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By xanthrax, Senior Moderator / Moderator Committee / RC-RT Committee - Duh Vampire on 12th February 2014, 05:28 AM
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Rules for Posting in the Development Forum

The following are a list of topics that we allow in the development forum

[DEV] - Development for any special projects or Apps
[ROM] - Custom ROMs
[KERNEL] - Custom Kernels
[MOD] - Hack & Modifications for the phone
[FIX] - Fixes for known issues & bugs
[GUIDE] - How to instructions and Guides

When possible please include screen shots for your ROM / MOD / THEME / Apps & Games

All ROM / MOD / DEV / etc... found in the development sections not created by the developer themselves, do not qualify as a development and subsequently will be moved to General.

Please remember that direct download links are preferred

11. Don’t post with the intention of selling something.

  • Don’t use XDA to advertise your product or service. Proprietors of for-pay products or services, may use XDA to get feedback, provide beta access, or a free version of their product for XDA users and offer support, but not to post with the intention of selling. This includes promoting sites similar/substantially similar to
    Do not post press releases, announcements, links to trial software, or commercial services. unless you’re posting an exclusive release for
  • Encouraging members to participate in forum activities on other phone related sites is prohibited.
  • Off-site downloads are permitted if the site is non-commercial and does not require registration.
  • Off-site downloads from sites requiring registration are NOT encouraged but may be permitted if the following conditions are met:
    A) the site belongs to a member of XDA-Developers with at least 1500 posts and 2 years membership who actively maintains XDA-Developers' support thread(s) / posts, related to the download,
    B) the site is a relatively small personal website without commercial advertising/links (i.e. not a competitor forum-based site with purposes and aims similar to those of

Just a reminder about using the work of others

12. Sharing

XDA-Developers is based on the principle of sharing to transmit knowledge. This is the cornerstone of our site. Our members and developers freely share their experience, knowledge, and finished works with the rest of the community to promote growth within the developer community, and to encourage those still learning to become better. There are those, however, who take advantage of this model and try to make personal gains from the hard work of others.

In order to preserve the delicate balance between sharing for the good of the community and blatant self-promotion, regular members and developers alike must understand (and agree) to the following:

12-1. Give credits where due - Credits and acknowledgements for using and releasing work which is based on someone else's work are an absolute must. Works reported to have no credits will be taken down until proper acknowledgements are added by the member in question;

12-2. Courtesy - While most of the work released on our site falls under the umbrella of open source, that is not the only license model being used by developers on xda-developers. In order to prevent problems, we ask that if you decide to base your work on someone else's that you check the license model being used (as it might not be as permissive as one may think);

12-3. Re-releasing other's works as your own is forbidden. The code that you release into the wild must have something beyond minor aesthetic changes that makes it better than the last. As this can be subjective, kang reports will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If you feel that your code has been kanged, please contact the Dev Relations team (listed below) if you cannot solve the issue amicably via PM. Please understand that you will be asked to provide evidence to substantiate your claim;

12-4. Developers can issue take down requests (by contacting the Dev Relations team) under the following circumstances:

- in-process builds start showing up on forums when the developer is not yet ready to release the work;
- cases in which another developer is too aggressively soliciting donations or misrepresenting the work (kanging);
- unofficial builds where an official build is already available;

In summary, we want people to have access to work and knowledge alike. Sharing is good and courtesy and ethics go a long way.

Developers with questions, comments, complaints, or concerns about our rules (or anything!) should send a PM to our Dev Relations team (efrant or sykopompos) or to a Moderator. We are here to help!

As always, we thank you for your cooperation!
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