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Poor battery life/SoD/Hot phone cause: Miren browser + Non-stock email. Proof inside

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By Domush, Senior Member on 2nd June 2011, 05:58 PM
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I have been trying my best to diagnose a two-fold issue, both a SoD and a "Hot Pocket" (random phone heat ups) issue. It appears I have found the cause(s) of at least one of them, maybe both.. Miren Browser and non-stock email.apk

My phone was in sleep mode for well over an hour when it began heating up again and would not come out of sleep (hardware buttons light up, but screen stays off). This time I was next to my PC, so I did a "top" on it via ADB and found this:

User 98%, System 1%, IOW 0%, IRQ 0%
User 300 + Nice 0 + Sys 4 + Idle 0 + IOW 0 + IRQ 0 + SIRQ 0 = 304

  PID CPU% S  #THR     VSS     RSS PCY UID      Name
12985  98% S    10 227812K  22040K  bg app_85   cn.miren.browser
13073   1% R     1    844K    420K  fg root     top
 1148   0% S     1      0K      0K  fg root     usb_mass_storag
    4   0% S     1      0K      0K  fg root     watchdog/0
    5   0% S     1      0K      0K  fg root     events/0
Two important things to note:
1) My phone had been asleep for an hour prior to this
2) My phone had just come back into range of my wifi router (wifi was enabled).

After killing Miren browser, the email app FC'd on me, but the phone immediately came out of it's SoD the second I killed Miren. The email app FCing may be unrelated, although I don't recall it FCing on me before this.

EDIT: It appears the email FC was related, as reverting to the stock ED01 email.apk prevented all stability issues and greatly extended my battery life, even with identical email settings.

Subsequent tops (after killing Miren) revealed this:

User 48%, System 22%, IOW 13%, IRQ 15%
User 148 + Nice 8 + Sys 73 + Idle 0 + IOW 44 + IRQ 46 + SIRQ 4 = 323

  PID CPU% S  #THR     VSS     RSS PCY UID      Name
13575  20% S    13 225972K  23688K  bg app_49
 1261  16% S     1      0K      0K  fg root     mmcqd
13169   9% S    63 337516K  68524K  fg system   system_server
13297   9% S    14 246556K  26468K  bg app_43
13548   8% S     8 222868K  24332K  bg app_11
Genie is the news and weather app, which is likely updating at this moment.

and this:

User 39%, System 19%, IOW 0%, IRQ 2%
User 85 + Nice 38 + Sys 59 + Idle 118 + IOW 2 + IRQ 7 + SIRQ 1 = 310

  PID CPU% S  #THR     VSS     RSS PCY UID      Name
13352  31% S    11 252176K  27124K  bg app_48
13297   8% S    31 306328K  28736K  bg app_43
13548   8% S    15 242500K  26852K  bg app_11
13169   3% S    65 336664K  67716K  fg system   system_server
 1261   2% S     1      0K      0K  fg root     mmcqd
Anyone know what gm is? Google maps? If so, that should totally not be there, as I had not started it.

EDIT: gm is Gmail, which I do use, so that makes sense.

and finally this:

User 22%, System 12%, IOW 0%, IRQ 2%
User 65 + Nice 9 + Sys 41 + Idle 198 + IOW 3 + IRQ 7 + SIRQ 2 = 325

  PID CPU% S  #THR     VSS     RSS PCY UID      Name
13969  16% S    10 223084K  28084K  bg app_47
14175   4% R     1    840K    408K  fg root     top
13169   4% S    65 327832K  59904K  fg system   system_server
13297   2% S    28 336320K  30772K  bg app_43
 1261   1% S     1      0K      0K  fg root     mmcqd
I've never used google Docs, ever. So it seems the stock google apps are draining the battery for no reason whatsoever, seeing as I've never run Docs, yet it is still taking up major CPU time. I'll be freezing that right away.

I'd like to know what "" and if it is safe to freeze it as well. Anyone?

For those who wish to diagnose their own phone the same as I did, here is the quick and dirty:

  1. Turn on USB debugging via handset settings
  2. Run: adb.exe shell on your PC
  3. Type su <enter>
  4. Type top -m 5 -n 3 <enter>
The -n <#> means the number of times the top 5 will be shown (once per second). It is highly recommended to run it at least three times, so you know if an app is really hogging CPU time or just happened to be doing something quick for that second.

Please post your findings, as I'd really like to get to the bottom of these Hot pocket and SoD issues on this phone.

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2nd June 2011, 07:42 PM |#2  
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I may have to try this. I too am getting SOD's no matter what kernel/Rom I'm running and even at stock voltages and I can't figure out why. I also use Miren so I will have to give it a look.

I can usually tell when there is going to be a SOD if my phone is right beside me because it will vibrate once. When I pick it up its hot and nothing works but the lights on the bottom.
5th June 2011, 04:18 AM |#3  
OP Senior Member
Flag Central USA
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Quick update, as it has been a couple of days..

I have yet to have either Hot Pocket or SoD issues ever since freezing (disabling) Miren Brower and reverting to the stock ED01 email.apk

Between these two changes, not sure which is doing the most good, I have had the best battery life since 2.2 first leaked. My phone is rock solid, always works and ends the day with a good 20-30% charge, even after some heavy morning use (morning news hound).

So, if anyone has ongoing issues with their phone getting sleep-of-death or heating up for no reason, try uninstalling (or using Titanium backup to freeze) Miren Browser (if installed) and using the stock ED01 email.apk instead of whatever email your ROM comes with. I've attached the stock ED01 email.apk for anyone who wishes to try it out. To install, do the following:

adb push email.apk system/app

Then be sure to clear the email data via settings/applications/email/clear data + force close

Then reboot to be safe.

Cheers, and enjoy your MUCH more stable and better battery life phone.

I hope soon Miren Browser will be more stable, but until then, we're stuck with the other alternatives.
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5th June 2011, 06:52 AM |#4  
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Just want to add that getting rid of Miren fixed my SOD problems as well. I made no other changes except deleting it so I think its definitely a problem with the app.
6th June 2011, 07:20 AM |#5  
streebs87's Avatar
Senior Member
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Good catch, and thanks for posting this. I was using Miren Browser the other day, it froze up, then rebooted. Only did it that once, but I haven't used it since because I like Dolphin Browser better.
6th June 2011, 01:54 PM |#6  
Flag Northern Virginia
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For what it's worth, I am on firmware version UKB 2.0, Baseband version V.ED01, Kernel, Build SCH-I500.ED01.

I use Miren as my default browser and K-9 for email. Haven't had any heating or FC issues.
18th June 2011, 03:41 AM |#7  
OP Senior Member
Flag Central USA
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One last update, as it has been a good week or so since I figured this out. I truly hope anyone with poor battery life and phone issues sees this thread, as I cannot describe how much better my phone performs.

Today I read the news for a good 2 hours, made some phone calls, played Pandora music via BT on 3G, in a metal building, for 5 hours and came home to 15% battery life remaining. I've never had this great of battery life. It's fabulous! If I didn't put my phone on the charger, it would have lasted until bedtime, easily.

I really hope people find this thread. Miren Browser and non-stock email apps are killing your battery life and making your phone run slower. Switch to Dolphin Browser HD if you run Miren. It is barely worse to use, but does the job just fine.

13th March 2014, 08:11 AM |#8  
Junior Member
Flag Lahore
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Cool I hope it can fix to do this.....
Dear all my friends who facing the SOD (Sleep of Death) issue with their Android devices... i found that it is totally related to Wifi Sleep policy related... i just changed the setting last night n now after 8 hours its running fine... no SOD found till yet... i will also be inform u later if i will get my device out of SOD issue...

all of u just have to do one thing.
Go to settings>wifi settings>
from the options go to advanced settings
there is one option: Keep wi-fi on during sleep (go to this option)
there is 3 options: 1. Always, 2. Only when plugged in, 3. Never (increases data usage)
u just have to change ur option from 1 to 2 or 3, then i hope u will find that u will get ur device out of SOD issue...

(sorry for the poor english)

Note: if it works please hit the Thanks Button... please
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