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[ROM][9/18]Project Infinity

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By tp2215, Senior Member on 19th April 2014, 04:21 PM
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Disclaimer: You flash the below files at your own risk.
I take absolutely no responsibility for what you do with your own device!
Please backup first!

New Q&A Thread Now Active!


Welcome to Project Infinity! The first custom built developmental project for the T-Mobile Galaxy S5! This is going to be an ongoing project and hope to release new builds either nightly or bi-weekly.The ROM is based off of T-Mobile base and therefor offers the features that T-Mobile included (such as WIFI Calling) without some of the bugs that plague our phone by using the international Roms. I hope that this will be a community project and will do my best to update it with any requested mods or features. Enjoy!


Please Note: This ROM is and independent project of one person, not a team of people. This rom is worked on in my free time and (as like all devs) I do not get any compensation. All requests will be considered and most fullfilled but may take a while to implement. Please make sure that you hit like below and rate this thread 5 stars. Please treat everyone with respect in the thread.

If you would like to contribute, I will implement most mods or tweaks that are offered and proper gratitude will be posted in the op.If you have knowledge of app or theme development and would like to assist in side projects for this rom please send me a pm.


Whats Included:
-Used The Great Rom from BeansTown106 As A Base
-Based on brand new G900TUVU1ANE5 Base
-Partially Odex and Deodex hybrid
-Carrier-IQ Free
-All Tethering restrictions removed
-External Storage Bug Fixed
-Includes WIFI Calling and all T-mobile proprietary features
-Extremely fast init.d and build.prop mods and tweaks
-Data, Hotspot and many more toggles added
-Many unlocked features and tweaks to all system apps!
-3min Battery mod with over 1000 battery icons
-Customizable battery bar
-Many usefull apps burned directly into rom settings
-Removed many annoying and useless notifications
-Disabled ASEC and Signature checks
-Many system mods and built in features uncovered throughout the whole system
-Call/Message Block
-Permissions Manager (app ops)
-Call Recording
-CPU controls built into dev settings
-And Much, Much, Much more!!!

Aroma Installer Features
-Full user app selection
-3 sound increase level mods
-Choice of boot sounds
-Full stock app chooser
-Choice of 4 boot custom boot screens (Project Infinity, stock, S4, Android L)
-Choice to add custom support
-Choice of stock, Faux, Blaze or Ktoonz kernels
-File Managers - Es File Explorer, CM Fill Manager or stock My Files
-Launchers - Touchwiz, Apex, Sony, Nova and Google Now,
-Music Players - Stock, Play Music, MIUI Music, Apollo and Sony Walkman
-Other Cameras - Focal, Google, and MotoX
-Option to remap recent apps key
-Inludes Xposed, ad away, Viper audio and many other essential apps
-Modded SMS with unlimted sending, different message view and more
-Choice of keyboards (stock, black themed, Google or Xperia)
-Option to add navigation bar
-Choose different carrier statusbars (Tmobile, ATT, Verizon, Sprint or International)
-Choose to swap your storage space
-Many different Samsung apps and Google apps included
-Many more that I probably forgot!

How To Install:1) OPTIONAL: Update your bootloader and modem to the latest release by following the directions in the link under Downloads.
2) Reboot your phone into your choice of custom recoveries (twrp or CWM)
3) Perform a factory reset of your device and insure that it erases your data, cache and dalvik caches at minimum
4) Install the rom and let it guide you through the easy to follow Aroma installer to customize your installation.
5) Reboot and enjoy!

Known Issues:You tell me :)

- BeansTown106 for the base rom
- Google for the system
- Samsung for the phone
- XDA Developers
- All the users and developers throughout XDA who create, modify
and hack to improve the phones and better technology.
- Sling for his excellent mods
- ZhuHang and the Viper team for the great Viper Audio Mod
- ChainFire for the excellent SuperSU and rooting methods
- BSDgeek_Jake for the ad-blocking hosts file (his thread)
- gharrington for the 3min battery mod and quick launch mods (his thread)
- ™LEO for providing some great mirrors
- BLuFeNiX For his great boot animations
- SICKMADE for the great wallpapers and Chrome dialer theme(will be in next release)
- PatF for his camera quality mod
- mattiadj for his storage space script (His Thread)'
- stangdriver44 for his awesome Not Now mod (Thread) and his Missing Link Mod (Thread)
- ledezma2003 for creating a 5x5 Launcher mod
- kimdalanxa for his awesome fingerprint scanner mods
- pas2001 for some incredible and insane boot animations including the PI Default one!
- Tulsadiver for the permissions to use the boot animations.
*If I forgot anybody please send me a pm and it will be added immediately

Project Infinity Supporters:
I would like to send a sincere thank you to the below individuals who donated or support the development
of Project Infinity. If I forgot your name it is not intentional, just please send me a pm immediately and I will add you.

undercover nerd

XDA:DevDB Information
Project Infinity, ROM for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 5

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: Stock TouchWiz Framework

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2014-04-19
Last Updated 2014-09-23
Attached Thumbnails
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Latest Stable Version
Version 8.0!08NGiQBJ!tql9U7...8TnPedZwe1F03Y

Latest Tweaked Stock Version
**Please only use this version if you require a fully functional private mode.**
Most mods, tweaks and addons from the full release are not included in this version.

Version 7.2!45lmBTCR!ZYVPS7...92jPEmRCvAlizE

Modem And Bootloader

Please see the thread below to download the latest
bootloader and modem For the G900T

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Check out my mod thread for more goodness!

The new modded launcher now includes built in themes!
They are located in the settings of the launcher (long press on empty space or recents key)

Theme Pack

This is a easy to install pack of 18 opensource themes for the touchwiz theme chooser.
Just flash in recovery.
All the themes are installed to the /data partition and are easily uninstallable after you flash.!RgMw1KKB!9TXODv...GQipjo0f49LWU8

Theme Directories

This will be a list of theme directories that I have found that work properly with the launcher.
If you have any more, please feel free to post in the forum and they will be added.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to update with every release?
No, I am trying to push new releases out with new mods and things that I am playing with every few days. Just keep up with the changelog to see if there is anything worth upgrading for. Some of the time i may just add new things to Aroma that wont matter to you.

Should I do a full wipe with every release?
Not neccessarily. If I make huge changes to the roms framework, I will post in the downloads section that a full wipe is mandatory. For the rest of the releases its up you. If you experience any issues though, please do a full wipe and a fresh install before posting in the forum.

Are the T-mobile features included?
Yes! This rom is based off the T-mobile officially released framework. All of the proprietary T-Mobile features have been left in and untouched. This includes Wifi Calling and Hi def voice.

Why am I having issues installing or running wallpaper or image type apps like 500 firepaper or muzei?
These apps rely on the Live Wallpaper in the rom. This is a user selectable option in the Aroma installer and may have been removed during installation. Just reflash the rom without wiping and select the Live Wallpaper option in the Samsung Apps section.

Why are some of the apps such as Wanam or YouTube Ad-Block not working?
These apps are actually Xposed mods and are compatible with the Xposed framework. In order for these apps to function, you must have also selected the Xposed framework on installation (or download if from here). Before you run the apps make sure to first open the Xposed installer and select install framework and then tap on the modules tab, select the modules and then reboot. After reboot the modules should be running perfectly. Side note: Some functions in the Wanam module are known to not work with Android 4.4. This is a known issue as the app had stopped development.

I get a persistent notification telling me to update the Security Policy but the update always fails.
Go to settings/security and click on Security Policy Updates. Then change the Preferred Networks to Wifi and mobile networks and then on check for updates. It should update properly then. You can also just disable Automatic Updates so it wont notify you anymore.

How do I enable or change custom widgets on the lockscreen?
On the lockscreen, just simply pull down on the clock to enable the full widget view. Then long press on the stock clock and drag it to the trash can to remove it. Once it is removed, it will be replaced by a + sign that you can click on to add any widget that you like. You can also add more widgets by swiping left or right at the top of the page (where the widget is).

Upon first boot I have the CPU information showing up on my statusbar, how do I remove it?
It is a limitation of android that most statusbar modifications will automatically be enabled on a fresh install even if configured to be disabled. To fix, just go to Settings\Display\Show CPU and simply check and un-check both options. It should now be fully disabled.



4/19 - Initial Release - Pure Basics!

4/23 - v 0.3 Alpha - Whats that Aroma?
-Added Aroma Installer! First tweaks include selection of most Samsung apps (will add more later with dependencies), boot sound selection,
3 Volume increase mods and dialer theme selection (Tmobile or international).
-Major speed! Added many init.d scripts and build.prop tweaks
-Changed default wallpaper

4/24 - v 0.4 Alpha - More of that Aroma.
-Added data icon mod to Aroma (thanks Sling)
-Cleaned up a lot of code in Aroma, Now has FULL Aroma app selection seperated into sections. If there are any missing, I will add them later.
-Attempted to fix minor bugs that users reported (still havent figured out WIFI Calling, some users reporting it working and some arent.)

4/26 - v 0.5 Alpha - Perfection!
-Release aimed at fixing all known bugs. Removed somethings from Aroma and added some more. Wifi Calling working. Everything 100%!

4/27 - v 0.6 Alpha - Aroma gets loaded!
-Added back thorough app chooser and installer in Aroma. Several apps are still not included but every single built in app will be added eventually. Also included many optional apps and default apps. Fixed aroma dialer bug. Few other minor tweaks and adjustments. Quad-view multi-window mod.

4/30 - v 1.0 - More Power!
-SMS/MMS Screen Wake Conrol (thanks sling)
-more build.prop speed tweaks
-more init.d scripts (Smooth as butter now!)
-Unlocked find my mobile (settings/security)
-Added Call button to log list
-Added toggles for data, hotspot Smart Network, Network Restriction toggles and more
-Sped up boot and shutdown
-Added Sony Bravia Engine and Clear Audio
-Fixed ALL Aroma bugs (should be working perfectly)
-Added FULL Aroma app selection (Almost EVERYTHING is user selectable now)
-Added Grenify, Adaway, Adaway Youtube, Xposed, Wanam and more to aroma
-Fixed Sony Walkman issue
-Updated most of the 3rd party apps to latest
-OTA Updater! (Once it is activated, will make it easier to push updates)
-Fixed Galaxy Gear issue
-Unlocked some Advanced Settings and features throughout rom
(I have no idea what some of them do, but i unlocked them
anyway, Tmobile says no, I say yes :) )
-Added alot more fonts.
-Added black (international) Messaging app to aroma
-Added adobe flash player (baked in)
-Added AOSP Browser to Aroma'

5/1 -v1.1 - Squashing Bugs.
-Removed SVoice from Aroma since it was causing start button lag
-Added OTA updater app
-Added Ultrapowersaver toggle
-Fixed toggles in settings
-Fixed dialer text backwards in updater
-Fixed samsung apps not installing correctly
-Added to aroma: Smart Remote, Video Player, Video Editor, Google Now and a bunch more
-Moved Shutdown sound to Aroma
-Removed fonts that didnt work

5/1 -v1.2 - Squashing Bugs - Very Small Update
-Fixed (hopefully) all issues with Aroma
-Fixed Chrome Force Close issue
-Removed Lenovo camera choice from Aroma (kind of got it to work on the rom but wayyy to buggy, all other cameras work perfectly)
-Minor little fixes and tweaks
-Removed (perhaps only temp) other size touchwiz launchers since it may have been to confusing and they didnt really look good anyway.

5/9 -2.0 - Over Drive!
-Fixed init.d
-Even more speed tweaks
-Added hardware section to Aroma
-Enable Call duration in call log
-OG Battery Mod (Triple tap battery to change, more styles coming later)
-Added shutdown option to web browser
-Camera does not pause on music mod
-Enabled camera prompt to select recording mode
-Add rotation icon in gallery
-Set browser to desktop view by default
-Added built in Ad-blocking, removed ad-away option (let me know if its better, you should never see an ad)
-Added batch scan wifi support
-Unlocked all rotations
-Enabled lockscreen rotation
-Menu shortcuts when keyboard present
-Enabled WiMax support
-Enabled button light config
-Enable Config menu for led and automatic brightness
-Enabled motion acceleration
-Enabled sliding animation in TW Launcher
-Added OmniSwitch (requested by somebody in the thread)
-Infinity Hub! (New! Easy place to install mods and other content post flash!)
-Unlocked T-mobile bookmarks and all apn to be editable
-attempted to hardcode tethering apn settings (let me know if it works under T-mobile tethering apn)
-Hopefully fixed issue with Xposed and Shealth!
-Added OG Quicklaunch (there will eventualy be an option to disable the bar and the Sfinder bar it in the mart, stay tuned wip)
-Added Over 300 (working) fonts!
-Modded clock (click to turn off screen, long press shows lock menu)
-SMS Mods! (These are not all thoroughly tested, please let me know any issues)
White (stock) version only
-Enabled Save/restore
-Enabled Group Messaging
-Enabled Scheduled Messaging
-Enabled unlimited recipient limit
-Disabled SMS to MMS Auto Conversion
-Enabled Spit View Toggle
-Changed messaging stamp to show actual time
-Increased MMS limit per hour to 1000
-Increased max attachment size and image size'
-Enabled folder view option
5/9 -2.1 - Squashing More Bugs!
-Various fixes and bugs that reported by users, extremely stable.
5/15 -3.0 - Spitting Up!
-Modular release! Please read all op info and directions.
-Enable camera during call
-Added more apps to ups mode
-Modded stock TW launcher with support for pullup (pull up from bottom of launcher to launch favorite app)
-CRT Off effect (can easily be disabled in build.prop)
-Updated OG Battery mod with a bunch more styles (has default now for those who requested)
-Allow for using own number for voicemail
-Changed stock framework to plain one (people seem to prefer it)

Enable alert rimind menu
Enable blacklisting
Enabled Cell broadcast menu
utf8 support

Rollodex View
Enabled my groups feature
Custom speed dial sortcuts
Enabled quick search
added support for anr contacts
pim sync support
Edit button view
Changed TW Index Scroll depth to list
Added create contact menu
quicklaunch support
contacts counter support
QR code support
Copy to dialer from call log
Set mobile as default number type
Enabled option to delete multiple/all
Enabled icon for synced contacts
Increased name length list to 100
Various other support and tweaks

Disabled software update menu
Enabled Call blocking menu
Disabled and removed help to reduce space (I think everyone knows how to work there phone)

Enable multi window
Enable contextual event

5/16 -3.1 - Squashing More Bugs!
-Just some bugs reported by users.

5/21 - 4.0 - OverDrive!
-Went back to 2.1 base, combined to one zip again.
-Fully customized and branded setup... ooooo pretty :) (non themed screens are parts of other apps, will fix on next build)
-Major speed tweaks (too many too possibly list - 0 lag forever!)
-Disabled annoying battery/charger cover notifications
-Added support for custom boot animations
-Added many more ringtones, alarms and notification sounds
-Fixed and updated Viper
-Updated ALL Google apps to the latest (a few such as Google+ have to be updated through the play store or FC, Samsung restriction)
-Added Google Sunbeam live wallpaper
-Fixed ALL known bugs, annoyances and force closes. Also readded any missing features in previous versions.
-Removed app theme choices (that is what was causing phone FC in previous versions)
-Added toggles for Download Booster, CarMode, SBeam and Wifi calling
-Hardcoded APN's for tethering (should work now)

Added kernel section w/ Faux kernel choice (not officially supported by me), more to come
Added Modern Sound Theme
Added boot animation section w/ boots by our member BLuFeNiX (more to come)
Added Full selection of Sony Xperia media apps
Reverted Hosts file and added back Adaway
Cleaned up and rearranged a little bit
Removed hardware key button mod (not ready yet)
Added wallet section w/ google wallet (more added on next build)
Added Google Cloud Print to hardware
NFC Listening Mod (thanks StephanSch)

- Launcher
Enabled apps list
multiple lines allowed in folder name
disabled help text on empty home pages

- Changed defaults
Install non market apps
Vibrate while ringing

5/29 - 5.0 - Getting Bigger and Private!
-Partially Odexed, Fastest Peformance Possible!
-Everything including Private Mode 100% Working!
-True Multi DPI in all apps! (set default to 400)
-Added back menu key mod due to request
-Modified about device :)
-Many build.prop and init.d scripts and speed tweaks
-Custom boot animation support
-Numerous CSC Tweaks and enhancements
-Enabled dedicated hardware acceleration in certain specific apps
-Changed some defaults to best settings (for example unknown sources is now checked by default)
-Disabled Battery and Charger Popups
-Changed lockscreen wallpaper
-Added many things to Aroma, fixed several things and removed some things that are not working
-Changed default browser bookmarks and made editable, set homepage to Google
-Unlocked so many small features in the whole system with more to come in next build(go ahead explore!)(Modifying app by app, about half way done)
5/29 - 5.0 - True Perfection!
-Rebased to NE6
-Removed Multi-DPI apps
-Fixed laginess bug on lock screen
-Fixed transparency notification bug
-Fixed Viper Bug (should work now, let me know)
-Added back huge collection of fonts
-Added IOS7 Ringtones and Notification sounds
-Add camera bitrate tweaks and increased clarity
-Added many more toggles! (35 Total!)
-Even more performance and battery tweaks! (I may start being bold enough to now say that this is the best possible performance that you can possibly get on a touchwiz rom!)
-Added back Quad View multi-window support

-Added back black themed dialer and mms in Aroma
-Added Voice Note Theme selection
-Added seperate widget section to Aroma (going to attempt to split it up more to allow for selection of themed or modded apps in the future without making it to confusing)
-Added Yahoo stock widget from Note3
-Cleaned up Aroma code quite a bit
-Added Quick Note from Note3
-Added back modded TW Launcher with pullup (disable pullup in launcher settings)
-Added Ktoonz Kernel
-Added Blaze Kernel
(I am not supporting the 3rd party kernels, Everything was tested with stock, if you run into any issues please flash stock first before reporting them)
-Removed some optional apps due to a feature that will be in the next release, still working on it :)
-Added Activity Zone from Galaxy S5 Active'
-Introducing the new incredible Project Infinity Rom Boot Screen by pas2001! (recommended for all to check it out!)
-Added selection to choose type of statusbar
-Added option for custom boot zips. This will allow for any custom zips to be used that are downloaded through XDA or the web. Simply place the in /system/media to use.
-Added MIUI File Explorer
-Added Samsung Wallet and Isis Wallet (To install Isis the included xposed module must be activated first to bypass the root checks, then install from play store)
-Added HTC and Xperia Sound Themes

6/25 - 7.0 - True Perfection!
-Rebased to NF6
-Updated Aroma to latest and added minor tweaks
-Fixed ALL Bugs!
-Removed some system mods from aroma to insure stability. I will add them back in future one by one as I rigously test each one to determine what is causing issues.
-Camera mod by patf (Better quality, better clarity and better pictures)
-Enabled Call Recording!
-Fixed tethering!
-updated most apps

Added Tmobile and S4 boots
Added Tmobile and S4 Boot Sounds
Added Ad Block Options, none, adaway or native
Added optional apps: Active display, omni switch, toolbox addon, upsm manager, xposed, wanam and youtube adaway

Might also be other minor tweaks that I am forgetting!
6/26 - 7.1 - Bug fix release

6/26 - 7.2 - Rebirth!
-Removed loud volume warning dialogue
-Unlocked Developer Settings by default
-Xposed proofed CSC (toggles, call recording etc. can no longer be disabled by xposed mods)
-Added Permissions Manager (app ops)
-Added lockscreen torchlight options to display settings
-Camera Quality Mod by PatF
-Added CPU Stats and controls under development settings
-Added back Multi Window Quad View.
-Added keyboard selection with black themed keyboard (more to come)
-Added chrome style dialer by SICKMADE

8/9 - 8.0 Beta 1 Boooooooom!

-Added even more speed hacks and tweaks
-Added 3minit battery mod (over 1000 battery icon styles!)(configure through display settings)
-Removed redundant pullup app from drawer (just clear app data to switch app)
-Added battery bar (configure through display settings)
-Burned UPSM manager into rom (now accessable through settings/powersaving)
-Removed help and update mechanism (help is pointless and you should not get the tmobile update notice anymore)
-Added shortcut to Task Manager
-Added flashplayer (Modded version- can play Hulu, Worldstar Hiphop, ESPN and Yahoo, requires flash capable browser)
-Minor cleanups and edits to the Touchwiz launcher
-Changed unknown sources to default to yes
-Added call button to call logs
-Removed Airplane mode notification
-Disabled signature checks
-Private mode is now broken, completely removed all traces of it
-Disabled ASEC (Forward locked packages)
-Merged Certain framework elements and binaries from Xperia Z2 into system allow certain ported apps to work perfectly
-Burned Multi Window plus directly into multiwindow settings (Unlimitied multi window apps)
-Added OTA updater and burned into about settings (Test Feature - will test on the next release, dont rely on it yet)

-Updated almost ALL of the apps to the latest
-Some minor fixes and code cleanup
-Removed Dropbox, Greenify and lookout from Aroma(can all be installed through play store, trying to save a little space)
-Added Samsung Apps Optical Reader, Scrapbook, S Translator and S Note
-Added Google Earth and Google Camera
-Added App Settings Xposed mod
-Added option for navigation bar
-Added option to switch status bar theme to specific carriers
-Added system wide emoji selection, stock, apple and lg
-Added Android L Preview Boot Animation
-Added Keyboard from android L preview
-Added back custom boot animation zip support selection
-Added Xperia Keyboard
-Added Chinese Classic and Natural themes to stock launcher
-Added ability to swap storage spaces (For experienced users only,need help, still testing it)

8/13 - 8.0 Beta 2 Squashing Bugs!
- Reverted some performance tweaks that may have been causing adverse reactions (performance should be exactly the same as 7.2 now)
- Fixed SHealth and Xposed issues
- Fixed emoji issues in aroma
- Removed OTA Updater (no more force closes)
- Moved most apps to /data partition to free space (most system apps can now be uninstalled like normal!)
(Please post any app specific issues or apps that I missed that dont install properly so that I can move that app back to /system)
(Should solve issues of certain apps not installing such as keyboard)
(Might also give a slight performance boost due to much more free space in system)
- Fixed Ktoonz kernel issues and updated it to the newest version (released yesterday)
- Burned flash settings directly into dev settings
- Added kitkat style emojis
- Added apple font and tinker font
- Added S baro, LMT Launcher pie controls
- Added optional Seeder lag reduction app (will be burned into dev settings in a future release)
8/16 - 8.0 Beta 3 Tweaking It Out!
- Added script to enable Fstrim
- Added rambar to display settings
- Added PI logo to about settings
- Burned Seeder app into dev settings
- Option to show CPU/Governer in statusbar (enable/disable in display settings)
- Integrated Pon3 Audio mod (includes built in Viper, Dolby Digital Plus, Beats Audio, Clear Audio, SRS and DTS processing and Noozxoide EIZO-rewire Pro) ----Thanks mrchezco1995
- Removed viper from aroma
- Fixed Sony Walkman force close issue
- Finished theming setup
- Fixed Group Camcorder auto installing and group play not installing
- Updated: SuperSU and binary, Xposed Installer, ANT Radio Service, Beaming Service, Chrome, ES File Explorer, Google Now, HP Print Service, Allshare dongle, apex launcher,
Fliboard, Google Movies, Google+, Hangouts, Maps, Nova Launcher, YouTube
9/10 - 8.0 Finalizing!
- Replaced Pon3 cpanel with modded Viper4Android
- Enabled Lockscreen Widgets! (Check FAQ on how to enable them)
- Fully tested and stable now-shouldnt be any more bugs
- Posting it to other device forums and starting to port (first is the international thread)
9/18 - 9 Alpha 1 Lets get custom!
This version is released as "alpha" status and is more or less in testing!
Only consider this version as a nightly release
Please report and and all bugs as I would like to know about them to fix them, however do not complain or download this release without expecting a bug or two.
- Aroma
Fixed System Info
Added more Aroma themes
Added options to wipe data
Made many small tweaks and movements to aroma
Forked off all bloatware and most apps to a seperate flashable zip (need to make space, recoveries wont flash over 2GB files)
The App pack should also be able to be used on any S5 Touchwiz rom! I may consider releasing it seperately later on.

Merged aroma with The Not Now mod by stangdriver44 (Thanks a lot for permission!)
(Please visit his thread for more information and screenshots and give him thanks or buy him a drink!)
Includes theme previews in aroma and unlimited customization options
4 pre built themes (more to come!)
Dialpad Numbers, (still W.I.P)
Signalbars, 30+ choices
Data Icons/Arrows, 13 choices
Wi-Fi Icons, 14 choices
Frameworks, Base System Option which will theme to match, the apks will include Framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk, SecSettings.apk, SecMms_Blue.apk, SecTele and InCallUi.apks, Keyguard.apk and some of the other common system apks, 12 choices
Volume and Brightness Sliders, 27 choices
Spinners, 27 choices
Toggles, 40 choices
(fully complete options are limited to only the 3d version, Slick, Life, El Diablo, and the Blue Glass)
Toggle Backgrounds, 15 choices
Switches, 9 choices
Lockscreen Unlock Animations, 9 choices (must select in lockscreen options "unlock effect" none
Divider Lines Primary and Secondary, 9 choices each
Transition Animations, 4 options
More To Come! (I will eventually hope to be updating with new releases of stangdriver44's excellent mod and hope to add some themes and styles myself. Please post any more
that you may have and I will add them)

Added option to remove theming and retain stock look
Updated Native Ad Blocking
Added 5x5 Touchwiz Launcher (Thanks ledezma2003)
6 fingerprint scanner styles (Thanks kimdalanxa) (decided to make backtosammy default, looks awesome on default lock screen!)
Redid all sound increase mod values, added light sound option
Updated Xperia keyboard, Launcher, Sound Theme, Walkman, Movies, from Xperia Z3
Added Sony Album and Voice Recorder from the Xpera Z3

Known issues so far..
Some of the sony apps may be force closing and some are causing reboots, still investigating them a little bit.
I left them in so hopefully I can get them all working in a future release.
If you have any of the issues, please flash again and unselect all the sony apps before reporting.

Rebased to latest G900TUVU1BNH5!
(Some system/framework mods are not added back yet. Gimme time. All aroma, settings, and display settings are present)
Download Bootloader and modem from this post as well
Updated 3minit battery mod to latest (fixed not downloading bug)

New features (from the thread op)
+Better support for older devices with a lower density screen
+New support link in settings tab
+ads to help support mod
+new notification system so I can notify you of upcoming updates.
+Notification dialog for new battery types and authors
+Now creates .nomedia files to hide batteries from gallery (if you are an existing user you must restart device after running new app for first time)
+Fixed charging animations
+New authors
+Choose colourable battery colour (Normal, mid, and low)
+Set colourable battery text colour
+Set colourable battery text size
+Set mid and low battery value
+Bug fixes
+New UI theming
+Language translations for italian, arabic, Thai, Polish and German (Thanks to 3Minit team members for this)

Removed duplicate autorotate toggle and add quick connect toggle
Added 7 new incredible S5 boot animations by pas2001 and Tulsadiver (check them out, amazing work!)
Moved even more apps to the app pack to save space (only essential apps are in the rom now)
Fixed app pack permission issues (shouldnt be anymore bugs, fingers crossed)
Added tmobile section with stock included apps (may add more soon since some people actually use them)
Added back dropbox to other.



Please use these user contributed banners to support Project Infinity and help spread the word!

*Special Thanks to mrniceguy1849
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19th April 2014, 05:00 PM |#4  
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19th April 2014, 06:40 PM |#5  
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19th April 2014, 06:50 PM |#6  
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Awesome, let me know what you think so far. Just an fyi: I already have made a lot more changes and added a lot of tweaks. Expect another update probably tomorrow.
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19th April 2014, 07:16 PM |#7  
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Is wifi calling and hd voice on it ?

it would be nice we can have these two features + room dev

i was going to flash some rom over 900F dev thread, but they don't have these 2 features and i needed for travel over sea.
i will wait for this rom to stable, but good job, i will subscribed this thread
19th April 2014, 07:27 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by mrl0n3ly714

Is wifi calling and hd voice on it ?

it would be nice we can have these two features + room dev

i was going to flash some rom over 900F dev thread, but they don't have these 2 features and i needed for travel over sea.
i will wait for this rom to stable, but good job, i will subscribed this thread

Yes it does! Its based off of the T-mobile stock rom.
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19th April 2014, 08:42 PM |#9  
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19th April 2014, 10:13 PM |#10  
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does private mode works with this ROM?
my phone is Rooted and private mode works.
19th April 2014, 10:32 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by zozodouce

my phone is Rooted and private mode works.

Yea, not sure why but some people are reporting that it works and some don't. Mine still doesn't.

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