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[ROM][4.4.x][UNOFFICIAL] Carbon - KitKat EDITION [2014-11-22]

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By judas1977, Senior Member on 2nd March 2014, 04:43 PM
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I take no resposibility if something will go... not as it supposed to. The responsibility for potential damages caused by installing or using of this ROM is Yours, and Yours only!

My ROM is released „as is” – you don’t like it – don’t use it.


Any Galaxy Ace II ROM based on Android 4.2.x+ has to be installed over Android 4.1.x+ (stock ROM, CM-like customs). You will need custom recovery (temporary one is good enough)

It is strongly recommended to make a backup before installing of ANY ROM!

I think i will update that ROM twice per month weekly for now, because Carbon devs are working hard to improve ROM.

BUILD 18 [2014-11-22] DEODEXED
BUILD 17 [2014-08-02] FINAL - ODEX
BUILD 17 [2014-08-02] FINAL - DEODEX

Older versions:


1. Put ROM’s Zip file Zip z ROMem (and other zip files - optionally) on SD Card
2. Enter Recovery Mode
3. Pick options:
a) Wipe Data/Factory Reset
b) In mounts and storage choose: Format System
c) (just in case) Mount system partition (it supposed to be unmount visible)
4. Choose Install Zip (or similar, depends on recovery version)
a) Install ROM from SD card
5. (optional) installing Gapps and other add-ons
a) In mounts and storage Mount /system (as described above)
b) Choose install zip and install chosen add-on
c) repeat a and b points for any other add-on
6. Reboot Phone (first BOOT could take a while)

Github Sources:
Carbon ROM

- Samsung – for a decent phone;
- CyanogenMOD Team, Carbon Dev Team – for ROM sources;
- TeamCanjica, dh.harald i SakuraDroid – for great contribution to codina device/kernel sources;
- mikesz98, percy-g2, munjeni - fixes, translations
- everybody who deserves it, but i forgot because of my faulty memory.

Like my work? Donate to me:

- koozzkoozz (from polish android forum) - 2,61$ (3,00$)
- Paco1416 (from XDA) - 4,50$ (5,00$)

Overall: - 7,11$ (8,00$)


XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][4.4.x] Carbon - KitKat EDITION [Unofficial][2014-03-01], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Ace II

judas1977, Rox, Zwliew, cocafe
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: Any JB ROM for Galaxy Ace II
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2014-11-22
Stable Release Date: 2014-08-07
Current Beta Version: 2014-11-22
Beta Release Date: 2014-03-01

Created 2014-03-02
Last Updated 2014-11-23
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2nd March 2014, 04:45 PM |#2  
OP Senior Member
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BUILD 18 [2014-11-22] - DEODEXED
* Carbon sources update [up to 2014-11-21]
- some fixes of MMS apk
- some fixes of Camera apk
- some fixes of Contacts apk
- some fixes of Gallery apk
- some fixes of Dialer apk
- some fixes and additions in Performance Control
- memory management fixes
- code clean up (framework)
- some potential memory leaks fixed
- some official translation of Carbon Fibers (thanx to Crowdin project)
- changes between august and october lost due to lack of data (official carbon changelog ends on october)
* Device sources update [up to 2014-11-21]
- live streaming fix (thx to @Meticulus)
* Kernel sources update [up to 2014-11-21]
* deodexed
* kernel is not dirty (again).

BUILD 17 [2014-08-02] - FINAL
* Updated to Android version 4.4.4_r2
* Carbon sources update [up to 2014-08-02]
- mostly bugfixes and small updates
* Device and kernel sources update [up to 2014-08-02]
- adjusted CPU voltages - @ace2nutzer [not confirmed]
- restored CPU UV option in NTS
- faster booting (thanks to LZ4 compression)
- pegasusq governor removed
- added 100MHz CPU freq step
* Added by me
- additional italian translation (SystemUI) by pedroleon99
- trying to improve wake-up speed (incoming calls, etc.)
- * Compiled with SaberMod 4.8.3 toolchain
* JustArchi v3 optimizations

* compiled with variant "user" [BUILD 17 ODEX]:
- odexed
- adb disabled by default
* compiled with variant "userdebug" [BUILD 17 DEODEX]:
- deodexed
* Broken by me
- dirty kernel status. It affects nothing, just a "flag"

BUILD 16 [2014-06-27]
* Updated to Android version 4.4.4_r1
* Carbon source update [up to 2014-06-27]
- Fixed SIM PIN keyboard not responding to input
- Fixes for Peek
- Fixes to DocumentsUI
- Added Non-Intrusive CallUI from Slim
-- Call notification shows up in statusbar and does not freeze currently running app
-- Reverted Omni’s “non-intrusive” CallUI
- Theme Manager fixes
- Fixes to Omni Switch
- Some Hover fixes
- Tons of other fixes
* Device source update
* Kernel source update
* Carbon device tree bit revorked

BUILD 15B [2014-06-12]
* Carbon sources update [up to 2014-06-12]
- Fully updated to 4.4.3
- Added ability to launch default gallery app when long pressing camera quick tile
- Added ability to show seconds in statusbar clock
- Added new 4.4.3 dailer
- Added a compass quick tile
- Added ability to activate lockscreen torch by long pressing
- Removed double-tap and long press to avoid conflicts with double-tap statusbar to sleep feature
- Some fixes to InCallUI layout
- If you had dark digits in the dialer, this should be fixed
- Moved PEEk to CarbonFibers>Lockscreen>General
- Enabled inCallUI transparency by default to avoid cut off pictures
- Some fixes for Peek
- Added Hover(Swipe down notification shade and click the icon on the top right to activate)
- Many other fixes
* Device sources update [up to 2014-06-12]

Issues of Build 15B:
- PEEK can't be turned on (or off - if you came from previous build without factory reset when PEEK was turned on). Will be fixed in next build.

BUILD 15 [09-06-2014] - unreleased
- unreleased due to Wi-Fi bug

BUILD 14 [2014-06-08]
* Carbon sources update
- partially updated to 4.4.3 android version
- Added Shake to Secure from Slim: When you shake your device, it temporarily enables a secure lockscreen. Upon successfully unlocking the device, security is disabled
- Added Gesture Lockscreen
- Returned to CM LockClock
- Renamed “Installer” to “Persistence”
- Added Music Equalizer quick tile [looks really cool - judas]
- Many other minor changes
* Device sources update

BUILD 13C [2014-06-03]
* Carbon sources update
- just some minor fixes and additions
* Device sources updates
- some fixes of NTS permissions
- revert to "old" cpu frequencies
* compiled as "user" variant
* Compiled with JustArchi's optimisations (V3)
* Compiled with SaberMod 4.8.3 Toolchain

* stability regained).

BUILD 13 [2014-06-01]
* Carbon sources update
- just some minor fixes and additions
* Device sources updates
* compiled as "user" variant too
* Compiled with JustArchi's optimisations (V3)
* Compiled with SaberMod 4.8.3 Toolchain

BUILD 12 [2014-05-27]
* Carbon sources update
- fixes of PEEK
- fixes of New Theme Engine
* Device sources updates
- sources cleaned a bit
- AGPS fixed (really? need some tests)
- kernel tweaks and optimisations
- NovaThor Settings app updated to v1.5
* Compiled with JustArchi's optimisations (V2)
* Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 Toolchain
* compiled as "user" variant:
- odexed
- adb disabled by default
* smooth and stable

BUILD 11 [2014-05-17] - STABLE
* Carbon source update (up to 2014-05-17)
- Added more options to Smart Pulldown statusbar settings (Off, dismissible, persistent, both)
- Many changes to battery icon and percentage style and colors
- Added "old style" jb battery icon with percentage (still bit overlapping)
- Added “No Battery Icon” option
- Added Wakelock Blocker in Carbon Fibers>Interface
- Added Custom Carrier Label in notification shade
- Fix CM Theme Manager FC’s
- Fixed issue where notification of an SMS message would remain in notification bar if the message was opened through notification shade
- Fixed lockscreen longpress actions
- Fixed pause/resume not working for downloads
- Added Slim’s Hardware Key Rebinding
- Added “Peek” from PA
- Added circular memory indicator for recents menu
- Many changes and fixes to Themes manager
- Added support for more media types
- Added Dark Carbon Quick Settings Tile
* Device source update (up to 2014-05-17)
- kernel updates and tweaks
- KSM improvements
- ZRAM enabled
- some/many stability fixes
- NovaThor Settings updated to v.1.4
- introducing translations of NovaThor Settings (thanks to crowdin project)

BUILD 10 [2014-05-04]
* CARBON source update (up to 2014-05-03):
- OmniSwitch added again (this time officially by CarbonDev)
- Audio themes added (not tested by me)
- More stock ringtones added
- Many various optimalisations and and stability fixes (we will see).
* Device source fixes
- Some cleaning and optimalisations
- NovaThor Settings update

- Carbon source update (up to 2014-04-29)
* New theme engine fixes
* Small fixes
- Device Source update (up to 2014-04-29)
* NovaThor Settings update

* Stable beta
* Carbon source update (up to 2014-04-21]
- Mark messages in stock MMS app as unread fixes
- Added Cm’s new Theme Manager
- Added Battery Saver Mode
- Added Omni Performance Control
- Added Gesture Lockscreen

- Added power menu Quick Tile
* Device sources update (up to 2014-04-21):
- GPU Overclock (thx @you-Know-Who)
- Added UnderVolt options (CPU & GPU)
- Charge cycle control
* New NovaThor Settings app to manage abovementioned features with many additions!
- Huge kernel cleaning!

BUILD7C[2014-04-11] [not added to OP]
* Carbon source update (small one, up to 2014-04-11]
- Mark messages in stock MMS app as unread
- Fixed ART not working (not tested by me)
* Device sources update:
- Performance kernel tweaks
- Advanced Galaxy Ace 2 Settings fixes and additional functions
* From me:
- updates & fixes of Italian translation (thx @pedroleon99 again)

BUILD6B [2014-04-04]
* ROM source update (up to 2014-04-04):
- RAM Bar in recent apps added
- Quiet Hours Quicktile longpress fixed
- Carbon Quicktile fixed
- Voice+ integrated with Settings
* Device source update (up to 2014-04-04):
- Galaxy Ace 2 setting fixes
- Back to KSM instead of buggy UKSM
- Stable overclocking added (thx @cocafe and @Rox)
* Italian translation of Carbon specific settings
* Apps added:
- Xperia Keyboard with swipe feature (thx @kristiancarl)
- Launcher2 (temporary and dirty fix of not working settings button)
* Apps removed:
- Launcher3
- LockClock
- Screen Recorder
- CarbonWallpapers
- Default keyboard - LatinIME
* Live Wallpapers removed:
- Basic
- BlueBalls
- Galaxy4
- MagicSmoke
- MusicVisualization
- NoiseField
- PhaseBeam
* Long press back to kill configurable timeout (added by me)

BUILD5 [201403-26]
  • * Carbon Source update (up to 2014-03-25]
  • New low in-call volume workaround - @h3llrais3r
  • Better power management
  • Performance tweaks on kernel
  • KSM updated to UKSM (ultra kernel samepage merging)
  • Reworked Galaxy Ace 2 Settings:
  • Add TCP algorythims control toggles
  • Add WIFI PM mode toggle - @cocafe @zwliew
  • Add multicore powersaving toggles
  • Add BLN disabling trigger in Ace 2 Settings
  • Add readahead buffer size control
  • * Kernel is not dirty anymore)
  • * New Advanced Ace 2 settings implemented into Carbon Fibers -> Device tunables

CAUTION: As an author said @zwliew) - some options may not work in current version of Advanced Ace 2 Settings

BUILD4 [2014-03-19]
* ROM Source update (up to 2014-03-19):
- Custom Progress Bar
- Breathing SMS and missed calls notifications
- Advanced volume control
- DsPManager fixes and updates
- CarbonFibers.apk integrated with Settings.apk
* Device Sources update:
- Audio control in advanced settings
* Fixes and updates of polish translation of Carbon Fibers
* Polish translation of settings (it's 98% polish now)
* OmniSwitch added (buggy for me)
* Video recording crash fixed
* Non-working Screen Recorder option removed (Display settings) [but i forgot to remove .apk itself though...^^]

Build 3 [2014-03-14]
* Carbon Sources updated (up to 2014-03-14):
- Smart Pulldown added
- Customisation of network signal indicator
* Device's Source updated (up to 2014-03-13)
* Update of polish translation of Carbon Fibers - (pretty faulty right now, will be fixed in next release).
* Fixed crash after longpress of "Network Mode" quicktile.

Build 2 [2014-03-08]
* Carbon Sources updated (up to 2014-03-07)
* Rotation glitch fix
* Polish translation of Galaxy Ace 2 Settings
* Polish translation of Carbon Fibers - it's about 99% complete, totally reworked (not based on my translation of 4.3 translation made by mikesz in most part)
If you want to help to translate carbon fibers to your native language, contact me. But have in mind that it's a lot of lines to translate...

Build 1 [2014-03-01]
* Carbon Sources updated (up to 2014-02-28)
* BT issues fixed
* New STE power hal
* Added Sioplus scheduler
* Added PegasusQ governor
* Better ram managenemt
* Fixed Stock Camera crashes
* Added Sweep2Wake trigger to advanced settings

BUILD 0 - Unreleased [2014-02-16
* Initial build
* Kernel 3.0.101 implementation

Bugs / not working:
* Video upload on instagram (all codina's kitkat ROMs)

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2nd March 2014, 04:46 PM |#3  
OP Senior Member
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Some screenshots:


Hereby quest for glory and wealth is over!!!

Some of you could think, that i made all that published ROMs for myself. And then i, seeing that was decent work, decided to share with community...

NO, NO, NO - you are WRONG!!

It was made for two purposes only - for fame and wealth!

And now, after one short year - i am famous. People recognize me on the streets (many of them want me to give an autograph), presidents of many cities and even countries want to have selfies with me, stranger women want to seat on my knees in public places...

And yet about richness...
Another goal achieved. Two people donated to me - 3USD + 5USD (i'm freakin' rich now, even despite of fact, that paypal took some from that amount).
I became so rich, that i didn't accept donation for my ThinkingBridge ROM (not because i thought it was too little of my work on that ROM - don't let be fooled, but because that i was too rich [by donations] already).

I won't say goodbye, because there was my farewell, when i "lost" my phone [actually, it was cheap action to gain donations, right?]

And then i didn't accept donation in the form of Ace 2 from the same person [ThinkingBridge case] - the reason was the same... too rich.

And now, when i'm so rich and famous - i decided generously to give you one last build [in two variants] of Carbon ROM. Campaign is OVER!.

OK, back to serious.
Last months was a great time for me - i learned many things about modding, bit about "programming", about "source code" and compilation. Now i see some things easy, things that i considered as "from outer space", when i had have previous phones. And i've met many interesting, valuable people. We have great community, people leave, but there are new people coming...
The amount of various ROMs for our Codina's is really impressive...

I think i'll stay about a quarter of year with codina. I will make some private builds in the meantime (probably), but maybe i'll just stick to one of existing ones... Last AOSP is really impressive in terms of stability.
So why to end now? Hmm... i'm bit tired, tired of doing trivial things (like changelogs), tired of one's expectations... The accusations of running some campaigns for selfpromotion and killing (spoiling?) other's work [i didn't know that my builds of SlimBean 8.1, Vanilla Root-Box, Mahdi, Omni were so much worse than previous ones, sorry] also didn't help.

One more thing - i'm not a developer. Never considered myself to be developer. My job, apart from modding stock ROM, was to adapt existing source code to build specific ROMs. I just did some specific changes in code to add some functions, but it wasn't much. So i'd call myself a contributor rather than a dev [that way you will not loose another developer)]

Good bye, and good luck!

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2nd March 2014, 04:46 PM |#4  
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You can find carbon settings english file here:

It is "couple of lines" of text to translate...
And it would be best to use Notepad++ or other "non windows native" text editor to avoid some problems)
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2nd March 2014, 04:52 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by saronistu

first! nice ROM screenshots?

Yes, I wanted to add it, but someone "jumped" with his "I'm first" post, thank you
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2nd March 2014, 05:25 PM |#6  
Senior Member
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Gj bro! (I had too many building erros :/) bugs?

Sent from my GT-I8160 using Tapatalk
2nd March 2014, 05:35 PM |#7  
OP Senior Member
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Bugs will be (are) listed in post tw*, oh, wait - three _-_
Just like other KK ROMs i think...
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2nd March 2014, 08:08 PM |#8  
zaryab360's Avatar
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Is sending files via Bluetooth working?

Accidentally sent from my Ace 2!
2nd March 2014, 08:34 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by zaryab360

Is sending files via Bluetooth working?

Accidentally sent from my Ace 2!

It should be. I thought bt issue was only on 3.0.101 kernel

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4th March 2014, 03:48 PM |#10  
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whats not working on this rom?
4th March 2014, 04:06 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by exodius48

whats not working on this rom?

Bugs are in the third post

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