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Xperia z3 concept ideas

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I am on vacation so please forgive the lack of pictures to show my ideas this vacation has been rather stressy so i am back on my concept ideas and overall ideas.

First we have a design idea i've noticed the frame around my z1 is fairly strong and scratch resistant so i think it could wrap around the entire back of the phone for a single unibody construction it would also eliminate my concern displeasure that the phone is held together by glue at the back, it would also be completely airtight in the back as there would be no opening, I'd assume it would be more durable aswell.

another idea would be remaking the flaps to lock into place when closed to open you press something, or drag something or maybe magnetic locking, but maybe that wouldn't work with the rubber. I also think if possible that the phone could have a water sensor so it knows when it is submerged, where it enters a sticky keys like feature for the screen so you can use it under water so it takes hard presses to register something water wouldn't be capable of, the phone would also know when the flaps are open or closed and instantly warn if it get's in contact with water with one of them open like vibrating constantly and having an alarm with the screen flashing, it may not always save a phone but it would be useful in my opinion as you'll notice before actually submerging the entire phone if the sensor can be located around the frame but then comes the design problem, unless the sensor can be hidden allong the light stripe idea somehow, if not it could be one small sensor, perhaps the sensor could be located inside the flaps.

A special magnetic dock charger that works with all xperia devices that comes with a remote and inbuilt strong speakers with bass, aswell as a screen with multi color backlight indicating charge time music playing etc would be worth alot aswell too me, I'd pay 200 for something like that.

Lastly I have some more ui ideas they are more personal wishes though

First the notification bar as you know, fills up rather quickly with icons for each app notifying you resulting in it being completely full often, so my idea is simple, one icon with a number next too it showing how many apps that are notifying you, or simply a number.

I also want to be able to hide any notification bar icons for example i don't always need to know the reception I'd rather have that in the drop down menu i would only want it to show when there's one or two bars or simply as a warning on bad reception.

Then theres the softkeys theres alot of ideas and changes I want to make as you know the apps icon replacing the home icon on the home screen, but then theres the back and recent apps button, First off a back button in the home screen does nothing it just sits there it dosnt even turn the phone off it simply sits there filling up space, so here's a few ideas, unless Google are the only ones to be able to do such changes, or if there's a rule against such changes.

1. back button should only show when theres something to back from,* another crazy idea would be a softkey power button in the corner of the home screen replacing the back button, the most crazy idea would be getting rid of a phones power button entirely as theres tap to wake up now, only if it worked when the phone was off, honestly having a power button in the corner would not be very clean too me but it's an idea,* what would be more my preference is the turn off menu in the drop down bar.

I would also like more sony apps like compass or other useful features could call it sony smart tools or sony smart apps, Power user apps like cache cleaner ram freeing would also be great, my dad's LG g2 has a free ram app.

A silent life log app that syncs everything you do and visit in the cloud would also be fun, like using trackid to record which music you were listening to that day when you visited a national park etc, unless such a feature is too consuming.

Then theres recent apps theres two ways this could work,* my first idea was to just remove the recent apps button when there's no recent apps, it would only show when theres recent apps in it, my second idea is to hold down the apps icon to access recent apps instead of having a separate button for it, personally I want to be able to close or minimize apps so they won't end up in recent apps, when i don't want them to.

I guess i want it as clean as possible I think getting rid of an actual power button all together would be a good idea too, at least for me as it would make a phone look nicer more modern, it would also give space for something else.

I guess i want dynamic softkeys,* we have keys on a screen but they work just like physical touch buttons,* they are permanent 90 percent of the time i want to change that, as you practically get the same experience with actual capacitive buttons virtual buttons are not utilized properly in my opinion.

My other idea would be freedom in screen rotation, I use an app so I can use my phone upside down and due to the omnibalance design it feels and looks natural, not having a sony logo makes it impossible to tell if it's upside down or not, so i think all phones should have that freedom by default, I also think there should be a tablet ui for landscape on all sony phones I'd love to have the soft keys at the bottom when in landscape, i was highly dissapointed when i found out I couldn't use my z1 in landscape until I found an app for it.

I also don't think the menu should cast any shadow at all the screen should not darken it would then feel more like the menu is just icons and not a separate menu screen which is what I am aiming at uniformity, i would also get rid of the dot at the top next to the text about which order you have your icons set in, the icons are all fairly pushed in the middle I want them to use up the screen, so much space at the sides used for Nothing it gives a zoomed in feel I am referring to the z ultra though, to put it simple all menu icons simply popping up on the screen when you press the menu button no underlay of any kind not even boxes for folders just 4 small icons together to show that it's a folder

I've also noticed the soft keys and notification bar is not entirely transparent it casts a light dark shadow I would assume that's a limitation not being able to get rid of the underlay entirely due to it being hard-coded but i don't know how open android is to manufacturers, I am extremely picky about these things so I notice them pretty quickly I guess i am obsessed with perfection when it comes to technology, lastly getting rid of the blue grey ui sometimes rarely showing up like example when you change the volume, it makes me feel like that's stock android sometimes peeking out I'd like a similar ui design across all of android.

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