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[ROM][22-9] XtreStoLite G900T 1.3.6a [569MB][BNH5][Extreme Debloated][Add-on Package]

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By edgarf28, Recognized Contributor on 30th June 2014, 05:19 PM
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Presenting the G900T version of my Extremely De-bloated TouchWiz ROM:

This will be the lightest G900T TouchWiz ROM you ever will see! Just 569 MB


G900T version ROM Details:

- Based on the latest Samsung Stock G900T UVU1BNH5 firmware (Base build date: 27-8-2014)

- Stock UVU1BNH5 Kernel (build date: 27-8-2014) & Latest KToonsez kernel

- De-bloated ROM to 569 MB!!

- All the standard features of Stock Android will work, so it's like an AOSP ROM with the TouchWiz launcher & SystemUI

- Unique separate Aroma Add-on Package which includes all the removed Samsung 'bloatware' apps, so that you can flash at any time your missing app back... SEE POST #2

- ROM still includes the original Samsung Gallery, Camera, Dialer, Messages, Music, Alarm & Calculator apps

- Latest Google Android L Keyboard (You can install the Samsung keyboard with the Aroma add-on package from post #2)

- Latest SuperSu & BusyBox integrated

- KNOX fully removed

- Native Call Recording

- T-Mobile WiFi calling & VoLTE support (VoLTE needs the latest NF6 or newer firmware)

- Mobile Hotspot without any limitations (removed provisioning checks)

- Optional working Private Mode (with the Aroma add-on package)

- At every boot the FsTrim command will be excecuted, to keep your Phone smooth and the internal memory fast!
(Make sure you enable the included Universal Init.d app for this, or use any custom kernel!)

- SD-card write permissions

- Odexed (to keep it ART Runtime compatible, and to keep 100% original stock files = faster)

- ART Runtime works (Make sure you haven't the Xposed Framework installed when using ART)

- Option to add or remove the secondary symbols to/from the Samsung Keyboard

- The T-Mobile Carrier apps are removed from the ROM, but you can install them back with the XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on package (post #2)

- Carrier IQ apps free

- A few build.prop tweaks, like: Fewer WiFi scans, Faster Boot animation speeds, Disabled logging, Disabled call ring and Proximity delay.

- A few CSC tweaks, like: Enabled Call recording, Enabled camera shutter sound button & Enabled secondary symbols on the Samsung keyboard & Add 10 Extra Quick toggles to the notification panel.

- 100% Original Stock files (No modded APK, Framework & lib files), this gives you the most stable, fastest & smoothest experience.

- In the Aroma installer of the ROM you can choose between 5 different mods:

  • Advanced Reboot Menu
  • Remove Safe Sound warning
  • Remove S-Finder & QuickConnect buttons in the Notification drawer
  • 3Minit Battery Mod (choose between 1070+ battery icons)
  • Modded Messages app with Screen On/Off toggle, Backup/Restore function, No auto SMS-to-MMS conversion & Increased Message limit from 100 to 1000 messages per hour

(screenshots are from the international version of this ROM)



  • See Post #2 for the Aroma Add-on Package, so that you can choose which Samsung Apps / functions you want back.
    You can use this Aroma add-on package at any time after flashing this rom (So you can first use the rom barebone and look for yourself which app/feature you want to have back)

  • The ART runtime is still experimental, and I don't recommend to use it. You will also get slightly better performance with the Dalvik runtime.

  • The aim of this ROM is to keep it as close to the stock firmware as possible. Because this way the ROM is the most stable you can get, and also you don't have any mods that can have influence on the performance and/or battery life of the ROM.
    Also you can tweak the interface on your own nowadays with Xposed Framework plugins like: Wanam Xposed, GravityBox & Xposed G-TouchWiz.

  • With the Xposed G-TouchWiz plugin you can remove/hide the S-Finder & QuickConnect buttons in the notification panel.
    And with the 'Galaxy S5 Widgets' Xposed module you can get widgets on your lock-screen.
    So please don't ask in this thread if I can add an mod for those functions.

  • I strongly recommend to install SVoice with the Aroma add-on package, even if you don't use SVoice, just to disable the Home key SVoice launch delay in SVoice. (Svoice -> Menu key -> Settings -> De-select: Open via the home key)
    After disabling this option, the home key will react much quicker when you press it.
    You can disable the Svoice app if you want after this (Settings -> Application Manager -> All -> S Voice -> Disable), but do not delete the app data of it.

  • I recommend to set all the 3 Animation settings to 0.5 in the Developer settings menu, for much faster animations (and experience).
    How to:
    - Enable the Developer Options (Settings -> About Device -> 8x tap the Build number)
    - Go to the Developer Options (Settings -> Developer options)
    - Scroll down, and set:
    'Window animation scale' to 0.5
    'Transition animation scale' to 0.5
    'Animator duration scale' to 0.5
    - Enjoy the faster animations!

  • All the Google Play Store apps are NOT included in the ROM (or Aroma add-on package), you can download those by yourself in the Play Store.

  • If you choose to use the ART runtime, then the first reboot after you did choose the ART runtime will take a very long time to boot up. The bootscreen shows up longer than usual (around the 3 minutes), and after that the 'Android is upgrading...' screen will take a few minutes)



- Ktoonsez (for the amazing Ktoonsez kernel)
- LuigiBull23 (for the great Ktoonsez profiles)
- _alexndr (for parts of the installation script & the native init.d support)
- BeansTown106 (for the 'remove tethering restrictions' mod)
- DevVorteX (for the 'remove tethering restrictions' mod in v.1.3)
- HyperX- (for the HyperX camera mod)
All the Beta testers of course!

- Fixed problems with the CSC (This fixes things like: Missing VoLTE, the 10 extra quick toggles, Call/message blocking & other CSC tweaks.
- Updated Ktoonsez kernel to v.21-9-2014
- Changed default KToonsez kernel profile to Ktoonsez MOD (v.2)

- Updated whole ROM to base Firmware UVU1BNH5 (build date: August 27th)
- Added 5 different Optional Mods (ALL ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ART RUNTIME!!):
	• Advanced Reboot Menu (Also NOT compatible with Private Mode)
	• Remove High Volume Warning (Also NOT compatible with Private Mode)
	• Modded Samsung Messages app (with Screen on/off toggle, Backup/Restore function, Disabled auto SMS to MMS conversion & Increased Message limit from 100 to 1000 messages per hour)
	• Remove S-Finder & QuickConnect buttons in notification drawer
	• 3Minit Battery Mod (v.2.1) (Choose between 1070+ battery icons)
- Added another new optional CSC tweak: Enable 10 Extra Quick Toggles in the notification panel
- Added Call/Message block entry in the Settings app
- Made the Tethering Provision Checks Removal Mod Optional, and includes Bluetooth tethering now
- Updated Google Play Services to v.
- Misc. fixes & optimizations

If you use v.1.3.5 then please DOWNLOAD v.1.3.5a and do an CLEAN FLASH
- Added missing feature.xml CSC file with many specific USA T-Mobile settings/features (this file was missing in v.1.3.5, and is very important!)
- Fixed VoLTE & WiFi-Calling (wasn't working in v.1.3.5)

- Re-based whole ROM to base firmware UVU1BNG4 (build date: August 25th)
- Updated Stock kernel to UVU1BNG4
- Updated BusyBox & Sqlite3 binaries
- Removed Fstrim binary (it isn't needed anymore, the FSTrim command is now integrated in the new BusyBox binary!)
- Fixed some permissions
- Added AT&T carrier APN settings (for those with an G900T on AT&T)
- Made 3 CSC Tweaks optional in the Aroma installer of the ROM (Call recording, Exit button in the S-Browser & Camera shutter sound button)
- Also made the Build.prop tweaks & Sqlite3 tweak optional in the Aroma installer
- Moved HearingAdjust, RootPA & SStudio apk's to the Aroma Add-on Package (to make the ROM even more lite)
- Removed some more un-needed lib files
- Updated Ktoonsez kernel to build 14-8
- Boot-sound removal tweak now also removes the shutdown sound
- Various fixes and optimizations

- Fixed Camera connection error (reverted back to the Stock Adreno driver, instead of the updated Qualcomm developer June driver) 
- Updated Google Play Services to v.5.2.08 (from Android L Developer Preview 2)
- Updated Google Keyboard to v.3.1.20003.1320585 (from Android L Developers Preview 2)
- Updated Ktoonsez Kernel to the build from AUG 4th.

- Re-based whole ROM to firmware UVU1BNG3 (build date 19-7-2014)
- Stock Kernel UVU1BNG3 (build date 19-7-2014)
- Added newest KToonsez kernel (v.26-7) as an option, with XtreStoLite KToonsified profile (by @Ktoonsez, @LuigiBull23 & me)
- Added NATIVE init.d support (thanks to @_alexndr) (the Universal init.d app is no longer needed!) (this also works with the Stock kernel, not only with KToonsez kernel!!)
- Updated Adreno GPU drivers from March 2014 to June 2014 (from the Qualcomm developer site) (thanks to @iamnotkurtcobain)
- Updated SuperSu to v.2.0.2
- Updated Google Play Services to v.5.0.88
- Updated Google Play Store to v.4.9.13 (with Android L interface!)
- Added latest Sqlite3 binary
- Removed 3 more apk's (FixmoISA, intelligenceservice_1.0_alpha1 & ResourceManager)
- Disabled the 'Tima' KNOX service in the build.prop file (thanks to @moneytoo)
- It's now also possible to do an full-wipe from within the ROM Aroma installer.
- Improved the installation script a lot again (by @_alexndr)
- Misc. fixes and speed improvements

- Made the ROM even more lite (505 MB now!); Removed some useless lib files, moved the SPen support files & Google Now en-us speech recognition files to the Aroma add-on package.
- Various CSC tweaks:
  1. Fixed the 'Remove Disable secondary symbols from the Samsung keyboard' option
  2. Fixed the multi-language select button on the Samsung keyboard
  3. Fixed the SBrowser homepage
  4. Enabled option to Save link in the SBrowser
  5. Enabled override useragent in SBrowser
  6. Added Exit button in the SBrowser
V.1.2.1b: - Fixed Wi-Fi hotspot, and removed the provision checks! (thanks to @BeansTown106) - Made a few optimizations to the Aroma installer and installation script - Updated SuperSu to v.2.01 V.1.2.1a: - First version for the G900T - Same changes as the international version of this ROM (up to v.1.2.1), Plus: - Updated Google Keyboard to v.3.1.20003.1236599 from the Android L Developer Preview build - The Remove boot sounds option also removes the T-Mobile shutdown sound on this ROM.


How-to Install:

- Make sure you have an custom recovery installed (CWM / PhilZ / TWRP) (This trips your KNOX warranty counter!)
- Also make sure that you're on the latest bootloader/modem
- Do a Data/Factory reset first in your recovery
- Start the installation
- Reboot
- Enjoy the Rom!
- Optionally: Flash the Aroma add-on Package, to restore some of the removed Samsung Apps/Functions that you want (You can do this anytime!)

I would NOT recommend to restore system apps or app data of your apps with Titanium backup, only the apps themselves.
Restoring App data or System apps can cause many problems. (This applies to any ROM!

See Post #2 For the Aroma Add-on Package, which includes all the removed Samsung apps and functions from the ROM, so that you can choose which feature/app you want back!


Download links:

G900T version

(check the MD5 of your download before flashing)

Full-Wipe is always advised, and needed if you come from another rom

ROM UVU1BNH5 V.1.3.6a: (569,7 MB)
Full-wipe STRONGLY RECOMMEND (because of new base firmware)



(thanks to Gabriël)

MD5: C3E9E544BF4D1C3D74231293C24E4526


You need to use at least Aroma add-on package v.1.3.6 with this version of the ROM.

Stock UVU1BNH5 Kernel

(for when you did flash an custom kernel and want to have the stock kernel back)

International (G900F/I/T/M/L/S/W8) version of XtreStoLite is available here:

If you like this rom, feel free to donate.
(use the Donate button in my signature)

XDA:DevDB Information
XtreStoLite G900T, ROM for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 5

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.3.6a
Stable Release Date: 2014-09-22

Created 2014-06-30
Last Updated 2014-09-22
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30th June 2014, 05:20 PM |#2  
edgarf28's Avatar
OP Recognized Contributor
Thanks Meter: 13,079
XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package
XtreStoLite G900T Aroma Add-on Package 1.3.6
Choose which Samsung App or feature YOU want to have in the XtreStoLite ROM


Aroma Add-on Package Details:

- You can use this package to choose which Samsung app or feature you want back on your Phone!

- You can flash this package at any time after flashing the rom, so you can first use the rom, and look what exactly you want to have back

- Only choose what you will use, every option that you will install, will 'bloat' your system more and more.

- It's also possible to remove an installed add-on with this Aroma Add-on package

- All the options in this Aroma installer are 100% original/unmodded stock files, and ART runtime compatible


Aroma Add-on Package Contents:

The following Apps & Features are included in the XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package:
  • Samsung AllShare
  • Samsung Group Play
  • Samsung Link Platform
  • Samsung Drive Mode (this needs to be installed BEFORE first boot of the ROM!)
  • Samsung Baby Crying Monitor
  • Samsung E-Mail app + Exchange support
  • Samsung Easy One Hand Mode
  • Samsung Extreme Power Saving & Emergency Mode (You also need to install the Samsung keyboard, otherwise you will get FC's in U-Power Saving Mode)
  • Samsung Finger Print Scanner support
  • Samsung Gear Manager support
  • Samsung Kids Mode (Widget)
  • Samsung Multi Window support
  • Samsung Quick Connect (available from the Notification panel)
  • Samsung File Manager app
  • Samsung Keyboard
  • Samsung Wallpaper Picker (with the stock S5 Wallpapers)
  • Samsung SBrowser (internet browser)
  • Samsung SCloud (to get the Scloud backup/restore function working you need to also install the Samsung E-Mail app)
  • Samsung SFinder (available from the Notification panel)
  • Samsung SHealth app
  • Samsung SMemo
  • Samsung SPlanner
  • Samsung SPrint support
  • Samsung SView cover support + Weather on lockscreen support
  • Samsung SVoice app
  • Samsung TTS and Google TTS voices (needed for SVoice voice feedback)
  • Samsung AccuWeather Widget (including the Weather daemon)
  • Samsung Fonts (4 system fonts)
  • Samsung My Magazine + FlipBoard
  • Samsung App Store + Samsung account support
  • Samsung SmartRemote (IR app)
  • Samsung Photo Studio (to edit your photos)
  • Samsung Video Studio (to edit your videos)
  • Samsung Voice Note (voice recorder app)
  • VPN connection support
  • Google Play Store app backup/restore function
  • Samsung Clock Widgets
  • Samsung Video App (The Video Player it self is already included in the ROM, this is only the app that shows up in the app drawer)
  • Samsung Air Wake Up (the gesture to turn on your screen, to see the time and if you have any notifications)
  • Samsung Assistant Menu (floating buttons for different functions)
  • Samsung Video Telephony support
  • Samsung Active applications widget
  • Samsung Easy Mode (+ Easy Mode widgets)
  • Samsung Headphone shortcut notification pop-up
  • Google+/Picasa Media (picture & video) sync
  • Samsung Live Wallpaper Picker
  • Samsung Test Mode applications (which you can access with secret codes from the dialer)
  • USA T-Mobile Carrier Apps
  • FaceBook Calendar & Photo sync plug-in
  • Samsung Geo News
  • Samsung Private Mode (NOT compatible with S-Health & Xposed Framework)
  • Samsung Kies Desktop Sync
  • Samsung S-NameCard scan app (available in the menu of the Contacts app)
  • STK (Sim Toolkit) app
  • Modded Samsung E-Mail app (without Exchange security checks)
  • Google Search System app (to have 'OK Google Everywhere' function)
  • Colorblind mode
  • DropBox system app (the one that came with your S5)
  • Hearing Adjust (Adjust sound volume in the Samsung dialer)
  • 5 Extra Samsung Camera modes (from the Galaxy App Store)

    Customization add-ons:
  • Android Roboto L system font
  • 3 different Emoji system fonts (iOS, Samsung & Stock Android KitKat emoji's) (works with Google/Samsung/SwiftKey keyboard)
  • 3 different boot animations: Original T-Mobile, International version boot animations & Stock Android L boot animations
  • HyperX Camera Mod (by @HyperX-)
  • System-wide Adblocking (winhelp2002 hosts file)

- Updated all the Add-ons to base firmware UVU1BNH5 (build date: 27-8-2014)
- Updated Samsung Account app to v.2.1.0010
- Updated Flipboard to v.2.3.9
- Updated Group Cast (v.3.0.210) & Group Camrecorder (v.1.0.032)
- Updated Adblock Host file
- Added 5 Extra Samsung Camera Modes (from the Galaxy App Store)

- Updated all the add-ons to base firmware UVU1BNG4 
- Added Hearing Adjust add-on (the option to adjust the call volume in the Dialer)
- Added DropBox system app (that comes with your Galaxy S5)
- Added 2 more system fonts to the Samsung Fonts add-on: AppleMint & Tinker (from the Galaxy S5 LTE-A G906 model)
- Fixed S-Health when installing together with the Private Mode
- Updated S-Health to v.
- Updated Health service to v.1.3.331
- Updated Samsung Smart Remote to v.7.7.1
- Updated Google Search System app to v.
- Updated Nok Nok fingerprint payment service to v.
- Updated Flipboard to v.2.3.8
- Updated Group Cam recorder to v.1.0.029
- Updated In-app purchases (part of the Galaxy Apps Store add-on) to v.3.00.00
- Updated Samsung Link Platform to v.2.0.1931
- Updated S-Voice to v.
- Updated Samsung account service to v.2.0.0114
- Moved RootPA.apk from the ROM to the VPN add-on of this Aroma add-on package
- Moved SStudio apk from the ROM to the Photo and Video editor add-ons of this Aroma add-on package
- Moved 2 Dropbox lib files from the ROM to the DropBox System app add-on of this Aroma add-on package 
- Misc. fixes in the installation & removal scripts

- Updated Samsung account app to v.2.0.0110
- Fixed S-Health FC's
- Added/fixed Secure_storage folder (forgot this folder in v.1.3, it's needed for the Private Mode)
- This also fixes the problem that you had to re-enter your WiFi password on every reboot (when you did install the Private Mode)

- Updated all the add-ons to base firmware UVU1BNG3 (build date 19-7-2014)
- Added option for modded Samsung mail app, with Exchange security disabled
- Added HyperX- Camera-Mod as an option (this gives you better picture & filming quality) (by @hyperX-)
- Added Google Search (system app), to add support for the 'OK Google everywhere' function
- Added ColorBlind mode (Settings -> Accessibility -> Vision -> Color Adjustment)
- Added Adblock host file option (system-wide adblocking)
- Updated S-Health (v. & Health service (v.1.3.005)
- Updated Samsung Billing app to v.2.01.06
- Updated Samsung In app purchase app to v.2.00.16
- Updated Samsung Push service to v.
- Updated FlipBoard (part of My Magazine add-on) to v.2.3.6
- Updated Samsung App Store to Galaxy Apps v.14070105.01.021.1
- Updated S-Finder to v.2.2
- Updated SmartRemote to v.7.6.8
- Updated Samsung Link Platform to v.2.0.1909
- Added/Moved ResourceManager apk from the ROM to this Aroma add-on package (Samsung Keyboard & S-Pen add-ons)
- Moved the S-Health & Private Mode to an separate step in the Aroma installer of this package (for a more proper installation of those add-ons)
- It's now also possible to install both S-Health & Private Mode add-ons (ONLY when you're on the stock kernel & do not use the Xposed Framework!)
- Samsung Secure Storage service gets automatically disabled/enabled when needed for some add-ons now!
- Misc. fixes in the installation
- Optimized the removal process of /data apps

- Added Sim Toolkit app add-on
- Added S-Pen support files add-on (moved from the ROM to this Aroma add-on package)
- Added Stock Android L boot animation screens
- Added Samsung Name-card add-on
- Updated Samsung Account app to v.2.0.0110
- Updated Samsung Billing app to v.2.01.06
- Updated Samsung App store to v.14040104.21.007.0
- Updated Samsung In app purchase app to v.2.00.16
- Updated Samsung Push service to v.
- Updated FlipBoard (part of My Magazine add-on) to v.2.3.3
- Optimized the removal process of /data apps
- Moved lib file for the Geo Lookout add-on from the ROM to this Aroma add-on package
- Added Google Now en-us voice recognition files to the TTS add-on (removed them from the ROM)

- First version for the G900T
- All files based on the UVU1BNF6 firmware
- Same changes as the international version of this package (up to v.1.2.1)
- Added Android L Roboto system font option
- Added 3 different Emoji options
- Added option for international Samsung boot & shutdown animation screens

Download links for:

Aroma Add-on Package:

G900T version

(check the MD5 of your download before flashing)

Aroma Add-on Package V.1.3.6 for UVU1BNH5: (900,3 MB)



(thanks to Gabriël)

MD5: D3E573B81A0BDA2511886A7B9B03E25E

Modded Mail app (with Exchange security restrictions removed) FIX


If you like this rom, feel free to donate.
(use the Donate button in my signature)

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30th June 2014, 05:25 PM |#3  
mike28's Avatar
Senior Member
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First thanks sir downloading now
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30th June 2014, 05:30 PM |#4  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 45
I been on the International version for a couple of months and it has been my daily driver. Great ROM keep up the good work

Sent from my SM-G900T
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30th June 2014, 05:50 PM |#5  
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Looks promising! downloading now!

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30th June 2014, 06:23 PM |#6  
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T-Mobile, USA
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Welcome to the G900T section edgarf28.

Been using the G900F version since I can remember. Rock solid ROM and I love the flash-what-you-want approach. While this is a great ROM, I am one of the few who could careless about the T-Mobile specifics like VoLTE (no LTE or VoLTE here) and no signal issues so no need to pay T-Mobile (I pay each month to use their network, not mine) to use my own WiFi to make calls.

Anyone considering this should know that edgarf28 is very active in his threads, and very friendly. Again his ROMs are also very stable. I know T-Mobile specifics were most often requested and now those folks can have their fun. Thanks for doing this!
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30th June 2014, 06:44 PM |#7  
pottyvick's Avatar
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I have yet to trip my knox and flash a custom rom but this is very tempting...
30th June 2014, 07:14 PM |#8  
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Caught my attention. I love debated roms! I have to ask how is battery life??
30th June 2014, 08:02 PM |#9  
nkhater's Avatar
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I like what I am seeing, I going to give it a try

Sent from my SM-G900T using XDA Free mobile app
30th June 2014, 08:44 PM |#10  
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Anyone else having an issue when enabling hotspot you get a pop up saying setting has stopped?
30th June 2014, 09:10 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by zarbam

Anyone else having an issue when enabling hotspot you get a pop up saying setting has stopped?

Did you flash the "USA T-Mobile Carrier Apps" ?

It works for me on the G900F without T-Mobile Apps so that might not be the issue. I'll flash G900T and try it. I thought that wifi hotspot on G900T required a T-Mobile hotspot app?

edit: Just tested with the base install, this is indeed happening. I think G900T rom needs the T-Mobile Hotspot app. I don't think that is included with the addon package either.
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