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Framerates in various 3D games

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By snake2332, Senior Member on 8th November 2013, 12:45 AM
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I was wanting to gather some framerate readings from the TF701 in various games, mainly because some of the few games I've tried so far have less-than-stellar framerates. I haven't rooted my TF701 yet, so I can't use to get the exact framerates. I was wondering if anyone with root could help out and post some framerates that they get in some of the more popular games, mainly 3D ones. I will estimate the FPS of some games I have installed. It's not the best list of games. I believe my estimations to be pretty close, as I've always been an FPS-whore with FRAPS on my gaming PC's, so I can the difference between 20 fps and 25, or 30, or 45. Past 45 fps, I can't tell much difference. 45 is the magic number for me, but anything close to 30 fps is playable. GTA V is borderline for me since it drops to the lower 20's often, but it's still a fun game.

FYI, my TF701 is on official build 47, the latest firmware.

I want to compare framerates with my wife's Note 10.1 (2014) too, but for now I just have my rooted GalaxyS4 (1080p) with that FPS Meter app to compare with the TF701. The Note would be a better comparison obviously, so I'll try to update this tonight if I can sneak her Note away from her when she's not looking.
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne Felt like just under 30 fps, maybe down to 20 fps, but it felt like it needed a dead-zone for the gyro because driving straight was not smooth, shaky like the driver is having a seizure. My GS4 pulls 28 - 34 fps in the same tutorial and has the same shakiness to it, though not as noticeable since it's a smaller screen. I don't actually like this game very much tbh.
  • Block Story I maxed out the graphics with native resolution and it was still playable, probably 25 - 40 fps. I then cut the draw distances in half and it help a little bit, probably 30 - 45 fps. Once again, my GS4 was a little better, pulling 30 - 50 fps with maxed out graphics and no real difference when reducing draw distance to half of max. (FoV at 75, the default).
  • Dead On Arrival 2 (Tegra-optimized) Full resolution and max graphics quality results in low fps, maybe 20-ish, but on the 2nd-highest resolution setting and full graphics, it's pretty close to 30 fps.
  • Dead Trigger 2 felt nice, probably 35 - 60 fps in the very beginning of the gameplay and around 30 fps when you kill the first zombie. My GS4 runs Dead Trigger 2 at pretty much 60 fps pegged until you kill the first zombie, where it drops to 48 or 50 fps.
  • FIFA14 feels like 20 - 25 fps during penalty shooting. My GS4 gets 30 - 34 fps during penalty shooting.
  • IronMan 3 Ouch. The first sequence is pretty awful, maybe 5 fps, smoothing out a little but the gameplay is still under 15 fps, dropping to 7 or 8 fps when you fly by reflective things like tanker trucks. My GS4 on a different level gets 22 - 30 fps.
  • Minion Rush I don't really like this game but remembered it didn't run very well on my GS4, so I figured it would be interesting to see it on the TF701. It felt about the same, around 20 fps during gameplay. My GS4 might pull a few more FPS, but it always freezes for half a second every 5 seconds, so it's probably just a poor port of an iPhone game I'm guessing. Also, FPS Meter doesn't work in this game.

The graphics capability seems about on par with the SnapDragon600, but with a penalty from the higher resolution. I know my 3D score of 6500 in AnTuTu is a lot lower than, say, the Note 3 (and other S800-based devices) which gets 9500 at 1080p. The screen resolution might be playing a bigger role than I'd expect here, since 1080p = 2mp and WQXGA = 4mp, pushing twice the pixels is apparently hard to do for mobile GPU's. It feels like the TF701 needs to score 10000 to be able to play games smoothly at 2560x1600.

So naturally I'm a little disappointed. We need 30 fps for a good playable experience, and this tablet just isn't doing that right now. I may send my TF701 back for a refund, sadly, because a big reason of why I got this is for gaming. As it stands now, I'd rather play most games on my GS4.
8th November 2013, 08:03 AM |#2  
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I'm disappointed with 3d games as well. The hp slatebook with same processor but slightly lower res screen plays games buttery smooth.

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8th November 2013, 01:48 PM |#3  
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Compared to my TF700T from last year, games for me, are night and day. Especially Dead Trigger 2, MC4, NBA2k13, and Shadowgun Deadzone.

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8th November 2013, 08:20 PM |#4  
Originally Posted by xRevilatioNx

Compared to my TF700T from last year, games for me, are night and day. Especially Dead Trigger 2, MC4, NBA2k13, and Shadowgun Deadzone.

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Cool, I'll have to try a couple of those games. Dead Trigger 2 is definitely pretty smooth, though not as smooth as on my GS4 and Note 10.1.
I really wish I could use an on-screen FPS meter without rooting. I have my own Note 10.1 now to do comparisons with. I am loving the Note so far. The screen (color saturation, contrast, and overall brightness) is actually quite a bit better than the TF701's, which surprised me. Sorry, Asus, but I have to send the TF701 back to NewEgg. I could have overlooked a lot of these advantages but not 2D & 3D performance.

Here is a little comparison between the 2 tablets that I just typed up on another website:

TF701 advantages over the Note 10.1:
Price - $150 cheaper for 32GB model
Keyboard dock - The transformer dock is excellent with nothing comparable on other tablets.
Aluminum shell - If you prefer metal over plastic, this is a good thing.
Easy-to-unlock bootloader - The Note 10.1 is rootable but I haven't looked into it yet. Meanwhile, Asus gives you the bootloader unlocking tool, so it's easy as long as you don't mind voiding your warranty. Not really sure if this is such a great advantage honestly.

Note 10.1 advantages over TF701:
Faster 3D graphics - The TF701 is just a hair too slow for most of the games (under 25 fps in many games) I tried while the Note 10.1 is around 40% faster and is just fast enough for most of the games I tried (consistently over 30 fps).
Better Speakers - Stereo speakers > mono speaker. Also, edge-mounted > rear-mounted.
IR blaster - Handy for controlling home theater devices and other stuff.
Smaller & lighter - 45g lighter is less than 10%, but it's still noticeable. The short-edge bezels are about half the width of the TF701's, while the long-edge bezels are about 2/3rds the width.
Screen - It's brighter. Despite gsmarena claiming 755 nits from the TF701 (ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T review: Full throttle -, it is not quite as bright as the Note 10.1. With the TF701 using "outdoor mode" and set to 50% brightness, the Note 10.1 set to 50% brightness, the Note is WAY brighter. The TF701 is really dim at 50% and below for whatever reason. However, with both set to 100%, the difference is less noticeable, but the Note is still brighter. And the contrast levels are clearly better on the Note. And the Note screen is less reflective. On auto-brightness, the TF701 jumps around in brightness, which wouldn't bother me except it jumps too far and not in a smooth gradual way. Meanwhile, the Note has a smooth brightness change to it. Gorilla Glass 3 vs 2. Better color saturation and black-levels. Sorry TF701, you lost the screen battle handily. Not sure how GSMarena's TF701 was so bright. The one I have doesn't appear to hit 400 nits even.
RAM - 3GB vs 2GB
Camera - The Note snaps better pics than the TF701 in my fluorescently-lit office setting. I didn't take them outside to test. The TF701 pics were really grainy and smudgey, while the Note pics were not nearly as grainy and not smudgey at all. I was using default settings on each tablet, so auto-everything. The Note also takes pics faster when using burst. Plus it has a flash and 8MP versus no flash and 5MP. The MP don't really matter here since the 5MP pics (actually 4MP when doing 16:9) fit the tablet screen perfectly, so 5MP is enough for me.
Haptic feedback - TF701 has none, just like iPad. I miss it when typing especially, but also when gaming.
MicroUSB vs proprietary - I know a microUSB port wouldn't really work for the TF701 because of the docking needs, but they could have put a microUSB port elsewhere on the tablet for convenience. The Note has moved away from the proprietary port in favor of microUSB, which makes it more convenient to charge or transfer files since I have a dozen microUSB cables and chargers placed strategically around the house and in backpacks and whatnot.
S-Pen - Some find this to be a gimmick, but it can be pretty useful.
Multi-window - I know the Asus has some floating widgets that kind of act like multi-window, but it's not quite as useful. Granted, I might never utilize multi-window, but maybe I will.
Availability - The TF701 suddenly showed up on and on Monday this week. Best Buy isn't going to carry any TF701's in-store. Pretty sure Target and other box-stores won't carry it either, so good luck getting your hands on one prior to purchasing. Meanwhile the Note 10.1 is at all the stores. If the TF701 was at a store where I could have tested some 3D games, I would have known about the poor performance and wouldn't be paying restocking fees at newegg. Oh well.
9th November 2013, 12:11 PM |#5  
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Even on gfx benchmark it scores pretty low. My s4 gets 14 and my note 3 gets 24. Can you guys post your results with t-rex screen on C24Z16. Wondering how widespread it is.

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9th November 2013, 06:00 PM |#6  
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Any tried Dungeon Hunter 4 or Gun Bros 2? These are not playable on my tf700 no matter rom or settings I have tried.
I like my tf700 but most of the newer games are not playable and would like to upgrade. From comments stating laggy
to it works great case doubt on the new asus.
9th November 2013, 07:09 PM |#7  
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Just downloaded Gun Bros 2. and I must say, it's VERY addictive! It ran super fast and buttery smooth. Thanks for the heads up to add a new game to the repertoire!

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9th November 2013, 08:07 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by kromc5

Any tried Dungeon Hunter 4 or Gun Bros 2? These are not playable on my tf700 no matter rom or settings I have tried.
I like my tf700 but most of the newer games are not playable and would like to upgrade. From comments stating laggy
to it works great case doubt on the new asus.

If you have another device that can play it, back up the game apk with mybackup app. Then send the backed up app to your Gmail. Download it on the tf701 and install.
If you wanna know where the back up is stored, go to options in mybackup.

If history repeats itself, you may have to do this quite often as some games aren't compatible with asus series till later.

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12th November 2013, 07:44 PM |#9  
I feel like the Note 10.1 is the closest competition to the TF701, and I happen to have both in my possession right now so I'll post some screenshots from the Note with FPS Meter showing the FPS. Maybe someone with a rooted TF701 can post comparison screenshots. I basically just played the game for at least 1 minute to get an accurate reading for "avg fps".

Click thumbnail to go to the images page, then click zoom twice to see the full 2560x1600 image. The FPS Meter text is set to top-center and is visible in all the screenshots.

These results are from the Note 10.1 (2014) on rooted build P600. I want to see comparison screenshots from those of you with rooted TF701's.

GFXbench (14 fps, 770 frames):

Dead On Arrival 2 (23 fps @ max resolution and max graphics quality [this is the first TegraZone game I tried on the TF701 and at max settings it was unplayable, felt like maybe 10 fps, so I'd like to see actual FPS from someone on this "Tegra-optimized" game]):

Death Dome (50 fps)

Despicable Me
(30 fps) [this game sucks and takes forever to load and you have to wait for a long video]:

FIFA14 (32 fps)

(42fps with 75% draw distance & resolution, visual effects = high, and dynamic shadows = on)

GTA:VC (45 fps with 100% draw distance & resolution, visual effects = high, dynamic shadows = on)

Ironman 3
(31 fps):

Minecraft PE (51 fps on max settings):

Modern Combat 4
(37 fps):

NFL Pro 2013 (30 fps):

Plants vs Zombies 2 (21 fps @ map, 60 fps during gameplay of first level):

Real Soccer 13 (40 fps):

Reckless Racing (31 fps):

Riptide GP (56 fps):

ShadowGun (32fps):

Shine Runner
(51 fps):

Six Guns (29 fps):

Temple Run 2 (60 fps):

EDIT: Adding more benchmark results from the Note.....still waiting for some TF701 screenshots from rooted users

AnTuTu Open GL ES 2.0 benchmark (4377):

AnTuTu Open GL ES 3.0 benchmark (10824) I am curious about this one since Tegra4 doesn't fully support ES3.0 and since the TF701 just got Android 4.3 with ES3.0 support:

Base Mark:

Ice Storm lite (maxed out):

Ice Storm Extreme (8866):

GFXBench 2.7.2 (more results of various tests like Egypt HD, fill rate, onscreen vs offscreen, etc):

A1 SD Bench (set to "longer testing", using Samsung UHS-1 70/20-mb/sec microSD):
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19th November 2013, 02:09 PM |#10  
Flag Olmen
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I made a video showing some game performance: Click here!
The MOGA Pro controller makes it a very good gaming platform in my opinion!
If you want to see some more games in action please ask in video comments.
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19th November 2013, 10:45 PM |#11  
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I'm still seeing slight lower frame rate in dead trigger and ravensword. But not bad.

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