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[UPDATE April 3rd] WST v4.2.2 - Wizard Service Tool

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By mestrini, Senior Member on 12th September 2007, 03:07 AM
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Ok guys, here you have latest version of my tool

I decided to open a new thread because the original one was getting too big (my opinion at least) so if you want to know more about first versions then visit the old thread:

EDIT: (2008-04-03)
I know it's been a while but things kinda busy lately... but here you have released the latest update which includes the changes present in the log below.

Change log:
v4.2.2 (2008
-Added some "Device info" routine error checking;
-Replaced "Exit" button that was removed in last version (got too used to it);
-Fixed bugs with non-declared variables;
-Added possibility to try CID unlocking if IPL and SPL versions differ (IPL 1.xx & SPL >2.xx) due to failed downgrade (which has been proved to work HERE . Thanks Monktrump )
-Changed PagePool routine to allow editing value even if only one pattern is found (tested successfully in "Slim Edition v2.2" and "Snn Edition")

v4.2.1 (2007-10-10)
-Fixed User Area reading routine for G4 (size is different from G3);
-Fixed RADIO reading routine for G4 devices (thanks to itsme, once again);
-Fixed "Device Info" routine to display RADIO values for G4;
-Fixed "Device Info" HardSPL display info (wasn't showing values);
-Fixed "DOC has no value" bug;
-Fixed crash upon canceling 'device detection' routine;
-Removed "Exit" button because of above bug;

v4.2 (2007
-Changed the version's numbering system. WST is no longer beta as someone pointed out so i remove the leading '0';
-Added HardSPL detection (checks for the string "Olip") for G4 devices;
-Fixed User Area reading (partition handle recognition wasn't working for G4 devices);
-Added size and signature check to OS.nb files to be flashed (safer to write OS now!);
-Improved Write ROM routine to display the progression of OS and Ext_ROM zones writing (no more freez&wait);
-Fixed a bug in key index (CID) routine that caused errors in key#22;
-Fixed a bug that was leaving WST process running even after closing program in some occasions;
-Added a 10MB option to the Poolpage routine;

v0.4.1.0 (2007
-Fixed a bug in read/write ROM routines where a variable wasn't initialised properly and would crash program;
-Restored some commented code that prevented SPL check in CID unlocking routine (didn't check G4 nor G3 SPL 2.xx);
-Fixed IPL dump from memory to generate an exact copy of an original IPL;
-Added code to Extended_ROM option to COPY files to HDD (forgot to move code while porting functions);
-Improved 'PagePool' routine code (more time to read program messages);
-Added IPL version to "Device Info" routine;
-Added 'Check nk.nbf' routine (to know what chunks are in a nk.nbf)

v0.4.0.0 (2007
-Cleaned up some code and fixed a lot of errors resulting from new REXX interpreter version;
-WST is now PORTABLE, i.e, no longer requires the install of Reginald interpreter and doesn't write to registry;
-Replaced the log window (list control) with a text entry to allow selecting and copying the information;
-Added more info to "Device Info" feature: cleary states if it's a G3 or G4, shows date of SPL, shows name and -visibility status of extended_rom;
-Removed 'Repair IMEI' section and placed the button in 'General options' (works the same way as previous);
NOTICE: Thanks to itsme that updated his itsutils it's now possible to change IMEI in G3 without the need to downgrade to 1.xx and also on G4 CID unlocked!!!
-Eliminated the Extended_ROM window and moved the functions to the main script;
-Added 'Format ROM' option to ext_rom;
-Added a patching for the PagePool that doesn't rely on a fixed address (looks for pattern);
-Added option to read IPL from memory;
-Fixed the read SPL routine to detect G3 or G4 device (now produces a replica of the SPL.nb);
-Added an option to read ALL ROM sections at-once and also automatic file naming;
-Fixed an issue with files being saved with spaces in their names (pdocread limitation, though);


latest version ZIP already includes the windows DLL (msvcr71.dll) needed by Win2K and XP not up to date...

I had to remove version 4.2.2 from April 2nd to remove a debugging instruction i forgot and that was crashing WST.
I didn't change the version number so check if you have latest 4.2.2 from April 3rd!!!

EDIT2: (2008-04-12)
I removed v4.2.1 as the downloads kept increasing which i assume may be from external linking. This way people weren't getting the latest version
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12th September 2007, 03:07 AM |#2  
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reserved for pics
Pictures of features:

1- PagePool

You can use the button to change the page pool that will take effect after a soft reset. if you just want to check the value you simply cancel the procedure and nothing will be written to ROM

2 - Check DOC chip version (G3 or G4??)

Select the "Device Info" button and wait for program to finish. Once finished check SPL version and the info about the Gx generation of your device.

3 - Check CID lock status

Use the "CID Actions" button and then the "Read CID block" from the drop down list (selected by default)

Once finished you'll be presented with the CID value (referring to the service provider code) and the corresponding status (unlocked in this case)

12th September 2007, 04:43 AM |#3  
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Thanks mestrini!
It is fully working now without any problem.
12th September 2007, 09:35 AM |#4  
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Thanks Mestrini !
12th September 2007, 11:05 AM |#5  
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Great tool you got there man. Congrats !

Please read this post...can your tool read the build number wrong ?
12th September 2007, 11:19 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by anichillus

Great tool you got there man. Congrats !

Please read this post...can your tool read the build number wrong ?

Yes, it sure is possible because my tool grabs some some .dsm files from the \Windows folder and reads the build values present inside. I guess that not all the .dsm files have the build updated or are used from older builds. It's done this way because some kitchen builder (can't recall who) directed me that way.

Now if anyone knows a 'safer' way or a specific .dsm file that has the most recent build value i'll update my tool.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback m8s
12th September 2007, 11:26 AM |#7  
Blackburn, Lancs
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Am I missing something?
I'm planning to load WM6 on my Wizard (T-Mobile MDA Vario II) but wary of bricking it, so when I came across references to WST I was very pleased. I'm hoping it will let me take a backup of the existing ROM that I can reload if my attempts at a WM6 install fail.

I downloaded WST and read the readme.txt file. I ran the installer, checked my Wizard is connected via USB and ActiveSync is happy. All is good so I fire up WST.

It looks great - very neat and no confusing stuff in the UI. Well done!

I note the bit about needing to enable RAPI stuff before anything else, so that's what I do. The tool seems to connect and run the cabs and then completes without reporting any problems, but then if I try any other option I get a message telling me a device was detected but one (or both) of RAPI
Communications and Applications Policy isn't enabled.

Do I need to do something else before I can use this tool?

Can I enable RAPI maually outside of the tool before I begin?
12th September 2007, 11:33 AM |#8  
mestrini's Avatar
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That is strange. Have you tried closing WST and then open it again? That's the problem of most cooked ROMs nowadays that are already RAPI enabled and it's possible to let something pass by when writing that procedure.
12th September 2007, 01:06 PM |#9  
Blackburn, Lancs
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That is strange. Have you tried closing WST and then open it again? That's the problem of most cooked ROMs nowadays that are already RAPI enabled and it's possible to let something pass by when writing that procedure.

I tried that. My current ROM is not cooked. It's the one shipped by T-Mobile (I'm scared of breaking anything so I want to take a backup of this ROM before I try swapping it out for WM6).

Since then I've also done a soft reset on the Wizard and a reboot on my PC (Win XP Pro) but I get the same problem

There doesn't seem to be anything in the options or setup within the device to enable RAPI or unsigned apps. Do I need a registry editor too?

Just in case it's significant:
ROM version is WWE
ROM date is 3/9/06
Radio version is 02.19.11
Protocol version is
ExtROM version is

Thanks for supporting WST - this is great!
12th September 2007, 01:13 PM |#10  
Blackburn, Lancs
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Smile Sorted!
I copied the .cab files from the WST folder (created when I installed WST) on to my Wizard and ran them from the Wizard UI.

Now WST can talk to my device! Yayy!
12th September 2007, 01:25 PM |#11  
Blackburn, Lancs
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Unhappy Yes I am missing something.
When I read the original messages I misunderstood the purpose of WST. I got the idea that I'd be able to copy my current ROM as a backup before I started fiddling (loading WM6).

Having got WST to talk to my device I now find I was mistaken. There doesn't seem to be the option of capturing the whole ROM for use as a backup, so I'm no nearer (except I do have a neat way to interrogate my device now - that's cool!)

So, what do other people do about safeguarding their original setup - or at least making sure they will be able to reload an official ROM if necessary - before trying new ROMs?

Am I just being over-cautious? Does everyone just jump in without thinking about a safety net?
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