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[APK][3.3.0]Fast App SwiTcher Small App - MM Bugfix + Back Key = Minimize

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By hansip87, Senior Member on 19th April 2014, 03:33 AM
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Fast App Switcher Small App

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Hey Guys, First timer doing the Sony Small App here hope you like my app

Ever tired of doing two click just to switch apps? Or are you losing focus on what you've just read because of that black Recent App switcher background? Or that app switcher button is too far away? Not anymore with this Small App

  1. Always On the Foreground App Switcher
  2. Slim Design Just Like Windows Taskbar
  3. Auto Update App List with Adjustable seconds
  4. Adjustable Number of Viewable Recent Apps
  5. Keep Order of Recent Apps For Easier Navigation
  6. Swipe Down to Refresh the List (just like Gmail) - Vertical Layout Only
  7. Ability to choose Horizontal/Vertical Layout
  8. New! You can choose Favourite Apps List Or The Entire Apps List!
  9. Pin/Unpin the Small App so it will automatically minimize after losing focus.
  10. Load at startup (For Sony JB ROM and up)
  11. Switchable App Mode (So you can have Favorite Only, or Recent Only, Or Both)
  12. Small Apps can be tagged as Favourite App!
  13. Web URL can be added as Favourite App too! Click Share on Your Browser and then add away.
  14. Context Menu for each App Listed (show App Info + Direct Add App into Favourite)
  15. Long Click Switcher Button on Fav: Change Ordering of Favourite App
  16. Long Click Switcher Button on Recent: Suspend All App Memory / Go Back To Previous App
  17. Icon Pack Support (Pro Version Only)

  1. Sony Small Apps enabled Firmware

Image Preview:

Interested? Please access the Following Play Store URL:

  1. lukehorvat for NumberPickerDialogPreference -
  2. robobunny for SliderPreference -
  3. lucasr for TwoWayView -
  4. meetme for HorizontalListView - (Unused Now, But Credit is still Due)
  5. Sony for Promoting on Sony Select

Any input / bug report just post it down here

Like it? Go grab Play Store version and if you like it and want to unlock all feature, just click the Buy Pro menu available inside the settings menu

Hey XDA people, Do you want pro version? Please PM Me to grab one
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File Type: apk SmallApp_FastAppSwitcher330-Market.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.35 MB, 1318 views)
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19th April 2014, 04:33 AM |#2  
Rizal Lovins's Avatar
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Great idea!!! And nice work om

Will try it now
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19th April 2014, 07:30 AM |#3  
vanitea's Avatar
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Woow the legend Coming
Will try your hand made ASAP
19th April 2014, 07:40 AM |#4  
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this is fXXking cool
19th April 2014, 08:34 AM |#5  
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This is awesome man! Just one thing, since in using ZL and it has smaller screen than ZU. It would be better if you let it to change size horizontally too. The buttons are really close to each other. CHEERS!
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19th April 2014, 08:39 AM |#6  
hansip87's Avatar
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  1. Fixed On Preference Change Behavior
  2. Added Width so horizontal buttons more pressable.

1.6.0 (20/4/14):
  1. Added custom UI and transparency
  2. New UI options
  3. Added Option to view all Recent Apps just like the stock Recent App contain.

1.6.5 (21/4/14):
  1. UI background tweak
  2. Duplicated Recent App Fix while Keeping Order of the Task
  3. Additional Minimize and Fit to Window button
  4. Reduced Size of APK

1.7.0 (22/4/14):
  1. Fixed FC on clicking Closed by System App
  2. Added Horizontal Mode
  3. Code Cleaning Up

1.7.1 (22/4/14):
  1. Minimized Battery Usage on Automatic Refresh
  2. Horizontal Layout Streamlining

1.8.1 (26/4/14):
  1. Added Favourite Apps Oprion
  2. Setting Streamlining
  3. Fixed One Package Multi Activity Launch Event
  4. Added Click Sound (based on System Setting Touch Sound)

1.8.2 (28/4/14):
  1. Compatible with ICS Custom ROM of Xperia 2011 device running Small App framework(API SDK 14)
  2. Minimized View Icon changes dynamically based on state of Recent/Favourite Mode

1.8.3 (29/4/14):
  1. Recoded so (hopefully) no more memory leak when the Small App got restarted.
  2. Tweaked Background with Shadow on all sides
  3. Favourite App Switcher background now are set up as inverted from selected background color.

1.8.5 (30/4/14):
  1. Added Pin/Unpin capabilities. Make it easier to minimize it automatically when you're not focusing on the Small App anymore.
  2. Added Loading Animation on Loading at First Time
  3. Cleaned Up Menu Layout

1.9.0 (6/5/14):
  1. Tweaked Method to do Auto Update so even less battery drain and more flexible with device state. (Using Handler rather than Timer)
  2. New Indexing guarantee A closed application to be able to be opened again
  3. Slightly Smaller Icon Size so it matches the other Small Apps icon size.
  4. Might be the Final Version of this app Will be putting it into Play Store once i have registered into them.

1.9.1 (9/5/14):
  1. Changed Name to Fast App Switcher following the new Switchable App Mode
  2. New Small Apps Icon, in sync with Sony Small Apps standard icon
  3. Switchable App Mode, So you can pick what you like
  4. Load at Startup (For Sony JB ROM and up with Small App Framework v2++)
  5. Tweaked On Reverse App Order in Vertical Mode.

1.9.3 (11/5/14):
  1. Added Other Small Apps List into Favourite (Selectable Too)
  2. Dimmed Minimized Icon if Preffered
  3. Cleaner Memory Management on App Closing

1.9.6 (15/5/14):
  1. Minor Code Speed Enhancement
  2. Added Auto Restart On List Orientation
  3. Added App List Style Mode (Icon Only, Icon with Label, Label but with Background Colorized from Icon)
  4. Added Context Menu On Long Click of an App Items
  5. Show App info from the Context Menu
  6. Directly Add/Remove Apps into/from Favourites within Context Menu (Only work if the Favourite App Mode is enabled and only showing some Favourite Apps. Otherwise, it won't be listed)
  7. Tweaked Horizontal View Scrolling
  8. Last Component Width is now stored so it will be retained when the Orientation is Changed.

1.9.7 (19/5/14):
  1. Asynchronous Icon Loading and using LRUCache, Make it less stutter-y on long list and more efficient while scrolling
  2. Auto change Setting Activity Theme on changing Background Base Color
  3. Tweaked Context Menu appearance, much more professional
  4. Added Faded Edge on ListView appearance, make it more natural to look at.

2.0.0 (20/6/14):
  1. Reverted Back to Synchronous Loading, Trade between scroll delay and user visibility of app icon
  2. Tweaked LRUCache to load icons before requested.
  3. Added Icon Spin Effect on Click
  4. Added Suspend App From Memory option (This won't remove App from List, it only kill the background process of the app so memory is released)
  5. Long Hold on Switcher to Suspend all App on Recent Task
  6. Uploaded into Market, with IAP feature baked in.
  7. Fixed Unclickable App Icon due to error. Now all recent task icon can be accessed.

2.0.1 (20/6/14):
  1. Fixed IAP behaviour. Should be working as expected.
  2. Bugfix based on ANR report. Need some more report from you guys though.
  3. Revamped Refresh Method. Should Work as expected.
  4. Fixed Bug where one cannot remove an App from Favourite Apps Mode while going into Context Menu

2.0.5 (30/6/14):
  1. Fixed IAP behaviour. Should be working as expected. With offline flag.
  2. Added Favourite Apps Ordering Option based on user interaction
  3. Added Home Launcher icon so novices can notice the app.
  4. Added Dim Inactive Apps on Recent App mode.
  5. Added Long Click for Toast options on panel buttons.

2.0.7 (2/7/14):
  1. High CPU Load while visible is fixed
  2. Free Version got some of the Pro features!
  3. Added Launcher Icon to make it easy for Novice to get this App.
  4. FC on Previous ROM of Jelly Bean fixed.

2.0.8 (2/7/14):
  1. Minor Tweak on Ordered Recent App, that it will scroll back to the latest position after the list got updated.

2.1.1 (17/7/14):
  1. NEW! Added Web App Shortcut Link So you can browse Website From Fast App Switcher instantly!
  2. Revamped Method on How Internal Engine works. Should be alot smoother for Long list of apps.
  3. More efficient Memory usage with variable cache size dependent of phone RAM
  4. Bugfix based on the report
  5. This version requires Internet Permission to allow caching of Web Thumbnail from WebViewer. No other web operation is used.

2.1.3 (22/7/14):
  1. Added an Option to show Home as one of the Recent Apps
  2. Added Activity Launch Animation to originate from the icon you have clicked
  3. Better Scroll State saving, so you don't have to scroll again on click
  4. Long click on Favourite Mode Switcher to change Favourite Apps Order (Pro Only)

2.1.5 (24/7/14):
  1. Added Compact Mode So the List doesn't take as much space as it was

2.1.7 (5/8/14):
  1. New Animation On Switch App Mode
  2. Added New Option to Go Back to Previous App By Long Clicking the Switcher Button (Switchable with Suspending All Apps default)
  3. Bugfix based on the Report
  4. Controlled Toast Message so no more queue

2.2.0 (13/8/14):
  1. Pro Version: Icon Pack Support - Nova/ADW/Apex Compatible Icon Pack!
  2. More Memory Efficient
  3. Bugfix And Performance Enhancement

2.2.1 (20/8/14):
  1. Complete Icon Pack Support, Specific Icon Customization Enabled!
  2. More Adaptable on Low Memory Environment, Less Chance of Soft Force Close
  3. Bugfix And Performance Enhancement

2.2.2 (22/8/14):
  1. Bigger App Label on List View
  2. Better Icon Pack Resource Handling
  3. Even More Low-Memory-Device Friendly
  4. Fixed Issue with Icon Pack not loading the proper back icon.

2.2.3 (5/9/14):
  1. Loading Animation turned on while retrieving data after Low Memory Situation
  2. Lower memory consumption while using Icon Pack.
  3. Length/Height of App Window is stored individually depending of the orientation of the screen. No more resize after rotating the screen.
  4. Option to launch App from Android Launcher(again)
  5. Improved Performance On Low Memory Situation
  6. Database Bugfix
  7. Tweaked Icons

2.2.4 (17/9/14):
  1. Minor Performance Improvement
  2. New Background Style
  3. Now App size can be stored correctly
  4. Ability to reset Favourite Apps Usage Count per App

2.2.5 (1/10/14):
  1. Added Spanish Translation
  2. Added Fast Scroll on GridView of Icon PAck to have faster icon searching
  3. Fixed Activity keep popping up while doing another transparent activity

2.3.0 (8/10/14):
  1. Even Slimmer Compact Mode
  2. New Icon on Switcher to match Navigation Bar Buttons
  3. Added Navigation Bar Buttons Option (PRO Version only)
  4. Long Click on Back Button will bring down Notification (PRO Version only)
  5. Long Click on Home Button will bring Google Now / Other Assistance Set as Default (PRO Version only)

2.3.5 (31/10/14):
  1. NEW! Manual Favourite Apps Ordering (PRO Version only)
  2. Tweaked First Dialog Styling
  3. Setting UI minor tweak

2.3.6 (2/12/14):
  1. Minor bugfix
  2. Tweaked Description on Fav Apps Description

2.3.7 (3/6/15):
  1. Tweaked Label Only Mode (now with Icon as background)
  2. Tweaked ListView code
  3. Tweaked Setting Activity
  4. Lollipop compatible.

2.4.0 (3/9/15):
  1. UNLOCKED "ICON VIEW MODE" PRO VERSION FOR ALL: Now Icon Only and Tilted Icon Mode is available for free!
  2. Fixed Activity Lifecycle issues and Small App Launching steps.
  3. Tweaked codes.

2.4.5 (15/3/15):
1. Better App switching on Home, No more unresponsive click on Recent Mode!
2. Switch Places Animation so more natural in switching
3. Reworked Code, more efficient
4. Faster icon loading for Navigation Bar and Switcher so they won't get reloaded on low memory

2.5.0 (7/4/15):
1. Lollipop Build, Material Design tweak
2. Revamped Setting Menu
3. More Vivid Background Color of App Icon
4. Workaround for Lollipop Recent App Limitation (need testing from you guys)

2.5.1 (14/4/15):
1. Tested And Ready for Lollipop!
2. More freebies for Free Version (Favourite App Mode All Feature Unlocked)
3. (PRO Version) Added Dialog that will ask whether the user want to restart the small app on close or not.

2.5.4 (23/6/15):
1. Setting Activity Leaking issue fix
2. Input for failed launch app
3. Added Purchase and Rating button on Toolbar
4. More pronounced alert for Lollipop users when starting the app to activate package usage access.

2.5.5 (7/8/15):
1. Fix: Crash on Android 4.x devices when switching apps
2. Fix: Various Crash and Bugfixes

1. Tweak: Build With Android M SDK
2. Tweak: Added Prefetch Icons for faster recognition after scrolling

1. Now with SHORTCUTS! You can attach Favourite Contacts or Jump Playlist instantly from Favourite Apps Mode!
2. New Icon to follow Sony Xperia Small Apps Iconography.
3. Tweaked Web Apps icon capture method.

1. Fixed Malware Alert on some Anti Virus
2. Fixed Sorting Issue with Shortcut
3. Fixed Shortcut Issue Addition Method on Android 4.4 and below

1. Fix: Crash on Contacts Shourtcut
2. Tweak: Main icon tweaked.

1. Transparent Background on Minimized View
2. Convenient Menu to Pick Favourite App, Add Web App, and Shortcut from More button
3. Tweaked Favourite Apps Setting Menu
4. Tweaked Navigation Bar Button Action to adapt to Small App standard behaviour (PRO Feature)
5. Updated Navigation Button to Lollipop style.

1. Translation: Added Chinese(Simp) Language (Thanks to Bznian)
2. Fix: Minor Bugfix

1. Bugfix: while showing dropdown menu with auto hide enabled, the app will not hide.
2. Bugfix: setting response behavior fix
3. Feature: shortcut option for launcher is added
4. Tweak: denser layout for icons.

1. BUGFIX: Crash on Favourite
2. TWEAK: No More Double Click Sound on Clicking Item

1. BUGFIX: Android Marshmallow Full Compatibility
2. TWEAK: Clicking Back Button on Android Navbar will minimize Small App Window
19th April 2014, 10:03 AM |#7  
very interesting..... recent apps switcher over recent apps
gonna try.....
19th April 2014, 01:52 PM |#8  
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The APK has been updated to 1.5.5, Changelog:
- Fixed On Preference Change Behavior
- Added Width so horizontal buttons more pressable.
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19th April 2014, 02:22 PM |#9  
slink722's Avatar
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@hansip87, mate is this working on 4.1.2?
19th April 2014, 02:27 PM |#10  
Okluzhion's Avatar
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Simply brilliant! Working fine on C6603, just what I needed.

Sent from my eXposed C6603
19th April 2014, 02:35 PM |#11  
hansip87's Avatar
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Originally Posted by slink722

@hansip87, mate is this working on 4.1.2?

Yes, The Minimum is 4.1.2 (which was when Sony started the SmartApp SDK)
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