (Not required! If you don't know what this is,skip this section!)

GraKernel by Grarak compiled by bubor
Fixes some wifi issues,sleep of death, and stable over clock (when you first flash go to system settings>preformance>processor>change maximum CPU frequency to 1200mhz (stock is 1000mhz)

If you want to go back to 4.0.4 stock the easy way just click me
[HOW TO FLASH VIA TWRP] (which you should have!!!!)
If you already flashed a custom recovery to your phone via odin heres what you do:
1: save all data, shutdown your phone
2: hold vol down and power
3: let go of power
4: your phone should now say "booting into android recovery"
5: you should now be in recovery
6: firstly, click "Backup"
7: Back up the desired Partitions
8: Swipe to Back Up
9: Let back up complete (can take some time depending how much stuff is backing up)
10: Return to the main menu
11: Locate "Wipe"
12: Swipe to Factory Reset (before you freak out it, DOES NOT WIPE YOUR INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SD CARDS!)
13: Locate "Install'
14: Find your ROM (if you downloaded your ROM from your phone it is usually in /sdcard/download)
15: "Swipe to install zip"
16: Let your ROM install (it will take some time)
17: Congratulations you have a new ROM on your Cappi!
[F.A.Q] {new question added 5/30/14}
Q: A new update has been released for my phone do I need to Factory Reset my phone?
A: No just flash on top of it but make a backup first just in case the update has problems

Q: I'm coming from a different ROM (like OMNI ROM) can I restore my /Data or flash on top of my current ROM?
A: No, if you are doing something like that I would use Titanium Backup to backup your data and apps

Q: I'm coming from stock do I need to unlock my bootloader to install custom ROMS?
A: No all you have to do is have a custom recovery and you're good to go!

Q: I see I need to backup my EFS, is it really necessary?
A: Not really but, its not a bad idea to do it,download this,if you need a step by step guide click here

Q: Do I need to flash any Custom Kernels, GAPPS ect.?
A: All Bubor's ROMS have everything built in,but grtsarav's ROM requires a GAPPS package
more info on his ROM page

Q: I have the Rogers version of the i927 do I need to do anything special?
A: No all the ROMS are universal

Q: Why can't I just flash TWRP and a ROM without updating to 4.0.4 ICS first?
A: You could, but we say update first you can avoid unknown issues with Baseband (that's like sleep of death dropped calls ect.)

>Only do if you flashed a GApps package not including search<*If you want 'Ok Google to work on your ROM and offline voice data:
1: Download
1:Extract with your favorite extracting app (i used root browser) to /data/data/
2:use rootbrowser and check every premission by long pressing file:

*This also gives you offline voice typing (System>Language and input>Google Voice Typing)Enable it
I recommend You use Google keyboard by Google it integrates both in one awesome keyboard here's play link
*How to enable voice typing
1: Have google keyboard and Google Now (In playstore its called Google Search)
2: Make sure you have Voice Search enabled:System>Language and Input-Check Google Voice
It should look like this:
3:Now go somewhere where you can open Google keyboard and long press the comma left of the space bar
4:A box should come up saying "Input options"
5:Click Google Keyboard Settings
6 :Check Voice input key like this:

8: Finally your outcome should be this:

-UPDATED 3/25/14- *How to get a fully functional GNL (Google Now Launcher) it all works!
It's been released on Google Play!

Known issues: the always listening feature may make all sounds lag when using "Stock libs" (original sound drivers in "windows terms").Skype fix (tiny alsas) fixes this. Just type command from terminal when making a call,that's what I do.
read "Skype Fix" below for more info and how to install it
Older Versions(might need older Google Now?)
First Release
Second Release
*How to install Google's Documents UI (Google's new file explorer)
Download the apk >here<
1: after you downloaded the apk copy and paste into System>app
2a: if you are on CyanogenMod it will ask you if you want to over write the file,tap yes
2b: set the permissions to r-w-rr
3: reboot and watch the magic

*How to have a custom wallpaper on your favorite KitKat ROM:
-Before we get started CRdroid has Custom wallpaper setting built in after build 5-
-CM11 also has it now where you can set a custom locksceen wallpaer (settings>themes>lockscreen wallpaper)-
Anyways if your ROM doesn't support it here's how to get it:
1:Basically you need to have XPOSED Frame work,you can get it freshly updated here
2: After you install Xposed Frame work installer,install and reboot
3: There are two routes you can take,you can download GravityBox and have more customization,but it does break some CM settings (theoretically its not supported, but I've used it and it works perfect,it also adds the AM/PM feature).The other route is Xposed lockscreen,which basically the title states what it does,customize your lock screen!The only feature it has is custom wallpaper for lockscreen
4: you can fetch GravityBox here and Xposed lockscreen here
5: MAKE SURE you activate your module you choose and don't have both active at the same time!
*How to use Skype or VOIP apps with ease this also fixes the lagging sound issue with Google now/launcher! This Will work on any of our KitKat based ROM's:
1: flash This zip in Recovery:4.4.2 ROMS: >here<
4.4.3 ROMS: >here<
4.4.4 ROMS >here<
2: After you flashed that,reboot into system
3: Open Terminal Emulator (it's included in CM,but if you don't have it click here
4:in terminal type "su" to get root premissions
5:Run "alsas" command to switch audio stacks,at anytime to switch between GSM (regualr calling) and voIP (like skype ect.)
Notes:When you first flash the zip it will switch it to voIP-aware,CHANGES ARE PRESISTANT,meaning to have GSM calling you need to run the command from terminal everytime you want to switch between the two
For JellyBean ROM's (4.1-4.3)
1: Download this zip
2: Flash zip from recovery
3: The first time you flash the zip it will change it to voIP aware (so you can use skype or any other voip calling app)
4:to use GSM calling,simply flash the zip again! Basically flash when your done using Skype!
If any other questions need to be asked feel free to comment below (probably the best place its a nice area!)
or PM me if necessary! If you want to report any bugs about any of our Developers ROMs please, and I mean PLEASE report only new bugs that haven't been reported!
*Bubor*-For ROMS,Recoverys,and for keeping the Captivate Glide alive!!!
*grtsarav*-For your ROM and helping the community with your port!!!
*xdajog*-For Giving the community a good choice of ICS!!!
*dman3285*-For giving us an easy way to return to stock
*Darkshado*-For showing us how to network unlock our phone
*dbrannon79*-How to backup EFS
*TheTechnologicalKing*-Supplying youtube video
*KennyG123*-For stickying this thread so people can easily find it!
*Other Respectable Devs*-as I add new apps I can't really add all of them at once,so this is my thanks for the applications you've made!
Please view this to see how far we've come >>>
01/26/14 uploaded a version of EFS pro backup (the version provided by dbrannon79 would not work on the glide anymore because too new)
02/01/14 some polishing and simplification also added link to Google keyboard.Will update more later tried updating from phone so may be a little off. Will add how to flash TWRP from ODIN from this thread (eventually no external threads!) User feed back would be awesome! If something needs a change or you want me to add something let me know!
SD:2/01/14 Changed links to google (when will microsoft learn?)Will make an updated video on how to ODIN TWRP when I have more time ; Thanks for user input:*dragonfire613*
02/05/14 Updated Google Experience Launcher to latest version Ripped straight from update! It's Now called "Google Now Launcher"
LTD 02/05/14 Tweaked some stuff
02/08/14 added link to Samsung Kies;Made guide more user friendly!
02/15/14 added when ROMs were last updated; added how to get Google's ''Documents UI" on any KitKat device (haven't tried on JellyBean?)
Bubor updated CyanogenMod 10.2.0 to 10.2.1
02/17/14 added how to have a custom wallpaper on your favorite KitKat ROM
02/23/14 added Skype fix thanks *mrk2815* for telling me,thanks also to S-trace for simplifying skype fix on ROMS!;Added JB fix
02/25/14:updated header
03/08/14: ROM updates
03/12/14 ROM updates
03/16/14 ROM updates and added grtsarav's ROM
03/17/14 ROM updates and tweaks
03/24/14 ROM updates and updated info about flashing TWRP,all versions are up to date and ready for KitKat!
03/24/14 tweaks about GAPPS,updates about GNL
03/27/14 New ROM!
04/03/14 ROM updates and ROM Stability updates!
04/08/14 PAC ROM 4.4 Moved to development section,as of now,it will be maintained
04/14/14 Some useful info
04/18/14 ROM updates
05/02/14 ROM updates
05/05/14 ROM updates and some info regarding JellyBean ROMS
05/16/14 Added the latest version of Google Now that works on our device right now
05/17/14 Changed The Google Now link to my Google Drive
05/26/14 ROM updates
05/28/14 Thanks Adam77Root for showing me the hide tag!
05/30/14 ROM updates
06/06/14 ROM updates.We're now on 4.4.3!!! Added how to flash older ROMS
06/11/14 All of our KitKat ROMS are 4.4.3 now
06/20/14 We have a new ROM check it out! Its ICS
06/28/14 My birthday was yesterday! ROM updates Most ROMs are updated to 4.4.4;Clean up
07/08/14 Updated List of current ROMs; Sorry I did't update I was on vacation
07/19/14 SediROM has entered public beta phase
07/20/14 Fixed a slight error
07.22/14 xdajog's ROM update and new info about SediROM
07/27/14 Bubor's ROM updates
07/29/14 We got stickied!!!
08/06/14 grtsarav's crDROID ROM updated,go flash today!
08/23/14 SediRom Updated to RC2 You know the drill!
09/03/14 Tried to simplify on how to update to latest firmware,I fixed the dead links to download the firmware,its from sammobile let me know if it works
09/04/14 Big Big update hope this helps out! don't forget to drop a thanks! that makes my day!
09/08/14OMNI ROM and PAC ROM got updated! What are you waiting for? go flash it!;Fixed some stuff to do with Rodgers version
09/18/14 CM11 got updated,now it has great battery life;PAC ROM updated to RC1,also on any ROM the latest YouTube doesn't work you must downgrade.I will supply the latest version that does when I have time
09/19/14 CM11 updated to M10,more about what's new in M10 here
09/20/14 added links to latest versions of certain apps that can't be updated anymore
09/24/14 Google Camera was added to that list.Also I got my hands on a 64 bit PC so LS ROM is coming soon...when I am home to install linux and setup the build environment of course!
09/25/14 Added a version of google maps;Got a hold of my captivate,tested Google Camera version I posted. It works Perfectly! Updated Lockscreen wallpaper info
10/02/14 crDROID ROM got updated,so flashy flashy
10/03/14 Added a Gapps package that is 100% compatible with our phone no F/Cing apps
10/20/14 Sorry I didn't update this sooner,I've been very busy with my new job!All of Bubor's ROMs are updated! go flash and see whats new!
11/11/14I have added a poll so our developers can know which roms were actually using
01/15/15 Updated every ROM! Sorry I haven't been posting been very busy at my new job! I'll try not to be behind!
Changed to 2015!
04/22/15Got my Cappy back to test with. Played with cm12 added. What bugs I have discovered and updated to the latest Dow loads!

Extra Tips
[ hide]-FUTURE USE-.[/hide] You read the whole guide? Wow! thank you for your time!!!
stickied on 07/29/14
I hope I simplified your day! If you don't understand anything,please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I am friendly
I won't get mad if you post a noob question (all I ask is to read the comments first and see if your question has already been answered!)
The Following 26 Users Say Thank You to stormdude124 For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift stormdude124 Ad-Free
1st February 2014, 03:05 PM |#2  
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The skydrive link is dead
1st February 2014, 03:56 PM |#3  
stormdude124's Avatar
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That's Microsoft they are changing to onedrive or something I'll fix it around 1pm CST

Sent from my Kitkatified I927 running CM 11
1st February 2014, 06:10 PM |#4  
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Try this link right now:
I'm going to switch all to Google drive

Sent from my Kitkatified I927 running CM 11
1st February 2014, 08:30 PM |#5  
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Thumbs up
Originally Posted by stormdude124

Try this:
I'm going to switch all to Google drive

Sent from my Kitkatified I927 running CM 11

OP Updated with new links and information
2nd February 2014, 04:45 AM |#6  
Thanks Meter: 1
For the love of god mention somewhere that you need google search installed before you do anything trying to make voice typing active when offline... that would have saved me hours of headache right there. (I know it's probably obvious to most people, but for dumb noobs like myself, we need to know)
The Following User Says Thank You to dragonfire613 For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift dragonfire613 Ad-Free
2nd February 2014, 04:46 AM |#7  
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Okay noted XD

Sent from my Kitkatified I927 running CM 11
The Following User Says Thank You to stormdude124 For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift stormdude124 Ad-Free
7th February 2014, 03:13 PM |#8  
Junior Member
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Does anyone know if the most current OMNI-Rom has multi-window enabled? Or is it only the test rom?
7th February 2014, 07:25 PM |#9  
stormdude124's Avatar
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I think its just the test version

Sent from my Kitkatified I927 running CM 11
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