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Newbs guide to Herald modification *updated* 11/02/07

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By TylerC161, Senior Member on 3rd September 2007, 03:21 AM
Thread Deleted Email Thread
EDITS: 10/18/07 ADDED Wing OS's. In FAQ's Pt.2

Newbies Guide to Herald

Disclaimer: Please read ALL instructions listed for any item BEFORE actually following them. Make sure you have a good idea of what you're doing, and what you're supposed to be looking for. Im not responsible for any harm you may cause to your device following my steps. Anything I post here HAS worked on my Tmobile Wing and been tested.

Also, I have released a zip of everything needed to install a Touch IT OS. Check this thread here

I want to install a program, but dont know how to use .cab's
Its really easy.

1. Connect your computer to your device via USB
2. Explore your phones memory, and copy a downloaded .cab from the internet to your phone
3. RUN the .cab from your phone through the File Explorer
4. Whatever setup it is, it should complete, and it will delete the .cab afterwards to save space.

I want to backup my device:
Active Sync will back up your contacts, calendar, emails, notes, files and program data.

In addition, you can use PIMBackup for your Call Logs, Messages, Speed Dials, etc. and either Spb Backup or Sprite Backup for a full system backup (i.e. you won't have to reinstall all your apps as long as you restore to the same ROM you backed up from).

What are the different reset functions?
Soft reset - hit small circular reset button by volume slider(on wing) or bottom of phone (on Herald)
Hard reset - Press and hold both softkeys and press the soft reset button, continue to hold the softkeys til a prompt is brought up asking if you're sure you want to format. Press the call button to comfirm.
Enter bootloader - Press and hold the camera key, then press the soft reset button. Hold the camera button until the bootloader menu shows it. You will see 3 different gradient colors.

How Do I Install With NBH Method
View this video here:

I want to install touchflo, but I need more instructions:
Here are my steps I used to install touchflo:

1. Download which version of Touch IT you want. For the Last version made, here is the link:
2. Backup any information you wouldn't want to lose. Either backup to memory card or PC; your choice
3. At this point, You need to install the official RUU for your device, if you're already running the official RUU, then you need to hard reset your device. (Press and hold both soft keys and press reset button, continue to hold softkeys til screen displays to hard reset. Press the call button to continue). If you need to install the official RUU, continue to step 3a4Here is a list of uploaded RUUs
3a. Enter bootloader on your phone (Hold camera button and press reset, continue holding camera until a screen with 3 gradient colors shows up
3b. Connect your computer via USB to your ppc (Pocket PC)
3c. Run the RUU .exe from your hard drive, follow its simple onscreen instructions and click check boxes necessary to continue with the installation. This should take a few minutes, and you will more then likely see your screen flash and change things, this is normal, let it work. After a few minutes it will boot up and go into "automatic customization of your device", I continued this (screen alignment, tips, auto setup), and waited for my device to be totally ready for me to use.
4. Connect your device via USB to the PC and wait for activesync. If it automatically pulls up a profile for your phones sync, delete that profile. If it asks again to setup device for syncing items, click cancel. You will still be able to explore your phone and install devices without setting up the sync profile for your phone.
5. Make sure your phone is connected as a guest, if it is not, make sure it is. The method I used to do this was this zip file I ran "guest only" registration entry. (Make sure and run allow partnership registration after completing installation), but it should display as guest after the hard reset.
6. Copy aserg to your mobile device
7. Run aserg from your device
8. Soft reset (use stylus for button on side of wing, or on bottom of herald)
9. Go into your comm manager on your phone, and disable "phone". Basically enter flight mode so nothing can be sent to your phone during this process.
10. Once booted, its time to give it a shot. Make sure you're still connected as guest, and run !Upgrade_rom.bat from Touch_it folder on your PC
11. This will bring up a command prompt waiting for you to hit a key to begin, press any key
12. During this time it is installing, NEVER touch your phone or play with it in any matter. It may look as though the command prompt has gotten hung up at times, but leave it run until it completes (or fails). your phone will pop up a message saying "unknown status" or the likes, but dont close that window, like I said just leave it alone.
13. If you have no error messages in the command dialogue box then you're ready to hard reset your phone. (press both softkeys, and press reset, continue holding softkeys til you see a dialogue asking if its okay to restore settings, hit the call button to finish it)
14. Your device SHOULD boot normally, go through setup, and you should be golden.

If at any time there is an error during install, but you still let it complete, you might have a chance at it working. Hard reset it after completion (even with errors) just to see if it works. If it wont go past your Tmobile or HTC picture screen on bootup, then you have bricked your device. To UNbrick it, run steps 3a through 3c and reinstall the RUU.

If you get any errors, try and try again. Its proven working on several devices.

How do you enable the cube?
Start > Programs > TouchFlo > TF Settings

Here you can change how it operates, or turn it off.

Here are the ways to activate it

This image is not from the TouchIT but tom codons Black&Blue for the Artemis

I want to sync my outlook contacts, but activesync doesnt work!
I have found a workaround for this.

1. set up a windows live account (if you havnt already)
2. at the windows live homepage, import your contacts from outlook to your Live account
3. set up email via your Wing, on step 4 it will allow you to sync with Hotmail and Live
4. contacts should sync

This is a "quick fix" to the real problem not being able to sync. Using this method will store them all on your SIM, and make it Lastname, Firstname (annoying to me)

Changing the HTC home plugin clock colors
select your color:

HTC Home Clock Aqua Glow Thread
HTC Home Clock Eblue Glow Thread
HTC Home Clock Matrix Glow Thread
HTC Home Clock Purple Glow Thread
HTC Home Clock Red Glow Thread
HTC Home Clock Yellow Glow

For me, all I did was copy and paste these files to my windows directory and soft reset. It worked after that! Matrix FTW!

I enjoyed this guide and it helped me solve my problem/questions I had. Is there a place to donate?
I would be happy to accept donations

All donations can be sent via paypal to:
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3rd September 2007, 09:59 AM |#2  
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this would be interesting for me to
3rd September 2007, 10:03 AM |#3  
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FAQ'S Pt. 2

Are there more additional links to more Herald/Wing things?
Sure, check below, I will keep my list updated

Nyer78's "All You Need On Your Wing" Thread
Nyer78's "Slide2Unlock Walkthrough"
Dakrnguy4u's "Cab and Registry Tweak" Thread
Modaco's "Quick guide to pagepool changing" Thread
Nugift's "Some useful .cab files" Thread
Anichillus's HyperCore Kitchen Thread
Lots of cabs thread

On my wing, when I choose a custom background, the images appear washed out / bright; What is the fix for this?
To fix this, go to: Programs and open Pictures and Videos. Now go to the picture that you want to use as your background. Click and hold on the thumbnail with your stylus until a menu pops up, then select Set as Today Background. The next screen will let you set the transparency level of the image. Bring the level to 0% for no transparency, or 100% for invisible.

How do you use Quick Pagepool Changer?
Originally Posted by dryeyes1

Noobs guide written by a noob:

0.5 check how much initial memory u have by going start-> settings -> system -> memory
1. download page and extract to desktop. also download the other two cabs (enableRapi... and ASergpolicies) to be safe.
2. connect phone (wing) to PC via activesync. use USB to PC or bluetooth or whatever.
3. extract both downloaded cabs to desktop of pc (if they are zipped) and copy both to wing or phone.
3. run the cabs on the phone (they will be installed).
4. open page pool folder on PC and run backup.bat, then run the size u want (ex 6mb bat)
5. u will see a black CMD screen that opens for about 2 seconds and it will show about 4-6 lines spontaneously written.
6. soft reset/hard reset. (most say soft reset is enough).
7. confirm that now you have more memory.

ur done.!!!

thanks to OP and all for the help.

Some Actual User Questions

-What is an RUU and how do I know if I have the correct one?
A RUU is a rom that comes from HTC. Its the "official rom". If you're still stock, then you've already got the stock RUU. Though it wouldnt hurt switching to the official ones listed in the Herald Wiki before attempting to update your phone to a cooked rom.

-If I do this flash and screw something up, can I still use the phone to make/receive calls, and where's the step by step to get back to OEM?

To get back to OEM, you would need to reinstall a official RUU. If you read my guide, there are 3 steps in installing an official RUU.

-I'm currently using OmapClock for my overclocking, and TCMCP for media, will I loose these? Is there something better I should be using?
When you switch to a cooked rom, most of the time it has something like BatteryStatus included on it, which will let you overclock instead of using omapclock. As far as TCMCP, yes, you lose it, BUT, you should be able to reinstall it on the new rom you've loaded to your device. Though, I've never used TCMCP, I do currently use CorePlayer on my Wing. I like it a lot for playing movies. I have several full length movies on my SD card.

How can I get rid of the quick launch bar on the bottom of my screen?
Go into the registry editor, delete this key


Can I get rid of the "Contacts / Calendar" bar?

Dcino Bar is a great app to get rid of it. Simply place this app in your Windows/Startup folder, you can download it Here

How can I change the sliding sounds on my device?
View this thread Here

Is there some type of program that will manage my open tasks and or make my device more windows like?
I suggest you check out the thread Here

What ROMS are available for my wing?
Thanks goes to David for the links.
For the Wing, you have these options :

Touch-IT version 1
Touch-IT for The Wing Full and Lite Ed. ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

Touch-IT version 2
(updatet 14.oct) Touch-It Wing v.2.0 build 17938.0.3.1 ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

PDAVIET v4.17.07.14
TOUCHFLO v4.17.07.14 PDAVIET - For Wing's users only ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

T-Mobile Stock Rom w/ Touchflo
Here is a TMO Wing Original ROM with TouchFlo added ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

Is there any information on building a rom?
Check out this thread by ITJE Here
3rd September 2007, 10:32 AM |#4  
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That would be great. I was planning to make myself an easy-to use, full GUI featured kitchen for Herald, but so far I being lost in lots of threads and confused with many ways how to do things and what tools to use.
3rd September 2007, 03:36 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by TylerC161

Give me some time, Im building my knowledge base. Just installed Touchflo tonight, lots of things to still learn. Im slowly building a newb guide as I go, stay tuned.

i'm waiting for the guide thanks in advance
3rd September 2007, 05:10 PM |#6  
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Im at work all day (a wireless store) and seeing as its labor day I REALLY doubt I'll even have a single customer. During this time I will work on getting my first guide out
3rd September 2007, 05:51 PM |#7  
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First update is up
3rd September 2007, 08:06 PM |#8  
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This guide was a godsend, and worked for me on the first try.

Nice job Tyler
3rd September 2007, 08:33 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by buggzero

This guide was a godsend, and worked for me on the first try.

Nice job Tyler


Now if I could just figure out the Sync issue with touchflo and my computer.

Ive been trying TONS of different syncing programs to try to get this to work, lots of different methods, ect, nothing yet. (which really sucks, I want my phonebook!)
3rd September 2007, 08:59 PM |#10  
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Donate to Me
great initiative man. I'll link to this thread in my releases for the wing users.

Good work, great to see that ppl contribute rather then complainting. We need less of that, and more of the thing you do.

This kinda stuff is what makes a forum like this work, not flaming the chefs
3rd September 2007, 10:02 PM |#11  
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Thanks man!

I figure if I can take the time to figure it out, I mays well take the time to write it up so other people can too. That way it will help everyone. We dont hear the same questions over and over, and they newbies dont have to ask them!
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