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[ROM] [2014-03-01][4.4.2 (KVT49L) AOSPAL][KaosDroid V8.0.0-BETA1][WiFi / 3G]

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*** Disclamer

This is a development ROM expect bugs i do try to find all the bugs before uploading but if you find some don't be suprised
I am not responsible for any devices getting bricked, flash this at your own risk
WARNING: This will wipe everything on /system and /cache

Hi all,

This is for both Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi/LTE deb/flo
Please note KaosDroid is tested on the Nexus 7 (2012) grouper and soon will be tested on Nexus 7 (2013) flo

Based on AOSPAL, as always KaosDroid will be compiled from source, I sometimes do add features from other sources, just post on G+ if you want something adding.

This ROM is based around my needs with a little extra.

This ROM is not only based around my needs, its also built around the community's needs. In the past if they have asked for something to be included or changed in the ROM it has been done.

I have made my own GAPPS and its placed in the gapps directory of my folder. Its not that much different from the one that AOSPA has, It Includes all the common Google Apps and some extras. It is updated every time i upload a new ROM making sure that all the gapps are up to date.

I dont mind any critism at all as long as its constructive, any ideas are also welcome!



Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) - Based on AOSPAL KVT49L
Fast, Clean and Smooth
AOSP Browser (Unless GAPPS is installed)
Add-Blocking Host file
Crond support See this post
Unsecure boot.img
Fully de-odexed
Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)
Zipaligned on boot (data partition)
Latest BusyBox
Bash & Nano
sysro/sysrw support
OpenVPN support
init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
tuned & Optimized
full GPU rendering
All /system applications updated to latest available
All /data applications updated to latest available
Regular Updates
And much more....

Installation instructions

Coming from another Custom ROM:
1. Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
2. Flash KaosDroid
3. Flash KD GAPPS
4. Wipe Dalvik Cache
5. Reboot

Coming from Stock ROM:
1. Root Tablet- Get TWRP Recovery
2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
3. Flash KaosDroid
4. Flash KD GAPPS
5. Wipe Dalvik Cache
6. Reboot

How to upgrade KaosDroid:
1. Download KaosDroid update
2. Flash KaosDroid update
3. Flash KD GAPPS (optional)
4. Wipe Cache (Optional)
5. Wipe Dalvik Cache (Optional)
6. Reboot

Quote: folder
Make sure you check the md5sum of the downloaded zip file against the one displayed on

G+ Community for KaosDroid


V8.0.0-BETA1 (20140301)
- Updated to Android 4.4.2
- Using AOSPAL's Latest sources
- Using AOSPA Stock kernel (for now)
- Updated Gapps Package
- Updated All User & System apps
- Most of tweaks have been removed (for now, slowly adding them back)
- Most of the customisation has been removed (due to new android version, slowly adding them back)
- Added some tweaks from previous KaosDroid versions running Android 4.3
- Some tweaks have been added
- Added ActiveDisplay
- Added ViPER4Android
- Added XPrivacy (xposed Module)
- Added YouTube AdAway (xposed Module)
- Added Hide Apps Xposed (xposed Module)
- Added GoogleOfflineVoice (xposed Module)
- Added OmniRom's OmniSwitch
- Added Launcher Settings in Settings menu
- Added OmniRom's DSP Manager
- Removed EXT4 Journaling form all filesystem partitions
- Removed ParanoidAndroids HALO APP
- Removed VideoEditor
- Removed OpenWnn
- Removed QuickSearchBox
- Removed Apollo Media Player
- Removed CM FileManager
- Removed Xposed Module - Maximized Widgets
- Removed CyanogenMod's DSP Manager
- Removed V6 Supercharger tweaks and bianries
Older changelogs:

V7.0.0 (20131002)
- Rebased to ParanoidAndroid 3.99 RC2
- Uses franco kernel as default
- All previsous tweaks and mods are kept!
- Updated All System and User Apps
- Updated Aroma Installer to Version 2.70B6
- Updated some init.d scripts (duplicate/un-necassary values)
- Updated Nexus Louder to V5B1
- Updated GAPPS Package to Android 4.3
- Fixed Launcher Settigs not appearing in Settings Menu
- Added some extra tweaks 
- Added SwapCache init.d Script (enables 250MB swap cache leaving aprox 150MB of cache space left)
- Added V6SC
- Added Google Cloud Print to GAPPS Package
- Added Google Play Games to GAPPS Package
- Added Google Authenticator to GAPPS Package
- Added Google QucickOffice to GAPPS Package
- Added Google Keyboard to GAPPS Package (Removes AOSP Keyboard)
- Added Cron script to update hosts file
- Added Cron script to clean fs cache
- Added Cron script to clean data
- Added Xposed Framework Installer
- Added some Xposed Modules
- Added Focal Camera
- Added KaosDroidOTA
- Removed GooUpdater
- Removed Bravia Engine
- Removed all default PA prefs Properties (except Settings, System UI and Android System, also change default height of navbar from 100% to 80%)
- Removed theme files from Aroma Installer (Installer does not use them yet)
- Removed all Zram tweaks as this is actually reducing the ammount of RAM available for the system and apps
- Removed duplicate tweaks
- Removed option for hosts file
- Removed Google Language Apps (Smaller Zip File)
- Removed KingBeatz (smaller zip file) (grouper/tilapia)
- Removed default Nexus 7 Boot Animation (smaller zip file) (grouper/tilapia)
- Removed Trebuchet Launcher (Apex is the default launcher)
- Removed Nova Launcher (Apex is the default launcher)
- Removed Adobe Flash Player
- Removed MoDaCo Camera Launcher for Asus grouper/tilapia
- Removed Kaos Kernel (uses franco kernel)

V6.0.1 (22-06-2013)
- Updated RootBox to 20120621
- Updated User & System Apps
- Updated
- Fixed Updater-script syntax not written correctly (manta)
- Fixed TitaniumBackup does not get removed when selected in aroma
- Fixed When HALO is running, you cannot install/sideload apks
- Fixed dpi not changing in Hybrid Settings (permissions)
- Fixed System Bar toggles in ROM Control (Removed as its in ROM Control)
- Fixed RootBox Version in Settings-> About tablet/phone

V6.0.0 (15-06-2013)
- Rebased KaosDroid from CyanogenMod to RootBox
- All previous tweaks and changer were kept
- Updated User and System apps
- Updated Kernels
- Updated GAPPS package
- Updated all Beats moddifications
- Fixed Enable/Disable rotation under display settings
- Added Kernel changelog for Kaos Kernel under About KaosDroid in Settings
- Added Kaos Kernel (modified faux) for Nexus 7 WiFi/GSM
- Added KaosDroid version to settings --> About
- Added KTManta Kernel to Aroma (Nexus 10)
- Added GitHub page to About KaosDroid in settings
- Added Google Keyboard to GAPPS package
- Added CM File Manager
- Added CM Wallpapers
- Added Paranoid Wallpapers
- Added Swag Papers (AOKP Wallpapers)
- Added HALO)))
- Removed journaling from all ext4 filesystems (Cache, Data & System)
- Removed Twitter features from About KaosDroid in settings (WIP)
- Removed some redundant init.d scripts
- Removed zRam scripts
- Removed ROM Manager from ROM
- Removed V6SC as at the moment it is part of the cause for the memory leak
- Removed extra kernel files (smaller file size)
- Removed extra apps (smaller file size)
- Removed CPUsleep (smaller file size)

V5.1.5 (15-04-2013)
- Updated CM to 20130412
- Updated all System and User Apps
- Fixed GPS Issue

V5.1.4 (07-04-2013)
- Updated CM to 20130407
- Updated all User and System Apps
- Updated GAPPS Package
- Updated KingBeatz to 3.0.5-RC1
- Updated NexusLouder to V3B8
- Fixed weather issue with cLock
- Added Goo Updater
- Added OpenGL Plugin ( requested by Kim Shooter
- Added ppp widget requested by Kim Shooter
- Added Swiftkey Tablet requested by Kim Shooter
- Added File Expert requested by Kim Shooter
- Added XenoAmp requested by Kim Shooter
- Added Mx Player requested by Kim Shooter
- Removed Goo Manager
- Removed dpi change under Aroma Installer (Can be done via Per App Settings under the Settings Menu)
- Removed Performance Control from Settings Menu (Enable Development Settings to access the CM version)
- Removed Chrome selection from Kaos Droid and Added it to the Gapps Package

V5.1.3 (01-04-2013)
- Updated CM to 20130330 (now has pie)
- Fixed Nav bar buttons not displaying correctly in landscape
- Fixed Recent apps button sometimes does not display in portrait mode
- Fixed Random Lag
- Fixed GPS issues
- Removed basic google services from the zip and added to the GAPPS zip
- Backup function now works with gapps (from this version and up)

V5.1.2 (24-03-2013)
- CyanogenMod updated to 20130324
- Updated All System and User Apps
- Updated Kernels
- Added Google Shopper to GAPPS zip
- Added Google Tasks to GAPPS zip
- Added GooManager to Setting Menu (Will work By default)
- Added ROMManager to Settings Menu (Will only work if you DO NOT REMOVE from ROM via Aroma Selection)
- Removed Noozy Media Player when installing Nexus Louder
- Removed Rewire Pro when installing Nexus Louder (Downloadable from Play Store)
- Removed Youtube Remote from as it is now build into YouTube itself
- Removed choice of SuperUser app from Aroma default is now built in

V5.1.1 (08-03-2013)
- CyanogenMod updated to 20130308
- Updated system and User apps to latest
- Updated Trinity Kernel to TS1700-GPUOC-4.2.2-ALPHA1
- Updated M+Kernel to MR1
- Updated Nexus Louder to V3 beta5
- Updated KingBeatz to v3.0.6
- Removed com.android2.calculator3-1.apk and replaced with CyanogenMod Calculator

V5.1.0 (28-02-2013)
- CyanogenMod updated to 2013026
- Updated all User and System Apps
- Updated Busybox symlinks (some were missing)
- Updated Settings list (Added About Kaos Droid Header)
- Added Xposed Installer
- Added some Xposed Modules (App Density changer like ParanoidAndroid)
- Added some extra headers in the Settings.apk
- Added PerformanceControl from AOKP
- Some other fixes and changes that i cannot remember
- Fixed random lag issue
- Fixed Wifi conectivity issue
- Fixed Nav Bar button render issue
- Fixed recent app button issue
- Fixed issue with YouTube Remote not installing from seperate GAPPS zip

V5.0.0 (20-02-2013)
- CyanogenMod updated to 20130219
- Rebased on Android 4.2.2 JDQ39
- Updated System and User Apps
- Updated Kernels
- Updated Gapps (Seperate zip)
- Updated Mods and Tweaks
- Added other small tweaks and mods
- Added KingBeatZ option in AromaI appoligise if have missed you please pm me if i have and i will add you to the list :)
- Added YouTube Remote to gapps (seperate zip)
- Added Google Gesture to gapps (seperate zip)
- Added option in Aroma to remove the default Android email/exchange app
- Added Bug List to device status
- Added Thanks List to device status
- Removed Lean Kernel (incompatible with Android 4.2.2)

V4.0.0 (17-12-2012)
- Rebased on Android 4.2.1
- CyanogenMod updated to 20121215
- Added all previous tweaks and mods from previous versions
- Updated All User and System apps to latest
- Updated Trinity Kernel to TS1700-GPUOC-4.2-ALPHA0
- Updated Franco Kernel to r30
- Updated M-Kernel+ to a23 
- Updated Lean Kernel to v0.8
- Updated NexusLouder (Beats Audio)
- Updated Aroma Installer 
- Updated gapps selection in Aroma
- Removed Faux Kernel

V3.8.3 (28-11-2012)
- Fixed Lag Issues (little boost file)
- Fixed TeamViewer QuickSupport (now patched)
- Fixed the bug with Aldiko Sync app
- Fixed Adobe Flash Player issues
- CM10 Updated to 20121126
- Changed screen never sleeps while charging from "true" to "false"
- Changed sound on when device is docked from "false" to "true"
- Updated all system and user apps
- Updated all kernels
- Updated Cache removal script - now removes more "crap"
- Updated sysctl.conf - Extra Network tweaks
- When Gapps is selected it now installs Google Calendar and removes the source version
- Included CyanogenMod File Manager by default (Removable Via Aroma)
- Removed Estrongs File Manager
- Removed BBC Iplayer (Now Available via Play Store)
- Removed Asus Weather from Aroma
- Removed Asus SuperNote from Aroma
- Removed Popup Video Player (Now Available on Play Store)
- Removed all web browsers except AOSP and Chrome Browser (Saves Space)
- Removed all Launchers except Apex, Nova and Trebuchet (Saves Space)
- Added LowMemoryKiller script - Changes settings to be less aggressive (better multitasking)
- Added Sdcard script - Increases Read ahead speed
- Added IO Scheduler Script - Increases Read and write speeds
- Added different variations of zRam scripts in Aroma
- Added DownloadProviderUi back into rom
- Added M-Kernel+ a14 - 520/620
- Added Lean Kernel v0.5

V3.8.2 (30-10-2012)
- Fixed Lag Issues (little boost file)
- Fixed TeamViewer QuickSupport (now patched)
- CM10 Updated to 20121026
- Changed screen never sleeps while charging from "true" to "false"
- Changed sound on when device is docked from "false" to "true"
- Updated Cache removal script - now removes more "crap"
- Updated sysctl.conf - Extra Network tweaks
- When Gapps is selected it now installs Google Calendar and removes the source version
- Added LowMemoryKiller script - Changes settings to be less aggressive (better multitasking)
- Added Sdcard script - Increases Read ahead speed
- Added IO Scheduler Script - Increases Read and write speeds

V3.8.1 (25-10-2012)
- Fixed Google Now issue
- Fixed Franco Kernel issue
- Fixed duplicate settings in the notification bar in Tablet UI
- Fixed VPN Support
- All User and System apps updated to laes
- Updated Faux Kernel to version 12b8 (beta)
- Updated Trinity Kernel to DO_7-4.1.2
- Updated CM10 to 20121024
- Removed Team Viewer Free
- Added Team Viewer Pro :)
- TeamViewer Pro and QuickSupport are now installed to /data and not /system
- Removed some framework-res.apk options from aroma (source issues)
- A little Boost File added

V3.8.0 (18-10-2012)
- Rebased to JZO54K Android 4.1.2
- Fixed Firefox issues (Now works fine)
- Fixed issue where Standard Nav Bar option never flashed
- Fixed Goo Manager update issues
- Apex Stable (Market Version) Now Works Fine
- Turn off Wi-Fi on screen-off is now set to never
- ADB is now persistant
- Updated CM10 to 20121017
- Updated Google Apps
- Updated Aroma Installer (Touch now works fine)
- Updated User & System apps
- Updated sysctl.conf
- Updated CPUSleep
- Updated aroma-config
- Updated updater-script
- Updated Binaries to JZ054K
- Updated Trinity Kernel to TS1700-GPUOC-4.1.2-ALPHA175
- Updated Faux Kernel to v012b6
- Added custom Boot Animation (Thanks to MoonDogg98)
- Added boot animation selection to aroma
- Added larger previews in Multi-Tasking (options in Aroma)
- Added Option in Aroma to remove CPUSleep
- Added option in Aroma to select different CPUSleep Variations
- Added Emoji Font
- Added Franco Kernel r23
- Added Tablet UI switcher in Settings
- Added Multi-User Profile Management
- Added more customisations under Setting Menu
- Added Super Video (Pop up Play)
- Added Firefox Beta
- Added option in Aroma for Sony PlayStation Mobile
- Added option in Aroma for Asus Supernote
- Added option in Aroma for Asus Weather
- Added DPI option in Aroma
- Added MoDaCo Camera Launcher for Nexus 7
- Added Google Gallery
- Remove Gallery2
- Removed Motley Kernel (Incompatible with Android 4.1.2)
- Removed BBQLog
- Removed DownloadProviderUI
- Removed Firefox (Crashing Issues)
- Removed option to flash Recovery (issues with flashing and ROM size)
- More optimisations and tweaks
- More I/O Tweaks
- Many More things that i can't remember

V3.7.3 (24-09-2012)
- Fixed Flash Player
- Fixed BBC iPlayer Buffering issue
- Fixed issue with Email icons overlapping in Tablet UI Mode
- Fixed iWnn IME font issues
- Fixed Lag (occasional)
- Fixed Google Earth FC
- Fixed Google Setup Wizard FC
- Fixed Goo Manager "updates available" issue
- Fixed camera application issues
- Updated CM10 to 20120923
- Updated Apex Launcher to V1.3 beta6
- Updated Trinity Kernel to TSVZ1400 GPU600 ALPHA121
- Updated aroma-config
- Updated updater-script
- Updated sysctl.conf
- cifs is now loaded at boot
- Changed Default Wallpaper to Omega Kaos (by kurtfhouse)
- Changed method for I/O optimisations and Speed Tweaks
- Added init.d script to enable crond
- Added a custom screen on/off script
- Added a init.d script to drop file system cache
- Added NexusLouder (Beats Audio and Sony xLoud Engine)
- Added aircrack files
- Added TeamViewerQS
- Added Google PinYin IME
- Added Google Korean IME
- Added Camera
- Added Gallery2
- Removed Google Gallery

V3.7.2 (20-09-2012)
- Minor build.prop changes
- Re-Added I/O Optimisations
- Removed Beats Audio

V3.7.1 (20-09-2012)
- Fixed issue with Google Setup Wizard closing
- Fixed Issue with Google Chrome constantly Crashing
- Fixed issue with True Tablet UI FC'S Every app
- Fixed issue with Shell reboots when choosing advanced settings in wifi
- Fixed issue with Shell reboots when changing default keyboard
- Remove OTA Upadtes and OTA Updater App
- More optimisations & tweaks
- Updated CM10 to 20120919

V3.7 (18-09-2012)
- Chrome default browser view is now Desktop mode (checkbox unticked)
- Fixed backup not selecting a Google account
- Fixed landscape button issue
- Fixed lockscreen not saving shortcuts
- Fixed return arrow not changing to down arrow when keyboard is showing
- Fixed no hit animation with buttons on nav bar
- Fixed gallery FC when sharing to picasa
- Fixed gallery FC when sharing with Facebook
- Fixed hidden menu button in bottom right corner
- Updated CM10 to 20120916
- Updated User & System apps to latest
- Updated Kernels to latest
- Updated MusicFX to latest version
- Updated Aroma Installer options
- Updated status bar size back to default (missing some items on smaller size)
- Added TeamViewer Support (Requested by ThamesBoss)
- Added Call Support (Requested by TjPhysicist)
- Added iWnn IME (Requested by tbb-xda)
- Added Alternative Themes (Requested by scarygood536)
- Added 720p Video Mod (Requested by nate51)
- Added option for stock nav bar (Requested by tevinwade)
- Added more tweaks & optimisations
- Added Holo Launcher HD to list
- Added Motley 484 Kernel
- Added Faux Maniline Kernel
- Added CM10 Calculator (Requseted by ThamesBoss)
- Added CM10 Stopwatch (Requseted by ThamesBoss)
- Added CM10 Deskclock Timer (Requseted by ThamesBoss)
- Added NexusLouder (Beats Audio and xLoud Enhancer) (By  Misledz)
- Removed Weather Widgets (not lockscreen weather)
- Removed Beats Audio (Replaced With Another)

V3.6.1 (12-09-2012)
- Updated build.prop for OTA Updates and Notifications 

V3.6 (12-09-2012)
- Kaos Droid is now signed
- Fixed Nav Bar height again, now matches rest of UI
- Fixed random FC errors when going into setting menu
- Fixed AOSP Browser
- Updated Supercharger Tweaks
- Updated Faux Kernel to 009u
- Updated Trinity Kernel to TSVZ-ALPHA110 (experimental)
- Updated CM to nightly version 20120911
- Updated User and System apps to latest
- Updated build.prop Tweaks
- Enabled Dock settings
- Enabled silent mode in settings
- Cleaned code in some files
- Lockscreen rotation now disables with the widget in notification bar
- Added True Tablet UI
- Added option in Aroma for BBQLog (CM Changelog App)
- Added option in Aroma to remove Ad-Blocking Host file
- Added GooManager (Option to remove in Aroma)
- Added option in Aroma to Leave Recovery Partition
- Added Dolphin Browser Beta
- Removed Dolphin Browser HD
- Other Minor tweaks and updates 

V3.5 (30-08-2012)
- Rebased to CM9 JRO03L AOSP
- Added option in Aroma to Remove Gapps (Requested by nate51)
- Updated User and System apps to latest
- Added Battery % mod
- Titanium Backup is included as Default (Option to remove)
- ROM Manager is included as Default (Option to remove)
- Updated Faux Kernel to 008
- Updated Trinity Kernel to TS-ALPHA96 (experimental)
- Added Trebuchet Launcher (Requested by CyberCitizen)
- Added option in Aroma to choose between SuperSu(Chainfire) or Superuser(ChainsDD) (requested by pitbrawlzant)
- Added options to choose between CWM Recovery and TWRP Recovery (requested by CyberCitizen)
- Added some CyanogenMod Settings
- Added Google Talk back into rom
- Added Google TTS back into rom
- Added Talkback back into rom
- Added cifs support
- Added OTA Updater, option to remove in Aroma
- Added Apollo Music Player from CM9, option to remove in Aroma
- Added Theme Chooser from CM9
- Added Screenshot Option to APM, enabled in settings

V3.4 (12-08-2012)
- Updated Motley Kernel to V1.1.1 build 218
- Updated Trinity Kernel to TS-ALPHA63d (experimental)
- Updated Faux kernel to 006u
- All User and System apps updated to latest
- Lowered NavBar height
- Added TelephonyProvider back to ROM (fixes FC in Settings)
- Added Phone back to ROM (fixes FC in Settings)
- Fixed corrupt TB and CWMR
- Updated updater-script
- Fixed Boot loop issues
- Fixed Wifi issues
- Fixed su binary issues
- Fixed ROM Manager not booting into Recovery
- Fixed Alarm Issues
- Fixed Landscape Lockscreen rotation issue with Stock Launcher
- Added a selection of Launchers to Aroma
- Added a selection of Browsers to Aroma
- Fixed Adobe Flash Player (Thanks to noodles2k)
- Added BBC iPlayer (For noodles2k)(tablet mode directs to website)
- Added Several Weather Widgets (please post which you prefer, the other 2 will be removed)
- Updated Aroma Installer Config (quick flashing for me)

V3.3 (08-08-2012)
- Added Stock Kernel (User request)
- Updated Apex Launcher to the beta version (fixes issues with Play widgets and based on JB)
- Added True Tablet UI (Thanks to barrmulio) (Option to remove in aroma)
- added navbar to right hand side in landscape (no True Tablet UI)
- All System and User apps have been updated to their latest versions
- Updated Aroma Config and updater-script
- Landscape support for the Lock Screen
- Added Trinity Kernel ver.TS-ALPHA50 (experimental) (user request)

V3.2 (06-08-2012)
- Fixed issues from previous versions
- Updated Motley Kernel to V1.0.12 build 175
- Updated faux kernel to v006 Ultimate Edition

V3.1 (04-08-2012)
 - Chnaged default locale from US to GB as i was fed up with changing it every 
   few minutes after flashing rom
 - Fixed all issues from previous versions
 - updated supercharger script
 - Change default Launcher back to Stock

V3.0 (03-08-2012)
- Fixed all bugs from previous versions
- OTA Updates Via ROM Manager
- Supercharged
- KickAssKernelizer Tweaks
- Added Motley Kernel as option in Aroma
- Added Faux Kernel as option in Aroma
- Created backup and restore scripts for user apps when full wipe is selected
- Edited updater-script do format /data on full wipe
- Changed the wiping process to fix issues with booting
- All System apps updated to latest
- All user apps updated to latest
- Changed Advanced Power Menu slightly
- Removed option to add removed system apps - available as flashable zip
  via ROM thread -
- Improved camera pictures / videos quality
- Added Beats Audio (No Notification Yet)
- Added Sony Bravia Engine
- Added Sony Xloud Engine
- Added Sony Play Certification
- Added sysctl support
- Enabled Preload on wifi in youtube
- Changed Default Launcher to Apex option in Aroma to flash stock launcher
- Battery Life Enhancement
- Removed option for DSP Manager - Now using Beats Audio
- Removed GoogleTTS
- Removed Phone
- Remove TelephonyProvider

V2.1 (31-07-2012)
- Added Exchange2Google (Email app would not work correctly without it)
- All system apps updated to latest
- Fixed issues with updater-script
- Removed option in Aroma to remove landscape from ROM

- Removed option in Aroma to remove Add-Blocking host file from ROM
- Updated to Motley Kernel V1.0.10 build 110
- Fixed issue with voice search not displaying in app drawer
- Fixed all issues from previous versions
- Removed sdcard files as it wasn't allowing use of the folders

V2.0 (28-07-2012)
- Updated system apps to latest
- Added Aroma Installer
- Added Add-Blocking Host file
- Edited updater-script so that it will not remove /data/app unless you select full wipe
- Added option in Aroma to add Removed apps
- Added option to remove add-blocking host file in Aroma
- Added option to remove landscape support in Aroma
- Flash Player added to Aroma
- Apex Launcher added to Aroma
- Estrongs File Manager added to Aroma
- ROM Manager added to Aroma
- Titanium Backup added to Aroma
- AOSP Browser added to Aroma
- DSP Manager added to Aroma
- GPS fixes (Region Specific) added to Aroma
- Removed Exchange2Google
- Removed HTMLViewer
- Removed talkback

V1.1 (26-07-2012)
- Fixed all bugs from V1.0
- Added landscape support
- Added APM
- updated to Motley Kernel beta v1.0.7 - build #70/71
- fixed in build.prop
- Updated updater-script to delete everything
from /data except for /data/media which is used as sd card*
- Removed Google Talk
- Removed GooglePinyinIME
- Removed iWnnIME
- Removed iWnnIME_Kbd_White
- Removed KoreanIME
- Removed SoundRecorder
- Removed Thinkfree
- Removed PartnerBookmarksProvider
the last 2 i'm not too sure what the are im assming bookmarks widget and documents editor please let me know if im wrong

V1.0 (26-07-2012)
- Initial Release


Some of these questions have never been asked but if youv'e thought of them or ever wondered why, here they are

Q: Why is this ROM so big when others are about 120MB in size?
A: CyanogenMod alone is 220MB. When you add all my options it gets quite large, e.g. Launchers, Browsers, Kernels and Tweaks, e.g. True Tablet UI, Stock Nav Bar, Alternative Themes, then there's apps like Adobe Flash, BBC iPlayer and a root file explorer.

Q: Have you thought of cutting the size of your ROM down by removing apps such as Flash Player and the root file explorer?
A: I have, But then it means side loading or re-downloading them, possibly setting permissions and alot more time to set up the ROM as you want it, plus its easier to have it all in one place, saves on backup storage, and if you don't want them, don't select them, thats why the options are there.

Q: Why have you changed your base from AOSP to CyanogenMod?
A: Basically CyanogenMod has fixes when it comes to bugs, loopholes and security issues, whereas AOSP doesn't have as many, its not updated as frequent, and doesn't have the CM team behind it!

Q: Can you add support for "this" or add "that" mod?
A: Yes, its usually not an issue, post the request in the thread or pm me, i will add the request to the OP, and add it in the next update, unless its slightly more complicated like gesture support, this will take time and therefore will be added a few versions later.

Q: Why so many releases so often?
A: Simple version: I lost my job and i like to learn
Not so simple version: With Android there is and always will be updates, fixes, customisations and mods that i and the community would like. I try to keep on top of these adding them in and updating regulary to keep the ROM up-to-date, also you get requests, so you add them and release the update, it keeps the community happy and your ROM up-to-date with the latest fixes and customisations that everyone wants.

Q: Why is there some bugs in almost every version?
A: Bugs are like rats, your never more than 10 feet away from one of them (10 lines of code in this case), there are going to be bugs in every ROM no matter how good the developer is. For example, in V3.6/3.6.1 there was an issue with the lockscreen not saving shortcuts, this was an issue with my ROM and any other ROM based on CM for that matter, i cannot help this, it is a CM issue, i have bugs and fixes to deal with that are on my side of the work, if i have time then yes, i will have a look at the issue try to fix it and if i do pass the findings on to the deleloper(s). Also remember that ROM's are always under development, even stable releases.

Q: What make Kaos Droid so special?
A: Besides me? The COMMUNITY! Kaos Droid was originally based around my needs and customisations and what i want. Not only that but the community has a lot of input in Kaos Droid, if they ask for a MOD, customisation or support for something it gets added which also makes the rom perfect for their needs, Kaos Droid started of as a small ROM the community spoke and the community got, its as simple as that.

Q: Why are you including requests from the community for somthing you don't or might not use?
A: Simple there are people/users out there that either don't know how or dont have the time to build a cusom ROM, and why not include the requests 99% of the time i actually use them, i have not had one request yet that i haven't used or thought it shouldn't be included.

Q: What's you aim for Kaos Droid?
A: That's easy: reliability, speed, customisation and hopefully being the best

Q: What made you decide to start building a custom ROM?
A: I liked the work other Dev's were doing and what they achived, so I thought to myself if they can do it so can I.


d V7.0.0][WiFi / 3G]
Brilliant! Super smooth and fast, Wow, you're really devoted to this ROM, I'm glad to have such a devoted Dev backing this ROM!, You have got to be _the_ most user driven dev ever. Keep it up! (CyberCitizen)

Wow! This ROM is blazing fast ;D (DroidOnRoids)

FWIW I've installed it and haven't looked back (bobjbain)

Just flashed (came from Glazed Jellybean) and everythings peachy so far. Nice and quick, and stable too. (Arceon)

I've been watching this rom evolve for a while and finally flashed it yesterday. I'd have to say its my favorite rom by far. Pretty much everything seems to work great! Dude, you seriously are the best ROM dev ever. I bow to thee. (bsw11)

@Omega Kaos shoot man, this is your first custom ROM? crap, it's really good. (nate51)

Hey kaos, great Rom u have here. (simple23227)

thank you OP for the great rom. (eff0rtless)

Thanks man, great to see a dev who listens to his users! (will444)

This is a really great ROM Kaos! I keep coming back. (RoyJayt96)

Just flashed this ROM last night, and I love it! (twinsfan14)

Just wanted to say wow. Lovely and stable so far, smooth and blazing fast., so is it normal for this ROM to post super high scores??^^, My N7 is now benchmarking higher than my HOX! (kevvyboy)

I'm loving the new update. Blazingly fast and no crashes so far. (ThamesBoss)

I just came to Kaos Droid from Paranoid Android and this ROM is great! (norman1080)

Man... you're on route to get the best op award. Thanks dude! (bdubs4200)

Ta mate my op god, LOL love you you know that lol, great dev and with a sense of humor rare now days (skedone)

I love your ROM, is the best ROM I tested, very smooth end stable whit Trinity kernel 111 Alfa!!! (BlackWolf80)

Kaos Droid V3.6.1 With motley 1.1.1 kernel .(best rom with best kernel) (morell2)

Thanks To/Credits
Beta Testers
A big thanks to you all!

Alejandro Sarco

Special Thanks To 
Paranoid Android Team
SlimRom Team
OmniRom Team
franciscofranco - kernel
Amarullz for the Aroma Installer
H3IN3K3N for the torrent link for providing a mirror
|nvari for providing a mirror
kurtfhouse for his wallpaper
Misledz for BEATS+XLOUDER!
MoonDogg98 for his Boot Animation
persianfarshad for providing a mirror
zeppelinrox for his V6 SuperCharger Script
rovo89 for the XposedInstaller and Framework
delta-roh for TURBO BOOST Mod
Harbir for TURBO BOOST Mod

If you think i have left you out i'm sorry, please pm me and i will add you to the list
XDA:DevDB Information
KaosDroid V8.0.0-BETA1, a ROM for the Nexus 7 (2013)

Omega Kaos
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: AOSPAL

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 8.0.0-BETA1
Beta Release Date: 2014-03-01

Created 2014-03-01
Last Updated 2014-03-04
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1st March 2014, 08:48 PM |#2  
MRobbo80's Avatar
Senior Member
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Looks great downloading now

Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
2nd March 2014, 01:01 AM |#3  
oadam11's Avatar
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Great job! Love all the customizations. Running smoothly for me

Sent from my Nexus 7
2nd March 2014, 01:29 AM |#4  
papikev's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Tampa
Thanks Meter: 393
Reading the credits list above, I see you have Turbo Boost credited. Does that mean it is built into the rom? I remember some issues when I used to run that on my Sensation, once the alloted space in the partitions was used up, the phone would lag big time. Don't know if that is the same situation here. It worked well before the space was used, but after a short time, would lag. I remember having to adjust swappiness values, swap space etc, but never really found the sweet spot. Anyway, just curious.
2nd March 2014, 02:09 AM |#5  
TheMrcool212's Avatar
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This should be in development forum, even AOSPAL is rated as unofficial PA.

Also, just want to notify that most of the ROM stuff here is based on my work. I'm currently maintaining almost all of AOSPAL repo is in the source.

By the way, good work OP. Hoping the best for you. You can ask me if you need help.

Sent from my GT-I9500
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2nd March 2014, 08:25 AM |#6  
MRobbo80's Avatar
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I would urge Anyone reading this post to give this rom a try! . Boot time 5 seconds and when you wipe dalvic cache / cache you watch how fast it rebuilds once boot up completes, I have never used a rom with this speed seriously.

Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
2nd March 2014, 09:16 AM |#7  
Michealtbh's Avatar
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Originally Posted by MRobbo80

I would urge Anyone reading this post to give this rom a try! . Boot time 5 seconds and when you wipe dalvic cache / cache you watch how fast it rebuilds once boot up completes, I have never used a rom with this speed seriously.

Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app

That was a commit to Cyanogenmod a few days ago - speed up boot on multi core devices
2nd March 2014, 09:44 AM |#8  
Senior Member
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I don't see the download link

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---------- Post added at 10:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:17 AM ----------


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3rd March 2014, 06:11 AM |#9  
Senior Member
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Any link for this other than
3rd March 2014, 10:18 AM |#10  
Senior Member
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The links should be good

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
3rd March 2014, 10:26 PM |#11  
CorleReeFer's Avatar
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Gapps download isn't working for me

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
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