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Custom bootloader for all G2 variants
I hold absolutely no responsibility if your device becomes inoperable, outoperable, or if by-name/aboot becomes self aware


AOSP compatibility with Autoboot is hit or miss! All of the variants differ, and some combinations simply won't work. If you find a kernel/rom/variant combination that works, share it!

Stock ROMs have been tested thoroughly, there shouldn't be any issues using Autoboot with stockroms unless otherwise stated.

What is it..?

Autoboot is a custom bootloader that comes with many features not allowed by the stock LG bootloader, such as fastboot access and dual booting support. Autoboot does not replace your stock bootloader, it runs alongside at boot, and does not interfere with the bootloader structure that already exists on your phone. It can be installed over any ROM and can be uninstalled any time!

Why should I care..?

LG's bootloader completely removes support for fastboot unless the user corrupts their boot, recovery or laf partitions. AutoBoot allows the user to enter fastboot mode any time they want, just like a Nexus device!

Autoboot supports dual booting, (however it's up to the devs to hammer that one out, I'm maintaining this project along with 3 other kernels!) By default, you can dual boot kernels almost effortlessly!

[dev] Autoboot supports AnyKernel zip installation, by having the ability to load any boot.img that isn't loki'd! Kernel devs will have to utilize the new use of 'spare' and 'grow' partitions and mention specifically in their OP's that Autoboot must be installed to use!

How do I use it..?

From the device being powered off, after you release the power key to boot the device, you can immediately hold one of the 2 keys to enter different modes.

Volume Up: Fastboot, your device will show a persistent "LG" Logo in fastboot mode, it will look like a frozen boot, but you can connect it to a PC and start fastbooting whatever you want!

Volume Down: Dual Boot, this boots the secondary device which can hold a second kernel. By default, this is empty!

Nothing: Simply boots your primary device, which is typically whatever kernel you had installed before you installed Autoboot


Installing is as easy as flashing a zip, that's it! Add it to the end of your zip-queue after you install a new ROM, or flash it after installing a new kernel to utilize it.

"What if I want to install a new ROM?! D:"
Well I just answered that but incase you didn't understand, flash it as you always would. There won't be any issues. Just make sure to flash Autoboot again if you still want to utilize it!


You should never install Autoboot twice in a row! Use the uninstaller zip before flashing an update to Autoboot.
If you do happen to install Autoboot twice in a row, do NOT use, you should flash a new kernel or use "fastboot flash spare boot.img" to get back in action, fastboot mode will still work if you flash it twice, though you may not be able to boot a ROM until you remedy.

Uninstalling is as easy as flashing a new ROM or kernel and it's out of your life, if you don't want a new ROM or kernel, I've included an you can flash in recovery to restore your previous boot configuration and uninstall Autoboot.

Is it safe..?

Totally! Tested again and again! Make sure you totally understand it before doing something you're unsure about! Autoboot does not effect recovery, download mode, or the original bootloader process in any way, shape or form. Worst case scenario is your device hangs on boot, if that miraculously ever happens, hop back into recovery and use the, it returns you to the exact state you were in before you installed it!

How does it work..?

By default, the LG bootloader can load "patched" or loki'd boot.img's, Autoboot is a build of LK (The same bootloader source LG uses) that hides inside of a loki'd boot.img, once LG's bootloader see's the loki'd bootloader, it passes the signature check and proceeds to boot. Usually at this point, a kernel would boot and your ROM would load up, but in this case, Autoboot starts.

Autoboot acts as our own bootloader, we can manipulate it to do anything we can't do with the stock bootloader. It uses two extra partitions that the G2 has to hold and boot unloki'd boot.img's. These partitions are 'spare' (primary) and 'grow' (secondary).

On install, Autoboot will take the current .img file in the boot partition, unloki it, and move it into the spare partition. Autoboot well then loki and place itself in the boot partition.

On uninstall, the spare partition is pulled, loki'd and placed over the boot partition, wiping autoboot. The spare partition is also wiped. (grow is not incase of using to upgrade versions of Autoboot)

You can flash new, unloki'd or clean boot.img's to the grow and spare partitions using dd, or easier fastboot commands.

fastboot flash spare boot.img
fastboot flash grow boot.img
Note: The 'grow' partition is roughly 12MB and the 'spare' partition is roughly 16MB, developers making kernels/ROMs may need to use a compression method such as LZMA for a smaller kernel to fit the 'grow' partition.


Currently, the install method for ZVC is to take the entire bootstack, this isn't a very good idea as it breaks support for Download Mode when the aboot is downgraded to ZV7/8 (same thing)

To use ZVC and maintain your custom recovery, you need to flash this ZV7/8 compatible kernel and follow it up with an installation of Autoboot. Remember that if you're on the ZVC bootstack, you won't be able to use download mode unless you downgrade your laf partition to ZVA!

You can use this method to get to ZVC, or you can get a hold of the ZVC system.img and fastboot flash that and the boot.img (from above) to get booting with a custom recovery!

autoprime has an in-depth walkthrough of his steps to keep custom recovery and download mode on ZVC available here.

Autoboot currently does not work AOSP-LS980 ROMs using Furnace Kernel or PAEK, it's a kernel side issue I will be looking into, use dr87's kernel or stock at the moment!

Questions or concerns..?

Hop in freenode at #lg-g2, I'm on all the time and I can help you with anything you need! Therapy starts at $1 a minute.


Absolutely none of this would be possible without the LK work by detule, if there's anyone you need to donate to, it's him.



All downloads are available here!


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3rd April 2014, 01:16 AM |#2  
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Originally Posted by Savoca

Custom bootloader for all G2 variants

Great job, buddy
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3rd April 2014, 01:17 AM |#3  
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Good project, helped Savoca do some testing on this so I can confirm it works on my D801
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3rd April 2014, 01:22 AM |#4  
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Awesome! Great work, dude. I also tested and can confirm it works perfectly
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3rd April 2014, 01:30 AM |#5  
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Crazy project Good Job
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3rd April 2014, 01:32 AM |#6  
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Good job mate

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3rd April 2014, 01:49 AM |#7  
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@Savoca killin it for the G2
excellent work again :beer:
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3rd April 2014, 02:05 AM |#8  
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I'll put this here too. Verizon source for Kit Kat kernel

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3rd April 2014, 02:15 AM |#9  
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Good job. ...Thanks to all u devs....I'm still scratching my head on what the h3ll Autoboot really is and does...Lol

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3rd April 2014, 02:29 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by youdug

@Savoca killin it for the G2
excellent work again :beer:

Killin it for real.

Bad asd work, Savoca!
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3rd April 2014, 02:53 AM |#11  
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Wow didn't see this coming. Great work. Devs are really pushing the envelope for us. Thank you!

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