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IPSMS reloaded (OpenSource) - ThreadedSMS over IP for Voipbuster, SMS77 amd SMSBug

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By skandler, Senior Member on 7th September 2007, 08:57 PM
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IPSMS is a tool for sending SMS via SMS77, SMSBug, Voipbuster(nonoh,sparvoip,voipstunt,webcall Direct,VoipWise,12voip,dialnow,justvoip etc.) and your cellular network provider

Download Link (v0.7.3): IPSMS_073.CAB
Download Link Rapidshare (v0.7.3):
Download Link Source-Code

Known bugs:
- Conversation feature doesn´t work when PIE isn´t the default browser
- "Firstname Lastname" view is sorted by Lastname

Open feature requests:
- popup menu for copy, paste and more
- use smiley graphics in conversations
- show delivery reports for SMSBUG
- more than two accounts for each provider
- abbreviation button set for each favorite
- send SMS to multiple numbers
- send SMS at a specific time
- long SMS for Voipbuster and SMSBug (split long message and send as many single SMS)
- show addional phones numbers from Outlook in IPSMS contact list

Version 0.7.3 - 19.12.2009
- source code released to the community, to add new features and fixing bugs

Version 0.7.3 - 27.06.2008
- fixed: misspelled provider entry for SMS77 in provider dropdown list

Version: 0.7.2 - 24.05.2008
- added: SMS payload indicator on main screen
- changed: minor UI changes on main screen (bigger chat button, smaller call button)

Version: 0.7.1 - 23.04.2008
- added: new multifunction buttons actions (SMS77 gateway status, Show log window, Show SMS counter, Refresh contaclist, check credits)

Version: 0.7.0 - 06.04.2008
- added: programmable multifunction buttons

Version: 0.6.4 - 25.03.2008
- added: SMS counter
- added: show remaining free contingent of SMS for network providers on main screen

Version: 0.6.3 - 20.03.2008
- fixed: conversation refreshes correctly when sending a message

Version: 0.6.2 - 16.03.2008
- fixed: alignment of controls in conversation

Version: 0.6.1 - 16.03.2008
- fixed: missing blank between firstname and lastname when using phonebook view "Outlook: Firstname Lastname"

Version: 0.6.0 - 16.03.2008
- added: functionality to initiate a voice call

Version: 0.5.7 - 16.03.2008
- fixed: conversation not updated correctly when "show conversation on incoming message" was activated

Version: 0.5.6 - 16.03.2008
- fixed: removed blank in contact dropdown list when contact only have a firstname or lastname

Version: 0.5.5 - 15.03.2008
- fixed: send button in conversations is back. It´s working now

Version: 0.5.4 - 15.03.2008
- removed: send button in conversations temporary removed, because it´s not working correct

Version: 0.5.3 - 12.03.2008
- fixed: small number strip issues fixed

Version: 0.5.2 - 12.03.2008
- added: option to strip first N numbers of mobile phone number before importing
- fixed: click with DPAD on "Show log window" not worked

Version: 0.5.1 - 10.03.2008
- added: jump directly to the end of a conversation when openend

Version: 0.5.0 - 09.03.2008
- added: Mortscript support
- added: link to jump to the end of a conversation (only available on completly new created conversations with version 0.5.0 and higher)
- added: option to reset contact selection after successful sent
- added: option to close conversation window when message is successful sent

Version: 0.4.7 - 02.03.2008
- added: option to autohide status message on successful sent
- changed: clear button changed to reset button (also deselects current favorite and selected contact)

Version: 0.4.6 - 26.02.2008
- added: "force" country code option

Version: 0.4.5 - 25.02.2008
- fixed: country code not saved to registry

Version: 0.4.4 - 24.02.2008
- fixed: favorite 7 not worked correctly

Version: 0.4.3 - 24.02.2008
- fixed: number format conversion dialog box on every start of IPSMS removed

Version: 0.4.2 - 23.02.2008
- fixed: send SMS with SMSBUG causes an error in certain circumstances (error -4)

Version: 0.4.1 - 23.02.2008
- added: option to disable international number format conversion function
- changed: international number format conversion changed from 00CCNNNNN to +CCNNNNN

Version: 0.4.0 - 23.02.2008
- added: Threaded SMS
- added: optional confirmation box on sending
- added: guery gateway status for SMS77
- fixed: bug removed in convert special chars during input function
- changed: favorites handling (favorites now linked to it´s dropdown contact entry)
- changed: hermled drivers removed
- change: hide IPSMS after send removed

Version: 0.3.2 - 06.02.2008
- added: strip "(", ")" and "-" chars when reading contacts from Outlook
- added: option to hide IPSMS automatically on successful sent

Version: 0.3.1 - 02.02.2008
- changed: auto hide log window when IPSMS is started
- changed: "show log window" in extra menu added

Version: 0.3.0 (Patch Level 1) - 02.02.2008
- fixed: send button was disabled

Version: 0.3.0 - 01.02.2008
- changed: verbose startup. IPSMS seems to load faster

Version: 0.2.9 - 28.01.2008
- changed: alter mobile number of a contact from the contact list

Version: 0.2.8 (Patch Level 2) - 27.01.2008
- fixed: IPSMS crashed on exit when using .NET CF3.5

Version: 0.2.8 (Patch Level 1) - 27.01.2008
- fixed: default favorite icons downsampled to 45x45 pixels. Memory consumption of IPSMS goes down from appr. 3MB to 650K

Version: 0.2.8 - 27.01.2008
- fixed: Voipbuster indicates an error message when adressee mobile is offline
- fixed: message input text field was cleared even when an error occurs on sending
- fixed: issue with converting special chars
- fixed: issue with SMS77 messageID
- fixed: selecting a contact from contact list doesn´t deactivate a selected favorite
- changed: menu for checking credits

Version: 0.2.7 (Patch Level 5) - 31.12.2007
- fixed: bug in routine for sending over network provider resolved
- fixed: closing inbox form after receiving a message jumped to today screen
- changes: some minor changes in log messages

Version: 0.2.7 (Patch Level 4) - 04.12.2007
- fixed: XML phonebook file now UTF-8 encoded. You can use umlauts and special chars from now on
- fixed: popup message box after successful sending removed

Version: 0.2.7 (Patch Level 3) - 03.12.2007
- fixed: reload outlook contacts when country code changed
- fixed: clear default provider when quick add a favorite
- fixed: default path for audio files on clean install was wrong

Version: 0.2.7 (Patch Level 2) - 02.12.2007
- fixed: clear favorites

Version: 0.2.7 (Patch Level 1) - 29.11.2007
- fixed: scrolling with D-PAD or scroll wheel in the contacts dropdown

Version: 0.2.7 - 28.11.2007
- added: assign a default provider for each favorite contact

Version: 0.2.6 (Patch Level 1) - 27.11.2007
- fixed: Pocket Outlook was disabled by default
- fixed: IPSMS crashed when contact added as favorite with double tap on the favorite icon

Version: 0.2.6 - 25.11.2007
- added: CAB Installer
- added: error handler to prevent IPSMS crashing
- added: detailed error description for SMS77
- added: disable Pocket Outlook SMS interception
- added: play audio file on incoming SMS
- added: enable/disable each sound event
- added: clear message input box on successful sent
- added: log window verbose level (0=never show, 1=show on errors, 2=show always)
- added: light up customized LEDs on incoming SMS (TyTN only)
- fixed: program crashed if no network was available or the provider settings was not set correctly
- fixed: screen design after startup on VGA devices not correct
- fixed: audiofile textbox was cleared if filedialog canceled
- changed: performance ipmrovements

Version: 0.2.5 - 03.11.2007
- fixed: program crahes after second received SMS and activated "show inbox folder when message arrived" option
- changed: outbox also uses the listview object
- changed: code optimizations to speedup main page

Version: 0.2.4 - 03.11.2007
- feature: switch between favorite 1-4 and 2-8 in landscape mode

Version: 0.2.2 - 01.11.2007
- feature: show incoming SMS
- feature: show/hide favorite names on main page
- fixed: message input fields losts focus when abbreviation button 2 pressed
- fixed: font size of message input box wasn´t saved
- changed: new set of standard favorite icons (thanks to Jojo Mendoza (*delekt) for permission.
- changed: small design change on favorite panel

Version: 0.2.1 - 29.10.2007
- feature: double tap on a fav icon in the main screen quickly sets your current selected contact as favorite
- feature: automatic design change, based on current used screen orientation (portrait, landscape) works now also on VGA devices

Version: 0.2.0 - 28.10.2007
- feature: optional caller id for SMS77

Version: 0.1.9 - 28.10.2007
- fixed: another fix for VGA devices

Version: 0.1.8 - 27.10.2007
- fixed: main page shown shrinked on VGA devices

Version: 0.1.7 - 24.10.2007
- fixed: program crahsed while startup

Version: 0.1.6 - 22.10.2007
- feature: custom favorite picture

Sven Kandler
7th September 2007, 09:56 PM |#2  
WIRO's Avatar
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well i like the idea verry much looking verry prommesing
will keep an eye on this thread ;)
7th September 2007, 10:02 PM |#3  
tom_codon's Avatar
Retired Moderator
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Originally Posted by skandler

I have picked up the idea of SMSoIP and have written a "small" app for sending SMS over the Internet.

Because the current version (v0.0.9) is not completely bug free, I will release a fixed public Version soon.

nice ..!
Keep your work skandler
7th September 2007, 11:04 PM |#4  
skandler's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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I think, I can release the public beta tomorrow (08.09.).
8th September 2007, 11:45 AM |#5  
skandler's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Ok, I have uploaded the program.
8th September 2007, 06:52 PM |#6  
vapor's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Philadelphia
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I am wondering if there is any difference between this program and SMSoIP such as smaller memory consumption or better integration?
9th September 2007, 02:22 PM |#7  
skandler's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Updated to v0.1.2
9th September 2007, 03:34 PM |#8  
Junior Member
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Thumbs up
i use the program since the first version and i sent a lot of sms with it.

its a great program!!!
9th September 2007, 03:43 PM |#9  
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colaborate with author of pocketCM?
Do you think there is a way to incorporate this programme into pocketcm? that way we have the beautiful interface of pocketcm and the super cheap sms of voipbuster or similar!

i also asked the author of pocketcm this question on his forum:,4117

just my 2cnts ;)
9th September 2007, 07:31 PM |#10  
casouzaj's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Valinhos, SP
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Donate to Me
A few requests !
Hi Skandler,

Congratulations and thanks for your application. It is even esier to use than Yoobe's SMSoIP, because you've made most of the data already prepopulated. However I have some requests for it to be perfect, IMHO:

1. I've seen that you remove the leading "0" found in national numbers, prior to inserting "00CC" (Country Code). All my contacts are stored in national format in my Contacts list, but we, brazilians, have to dial a 2-digit carrier code after the leading "0" (e.g. 0411987654321, where 41 is for TIM, 19 is the area code, and 87654321 is the mobile subscriber number), for what I have to edit the number prior to sending SMSs. Like Yoobe once did in his application, would it be possible for you to include a field somewhere for it to remove "n" dígits (3 in my case, including the leading "0"), when a national number is detected?

2. Could you make your application pick other fields in Contacts as well, like "Radio", "Company", etc., in order to allow it to send SMSs to the soft SMS providers out there?

3. You have provided one set of fields ("Username", "Password" and "From Num.") only for both "VoipBuster" and "VoipBusterPro" in your "Provider" tab. I know that both of them belong to the same company. However, in order to tune in the embedded Voip feature in my WM6 device, I have different accounts in both of them. Would it be possible for you to split them?

Well, even if you don't implement any of the above, your application is still very handy.
Thanks anyway.
Best regards,

9th September 2007, 07:52 PM |#11  
skandler's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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I will have a look to your requested features next week.
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