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[KK 4.4.2 Kernel 3.4.108][16 AUG] Dorimanx 10.9 LG G2 D80*ALL! F320 LS/VS980 L01F

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Dorimanx LG G2 Kernel for STOCK 4.4.2 Branches!


Can be used Only for:
D800/1/2/3/5/6 Models!
ALL F320* Models!
LS/VS980 Models!
L01F Model!

My PM box, is for Emergency ONLY! do not send me PM's just because you cant post! that is lame, post something useful and post in thread.

IF you need answers to QUESTIONS not belong to Development???

My kernel was based on LG G2 Stock Kernel v20*/21*.

Kernel Tree is 3.4.108, + LG KitKat updates + my tweaks and lots of tuning!

Global Credits!
Big thanks to g.lewarne for helping me to start!
Savoca for many kernel mods
Cyanogen (rmcc@github) for many kernel mods
Faux123 for UV/OV, Sound Gain Control, Inteli Hotplug, Fast Charge support! and more!
Alucard_24 for AlucardHotplug and mods.
LG for Stock kernel base!
MyFluxi for kernel updates and fixes.
To all my sources in GITHUB!
Linus Torvalds for Linux source!


  • Default I/O Scheduling: ROW.
  • More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: DEADLINE, NOOP, CFQ, SIO, BFQ.
  • Default CPU frequency: 300Mhz-2.26GHz (MAX OC up to 2.8Ghz speed!).
  • You can set MIN/MAX CPU Freq in STweaks.
  • You can set MAX freq for screen OFF state!
  • Default CPU governor: Ondemand.
  • More CPU Govs present, conservative, performance, Intelidemand, Intellimm, OndemandPlus, Nightmare, Hyper, Pegasusq, IntelliActive, Alucard, Darkness, Impulse, YankActive.
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (Intelli HotPlug by @faux123)
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (Alucard HotPlug by @alucard_24)
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (MSM HotPlug by @myfluxi)
  • Support Inteli CPU Temp control (by @faux123)
  • Support for Touch BOOST CPU'S code (by @alucard_24)
  • Support for Async CPU, every core can have it's own min/max + cpu governor! (by @alucard_24)
  • Support 4 GPU Govs! + Tuning in STweaks. (by @myfluxi)
  • Support limit OC to 2.5Ghz / 2.7Ghz / 2.8Ghz (by @faux123)
  • Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface/apps interface (by @faux123).
  • Support using phone as keyboard and mouse for PC over USB! (by @pelya)
    You will need APP USB Keyboard! also to enable USB keyboard in STweaks.
  • CIFS network share mounting supported.
  • Debugging is OFF by Default to save CPU cycles, and extend battery life.
  • Internal kernel function fixes (ie, memory leaks, scheduler fixes).
  • High performance, low latency kernel.
  • Compiled with -O2 flags and hardware neon-vfpv4 FPU enabled.
  • Built from official LG v20d/v20E/v20f/v20u/v21p kernel source.
  • File systems support: Ext2/3/4, FAT32, CIFS, USB OTG.
  • Support F2FS filesystem!
  • EXFAT, NTFS supported but need USB OTG APP! it's not native!
  • WIFI Driver 1.88.60 + Many updates.
  • Sound Driver Control (Headphones Gain) use Faux Sound App.
  • Sound Driver Controls for MIC/Speaker Gain via STweaks APP.
  • Allowed forced fast charge! hack.
  • Sweep2Sleep! allow sweeping from right to left and backwards! on soft buttons to turn off the screen.
  • Kernel created using Linaro 2015.xx compiled by me, powerful ToolChain GCC 4.9.3 + all needed mods for it.
  • Running Scripts from /system/etc/init.d/ is SUPPORTED but OFF in STweaks! if you need it, enable.
  • STweaks Kernel Control App will be installed with kernel.
  • Synapse Kernel Control/Status App will be installed with kernel.
  • Support JDI and LGD Screen types by Auto! (by @dr87)
  • Added UltraSound high performance audio hardware support.
  • Added support for MultiROM kexec-hardboot! (by patrik.KT ) (disabled! cant be used for now.)
  • Added support for relaxed CPU idle functions to save power.
  • Added support for USB PPP Simple modems.
  • Added support for USB to Serial adapter. (module).
  • Added Auto F2FS Mount on boot for /system /data /cache if formatted as F2FS.
  • Added GPU OC/UC to Max 650Mhz Min 100Mhz (by @neobuddy89)
  • Added support for KK BootLoader! "BUMPED" kernel so it's official now. from 9.1 kernel only!!!! (by @Cybojenix && @Thecubed)
  • Advanced Color interface + App (color control) (by @savoca)

Known BUGS!

Post reports, i will fix.

Standard disclaimer:

By installing this kernel YOU will take full responsibility for any damage to your device!
Hardware or software! no one forcing you to install it.
So please do not blame me if you read wrong! or didn't read at all the instructions that i have written for YOU.

But you can feel SAFE to use it, as I test every release on my phone!
Before I publish it for download.

Your warranty will be void by installing custom kernel as my.

This kernel will ROOT ADB Shell!

Global Info About LG Models:
D800 = AT&T Model (Support KNOCK CODE from base 20u)
D801 = US Tmobile Model (Support KNOCK CODE from base 20e)
D802 = International Model (Support KNOCK CODE from base 20b or 20d)
D803 = Canada Model (Support KNOCK CODE from base 20f)
F320* = Korean Model (Support KNOCK CODE from base 21p)
D805 + D806 (same as D802) (Support KNOCK CODE from base 20b or 20d)
LS980 = SPR Model (Sprint) (support KNOCK CODE from base ZVD)
VS980 = VZW Model (Verizon) (support KNOCK CODE by ME!)
L01F = Korean D802 model that missing some parts to reduce cost. (NO KNOCK CODE support!)

if your ROM base is BELOW the Knock Code Base for your model!
use OLD NO KNOCK CODE kernel. or Update your ROM.

Kernel Sources:
TO DOWNLOAD GO DOWN!!! YES MORE DOWN...(do i need to repeat?)

How To Install:

You will need to have ROOTED device with Recovery installed!
Refer to other threads for recovery install process.
You can download TWRP Recovery HERE: Recovery Mirror

Download kernel, upload it to your SDCARD, anywhere.
Download STOCK Kernel for your device!
so you will always have it on sdcard in case of any disaster!!!
Reboot to Recovery.
Install kernel as you installed ROM or any mod.


In case that you stuck on boot logo and want to revert to STOCK kernel.
Connect USB Push PWR + Vol Down till phone reboot and you will see LG Logo!
Release and press the buttons again! till you see screen asking if you want to WIPE your device!
if you have recovery installed, then it's will just OPEN the recovery! no WIPE will happen!!!

Just push 3 time the PWR key. and you will be moved to recovery.
Install your device STOCK kernel and wait for FIX.

If you have installed KK bootloader and bumped recovery! to enter recovery from LG logo now have different button combo!!!

With the Kitkat update the process has changed:
Power OFF by holding long the power button till black screen!
Press and hold power and volume down until you see the LG logo then release and press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons until reset screen appears.

it's will ask SCARY QUESTIONS!!!! if you want to hard reset your device!!!
SAY YES/YES!!!! 2 times, then its will show LG logo and boot your custom recovery! in this case the bumped TWRP.

If you have STOCK Recovery!!!! it's will WIPE your device...

Have Fun and report.


LG has started to update all ROM + Kernels with new TOUCH SCREEN DRIVER.
that includes new feature "KNOCK CODE" see youtube!

For now only for D800/D801/D802/D803/F320/LS/VS980 ROMS that have 20B/D/E/F/U/21P/ZVD base!

In download site, you will see kernels with normal version just numbers.
And kernels with "No-Knock-Code" labels.

If your ROM do not support KNOCK CODE on screen OFF!
Then use kernel without support for it!
or you will loose the ability to wake phone with KNOCK KNOCK gesture.

If knock code on screen OFF is supported use the normal build.

Soon all ROMS will have support! all depend on LG and our great ROM Devs.

*About force fast charge. not all devices/models support that HACK.
so if it's not working for you and you are using DEFAULT profile in STweaks.

Then it's NOT WORKING FOR YOU. no need to complain. it's HACK. not LG feature.

If you cant make KNOCK ON to work! visit this site and do all steps till you get it working!

Donation Board:
  • Meanmike (serious donation!)
  • P_Toti X4
  • Iko11 X4
  • Diechel X4
  • Pitsgraft X3
  • Wimmme X2
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  • Rodney V. (guest)

First banners (user/Contributor) made by @coowkeee

Contributor banner is for people that feel they really made a contribution to any of my kernels!

You can use Power USER banner if you wish

Mirror #1 by Bmbm
Mirror #2 by willflint

Info for Web Hackers,
in my mirrors, there is nothing to take!
My work is public and for the people!
Please let my mirrors work in peace.

Before you Install
Check WHAT model you have downloaded!!!.

Best to use OTA APP by @Diechel

Get it in Google Play

Change logs:

Kernel 10.9 BETA

*Merged all SLUB code from 3.10.y + all it's friends!
This code is the heart of memory code, and now we have it 3.10.y!
Many things fixed, many optimizations, and more.
*Merged Vmpressure code maxed to 3.10.y, allow smooth memory performance giving us smooth UI!
*Merged new code for process reclaim that help to reduce memory leaks. and speed up kernel.
*Merged Alucard hotplug and Nightmare,Darkness,Alucard CPU govs updates from DEV.
*Upgraded my build machine to MAX, latest GCC 5.2 and latest python 2.x for kernels. + many other.
*Merged update to LMK, new function added that use vmpressure to kill memory leaking apps when there is high
pressure on ram, for now it's OFF. i need to test it for some time, then i will add new control for it.
*Restored lost RAM for video driver. now all gallery and other apps will be OK.
*Merged lots of other RAM code updates, i am getting close to 3.10.y RAM code!
*Merged more memory optimizations and code fixes.
*Improved memory release after boot, to give all possible free RAM to user.
*Ram is auto growing when not used, releasing leaks and possible LOW RAM bugs.
*Merged many updates to Memory processing code and compaction.
*Merged update for CFQ I/O gov to speedup I/O for SSD storage.
*Merged few fixes for ION memory allocator.
*Merged big update to memory allocation and reservation
and DTC config reading code.
Many things fixed, and new code added. to allow less RAM to be used for
Normal operations. now we save more RAM for other things. like loading
apps faster, and more things in RAM without removing things we need.
*Merged update to Nightmare,Alucard,Darkness CPU govs from DEV.
*Fixed RAM leak, now free RAM will be normal again and not close to LOW RAM 220MB
*Merged fix for NET IPV6 code.
*Merged fix for cgroup define.
*Merged updates to WorkQueue and IDR code from 3.10.y kernel.
*Fixed low memory crashes. by allowing LMK to kill system services and restart them.
To free leaked RAM, also allowed root apps to be killed from RAM.
*Merged Sound Driver fixes for RAM crash and other code, no sound change.
*Merged fix for CMA MEM code release to have free RAM when needed.
*Merged USB code that allow to reduce CPU usage when connected to USB
and no traffic from PC to device. it's can even sleep now. for small time steps.
this reduce heat from charge, and allow more faster charge, as CPU is sleeping.
*Merged fixes to FS code from 3.4.y aurora.
*Merged fixes to smpboot code, fixes NULL pointer bugs with CPU.
*Merged other critical fixes to thread exit code.
*Merged improved CPUIDLE code to remove old bugged one. merged up to 4.2.y main line!
*Fixed MMC fast write mode.
*Removed High Mem is Dirtable option from Dorimanx App and set OFF by default.
to prevent RAM crashes.
*Merged kernel ARM/CPU/RAM updates from 4.2.y main line kernel.
*Fixed restore profiles script, was not always working, now like atomic clock!
*Profiles will be reset on first boot.
*Made with new Linaro 2015.06
*Merged fixes Power on/off API.
*Merged fixes from lowmemkiller RBTREE selection. was mess long time!
*Merged fixes for reboot framework code that will try to alert first if possible
and not just reboot the kernel on drivers subsystems errors...
*Removed changes to MSM CPUFREQ code and set it close to stock to gain stability.
*Enabled thermal control really early at boot.
*Merged MDSS and Camera fixe.
*Merged FS code fixes from aurora 3.4.y kernel. now we can mount/unmount RO our system partition.
before was stuck in RW mode and reduce read performance on system files.
*Merged fixes to alucards cpu govs.
*Fixed power mode script each screen on off.
*Fixed min/max cores control, now will obey the setting.

Kernel 10.8 STABLE

Consider this as LAST BUILD, till other info from me.

*Removed useless CPU stats that no one read or need.
*Cleaned OnDemandPlus code.
*Merged updates to Alucard,Darkness,Nightmare CPU GOVS.
*Merged updates to all Hotplug drivers.
*Fixed bugs in USB drivers.
*Merged RAM protection code.
*Merged lots of Selinux updates!
*Merged lots of NET updates!
*Fixed force fast charge driver.
*Updated LINARO 2015.03 with auto FPU and latest libs.
*Updated all CPU GOVS to more stable per core defines.
*Merged updates to Modem driver and to main android rpm_smd code.
*Fixed MSM RQ STATS not to give ROM hotplug any info when kernel
hotplug is used.
*Merged updates to android RAM code and to LowMemKiller code.
*Merged updates to SOUND and to POWER Code (PM)
*Moved Dorimanx app and color control to kernel zip.
*Updated back light control code.
*Updates to main CPUFREQ code.
*Merged updates to GPU code.
*Merged update to F2FS code.
*Merged updates to MSM watchdog code.
*Removed useless logs spam from dmesg.
*Merged updates to Regulator and MM code.
*Merged updates to Binder code.
*Merged huge update to drivers core code.
*Merged update to BFQ v7r8 driver.
*Merged updates to DMA/CMA Buffer code.
*Merged Adreno Idler for GPU, will save power when screen is ON.
*Merged patch 3.4.108 and missing updates from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 i was missing them!
*Merged updates to android ashmem code.
*Merged big update to AIO FS buffer code that speedup the IO!
*Merged update to speedup IO by not using code for rotation disks. we have SSD.
*Merged fixed to ramdisk boot scripts and cortex. from my LP kernel.

Kernel 10.7

*Fixed stock music player stuck and laggy.
*Updated OndemandPlus CPU gov.
*Removed MEM leak from system services and HOME app.
*Merged sound driver updates from aurora.
*Removed debug logs that spam dmesg non stop.
*Set max freq to cpu cores on boot, then it's limited to 2.26Ghz. (CPUS boot with 2.26 not 2.8Ghz!)
*Merged fix for GPU freq steps.
*Merged update to USB OTG code.

Kernel 10.6

*Merged updates to Alucard hotpug.
*Merged updates to ExFat driver.
*Fixed Selinux blocking rootfs and brake radio for VS980
*Fixed music tracks delay in switching.
*Updated wget binary to 1.22.1 bionic build.
*Reverted CPU commits that create LAG on wakeup.
*Reverted change to lowmemkill that allow to low ram level and system LAG too much.
*Merged Sound driver update from aurora.
*Merged ARM MSM code updates and fixes from LP source.

Kernel 10.5

*Merged NET fixes from aurora
*Merged Selinux updates and fixed broken sysfs perms, seems like long time was broken!
*Merged MDSS and NET mods from LP source.
*Fixed old mess in sound driver, and merged mods from LP kernel.
*Merged updates to all Alucards CPU govs (alucard,nightmare,darkness) optimizations.
*Restored USB SOUND drivers, and merged LP source updates for USB SOUND.
need to check USB headphones and digital DECK sound stream.
*Merged MEM patches from LP source.
*Fixed all hotplug drivers to set all cores to sleep when entering suspend.
before there was BUG and all cores where ONLINE!
*Merged updates to SHA256/EAS ARm NEON crypto code.
Enabled all ARM NEON optimization drivers! (SHA1/AES 256/512)
*Enabled missing crypto drivers for encryption. need to test!

Kernel 10.4

*Merged updates to Selinux code.
*Fixed BT HD Voice for BT headsets.
*Merged fix for lowmemkill that allow to load more apps to RAM before low mem reached.
*Fixed USB core code, now OTG mouse will work, and many other devices.
*Merged updates to Nightmare, Alucard, Darkness CPU govs, and alucard hotplug from DEV.
many code optimizations and cleanups.
*Merged driver updates from aurora to DIAG,WIFI,QCEDEV,MMC,ARM,USB
*Fixed Force Fast driver code error.
*Merged updates to GPU ION code, and merged GPU fixes from LP kernel source!
*Set ZEN as sleep I/O gov.
*Set nightmare cpu gov on 2 last cores in performance profile.
*Fixed few bugs in boot scripts.
*Fixed busybox install on boot, now it's will clean USER/ROM mistakes.
no more problems about STweaks not running.

Kernel 10.3

*Merged patch 3.4.107 huge update to many drivers and major code. see GIT.
*Merged updates and fixes to SELINUX code.
*When i was updating LP kernel, i have found some errors i made in KK! and fixed that!
in LP branch and KK. also ported few good fixes from LP source made by LG!
*Enabled USB3 support. to allow faster file transfer, and faster charge from USB3.
*Merged fixes to touch boost driver by @Alucard_24.
*Merged code changes for L01F to allow to use KNOCK CODE ROM for L01F.
added full build for L01F and to official NO Knock code.
*Merged fix for mem leak, and qseccom driver and NET LLC fix.
*Corrected ZEN as default I/O on boot.
*Set NET congestion protocol to BIC for F320,L01F,VS980 as with LG stock config.
for others its CUBIC.

have fun testing this build.
it's stable and very battery saving in suspend, it's idling on -10~-5ma thats impossible with any smart phone!
without my kernel!


Kernel 10.2

BETAS 10.1.1 --> 10.1.5
*Replaced sepolicy for f2fs, now we using the LG original with mod for f2fs only. was CM11 binary.
*Set boot scripts to use fstab to mount data or system or both as f2fs in case they formatted as f2fs.
*Fixed bug in boot script that was braking STweaks load in case user set not to load settings on boot.
*Merged fixes and optimizations to Alucard cpu gov and hotplug. and to Nightmare Cpu gov.
*Tuned Alucard and Nightmare CPU govs for response and idle low drain.
*Merged few fixes for SPS driver in MSM code. (Smart-Peripheral-Switch)
*Fixed System not RO when not needed and not RW when needed... was mess there.
*Fixed installing kernel when your system/data is F2FS.
*Updated busybox 1.24.1 from source + Android NDK patches and fixes.
*Added new STweaks sound control: INCALL Speaker gain! now we can boost the incall volume. not depending on headphones gain.
READ the control description before asking!
*Fixed hotplugs switch function, now works as should. in some cases cores where STUCK ONLINE when switching hotplugs.
*Merged new I/O sched. "ZEN" it's fast and tuned for Android SSD storage.
*Disabled hidden bricked hotplug driver, it's needs to be fixed before use. no point to leave it in RAM.
*Alucard optimized all his CPU govs and his Hotplug driver + tuning by me.
*Reverted one change in GPU driver that seems was the scrolling delay bug. we have more gpu steps than default driver.
*Boosted GPU 100Mhz step with higher bus freq. to reduce small lags when min gpu freq is 100mhz.
*Fixed bug with stuck cores when switching hotplugs. added small delay from one to other and cores off function.
Now works as should. very old bug.
*Changed vol to gain descriptions in STweaks XML for sound control.
*Added new Advanced Color interface + App (color control) by @savoca great stuff!
when i have set saturation to 50 inside app, i have finally seen true awesomeness of my screen!
*Updated Intelligent Thermal driver, to use global freq control functions, and clean old deprecated code!
*Fixed LOAD ALL button in STweaks.
*Merged new STweaks app compiled by @krija now it's called DORIMANX simple as that.
*Set ZEN I/O driver as default in all profiles and on boot.
*Merged updates to SPI, SOUND, NET, BAM_DMUX, RQ-STATS drivers.
*Merged updates to Interactive CPU GOV.
*Merged updates to MSM CPUFREQ code including better Power Management code.
reduced deepsleep power use to -5ma!!!
*Merged updates to Alucard Hotplug by DEV.
*Fixed code bugs and disable 2 useless debug logs that no one need.
*Added more checks to charger driver for releasing charger wakelock when no power connected!
*Added boost to I/O using less merge checks and allowed to use different CPUs to finish I/O tasks.
*Fixed small bugs in boot scripts.

NEW changes!
*Merged updates to EXFAT driver.
*Merged better idle dynticks code for fast CPU idling when system is not loaded.
Should save more power.
*Disabled some encrypt custom ARM drivers to be able to use STOCK encryption.
*Merged update to Touch Boost Driver by Alucard.


Kernel 10.1

*Fixed sound gain controls for faux sound app if used.
*Merged code fixes found by arm-eabi-5.0 compiler by google.
*Merged MMC code update.
*Merged MDSS code update.
*Merged fix for input code.
*Merged fix for modem driver packet sync loss.
*Fixed mounting all partitions with F2FS. Final solution that works 100%
We are using CM11 Sepolicy for Selinux modded by me for LG G2 needs.
*Set System Partition to RO when no one need it to be RW. this give as small read speed boost.
*Corrected mirror scripts to fix OTA App version order. thanks to @Computoncio


Kernel 10.0

*Fixed GPU freq steps. now will save more power by working on lower step when no high gpu load.
*Fixed GPU freq stuck after long high load usage and high heat. freq was stuck on 0 freq. and device will reboot
soon or later. not any more!
*Merged big update to GPU driver that allow to reduce RAM use by GPU without any effect, now we can beat any LG G2 average GPU score.
and that not just a score. it's real noticeable performance boost with lower heat from chip.
*Merged many sound driver updates including critical memory corruption fixes.
*Merged new cpu hotplug driver. that needs to be improved and adapted to my kernel. for now it's OFF and cant be selected.
*Merged update to Rmutex code that speedup the code execution.
*Merged FS updates and crypto driver fix.
*Merged latest updates to F2FS driver.
*Merged update to netfilter code.
*Merged new STweaks with great look modded by @krija great work! thanks!
*Created with new LINARO 2015.03 kernel builder GCC.
*Cleaned Synapse controls. now we have MONITOR + basic options in ONE tab. + highlights for titles.
*Merged ARM fixes from Aurora 3.5.y kernel updates.
*Merged power usage reduce code for diagnostic driver.
*Merged fix for CORE power usage in suspend. now less power used in suspend.
*Moved all Sound Gain controls to STweaks! + fixes to PA Gain Control.
Now we can select what app we want to use for sound control.
STweaks (by default) OR Faux Sound. WIN/WIN
*Merged NET updates from Aurora.
*Merged fixes for in kernel Modem driver.
*Merged big update to power charger code from Aurora 3.5.y kernel.
This allow more control of charge by kernel, so battery not get any more power than 100%. so it's prolong battery life.
Also many code fixes and optimizations that may fix wakelocks and other strange stuff that we see in thread sometimes.
*Allowed to kill CROND service.
*Merged updates to MEM code and to lowmemkiller debug code.
*Added 499Mhz CPU freq to enabled freqs. seems to work just fine.
*Fixed LGE Charging scenario wakelock stuck sometimes and preventing deepsleep. now released.
*Fixed MIN CPU Freq reset to 300mhz in some conditions. now will stick to user select.
*Updated all hotplugs drivers and cpu freq limiter with bug fixes.
*Merged updates to Alucard CPU gov and Hotplug from DEV.
*Merged Updated Synapse App by @krija no more popups at start.
*Merged RAM code updates.
*Fixed bugs in boot scripts.
*Fixed F2FS mounting on boot. we must use SeLinux Permissive to boot.
Now it's will auto set to permissive in case we have F2FS partition.


Kernel 9.9

*Major update to kernel locking and mutex code. from 3.14.y stable.
every driver in kernel using this code to work, so it's effect every thing!
*Updates to WIFI to reduce power usage when device in suspend and WIFI ON.
*Updates to RAM code and FS.
*Fixed YankActive CPU Gov. now stable.
*Merged updates to Interactive and Intelliactive CPU Govs.
*Merged updates to USB code and to charger code.
*Merged updates to sound driver code.
*Merged updates to KGSL (GPU) driver code.
*Merged code that allow mounting ISO images as CDROM using app.
*Merged new STweaks app with color mods.
*Rebuild Busybox 1.24.0 + new patches compiled with Android SDK R10D
Now all commands works as expected.
*Fixed bugs on boot with broken STweaks config. Now all load as should.
*Fixed broken min core online set after boot.
*Fixed crond get killed on boot. now works and as root service.
*Small mods to STweaks XML.
*Fixed F2FS partition mounting scripts. (need more work! not booting!)
*Merged sound driver update. for all music lovers! get ready to say WOW!!!
Powerful volume and clearance. Free in ear massage on me!
*Merged Patch 3.4.106 that include TONS of good stuff across many drivers see GIT!
*Fixed warning on suspend with unbalanced IRQ.
*Fixed FM Radio for LS980 model.
*Fixed Nightmare GOV. + tuning.
*Merged updates to SELinux, USB, Regulator, CPUFREQ, WIFI, NET
*Merged IMPULSE CPU Gov. It's based on Interactive but tuned differently.
*Fixed HeadPhones PA Gain (Analog Sound volume booster) now can be controlled via STweaks,
has 2 mods! locked! then it's ON! cant be changed high/low
Unlocked, can be changed high/low ONLY by some ROMS/Devices!!! if you have no effect! set the LOCK back.
and leave it alone.
*Merged VS980 27A LG Source updates to kernel and to ramdisk.
*Updated Interactive + YankActive + IntelliActive from IMPULSE CPU Gov.
*Many merges for sound driver fixes and noise/mic fixes.


Kernel 9.8

*Created using New LINARO 2015.01 kernel builder.
*Merged new updated STweaks by @krija, @Kryten2k35 big thanks for rebuild.
*Merged new CPU GOV, YankActive it's modified interactive, good for battery save, bad for games. (low FPS)
*Merged MEM,MSM,CPUFREQ,F2FS,FS updates.
*Merged new LG LP F320K source updates for now only common good to use code for 4.4.2 ROM.
updates to: MMC, BT, SOUND, NET, SLIMBUS, STAGING, Thermal, Vibrate, Power, base, OF, USB
*Allowed to use 2000ma charge max in force fast charge code. default is 1600 as was.
*Merged GCC Optimization by the book.


Kernel 9.7.1

*Fix Modem/SIM detect for LS/VS980 Models. others have no effect.


Kernel 9.7

*Rebuild LINARO 2014.12 with latest libs and optimized for more build options. (using to build busybox)
*Updated Kernel Busybox to 1.24.0 from source, optimized for my kernel needs.
*Merged updates to sound driver.
*Merged updates to crypto driver.
*Merged updates to ARM, QsecCom
*Merged updates to Camera, LCD Panel, WIFI, Thermal, Binder from 3.10.y
*Merged updates to Memory, CPU, MMC, SCHED, SeLinux
*Added old Busybox cleanup on boot, and add Busybox version show to Synapse.


Kernel 9.6

*Upgraded LINARO kernel builder to 2014.12 + latest GLIBS,C++,LD,Gold addons. and more.
*Merged fix for CPU code that fix possible kernel panic.
*Merged fix for RAM code.
*Fixed stuck PA HeadPhone gain in OFF mode (-6) now speaker and headphones sound is LOUD as should be.
also this fix hissing sounds, should be clean now.
*Added HighSpeed congestion TCP protocol. by request, see GOOGLE.
*Allowed to use low max freq on suspend, min 1Ghz.
*Tuned all profiles with hotplug suspend ON. to reduce power use, see GIT for more changes.
Profile will be RESET on first boot. so change what you like after boot. (take 1min delay before changes!)


Kernel 9.5

*Merged sound driver updates/bug fixes
*Cleaned and fixed Intellimm CPU gov.
*Merged updates to slimbus driver.
*Merged update to BFQ I/O sched v7r7
*Merged fix for main boot code.
*Merged fix for regulator code.
*Merged fix for default LG Hotplug support code.


Kernel 9.4

*Restored lost updates/fixes to core/security/fs/selinux/block
When i was hunting for SOD bug, i had to revert patches to narrow the SOD to box,
and squashed it with big hammer in MMC code!
Now i can restore good stuff back.
*Fixed oldest bug ever from LG source. now all good. (MMC queue code see git)
*Merged Samsung stock patch to: WIFI, TIME, BT, AUDIT, USB, NET all good for us too.
*Cleaned not needed kernel config, and reduced kernel size by 100kb.


Kernel 9.3

Added support for L01F model! first BETA tester told me that it's working!!!
For now without KNOCK CODE. as there is no official KK build from LG!

*Restored WIFI PM control by powersuspend.
*Restored good MMC wake/suspend functions.
*Restored HTC ASYNC function.
*Merged fixes from Alucard to his drivers.
*Merged Sound Driver fixes.
*Merged NET fixes.
*Merged SCHED fixes.


Kernel 9.2

*Updated with 3.4.105 main line patches, major update to many drivers.
*Merged fixes for USB and NET.
*Merged updates to Alucard Hotplug from DEV.
*Removed IRQ code check that may cause SOD on charge.
*Disabled ASYNC code from HTC, no longer needed.
*Cleaned my changes to WIFI suspend, seems it's has already same suspend code.
*Removed some MMC updates that brake LGE structure and create SYNC bugs and hang the MMC, (SOD's that people reported.)
Now should be OK.
*Merged Intellimm CPU GOV, by @faux123 it's based on ondemand. + adapt to kernel and cleanups + tuning.


Kernel 9.1

*Bumped kernel so now it's can be installed on KK/JB Bootloader without LOKI.
if you want to use KK BootLoader you must also update RECOVERY to one that is BUMPED.
see my mirrors for TWRP for your model!!!
if you will flash wrong model! you will suffer!!!! triple check what you got from me before flash!
you can use bumped recovery/kernel with JB bootloader!!! but best to update KK aboot.bin for your model! + all small stock partitions!!!
I have created ONE flash zip with all that needed for D802, including stock stuff from 20D KDZ image.
find for your model, extract needed partitions as in my zip, replace and flash.
too hard??? leave it alone and keep using JB bootloader till you find mind power to do it

*Updated with Linaro 2014.11 GCC 4.9.3 compiled for LG G2 needs by me.
*Merged updates to Alucard HotPlug from DEV with love.
*Merged fixes for QsecCom driver.
*Merged fix for binder to speedup the work via ROM video processor code.
*Merged fix for thermal temp checks.
*Set GPU init power lvl to 320Mhz to prevent SOD after long suspend. it's STOCK set by LG.
*Added fix in touch screen driver for all models from d802 stock update, it's for dual tap wakeup.


Kernel 9.0

*Set Selinux to Enforce as in default, no reason to set permissive for now.
*Merged D801 20g changes.
*Merged workqueue code from 3.9 kernel! it's HUGE update to kernel
major function. that control all works in kernel, all drivers!!!
it's added real speed increase in response and operation.
*Merged sound driver updates.
*Merged fixes for USB Audio critical fixes.
*Merged NET/WIFI updates.
*Merged MDSS (LCD panel) updates.
*Set force charge to REAL possible max ma from charger = 1600.
1800 or 2000 never actually worked.
*Fixed STOCK Hotplug driver.
*Updated all hotplugs + all govs with new workqueue functions.
*Alucard made optimizations to all his drivers. (cpufreqs/hotplug)
*Fixed some mess in BOOT INIT scripts in RAMDISK.
*Fixed wrong min/max cores online after Hotplug Gov switch.
*Merged updates to fix MEM corruption with GCC 4.9.x


Kernel 8.9

*Fixed Low Power mod code to prevent stuck in suspend.
*Merged updates to speed up CPU code.
*Restored BT driver updates.
*Restored LowMemKiller updates + fixes.
*Disabled ARCH POWER, may lead to SOD.
*Merged updates to main CPUFREQ driver.
*Removed mods to MDSS (LCD Panel driver) that caused BLACK screen on wakeup.
*Reduced overhead in Acpuclk driver, idea by @duki994


Kernel 8.8

*Disabled dual kernel boot for now as we have locked boot loader.
*Released 16mb locked RAM to low mem pool.
*Merged lots of updates to FileSystem:
Including FAT,F2FS,EXT4+JBD2, EXFAT, DEBUGFS, + core FS code updates.
*Merged BFQ 7r6 update.
*Fixed GPU OC code. now works very good.
*Merged Alucard HotPlug + Govs fixes/optimizations by DEV.
*Merged OOM code fixed, now mem management is very good.
*Enabled MMC deferred resume to speedup the wakeup.
*Reduced Power Drain by WIFI in suspend.
*Merged updates to kernel modem driver.
*Updated LINARO to 2014.10 build with soft FPU.
*Restored some changes to BT driver, now it's more STOCK. (works good)
*Removed some changes to FS to make the code more stable.
*Found and fixed broken code in sync driver that was stuck
and created SOD from kernel 4.0 till 8.7. now it's GONE!.
*Merged fixes to ARM,LPM,QSECCOM,CGROUPS,USB code.
*Merged new updates to sound driver and sound policy.
*Merged quickwakeup driver that help to resume system fast, and suspend fast.
*Fixed bugs in touch screen driver for all models.
*Fixed CRON service stop.
*Removed FSTRIM CRON, we can only use it with screen on. it's has to sync all data with active system.
*Restored new ROM INIT binary's for all models.

Profiles will be reset.


Kernel 8.7

*Added GPU OC/UC max/min 650Mhz/100Mhz works great.
*Merged updates to slimbus driver for HDMI and others USB devices.
*Merged Update to Sound Driver.
*Merged updates to ARM code + kernel code performance boost.
*Merged fix for useless SYNC to FS during suspend. one sync on screen off is all we need.
*Reduced min brightness in dark.
*Fixes for FAST CHARGE driver.
*Fixes for BT driver.
*Merged GPU driver update.
*Merged update to Alucard Hotplug + Alucard CPU GOV from DEV.
*Reverted LMK updates to fix stability.
*Reverted Kernel tuning to fix stability.
*Reverted some WIFI changes to fix stability.
*Restored Audio Policy to fix stability.
*Fixed Cron bugs in scripts.
*Fixed charge only set on boot for some users of G3 Port. now will be MTP
*Tuned Msm Adreno GPU gov in all profiles.


Kernel 8.6

*Merged new crypto neon accelerated 256/512bit driver.
*Merged fix for microseconds calculation in CORE driver.
*Merged USB MTP connection speedup for file transfers + bug fixes.
*Merged Sound Driver updates from CAF.
*Merged New updates to WIFI driver from Nexus 5 source.
*Merged updates to Alucard,Nightmare,Darkness CPU govs by DEV + tuning.
*Merged updates for Alucard HotPlug by DEV.
*Restored function that needed for LG driver. possible big BUG fix.
*Cleaned CPU STATS Driver, seems was bugged. now all ok.
*Removed fake AC when using USB, it's useless hack, just brake things in ROM.
*Merged updates to global CPUFREQ driver.
*Merged new Alarm Timer driver from CAF and Main Line kernel.
It's responsible for suspend, and fixed many bugs.
*Restored changes to Touch Screen driver that i ported, best to use latest STOCK LG driver.
*Fixed bug in msm thermal.
*Fixed F2FS auto mount scripts, there was BIG mess, and they didnt work!
Now all OK.
*Fixed CROND terminated by kernel as it's was not running from root script.
Now it's protected from kill, same as cortex.


Kernel 8.5

*Merged updates for sound driver.
*Merged updates for CORE code.
*Fixed manual charge lock on 900ma using 1.8a charger.
*Merged updates for SeLinux.
*Added Auto mount F2FS partitions if formatted as F2FS on boot.
*Fixed CRON functions and added calibrate battery every week.
*Tuned Intelli and Alucad HotPlugs.
*Fixed Thermal Core down/up control.
*Added new controls for how many cores can be OFF during high temp.
IF! Core control is Enabled.
*Added HotPlug Live Status is Synapse main tab.
*Fixed Profiles backup/restore
*Made arrangements in STweaks XML to look more clear to understand.
*Fixed Stuck freq on core0 after high pressure thermal test.
will be reset to max on 55C temp.
*Merged updates for Alucard Hotplug. more performance and smart hot-plugging.
*Merged updates to Alucard, Darkness, Nightmare CPU govs from DEV.
Improved freq handling.
*Updated with latest ZVD+ZVE LS980 Source update from LG. it's common code
for all branches.
+Update to NFC driver
+Update to MTP driver
+Update to LCD panel driver
+Update to sound driver
*Tuned Ondemand to be more fast, and respond fast.
*Fixed BUG in OOM LMK driver.
*Moved all Thermal Controls back to STweaks, in new TAB.
Synapse is now for live date state. for debugging. and for fun.
*Fixed Stuck freq on CORE0 after boot. and after thermal event.
*Updated Alucards Touch boost driver + add/remove control for it.
See STweaks.
*Tuned Ondemand gov.
*We now Boot on 2.26Ghz then set by profiles. was 2.8Ghz (version 8.4 only)
*Now ROM thermal alone can handle huge stress test on max TEMP of 77C
for 5 min, that all i tested, i am sure it's can hold hour... just bad for hardware.
*Fixed 1000ms description.
*We now boot on four cores! so boot will be little faster.
*Fixed possible SOD bug on charger overnight.
and when disconnecting power.
*Allowed to charge from USB3 port on 900ma as it's give us that.
*Merged update for Alucard and Darkness CPU GOVS.
*Fixed MIN freq stuck on some freq above 1GHZ
now we can set MIN freq up to 1.03Ghz no more!
we dont need more for MIN freq.
*Fixed BUG in multi core freq set that can cause deadlock = SOD.
*Tuned Alucard HotPlug, now last core will work on stress load. as others.
Improved idle state on one core.
HotPlug is smart, it's not turning all core for a finger swipe... so you will need to stress is a bit to see all cores online.
*Updated ExFat driver, critical bug fixed inside the module.
*Fixed performance degradation when freq reduced due thermal event.
now will be restored back to max every time temp is reduced.
by this boost performance to state of awesomeness!
*Tuned ROM thermal policy to work with 5c temp diff for freq cuts.
*Added controls for Touch boost driver in STweaks.
*Possible random SOD on suspend FIX!
*Disable some not used drivers.
*Added zip binary for zipping kernel log on creation.
so data inside will not be damaged on transfer to me.
*Merged power use reducer code, for CPU, will allow to save more power on idle
or low load.
*Fix slow wakeup from long suspend.
*Fix for Alucard Hotplug suspend function.
*Tuned Intelli HotPlug to perform faster.

14/10/14 5:00AM

Kernel 8.4 (STILL BUGGED!!)

*Fixed kernel Install Script.
*Merged update to Audio Driver.
*Merged new Touch Boost CPU'S code made by Alucard!
much better than old one, it's FAST and less battery drained, but getting
great "Micro LAG" removal.
*Merge Fix for mess in freqs after ROM thermal released from limit. now that
we can control each core by it's it's own freq and gov, ROM thermal made mess.
Now kernel will take care of that mess, and correct all as should be when core
is cold again. under 55C.
*Fixed broken in past freqs in I2C BUS. now all good.
*Fixed not started MTP on boot. now USB driver will be reloaded after boot.
if USB/Charger cable is detected. and by this fix MTP or Fast Charge.

13/10/14 4:41AM

Kernel 8.3 (BUG IN Install Script, deleted from storage)

*Fixed BUG with suspend SOD.
*Fixed Force Fast Charge.
*Cleaned POWERSUSPEND code.
*Adapted install script for old recovery's
*Fixed MSM HotPlug performance drain.
*Fixed CPU BOOST battery drain.
*Added missing sqlite3 for DB optimization cron.
*A lot of work made in RAMDISK boot scripts and Cortex and STweaks + Synapse.
See Ramdisk GIT for more info.
*Profiles and /data/.dori dir will be reset on first boot. to clean old problems.
*New Max freq limit driver added, it's now limit per core, there is no longer need for Global Max Freq limit. so it's removed.
What is set in STweaks, that is the MAX limit per core. no other app can change that.

*Merged updates to PM code from CAF 3.5.y Kernel.
responsible for low power mods in suspend.
*Added FSTRIM also to Cache partition.
*Moved Synapse App from SYSTEM to DATA on kernel install.
*Set SELinux to Permissive on BOOT. seems some ROMS just BUGGED.
and cant take the Enforce MODE. not my problem. now will be OK.
*Fixed MSM/INTELLI Hoplug Suspend function, now it's safe to use for 100%
*Fixed BOOT tuning for MSM Thermal control.
*Added new status to Synapse that show active CORES in LIVE.
*Clean Synapse data when profiles cleaned.
*Link wget binary to /system/xbin/
*Updated refresh times for Synapse status tab.
*Profiles will be RESET on first boot.
*Fixed OndemandPlus CPU gov.
*Fixed Long vibrates bug when typing.
*Added support for Synapse Kernel control app! BIG Thanks to @neobuddy89 for help!
it's like STweaks but can show live data from kernel controls.
for now it's will control the thermal driver.
*Added support for USB Simple PPP modems. (WWAN PPP).
*Added support for USB to Serial adapters.
it's a module that can be loaded by some app for USB adapter.
*Merged fix for CMA RAM pages.
*Merged Multi CPU Policy code by @alucard_24
that allow us to set different freq for each core, and different cpu gov!
All controls are in STweaks.
*Fixed Force Fast Charge and made it super smart!
Now it's will on/off it's self if battery is above 95% to preserve battery LIFE.
as fast charge can in time reduce battery life if used till 100%
Will charge fast when in ON state, or Manual state.
also added MAX 300mA as requested, to force slow charging to prolong battery life, if fast charge is not needed.
*Merged fix to alucard hotplug from DEV. will improve hotplug performance.
*Merged kernel code alignment fix.
*Merged some new functions for kernel drivers future use.
*Removed old panels hack, as JDI/LGD panels fixed on kernel install.
*Fixed GPU update button in STweaks.
*Added copy of /data/.dori/ files to /data/.dori_bkp folder before profiles reset!
In this new build profiles will be reset on first boot!
*Added Anti Fast User function in boot script, that will not allow user to open STweaks till it's service loading controls, to prevent BUGS and mess.
User will be denied access to STweaks till all ready!
*Added SElinux control to STweaks Other Tab, you can set Enforce or Permissive.
*Added File System TRIM support! will be run on boot!
And user can push TRIM NOW in I/O Tab in STweaks. if it's show 0 then all was OK.
Also we can now set to run TRIM on /system + /data
every day at 6:00AM in CRON Tab, active by default!
*Removed not used tuner modules from kernel image.


Kernel 8.0.1

*Fixed possible BUG that make SOD on charge, phone alive but screen is black.
*Merged CPUFREQ fixes that improve performance.
*Added new tweak to STweaks Hotplug tab. now cpu boost duration can be tuned.

Kernel 8.0

*Merged updates for CPUFREQ and SCHED CORE code.
*Merged HUGE update to Power Manager and QOS Code.
*Merged big update to ARM code and CPU code + L2 CACHE speedup fixes.
*Merged update to MEM code power suspend.
*Merged updates to USB code.
*Merged Updates to CRYPTO code.
*Merged HUGE update to CPUIDLE code.
*Fixed Force Fast Charge code. now will charge fast.
*Merged HUGE update to Kernel IRQ distribution Domain.
*Merged update for Security Keys code.
*Fixed PowerSuspend delaying screen wakeup.
*Merged HUGE update to FileSystem code and Kernel System code.
*Merged NET code update.
*Tuned MSM and Intelli HotPlugs now will hold steady on idle. not jumps.
*Reduced Debug code that slowed kernel by 10%.
*Fixed stuck SuperSU service on boot.
*Added new control to STweaks, that allow to use faster kernel workqueue
or more power saver.
*Fixed power drain in IDLE/Suspend.


XDA:DevDB Information
[KK 4.4.2 Kernel 3.4.108][16 AUG] Dorimanx 10.9 LG G2 D80*ALL! F320 LS/VS980 L01F, Kernel for the LG G2

dorimanx, alucard_24, neobuddy89, Diechel, Computoncio, d_Schizzo, vPro97, bloof, siggey, Tinchoska, cybernetus, johnbeetee, xanthrax, berryman13, Ganjax, jeebspawnshop, g.paganini, blastagator, krija, Kryten2k35
Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: Read the What Inside.

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 10.8
Stable Release Date: 2015-06-26
Current Beta Version: 10.9
Beta Release Date: 2015-08-16

Created 2014-11-22
Last Updated 2015-08-16
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One space for me.

Good Info for users!

For all who don't have the "KNOCK ON" after flashing kernel,
or have some touch problems...

please try to go to your hidden menu 3845#*80X#
there to Settings and "update touch Firmware"
WAIT! don't panic!

try if knock on then works.. and touch problems fixed.

Kernel has new touch screen firmware inside.


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Kernel 7.9

*Updated with 3.4.104 main line patches.
*Fixed BoostPulse for Intelliactive + Interactive CPU Govs + code updates.
*Updated LINARO kernel builder self made to 2014.09 build.
*Updated MSM RQ STATS code to better support Default HotPlug
Now much more relaxed and stable on CPU control.
*Fixed Force Fast Charge code from resetting low power mode when battery is full to FAST Charge and by this can BUG the kernel and prevent wakeup.
Now code is more smart and stable.
*Merged HUGE update to CPUIDLE code that responsible for CPU sleep and power up on need from IDLE to full power and fast back to idle.
Code is very complicated and many bugs are fixed with this huge port from 3.10.y tree.
*Merged HUGE update to Power Mode Domains, this code responsible for powering down drivers on deepsleep and waking them on wakeup.
Many bugs are fixed and many new things added that make this code a lot faster and safe.
*Merged updates to persistent RAM driver.
*Merged code updates to SCHED CORE.
*Merged performance boost code for Cortex A15 CPU that we have!
If you was thinking that all was fast, well you will be surprised to see how fast it is now!
*Merged serious update from TEGRA 3.10.y kernel for CPUIDLE relaxation.
this code will help to save power when CPU is not loaded, so kernel will idle much better and not looping useless CPU cycles. when there is nothing to do.
*Merged SMP and Unalligned patches to speed up the code process.
*Merged CGROUP protection patch.
*Fixed App Debug button in STweaks. (not really needed for kernel debug)



*Merged many updates to Audio Driver and to USB Audio driver.
*Merged updated to CORE, ARM, SMP and MEM. performance is great, and RAM leaks destroyed.
*Merged update to GPU driver, GPU mem leaks removed.
*Merged updates for WIFI.
*Merged updates to Qseecom driver.
*Merged updates to alarm driver.
*Merged updates to MMC driver.
*Merged updates to Diag driver.
*Fixed old bug in kernel/fork.c
*Merged NET updates.
*Merged latest Seccomp driver.
*Merged updates to android binder.
*Merged updates to OTG driver.
*Fixed many bugs with profile selection and hotplug activation.
All profiles will be reset on first boot, and /data/.dori folder cleaned.
*Made some code cleanups in kernel and ramdisk.
*Fixed Cortex script and other ramdisk scripts.
*Merged headphones detect fix.
*Merged ARCH updates.
*Updated audio policy + enabled USB Audio, Sound is great!
*Improved CPU thermal config.


Kernel 7.7

*Reworked Intelligent Thermal Driver.
It's now bug free and working great, can be stop/start and tuned.
*Merged updates for Sound Driver headset detection code.
*Fixed Default HotPlug not starting after switching from other hotplug via
STweaks. now all OK.
*Tuned MSM HotPlug to be less aggressive, will not pop all cores for nothing
on freq jumps.
*Restored default LG voltage for touch screen. was 2.7v as min, now 3.3v
It's should help with touch response and knock code/knock ON. Possible even make the wakeup faster.
*Merged fix for WIFI driver, less power used by wifi driver when it's OFF, but driver is waiting to be turned ON.
so now one less routine running even when WIFI is OFF.
*Merged more conservative load calculation for default hotplug driver.
its help default hotplug to decide if to turn cores ON or NOT on low load request.
and by this save power. it's still not WOW but better than was,
other kernel hotplugs are still much better.
*Merged update to diagnostic driver for ROM/KERNEL operations.
*Made some cleanups in ramdisk and adaptations to new changes in kernel.


Kernel 7.6

*Fixed suspend battery drain. now will be less.
*More updates to audio driver + fixes for headsets.
*Update to audio policy that now allow more sample rates to DSP.
Sound is GREAT!
*Merged updates for Selinux and CPU core.
*Merged latest F2FS driver updates.
*Enabled ROM hotplug service without the hotplug, as it's doing other ROM/Power
functions, and we had it OFF long time now... same as thermal for camera...
*Restored default latency for all models, CPU power increased.
*Made small cleanups in kernel and ramdisk.


Kernel 7.5

*Fixed sound hissing in low end headphones/headsets.
*Enabled HIFI performance code for all formats to fix sound.
*Fixed HIGH speaker sound on boot animation.
*Merged new thermal control core by Faux123 and converted it to
Intelligent Thermal Control! it's super fast and holding temp just awesome.
not letting any overheats to happen.
*Allow to set MIC gain to -40 as requested by users.
*Fixed Default HotPlug not activated on boot if selected as default.
*Updated Sound Control code by faux123 to 3.6 build.
*Merged code to reduce I2C bus source freq from 50Mhz to 19Mhz
it's will save power.
*Merged code that will allow us to use Mutli ROM recovery and switch kernels online! and boot to secondary ROM. for fun!
Now we need to wait till recovery is finished and we will be the first LG G2 dual boot users!!!
*Merge small fix to kthread work that help to reduce useless jobs in kernel.


Kernel 7.4 (SOUND BUGGED)

*Fixed low/high sound bugs. now music will be clear, and incall will be loud.
*Merged memory leak fixes for logger code.
*Merged Support for MIUI KK STOCK Base ROMS.
*Allow to set CAMERA and Incall MIC to -30 in STweaks to allow sound record in concerts.
*Fixed Analog Power Amp gain control in Faux App.


Kernel 7.3 (sound bugs, but stable)

*Fixed CPU Hang BUG added at 7.2 kernel...
*Merged FIX for BT memory leak.
*Merged Sound Control driver rewrites + mods.
Now default headphones + in call speaker gain will be 2.
*Fixed back light Control mod. now will do change only if device in dark room.
and will not cause back light flickering when LUX is above 100 (bright room)
*Allowed to use ONLY Intelligent Thermal control and set safe TEMP controls.
BUT when using ONLY Intelligent Thermal control camera app will close longer!
Cant fix that. ROM thermal is CLOSED source binary.
*Now Analog PA setting via Faux Sound app will STICK. and not reset to default when no sound playing.
If you have no change modding the PA gain, then your hardware/Software
is supporting only PA on/off and it's set ON by default, no min/max.
And we cant turn it OFF.
This is how my hardware/Software behave.


Kernel 7.2 BUGGED and Deleted

*Merged fixes for sound driver.
Now high performance mode will be active only for HIFI sound music above or equal 96khz.
So we can save power using normal sound tracks.
Also some fixes for FauxSound Analog Gain control.
*Merged fixes for CPUFREQ global driver. mainly fixes from main line.
*Merged fixes for OCMEM from CAF.
*Merged MMC update.
*Merged latest F2FS driver. not used for now.
*Merged performance boost mods.
*Added new tuning in STweaks Other Tab that allow to set MIN backlight
in full darkness. some users reported too bright when using AUTO brightness.
well now it's can be VERY dark read instructions in STweaks Control.
*Profiles will be reset on first boot to include new tweak.
*Removed commit that may have been responsible for some SODS
people had before.



*Merged fixes for MSM/Intelli/Alucard HotPlugs to allow them to work
as should in Awake/Suspend mode! no more SODS caused by them.
*Allowed to set Speaker Gain max to 20, if that is needed.
*Updated LINARO 2014.08 Toolchain kernel builder, compiled by me and tuned.
*Merged fix for WIFI driver.
*Merged update for CPU BOOST driver, will help in wakeup speed.
*Merged updates for Nightmare,Alucard,Darkness CPU GOVS from DEV.
*Merged fix for sound driver.
*Fixed long vibrates when typing fast, now much less frequent, one in 20~30 clicks.


Kernel 7.0 STABLE

*Updated with 3.4.103 main stream patch.
*Tuned Interactive gov.
*Added new Sound Policy config to allowed higher sample rates
to go via hardware decoder.
*Merged Sound driver updates.
*Merged fix for low mem killer code.
*Disabled useless kernel config for all models.
*Merged small fix for WIFI.
*Added new control for HotPlugs to STweaks, it's allow to suspend hotplug when screen is OFF, or not (default) we had is SUSPENDED!!! for 5 versions now.
So i suspect that all SOD reporters have device/rom not compatible for hotplug suspend.
and other MANY other have 0 problems... so it's not suspended by default.
this will also help with faster wake up on In Call. but may use little more battery when screen is OFF and sleeping... test and see.
*Profiles will be reset after boot, once.


Kernel 6.9


Kernel 6.8 STABLE!

*Merged HUGE update to SCHED CORE and RCU code from 3.10.y Android MSM CAF.
Apps open faster, many bugs fixed, CPU cores working great, and much more.
*Merged many Suspend updates to get rid of wakeup problems.
*Merged updates to Interactive CPU gov.
*Fixed PowerSuspend code messing with LCD panel wakeup... should fix all sods.
*Added ability to set max 3 cores online in STweaks (Triple Core)
*Merged many USB updates, that include better file transfer and bug fixes.
*Merged GPU (KGSL) updates.
*Patched with 3.4.102 main stream patch.
*Fixed sound noises when using old decoded files or low sample rates.
*Merged Sound Driver updates.
*Merged HDMI updates.
*Merged MMC Updates.
*Merged Power Manager updates and timekeeping!
*Fixed old bug in suspend code.
*Updated ONDEMAND CPU gov + Tuning.
*Merged NET and WIFI updates.
*Uploaded one more build for VS980 without knock code support. i hope it's will work for people without ROM that support Knock code.


Kernel 6.7 STABLE for 95%

*Restored all MMC updates from CAF.
*Restored all Qseecom updates + new fixes from CAF
*Merged many new sound driver updates from 3.10.y CAF.
*Merged NET fixes and other misc system updates.
*Restored CMA updates and ARM updates.
set 16MB allocated for drivers only to speedup kernel operations.
*Restored all GPU commits to fix GPU power controls and many bugs.
*Restored Wireless TV driver updates.
*Restored CPU code updates and cleanups.
*Restored OCMEM updates and cleanups.
*Restored GPIO updates.
*Restored IOMMU updates.
*Restored SCHED CORE updates.
*Merged update to Intelliactive CPU GOV by faux123
*Merged sound driver control updates to ver 3.5 by faux123
and fixed sound controls lock for LG sound driver.
we dont loose STweaks tuning after using Faux Sound App any more.
So what you set in STweaks is now sticking till reboot. no matter what.
*Merged update to Interactive CPU GOV.
*Merged small camera driver update.
*Merged small LED control fix. help with stuck leds, no more...
*Restored Audio Policy config file with new controls and sample rates
and support for offload and compression and latency fixes.


Kernel 6.6 STABLE!

*Merged new updates to Alucard/Nightmare/Darkness CPU Govs.
*Merged new updates to Alucard HotPlug.
*Reverted MSM/INTELLI/CPUFREQ LIMIT usage of LCD Notify for suspend!
Suspected as the SOD maker! now it's will use powersuspend as was with 5.9
*Installed patch 3.4.101 from main line.
*Restored Random number generator and sync it with 3.16.y kernel code.
*Fixed AC3 decoded files, noise when playing music. i dont hear any noise!
*Restored Thermal Tuning.
*Restored CPU boost commits.

This kernel has all that was restored in 6.5.4 and more fixes.


Kernel 6.3/4/5.1 (Deleted bugged)


Kernel 6.2 STABLE.

*Big update to Random Generator (Entropy) from 3.16.y kernel!
This allow fast random data generate used by kernel or APPS/ROM
*Merged updates for KSGL (GPU) Driver.
*Merged many new updates for Sound and HeadSet drivers.
*Reverted USB Audio drivers to STOCK, after reports that it's was broken.
*Big update for MMC (internal storage) driver from CAF and Nexus 5.
*Merged updates for qseecom driver.
*Merged new ZVD LG Source update for LS980 Knock Code support!
and new touch screen firmware. all new ZVD base ROMS can use this kernel.
Others use OLDER NO Knock build.
*Merged big update for LowMemKill driver from CAF and Nexus 5.
Now it's much more smart and relaxed, not killing apps without need.
you may see less free RAM, but it's all under control!
*Fixed some NET bugs i have found.
*Merged updates for ARM code from CAF.
*Merged many new updates for Ondemand GOV, it's rewritten!
and much more smart and efficient!
some controls removed as they are no longer needed.
*Tuned Touch Boost driver.
*Tuned new Ondemand.
*Found working wget binary and restored AD-Block update via STweaks and kernel version check!
*Fixed some small bugs in STweaks scripts.
*Improved deepsleep power usage and performance when active.
*Possible fixed the strange CPU HANGS in some different conditions.
*Found out that if one of the CPU cores overheat too much! it's shutdown and will not work any more till reboot, this is hardware protection!
so if you see that one of your cores have 0Mhz when it's online. you burned it too much!
reduce MAX cpu temp in STweaks for 2C less.. and REBOOT.
Now all CPUS can handle high temp! this why Default profiles and lower have 78C max.


Kernel 6.1

*Updated LINARO 2014.07 toolchain for kernel building, personally compiled by me.
*Updated with patch 3.4.99 from main stream.
*Updated Qseecom driver from CAF, responsible for secure communication from ROM to Kernel.
*Updated Crypto driver. faster and with less bugs!
*Major update for USB Audio driver.
*Merged major update for sound driver from CAF and Nexus 5,
now we have high performance hardware decoding support!
and that help to reduce CPU usage when playing super heavy sound files!
for example i can play FLAC 192khz/24bit file (350mb just 9:00min)
and when screen is OFF, CPU is at 300Mhz one core!
and playing without any problem! when screen is ON it's jump to higher freqs
but again much less than was.
So playing music now use less power! and quality is great!
*Merged new CODEC support for WMA,MP2,ACC via DSP processor.
*Tuned max CPU temp on boot to prevent reboots when CPU is too hot,
for some models / low quality CPU chips.
*Tuned Ondemand GOV to provide balanced power/battery save.
as people reported higher drain. now should be good.
don't expect high score in bench apps, no need to post this junk.
*Tuned Touch Boost driver to provide better performance.
*Merged updates for modem driver.
*Merged updates for BT driver.
*Merged updates for Interactive CPU gov.
*Merged update for reboot code.
*Allowed higher speaker gain in STweaks! up to 15. (use in your own risk!)
*Boot D800 with older INIT till new one will be available from LG.
*Tuned MSM Hotplug to balance performance.
*Added new Button in STweaks under Force fast charge,
it's allow to reset battery fuel gauge, and allow recalibration.
if you think that % that you see is not right, push that button, and it's should
drop/rise or stay as was, than it's OK.
after this allow full charge and discharge. don't play with this button too much.
it's reset battery calibration in kernel.
*Fixed Profiles backup/restore function in STweaks.


Kernel 6.0

*Fixed BT connect delays.
*Merged major Sound Driver update from CAF and Nexus 5!
Including improvements to Ultra Sound (192khz 24bit) audio drivers.
and many fixes for protecting kernel from crash and compatibility with different headsets.
*Merged CORE, MEM, CMA updates.
we lost 16MB from total ram that now allocated for drivers, this allow much faster kernel work, as ram already free for drivers and no app can touch it.
*Fixed stereo call recording support.
*Added new option to STweaks to control CPU gov sample rate.
*With help from @Formhault now STweaks control descriptions are written much better, and typos fixed.
*Fixed WIFI wakelock drain.
*Update to Alucard CPU gov by DEV.
*Thanks to @pendroz we now have updated RAMDISK binary's from 20D and 20F STOCK kernels!
For all Knock Code supporting models.
*Headphones volume boosted! make sure you have normal volume set before use
it's much more clear and powerful now.


Kernel 5.9 (STABLE)


Kernel 5.8


Kernel 5.7

*Added auto FIX for panel type! on kernel install! thanks to @dr87
now JDI panel type users will get fully working LCD panel! no white lines!
No need to flash any modded kernels or use any MOD zips to set panel.
*Merged updates to camera driver.
*Merged Critical fixes for NET and ROW I/O sched.
*Merged fixes for Interactive Gov.
*Merged critical fixes for GPU driver! GPU performance increased.
*Merged new encryption driver, for now just there for future use by some app.
*Merged update for LCD panel that allow brightness change even if no GPU activity!
when nothing moved, brightness was stuck as last set, even if needed. delay was small... but now it's gone!
*Merged LCD driver update to suspend faster, will save power on screen Off.
*Merged fixes for MMC driver all about power suspend when not used.
*Merged fixes to Modem driver.
*Merged fixes for CPU drivers.
*Merged update to MSM CPU FREQ Limiter code. now more optimized.
*Merged new driver for stream synchronization during capture and playback.
*Fixed typos in STweaks descriptions.

I will not release any more updates for D800/1/2/3/F320 without knock code!!!

All Roms have the base updated! so time to update your ROM.

No knock code base is end of life. if you cant update use 5.6 kernel.


Kernel 5.6


Kernel 5.5


Kernel 5.4 (deleted! CPU freq stuck BUG)


Kernel 5.3 (deleted! CPU freq stuck BUG)


Kernel 5.1+2


Kernel 5.0


Kernel 4.9 reported battery drain higher than before.


Kernel 4.8.1


Kernel 4.7 STABLE


Kernel 4.6 STABLE


Kernel 4.5.1 (D802 ONLY) STABLE

*I have restored one missing config file for D802 in ramdisk.
it's responsible of NET tweaks and default brightness settings
and mounting /cust partition and some other small stuff.

best to update, but it's not CRITICAL right now patch...

Kernel 4.5 STABLE


Kernel 4.4


Kernel 4.3.4

Kernel 4.3-No/Yes-Knock-Code


Kernel 4.2

*Removed NET tweaks from kernel scripts.
*Fixed broken ROOT, by removing the root/unroot options. no needed any more.
we all have ROOT any way.
*Fixed NET problems in all branches + added missing NET code to D803 branch.
*Updated Busybox to support kitkat + fixes.
*Fixed my booting scripts to mach new kernel PATH to controls.
*Fixed SElinux code.
*Updated logger and binder from main line.
*Fixed Reboots.
*Fixed Alucard HotPlug power code.


Kernel 4.1 first public Alpha Build!

*Kernel based on D800/2/3 20E Source!
*I have merged all the cool stuff from my LG JB kernel
See what inside list!
*Kernel is in high Alpha test stage! but it's STABLE
and working good on STOCK Builds.
*This kernel not supporting CM/AOKP ROMS!!! STOCK ONLY.

*If you loose ROOT after kernel install, download SuperSu 1.94 zip and install via recovery!
link Provided in Know Bugs!
I will fix it till next release.

For now post ALL in this thread till Q&A thread will be UP!

have fun.
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20th April 2014, 05:12 PM |#5  
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Sweet! I've been waiting for this, thanks a LOT, you're great!
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20th April 2014, 05:13 PM |#6  
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Ladies and gentlemans, the moment what are we waiting for .. RELEASE THE KRAKEN
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20th April 2014, 05:14 PM |#7  
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ohhh yes!! =)

THanks again buddy!
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anddd here it is
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20th April 2014, 05:24 PM |#10  
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i'm dancing with joy !

i will edit this post always when i try a new dori 4.4.2 kernel stay tuned for my review ill flash as soon as i get home

and here we go.
flashed 4.1 V on cloudypro 2.0 and booted jsut fine, had to flash supersu as u meantioned to get the root working again.
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20th April 2014, 05:28 PM |#11  
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Finally ...!!!
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