How to automatically dial calling card for long distance numbers

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By j0dan, Member on 6th July 2007, 01:36 AM
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After too much time spent hunting around I've found a reliable way to force all long distance calls to go through a calling card. I've tried Long Distance Dialer and Sunnysoft Calling Card with poor results and suffered with shoddy interfaces. With this method you can use whatever dialer you like.

I'm using this in Canada where we do NOT have national calling--so depending on your plan, your mileage may vary with my specific rules.

I'm using the program MagiCall by Mobiion Software.

Here's what my rules are:

1. Create a rule to bypass future rules for local calls. In the action menu choose "Normal" and "Do nothing".
We have 2 area codes that are "local" most of the time.
The * at the beginning allows prefixes like "1" or "+1" (they are detected differently).
The * at the end is just to make sure it allows automatic dialing of extensions, etc. Note that any numbers with a , and additional digits at the end DO NOT work through the calling card rule properly.

Technically a number like 011 (60) 4123-1234 could slip through, but highly unlikely if not impossible.


2. I create a separate rule for toll free as sometimes I'm outside of the 604 area code and all calls there will be long distance. When I leave 604 I disable the rule to bypass local calls. In BC we also have 310-???? numbers that are toll free.

The last 2 are for #CODE's, and "\**" is for things like *611. Note that you can't properly enter a \ with the symbol panel on the TyTN. Use a different SIP like Fitaly, or enter a few extra rules: "???, ????, ?????" to cover your bases.

3. Create a rule for your calling card.
Filter type: All
Operation: Change Number
Call to: 877CALLINGCARD,PIN#,{phone}

It turns out some calling cards don't accept any darn number like my home PBX which automatically reformats calls for the provider.

Here is how I've set it up for my new Pingo calling card which requires a 1 before each 10 digit number and a # at the end. I should warn you that the Pingo calling card does NOT work with my Telco's voicemail. Anything involving DTMF is hit and miss after they've passed on the call. I have 3 calling card rules:

1. 10 digit dialing - This rule will only take the last 10 digits of the number dialed and send them with a 1 at the beginning.
Filter: ???-???-????, 1???-???-????, +1???-???-????
Operation: Change Number
Call to: 888PINGO,12345678901234,1{phone}[0,+10]#

2. International Calling.
Filter: +*
Operation: Change Number
Call to: 888PINGO,12345678901234,011{phone}#

3. Catch All - This just assumes the number is formatted correctly. It's also in hope of catching all numbers to avoid calling LD. If you can think of any other number formats, please let me know.
Filter: All
Operation: Change Number
Call to: 888PINGO,12345678901234,{phone}#

Other tips:
* To enable or disable dialing with a calling card, open the rule and check or uncheck the "Enabled" box on the left.
* When I'm outside of my local calling area, I disable the rule to bypass local numbers. This way calls to back home go through the calling card as well.
* To move rules up and down, click and hold on a rule.
* To automatically enter your voicemail password no matter how it's dialed. (With my TyTN I can't add ,password to my voicemail # in settings).
* Create a rule that automatically adds your prefix in areas where 10 digit dialing is mandatory. Example rule: ???-???? to 604{phone}. Be careful though, because once it's hit a rule, it won't follow through to a calling card one.
* Create a rule that adds your voicemail password to the end of your VM # automatically. This way you can use your fixed speed dial #1 for it.
* If you hate getting SMS's for your voicemail on top of the regular notification. Add a rule to delete them. I use the rules +Voicemail and +Urgent.
* Here on Rogers Wireless we have e-mail to SMS, but unless you pay a monthly fee, you need to reply with "read" to read the message! Set a rule for SMS that matches the phone number +30500* and the filter +"You have mail from" +"please reply with". Action1: Delete, Action2: Send SMS To:{phone} Message:read
* Want to check SMS delivery reports, but not have to delete a popup each time? Set a rule to move all delivery notifications to deleted items, and tick "tray icon" on the Others tab.

Please post your results for others to learn from.
22nd July 2007, 12:45 PM |#2  
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Thank you. Very helpful. I am using the same product.
26th September 2007, 02:36 PM |#3  
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International calls with MagiCall
Here's what I did. Using my contact manager, MS Outlook, I assigned a category called International to all the contacts that would require for me to use my Calling Card. Then I created a Rule in MagiCall called 'Calling Card', Rule Type 'Phone Outbound', Filter 'Category', Categories 'International', Enabled. Then on 'Operation' tab: Action1 'Change Number', Call to: '13055035800,011{phone}[-1,0]#'

Explanation of Call to:
- 13055035800 is the number for Nexogy (Previously called Solollama), the LD call is cheaper than calling to the toll free number, plus my cell has plenty LD calls prepaid.
- , waits for the Nexogy server to pick up
- 011 is the international calling digit from North America
- {phone} places the Phone Number from the phone book
- [-1,0] strips the '+' sign at the beginning of my numbers. My numbers are formatted as +58-212-123-4567
- # is the end of number command for the Nexogy server, without it'll take an extra 2 or 3 seconds (an eternity!)

Regarding the password. My CC provider doesn't prompt for password when you've preset a your phone number on their website. Otherwise the Call To would look like: '13055035800,1234011{phone}[-1,0]#' being 1234 the password. If your provider needs more time to acknowledge the password, then you can try '13055035800,1234,011{phone}[-1,0]#'

The final number dialed will be: 13055035800(wait)1234(wait)011582121234567#

Hope this helps! If you find a software similar to PalmOS Takephone please let me know.
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