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[THEME][15/07/16] Official ViperOneM8 Theme Thread [ViperDark / ViperLight + more]

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By Basil3, Recognized Themer on 6th April 2014, 02:09 PM
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So, you've downloaded and been blown away by the most advanced ROM on the HTC One M8 - ViperOne M8!!

Well, the fun doesn't end there! Thanks to Team Venom's powerful theme engine, you can change multiple elements of the theme on the fly - a never-before seen feature on any ROM.

Of course as with anything new, there is much confusion how this works. The aim of this thread is to clarify how to change various aspects of the theme, and unleash the full power of the Viper!

There are 2 aspects to themeing on ViperOne M8:
  • The built in theme engine (covering statusbar icons, Sense icons, wallpapers, fonts etc)
  • The full flashable theme, which completely transforms the look of your device

To some degree, the effects of these are independent. So you can change aspects of the built in theme without changing the skin, or change the skin but keep theme elements. Or even keep everything, and just change the Sense icons. The possibilities are endless.

The secret to ViperOne's stunning good looks is a combination of the above, and you can find more information on this over the next 4 posts

Please post any theme questions / issues here rather than on the main ROM thread, let's keep that clean for ROM issues.

Thank you

Venom Download HQ
Most previous downloads can be accessed from our Venom Download HQ, kindly provided by @Whiskey103.....thanks mate!
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6th April 2014, 02:09 PM |#2  
OP Recognized Themer
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- It is highly recommended you dirty flash the ROM (flash without wipe) between switching themes
- It is highly recommended you change TWRP settings to remove screen timeout, if you want to flash multiple mods at once. Go to Settings > Screen > Uncheck enable screen timeout.

So, you've had a play around with the Venom Hub and seen how many customization options are available. But somehow, it's not quite enough?! Well, that's where the RedVenom theme comes in. This is a full flashable theme that takes the customization to the next level.

As you can see from the screenshots, flashing the theme brings a touch of red to all elements of the UI, including all the system images, phone, keyboard etc.

- Change between multiple different themes on the fly through Settings > Personalise > Themes
- Aroma option for dark headers independent of which theme you're using
- Stock icons throughout

Latest ViperDark available on Venom Hub

19/02 (Still theme version 4.1.0):
- Fixed Sprint messaging
- Fixed Sound Recorder

- Updated for ViperOneM8 4.1.0
- Added Verizon messaging
- Fixed calendar widget
- Fixed browser tab background

- Updated for ViperOneM8 4.0.0

- Updated gallery
- Updated Dot View
- Fixed wake gestures screen

- Fixes to TV App
- Updated HTC Service Pack

- Updated gallery
- Updated TV
- Updated HTC service pack

- Fixed BlinkFeed sliding menu
- Fixed sound recorder

- Updated for ViperOneM8 3.2.1
- Fixed some dark text on dark background in tweaks

- Updated for ViperOneM8 3.2.0

- Added graphics to Android upgrading screen (credits VanirRom)
- Updated Weather to latest market version
- Updated Dot View to latest market version
- Updated HTC Service Pack to latest market version
- Fixed some theming issues
- Added theme colour to unread text messages (international only)

- Fixes to Gallery, World Clock, Weather, HTC Mini , TV and probably others.
- Added back extended theming.

- Hopefully fixed all issues

- Fixed BlinkFeed FC
- All themes selected through settings > personalize > theme again
- Dark or coloured header option in aroma
- Theme downloads UI
- Themed camera
- Themed HTC DotView

- Fixed Verizon messaging
- Fixed AT&T messaging
- Keyboard and weather now match theme chosen in settings > personalize > theme, as you can't theme them using per-app in tweaks.

- Updated for ViperOneM8 3.1.0

- Fixes to calendar widgets
- Fixes to battery history
- Fixes to mail

- Added back extended theming
- Added carrier support for TMoUS and AT&T (needs confirmation)
- Fixed FM Radio
- Fixed Calculator

- Updated for ViperOneM8 3.0.x
- No extended theming for now

*** Please let me know of any issues ***

- Added latest themed TV app
- Fixed Verizon messaging
- Fixes to Hub and Tweaks
- Fixed animations
- Fixed people widget
- Changed gallery to system app (thanks @Kiray1982)
- Fixed black on black text in data usage limit setting
- Probably other stuff

- Updated for ViperOneM8 2.5.0
- Added latest dark hangouts
- Themed directory settings in downloads
- Themed voice recorder

- Added option for stock 4x1 weather clock
- Fixed black images in permissions screen when installing an app
- Minor graphical changes to resources and APM
- Themed header in Mail sliding menu

- Added latest themed hangouts. Please note, you need to be signed in to hangouts before flashing the themed one. For some reason it will crash during sign-in process.
- Minor graphical updates to Hub, Phone and Lockscreen.

- Updated for ViperOneM8 2.4.0

- Fixed weather not matching
- Fixed weird colours for unread mail and word correction popup
- Fixed unread text message colour

- Fixed some minor popups (thanks @raymond_Ebertt)
- Updated TV App
- Under the hood changes for easier additional themes

- Updated for ViperOneM8 2.3.0

- Made a lot of light pop-ups dark (e.g. when opening a link from Gmail)
- Themed HTC backup

- Themed motion launch gestures screen in settings
- Unread messages now have theme colour in list of messages (easier to see unread messages)

- Added back Verizon messaging apk
- Added back transparent 4x1 clock option
- Fixed disappearing gallery

- Update for ViperOneM8 2.1.0
- Minor dpi fixes
- Fixes to gallery

- Lockscreen now matches chosen theme

- Compatible with ViperOneM8 2.0.1
- Fixed tab background in browser
- Fixes to radio
- Removed unread colour change in mail.apk (breaks exchange security bypass mod)
- Fixes for different dpi (work in progress)

- Added back extended theming
- Fixed gallery
- Fixed calculator
- Fixes to mail
- Fixed volume slider on orange theme
- Themed keyboard

- This theme has been done from scratch for ViperOneM8 2.0.0. Please let me know of any issues in the official ViperOneM8 theme thread. You can access this by clicking on the XDA icon at the top of this entry in the hub.

Colour codes:

#ff4ea770 > Green
#ffff7e0d > Orange
#ff0761b9 > Blue
#ff930010 > Red
#ff69b40f > HTC Green
#ff808080 > Grey
#ff33b5e5 > ICS Blue
#ffffc400 > Yellow
#ff92278f > Purple
#ff008fca > Whiskey Blue
#ff1093d2 > DarkOne

- If you use dark headers, you won't be able to see line in Stocks chart
- Getting started panels in BlinkFeed (long press then remove)
- Updating HTC apps from Play Store will break theme - please avoid.

  • Change between 8 different themes on the fly using settings > personalize > themes
  • Choose between light or dark dialer and keyboard

Directions to do your own ViperLight custom colour:
(requires ViperLight 3.x.x to be flashed first, preferably without extended colours):

1. Download ViperLight Custom 3.0 zip from here, and unzip on your PC.
2. Download HxD hex editor from here
3. In the unzipped file, navigate to \vrtheme\system\framework\ and open the resources.arsc with HxD
4. Using the replace function (ctrl+r) replace 12 34 56 with your chosen hex. Two values should be replaced. Please note, that you need to reverse your number for hex, so 33 B5 E5 (ICS Blue) would become E5 B5 33 when replacing with HxD. Also ensure that you are searching in hex-values, as pictured below.

5. Save the file in HxD (and you can delete the .bak file in the folder), then zip the files back up.
6. Copy to device and flash in recovery. You custom theme will be theme number two.

Please let me know of any issues.

Colour codes:
Green: 6ed294 Orange: ffa63d Blue: 0761b9 Red: 930010 HTC Green: 69b40f Faded Blue: 6BAAC7 Pink: cb2ba4 Purple: 92278f

Just flash the zip through recovery. To revert back, just reflash the ROM without wiping.

Theming is very much a team effort, so thanks to all of the following people, whose ideas/inspiration/fixes etc have been used in one way or another in these themes. I'm sure I'm forgetting some people, so let me know if I've left you off!

@j to the 4n, @Turge, @ivicask, @hansbert and @m0narx for the amazing Viper ROM
@rayford85 for his original themes, an inspiration to us all!
@fisha21 for knowing the answer to virtually every theming question I have.
@ViNOK16Bit, @Guich, @Krocko and @Kiray1982 the other venom themers.
@Raymond Ebertt for discussions on the finer points of theming
@Pfaffinator, @AhLot and @lesscro for graphics
@Pneuma1985, @Onepagebook, @ineedone, @Punka-res.apk, and all contributors on the Sense 6 theming thread
Thanks also to the Venom Beta Testers, who are always willing to test out any themes before they are released.
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6th April 2014, 02:10 PM |#3  
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So you've read about the revolutionary theme engine in the ROM thread. But what exactly can you do with it? Basically, it allows you to alter some of the graphical elements on the fly, without needing to flash or even reboot.

Using Venom Tweaks, you can change the appearance of:
  • Statusbar icons
  • EQS icons
  • Battery icons
  • Sense icons
  • Notification shade background
  • App drawer background

These elements are all independent and can be changed to suit your tastes. So, you can use icons from different icon sets to mix and match your own personal theme.

But that's not all. Take a closer look at the screens where you choose statusbar themes and icon sets. You'll notice that each supported statusbar icon can be changed independently. So you like wifi icon from theme A, but battery from theme B? No problem, download both and mix it up as much as you want. You're only limited by what's available in the Hub.

And if there's some icons you want that aren't in the Hub? That's what the Venom kitchen is for.....
Special thanks to:

  • jotha - for the battery Icons

As if the ROM wasn't customisable enough, the ROM devs have also developed the Venom theme kitchen.

Really want some statusbar icons that aren't in the Hub,or got a great idea for a set of Sense icons? Why not make it yourself and share it with others via the Venom Hub?!

We've put some themes in the Hub to get you started, but the aim is to fill it with user generated content.
We've tried to make the tutorial as easy as possible, but if you have any questions, here's the place to ask.

Post your completed themes here, with a screenshot. If the theme looks nice we will add it with credits to the venom hub, so all users can download it from there!

One thing we ask though - ideally you'd be using icons you've created yourself. If you are going to use someone's else icons, please ask them for their permission first.
We all spend a lot of our free time making these, and it's really annoying to see your work ripped off by someone else! I'm sure you'd all agree.

If you used icons from the UOT kitchen, then say so.

Happy theming!

Download the Venom Theming Tutorial v2 here
Thanks to @ViNOK16Bit for his input!

Download base icon pack for full icon theme

Download base icon pack for icon underlay/overlay/mask theme only

Download Venom Activity Finder
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6th April 2014, 02:11 PM |#4  
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6th April 2014, 02:11 PM |#5  
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This post will be a go-to for all user contributions in this thread. I will also try to upload to the HUB when I get a chance, but all links will remain here as well. A lot of the icon packs such as the ones found in this post will also install and work on the One.

Install apk then select using Venom Tweaks > Sense > Icon Pack

Button Icons by @ViNOK16Bit
Metal Icons by @ViNOK16Bit
Metal Punched Icons by @ViNOK16Bit
Ubuntu Icons by @ViNOK16Bit
Icon packs by @SMJx
Wood Icons (and wallpaper) by @Pfaffinator
Dark Miui Icons by @ViNOK16Bit
Icon packs by @SMJx
SC49 Black by @ViNOK16Bit
Black and white icon theme by @Pfaffinator
SC62 Black by @ViNOK16Bit
Viper One Stock Grey by @janarp
Whiteline Icon Set by Basil3
Venom Red by Basil3
Sense 5 Circle by Basil3
Sense 5 Circle Dark theme by Basil3
Install apk then select using Venom Tweaks > Status Bar > Status Bar Icons Theme

Status bar theme by @Guich
Colourise Bubble by @Krocko
Dusk status bar icons by @ssojyeti2
Silver circle and cyan glass batteries by @Basil3
Yellow status bar and EQS
Status bar theme by @Falcon_cg (credits to @kalagas)
Real Icon Status Bar and EQS Theme
Grey percentage battery by @janarp
Bluelike, BrickonFire, OrangeCircle, SamsungLike Batteries by @Guich
Rainbow, Scale, Skull and Slide Batteries by @Guich
Various batteries by Basil3
Blue Sense Status Bar theme by Whiskey103
AOSP Status Bar theme by Basil3 | Screenshot
Blue Fade Status Bar Theme by Basil3
Minimal Metal Status Bar Theme by Basil3
Colourise Status Bar Theme by Basil3
DarkOne Statusbar by @WreckTangle
Red AOSP StatusBar by @Guich
Scratched Statusbar by @ViNOK16Bit
To apply: Venom Tweaks > Advanced > Custom Boot Animation

Boot and down animations by @midtowntr
Boot and down animations by @ineedone
Viper Boot and Down Animations (Inverted and Stock) by @Basil3
Updated Boot Animations by @axanon
Viper One Down animations by @Basil3
Boot animations by @Sneakyghost
Another boot animation by @axanon
Boot animation taken from GE edition by @Garmig
ViperOne Bootanimation by @axanon
Boot and Down Animations by Whiskey103
Venom Line boot animation by Basil3 | Screenshot here
TV Glow boot animation by Basil3
HTC Style Viper One boot animation by Basil3
Inverted HTC Style Viper One boot animation by Basil3 | Screenshot here
Blue Boot and Down with new style by @Whiskey103
blast0id bootanimation&downanimation by @blast0id
VERY SIMPLE ViperOne Bootanimation v4 by @axanon
ViperStrike Boot Animation by @brionic

More wallpapers by @Bluewall
Blue Wallpaper by @Bluewall
Two more wallpapers by @Pfaffinator
Metallic Viper Wallpaper by @Pfaffinator
ViperWallpapers by @billyho7993
Venom KitKat Style Wallpaper by @brionic
Cookies - Animated Notification Panel by @erikalin
Fireworks - Animated Notification Panel by @erikalin
Various Animated Wallpapers for Notification Panel by @erikalin

Lock Screen Icons from @Leifio
Lock screen icons by @mathrania
App drawer icons by @mathrania
Viper Dock by @janarp
Lockscreen and App Drawer icons by @SMJx
Lock Screen and App Drawer Icons by @ViNOK16Bit
Red PowerSaverd icon by @wmg316
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6th April 2014, 02:17 PM |#6  
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TWRP Themes z31s1g Style Including Recovery Boot Splash
  • big thanks @Whiskey103 for the themed files and his help
  • big thanks @z31s1g for his help

Downloads HTC INT

TWRP_2.7.0.4_m8_VenomBlueTWRP_z31s1g_V2.img * * *MD5: 7307ED858CE63EF008113FFF84E8B2D5
TWRP_2.7.0.4_m8_VenomRedTWRP_z31s1g_V2.img * * * MD5: BD4641976355136D703F53EC2B799BB0
TWRP_2.7.0.4_m8_VenomGreenTWRP_z31s1g_V2.img * *MD5: 7906706D0193E5A98BA7EDA89509A8E5

Downloads Verizon

TWRP_2.7.0.2_m8wlv_VenomBlueTWRP_z31s1g.img * * *MD5: 756AEC305A367A22CE12513ED6B0C32B
TWRP_2.7.0.2_m8wlv_VenomRedTWRP_z31s1g.img * * * MD5: 34EF88E6CA31007B28D9D3CCAB241D7E
TWRP_2.7.0.2_m8wlv_VenomGreenTWRP_z31s1g.img * *MD5: C4C8CAB53EBB07BCC84FDA39E727D0DF

Check out @WreckTangle`s post here
for matching splash screen and matching boot- and downanimations.
And of course his style of Venom-TWRP

Clock Mod´s

Clock Widget 2x1 & 4x1
Click image for larger version

Name:	Clock 2x1.png
Views:	3576
Size:	101.5 KB
ID:	2745626 Click image for larger version

Name:	Clock 4x1.jpg
Views:	3655
Size:	35.6 KB
ID:	2745627
flash this in recovery -->

Transparent Clock 4x2
Click image for larger version

Name:	Clock 4x2 transparent.jpg
Views:	3626
Size:	56.9 KB
ID:	2745629
install this .apk and select it in tweaks --> ContemporaryBrush_Clock_4x2_transparent.apk

Dark Clock 4x2
Click image for larger version

Name:	Clock 4x2 dark.jpg
Views:	3605
Size:	54.8 KB
ID:	2745628
install this .apk and select it in tweaks --> ContemporaryBrush_Clock_4x2_dark.apk

MIUI Weather 4x2
Click image for larger version

Name:	MIUI Weather 4x2.jpg
Views:	3432
Size:	55.2 KB
ID:	2748515
install this .apk and select it in tweaks --> Weather_MIUI_4x2_Clock.apk

Weezle Weather 4x2
Click image for larger version

Name:	Weezle Weather 4x2.jpg
Views:	3406
Size:	58.3 KB
ID:	2748516
install this .apk and select it in tweaks --> Weather_Weezle_4x2_Clock.apk
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6th April 2014, 03:08 PM |#7  
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Nice, let's the fun begin!!!!

Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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6th April 2014, 03:50 PM |#8  
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Good to see you around here!

Gesendet von meinem HTC One_M8 mit Tapatalk
6th April 2014, 03:52 PM |#9  
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Awesome work @Basil3 let the theming begin
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6th April 2014, 04:22 PM |#11  
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nice @Basil3, installing dark theme now
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