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A Herald's Guide to Flashing Aserg, USPL and HARD-SPL

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By ivanmmj, Retired Moderator on 11th January 2008, 11:37 PM
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Welcome Herald users. I'm sure that by now you have seen people talk of ROMs and have seen the screenshots to some exciting things. Today we will discussing what these ROMs are, the formats they come in, and finally how to flash them into your phone. I'll be providing screenshots later.

Table of Contents
  1. What is a ROM?
    1. Definitions you NEED to know.
    2. Tools you need.
  2. How do I flash an NBH file?
    1. USPL
    2. HardSPL
  3. How do I flash a os.nb file?
  4. FAQ
  5. Mirrors

I: What is a ROM?

A ROM is a custom made version of the phone's Firmware. Think of it as a cutomised version of windows, with updates, changes and programs that you want with none of the stuff that the providers force down your throat. Usually, these ROMs are much faster.
Click here for more info. This thread does not have an updated list of ROMs but it gives you a little more "welcome" info.

Types of ROMs:
There are two formats that you can find ROMs in:
1. NBH
2. os.nb

The NBH is a file that flashes similarly to the official ROM as it is in the same exact format. The os.nb files are used in a "backdoor" in order to flash the phone when you don't have the ability to flash an NBH file. I'll explain why.

An NBH file has to be digitally signed by your provider in order for you to be able to flash it into your device. Luckily enough, some very smart people here have figured out a way to use a hacked bootloader to bypass this and allow us to flash these NBH files even if they aren't properly signed. More on this later.
  1. Definitions you NEED to know.
    • RAR: A rar file is a compressed file. It can contain many other files. We use them because they make the files much smaller when you want to send them over the internet.
    • ZIP: A zip file is just like the above.
    • Guest Mode: What do you mean by GUEST MODE? Guest mode in Activesync is when you do not have the device paired with your computer. You plug it in and it asks you to setup a sync instead of syncing automatically.
  2. Programs you need.
    • WinRAR, 7-ZIP or another program able to handle both RAR and ZIP files.
    • ActiveSync if you have WindowsXP.

Enough learning, let's go ahead and dive into our first flash.

Warning: Follow these steps. All of them. If you do, it will work. If you misread or miss a step or skip a step because you are hurrying through the process, it WILL brick your phone. Flashing is a relatively simple process but it requires patience. If you don't have the time to read all of the directions and follow them to the letter, you DO NOT HAVE TIME TO FLASH.

II. How do I flash an NBH file?

Warning: To use the NBH ways, you MUST have a SPL of 4.0 or higher. If you have a lower SPL, you WILL brick your phone.


Step 1. Download Herald-USPL-Beta3.

Step 2. UnZIP the file into a folder on your Desktop. Let's call it "MyFirstROM" for simplicity's sake. Notice that there is a folder called RUU within this folder now. Keep that in mind.

Step 3. Download your NBH file and unZIP or unRAR it into that RUU folder. Make sure that that NBH file ends up in the RUU folder, not within a folder inside the RUU folder.

Step 4. Place your phone into flightmode.

Step 5. Go back to the MyFirstROM folder and then run USPL.exe

Step 6. Follow the directions on the screen. EXACTLY.
  • Your screen on your cell phone will go white around the 75% part of the "second step" now.
  • ActiveSync will LOOSE its connection.
Step 7. One step 3 on that black window, the RUU flasher will pop up. Just follow the steps.

That's it. :) Welcome to the flasher's world.

b. HardSPL

If the ROM comes with JUST an NBH file, then follow these directions. If the ROM comes with all the flasher files, just skip run the program.

Step 1. Download the RUU.

Step 2. UnZIP the file into a folder on your Desktop. Let's call it "MyFirstROM" for simplicity's sake.

Step 3. Download your NBH file and unZIP or unRAR it into the RUU folder.

Step 4. Run the RUU flasher. Follow the steps that pop up on the screen.

III. How do I flash a os.nb file?

Step 1. Copy Aserg's Policies unto the phone.

Step 2. Run Aserg's Policies from within the phone.

Step 3. POWER CYCLE the phone. (Press and hold the power button, NOT the softreset button.)

Step 4. Place the phone into flight mode (or just kill the phone radio within your comm manager if you're using the stock comm manager.) Do this AFTER you have power cycled the mode. NOT before. Sometimes it reverts back to normal if you do it before you power cycle.

Step 5. Run the !Upgrade_rom.bat.
  • Wait, do NOT press ANYTHING on the phone, even that error that WILL pop up.
  • When it tells you it's done, if it doesn't give you any errors:
Step 6. Hard reset by holding the two soft keys and pressing the softreset key, then pressing the send key.

These are the directions. Follow them to a "t" and it WILL work if you're using a ROM that corresponds to your device.

If you missed a step, use my Official How to Unbrick a Phone thread to unbrick your phone.

If you have any questions, you did not read the directions well enough. Read them again. Breathe them. See them in your sleep.

If you still think you have a valid question, then ask away. I will be merciful... as long as you read the directions. lol

Q: My !Upgrade_rom.bat runs REALLLLY quickly and I get errors.
A: The problem is in the computer. Make sure you have ALL the files you need in the folder, not just the batch file and the os.nb. Make sure you're not running it from WITHIN the compressed "folder." I'll write up a list of files needed later.

V. Mirror:
HardSPL RUU (contains only RUU for flashing AFTER Hard-SPL)

Please do not reply to this post.
11th January 2008, 11:54 PM |#2  
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Thanks for writing.

I will stick this and close the thread in order to keep it clean!

If someone doesn´t understand it - even after reading this all - please start a new thread.

And again some hints:

1. Read ALL threads from the beginning!

2. Don´t ask in RomRelease threads how to "Hard-SPL" or "How to..."

-- Please keep Rom release threads clean for question related to the ROM.


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