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(20 February 2008) S2U2 v0.99p - beyond the basic

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By A_C, Senior Member on 19th December 2007, 04:07 PM
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Just a minor update of S2U2 to v0.99p... (pls note the on-screen version no is still v0.99)

- added support to S2P (Slide2Play) - does not suspend the system when S2P is running.
- fixed a possible system hang up when an incoming call arrives after the device has been sleept for a long while.
- some minor bugs fixed.

CAB files (Thanks Xenpain for hosting the file)

Language Pack (Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish & Turkish) Most of them are still not completed yet. Read the LangReadme.txt for the changes. Please let me know if you can complete them.

Clock Pack

For details, as usual, please read the Readme file or the next post.
Besides, please read the README FIRST, especially the Known limitations & FAQs before posting your questions here.

Finally, to show your appreciation, pls CLICK HERE to make a donation.

Thanks all for your quick notice about the memory leak of v0.99. It's fixed and updated as v0.99c...

- fixed the memory leak introduced by v0.99.
- in sync with S2V v0.32.

Just another fine tuned verions v0.99...

- added the connection icon.
- added a default unknown caller pic (to disable it, delete the unknown.png under \GFX\).
- the ExceptionEXE0-9 only effective when the exception application is running in the foreground.
- larger weather icon can be used.
- DPAD will be enabled when it's running on a Smartphone.
- better memory management.
- in sync with S2V v0.30.
- some minor bugs fixed.

Just another bug fix release v0.98...

- fixed the malfunction of ExceptionEXE4-9 again.
- fixed the Landscape blank screen issue on some devices.
- fixed some graphics displacements for VGA devices.
- in sync with S2V v0.20.
- some minor bugs fixed.


It's now v0.97, mainly a bug fix release...

- speeded up the GIF loading a little.
- fixed the issue with Pocket Weather 2.0.
- fixed the malfunction of ExceptionEXE4-9.
- fixed the "unknown" caller issue on some devices.
- fixed the issue with devices that have Landscape orientation as default.
- changed the "Blank Screen" codes with higher compatibility.
- added pressing End key to close "s2u2 Settings".
- changed the scrolling hehaviour of "s2u2 Settings" a little.
- some bugs fixed.


Have you finished your testing with S2U2? Another one is coming... v0.96...

- added option GifEndless to allow endless playback of GIF wallpaper (be warned to charge your device).

- added option not to override the animation speed of GIF wallpaper by turning off the GifSpeed.
(I really like this rat...

- hard coded some devices not to use DirectDraw. If your device's screen goes black after DirectDraw is enabled, follow these steps:
1. pretend there is a slider on the screen; try to slide to unlock
2. stop iLock2
3. there is a iLock2.log file created under the S2U2 installed path (e.g. \Program Files\S2U2\); post it to the xda forum, I'll black list this device not to use DirectDraw in the next release
4. edit the registry; go to \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2; set DirectDraw to 0
5. run iLock2 & S2U2

- fixed the GIF playback will continue after the device wakes up.

- fixed the issue of showing blurred over-sized Wallpapers.

- fixed when S2A is enabled, the Answer key was not locked on some devices.

- fixed sometimes the weather info would not be updated for HTC Weather.

- changed some wordings of "s2u2 Settings.exe".

- some bugs fixed.

Hey guys, (19-12-2007)

It's almost a month after the last update of S2U2. Take a deep breath & enjoy this early Christmas joy...

- added GIF format support to Wallpapers; with option GifSpeed to control the animation speed. (there is no GIF file included in the CAB file as I don't want to get into any copyright trouble)

- added option to select a directory for S2U2 to change the wallpapers (*.jpg) automatically; with option to control the changing period & change them randomly.

- added support to display over-sized Wallpapers.

- added option to change the font of the Clock (clock\, clockH\ or clockHS\).

- added option to display an Analog Clock (clockA\).

(From left to right: clockH\, clockHS\ & clockA\)

- added ARGB PNG format support to all graphics files.

- added ShowWeather to retrieve today's weather forecast from other weather applications. For UserWeather, you have to manually update the registry key UserWeather (STRING) under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2. The format is "icon|index|high temp|low temp" where icon is S, P or W.

- added SIM card support to CallerID.

- added option S2AEndKey to enable/disable the End key when S2A is activated.

- added option NoSoftKey to hide all soft buttons. But how to UNLOCK? Press the RIGHT-DPAD.

- added option TopCurtain to enable/disable the display of the topbar.png.

- added the BT headset status icon.

- added an Exceptional applications list that when these applications are running, S2U2 will not start automatically. (Edit the Registry, under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2, add a key ExceptionEXE0 (STRING) with the name of the application (e.g. iexplore.exe). A total of 10 (0-9) ExceptionEXE can be added. Then restart iLock2.)

- fixed the issue that DirectDraw could not be used when the device is in Landscape.

- fixed the issue when S2A is enable, the BT headset button did not work.

- fixed the issue when "Password/Pin Lock" or "Owner Information" are enabled.

- changed some wordings of "s2u2 Settings.exe"

- some bugs fixed

I'm quite excited about this release. Not only because a lot of features are added, it now can read ARGB PNG format graphic files. Meaning that you can tailor S2U2 even further through different level of opacities, and I'm expecting more themes from you guys in the near future.

Merry Christmas!
19th December 2007, 04:08 PM |#2  
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Readme First
- If you have Slide2Unlock installed, please uninstall it first & then soft-reset.

- After installation, there are 3 shortcuts created under \Program Files\S2U2:
iLock2.lnk - start/stop ilock2.exe (on the 1st run, it runs silently in the background; on the 2nd run, it closes iLock2 & S2U2)
s2u2.lnk - manually start S2U2 (be sure iLock2 is running in the background, otherwise the Battery status will not be updated).
s2u2 Settings.lnk - change the settings of S2U2.

- A shortcut for iLock2.exe is created automatically under "\Windows\StartUp" as well.

- Installation on Storage Card is not recommended for the sake of stability.

- For hi-res devices, d/l the S2U2ClockPack.rar & follow the steps in the ClockReadme.txt. Otherwise the clock will be shown as half-sized.

- For additional clock fonts, d/l the S2U2ClockPack.rar & follow the steps in the ClockReadme.txt.

- For non-English devices, d/l the S2U2LanguagePack.rar; extract your language's ini file; rename it to lang.ini; copy to the S2U2 installed folder; restart iLock2.

Configuration: (in the Registry under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2. Please remember to RESTART iLock2 after any registry settings changed, otherwise it won't work):
- Use the "s2u2 Settings.exe" to change the settings.

- Through the lang.ini, the default values of DateFormat, TimeFormat, AppointmentTimeFormat, PhoneNoFormat, Wallpaper(Protrait & Landscape) & ClockPath can be customised. They are s_DefaultDateFormat, s_DefaultTimeFormat, s_DefaultAptTimeFormat, s_DefaultPhoneNoFormat, s_DefaultWallpaper(L) & s_DefaultClockPath.

- For advanced users, you can edit the registry directly. The default values are added on the first run of iLock2:
DateFormat=dddd', 'd MMMM

- All files under \GFX\ can be modified. To keep the transparent effect of some graphics, the top left corner pixel must be the transparent color; or use the ARGB PNG format.

Command Switch of iLock2:
iLock2.exe accepts the following command switches:
-slide to start/invoke S2U2
-nomsg to not to show any message even it closes itself & S2U2
-refresh to reload the registry settings & restart S2U2
-reset to reset the unread counts of SMS, MMS, email & vmail

Known limitations & FAQs:
Q. Do I have to install the old version before using this version?
A. No.

Q. How to use the .RAR file?
A. Use WINRAR to extract it.

Q. How to use the .CAB file?

Q. My device shows a blank/black screen when run S2U2 or "s2u2 Settings"?
A. It's not compatible with S2U2. It's a h/w problem. Try to turn ON or OFF the DirectDraw option:
1. stop iLock2
2. edit the registry, under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2, find the key DirectDraw
3. set it to 0 or 1 (depending on which mode it doesn't work, set an opposite value)
4. start iLock2 & S2U2

Q. How to change wallpaper?
A. Create a jpg file with resolution the same as your device (QVGA is 240 x 320; VGA is 480 x 640); rename it to "wallpaper.jpg"; copy it to the gfx folder (default is \program files\s2u2\gfx\); restart iLock2. And the file "wallpaperL.jpg" is for the Landscape mode.

Q. How to edit the registry?
A. You need 3rd party software like "Task Manager" & "Total Commander". Try to google them & they are very user friendly apps.

Q. After changing the registry settings, iLock2/S2U2 do not behave as instructed??
A. Pls RESTART iLock2 after any registry settings is made.

Q. S2U2 always run unexpectedly?
A. Try to disable the IdleStart.

Q. S2U2 does not start automatically?
A. Check if there is any applications which are included in the ExceptionEXE list are running in the foreground.

Q. S2U2 consumes a lot of power?!
A. Make sure there is no music player s/w running in the background.

Q. If "Password/Pin Lock" or "Owner Information" are enabled to display at wake up, S2U2 may go ALL BLACK?!
A. Tap the screen to refresh the screen.

Q. When system notifications come in (e.g. SMS, email or alarm...), S2U2 will be unlocked with a black background?!
A. Yes, otherwise you will not be notified. But S2U2 will reappear after these notifications are dismissed.

Q. S2U2 shows the wrong no. of unread SMS/MMS/email/vmail?!
A. It's a device specific problem. You may reset these counts by:
1. stop iLock2
2. run iLock2 -reset
3. start iLock2

Q. My device's special Keys are not blocked by S2U2?! (e.g. HTC Touch, the camera key on some devices...)
A. This is a device specific problem that cannot be resolved.

Q. The quality of the CallerID pic is so bad even the original photo is in high quality?!
A. DO NOT use the system contact to add photo to a contact. Use S2V or PocketCM to do so.

Q. How to mute an incoming call when CallerID is enable?
A. PRESS the volume up/down keys.

Q. After soft-reset, the first call's callerID is not shown sometimes?
A. It's an OS issue, no solution yet.

Q. How to restore the system caller tab?
A. Set CallerID to 0 or uninstall S2U2, then soft-reset.

Q. Even CallerID is enabled, the system callerid is still there when a call is incoming?!
A. That's a device specific problem that is no solution yet. DO NOT enable the CallerID then.

Q. What is S2AEndKey?
A. When S2A is enabled & the screen is locked, the only way to reject an incoming call is by pressing the Power button. But if S2AEndKey is turned on, you may reject a call by pressing the End key as well.

Q. Some keys are not blocked?
A. Please check if you have installed any key mapping s/w that will break S2U2.

Q. My device shows a blank/black screen on start?
A. It's not compatible with S2U2. It's a h/w problem. Try to turn ON or OFF the DirectDraw option:
1. stop iLock2
2. edit the registry, under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2, find the key DirectDraw
3. set it to 0 or 1 (depending on which mode it doesn't work, set an opposite value)
4. start iLock2 & S2U2

Q. Some of my device's background jobs (like email sync or bluetooth connection) stopped unexpectedly when S2U2 is running?
A. Try to enable NoPowerSuspend.

Q. Some of my scheduled tasks did not run as schedule, but it'll start when manually turn on the device?
A. Try to set OffLCD longer (17 seconds or more) or add it to the ExceptionEXE list as below.

Q. How to configure S2U2 not start when some applications are running?
A. Edit the Registry, under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2, add key ExceptionEXE0 (STRING) with the name of the application (e.g. iexplore.exe). A total of 10 (0-9) ExceptionEXE can be added. Then restart iLock2.

Q. My GIF file does not shown?
A. Currently, there seems to be a limitation to the size of the GIF file. Sometimes, even your device has enough free RAM, it still cannot be shown. Recommended to reduce the dimension (not the file size) & no. of frames of the GIF, then try again.

Q. The GIF animation stopped after a certain period?
A. Turn on the GifEndless option.

Q. I've set up a folder of GIF files & set the Wallpaper point to that folder, but S2U2 shows nothing?
A. Wallpaper(L) folder only supports JPG files.

Q. When ShowWeather set to HTC Weather, it does not show any icon?
A. You're probably running a custom-made HTC Home plugin. Try to figure out where the plugin is installed (e.g. \HTCHome\), then copy all HH_Weather_XXsmall.png files to \Windows\. Restart iLock2.

Q. There is no registry key called UserWeather in my device?
A. Create it (as STRING) by yourself.

Q. How to make use of UserWeather?
A. You have to manually update the registry key UserWeather (STRING) under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2. The format is "icon|index|high temp|low temp" where icon is S, P or W (Spb Weather, Pocket Weather or Weather Panel).
Schettj has created a MortScript to update it through Yahoo's weather, details at

Q. Why there is no current weather info shown?
A. Because S2U2 only shows TODAY's FORECAST info from other weather applications.

Q. When getting temperature (in Celsius) from HTC, there is always 1 degree discrepancy?
A. That's the bug of HTC when converting the readings from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

- NOT Compatible s/w: AEButton Plus, RealVGA

Special Thanks:
- Forum fellows at xda-developers ( Thank you for your testings, comments, supports & patience.
19th December 2007, 04:18 PM |#3  
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I can't wait to test it, too.

Very good job, A_C!

19th December 2007, 04:18 PM |#4  
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bergen county, NJ / Bushkill, PA
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DUDE THIS IS AWESOME!!!! testing now...
19th December 2007, 04:20 PM |#5  
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nice Christmas present indeed...
what an evolution.
19th December 2007, 04:20 PM |#6  
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Donate to Me
Great many thanks, mate... very good job
19th December 2007, 04:23 PM |#7  
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Wow, it's great to hear from you again!

Tnx, for this xmas gift!
19th December 2007, 04:34 PM |#8  
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Thanks ..... Great Work brother
19th December 2007, 04:34 PM |#9  
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I stopped checking the v0.86 thread hoping that there'll not be smthhng new. But here ur with a new version.
19th December 2007, 04:39 PM |#10  
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bergen county, NJ / Bushkill, PA
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works great it totally kicks ass!!! it uses my sbsh weather to put the waether up on the front as well... great work!!!

anyone know where we can find some good .gif that are 240x320
19th December 2007, 04:41 PM |#11  
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Can you explain me, what S2AEndKey does?
I expected, that it makes that the red phone button has no function while S2U2 is running.
I tried it with holding the button. Usually this should disconnect the GPRS connection. It doesn't matter, what value it has (1 or 0) but the button disconntects GPRS all the time.
Has the S2AEndKey an other function or did something went wrong?

Anyway this is a nice update. THX!
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