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Very clean and stable WM6.5 roms for HP 6828 WWE 20100218 update 30/6.1 M2D V3.1

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By helloworld1, Senior Member on 19th January 2008, 01:10 PM
Thread Deleted Email Thread
WARNING: ROM Updating is NOT without risks. Please read the instructions carefully!

I haven't expected my ROMs will still frerquently updated today. I want to thank all of you who help me. You can donate me if you like my rom. Even $0.02 will satisfy me and encourage me to further support the rom.

Bepe for great tools. wuqiyu007 for porting XIP part. Garmin for great tutorials. abusalza for useful reference ROM. Homer285 for useful reference ROM. l3v5y's for great oem packages.
All people who help me testing this rom especially hochengsoon, kusanagi, slys3171989 and edywanwan.
ogel2, Tabbe and ronalddo for testing the atom rom.
Special Thank to BesFen, he helps me making an Manila 2D enabled new ROM and give me many good suggestions.

Rom Selection Guide:

There are so many ROMs on my thread that the new comers can hardly find which one fit their needs. This section will describe each ROM concisely and state my suggestion.

->If you want a stable ROM with Chinese support:
The main series of "clean and stable" ROM will fit you best. This ROM is also well supported by me and the stability is evaluated by time. I recommend you the b221 ROM.

->If you want to try something new and bleeding edge versions
The WP 6.5 series ROM fit you best.

->If you want to try Manila 2D enabled ROM:
There are 2 versions: Jade version and Besfen version. I do not support the Jade version very well due to time limitation. Besfen version is newer and supported by him. I think you can try Besfen's version first.

->If you want to make your own customization:
Try my kitchen. It is supported by me and you can ask questions about it.

->If you want ROMs of other languages:
There are CHS, CHT, GER versions.But they are unsupported and a little old. The stability is OK.

->If you want Atom ROM:
THere are Atom-R2 Rom here. But it is not supported. You can try it.

HP6828 Clean and Stable WM6.1 WWE rom:
The rom have Jade's kernel and kaiser's system as the base. The pagepool is 6M for stability as well as performance.
If you want to know what is good about Windows Mobile 6.1 comparing to 6.0, you can read this small PDF file:

HP 6828 Clean and Stable WWE ROM:

Features of this rom :
1. Almost the same as the MS's Emulator's stable ROM.
2. Add some of O2 and HP's OEM apps like camera and wireless manager.
3. The HP's driver mixed with other enhancement.

Known bugs of this rom :
1. The Bluetooth PAN is not working at all. I include Bluetooth DUN support as a workaround.
2. In a very very rare case wi-fi will be on after reset.
3. Battery life is slightly shorter but better performance. A patch is needed to get longer battery life. (Download patch from the second thread or use Schap's Advanced Configuration tool).
4. The sound volume is a little low. SRS WOW HD will increase the volume dramatically.
5. The Bluetooth A2DP auto connection is working but one need to turn the device's BT on first then headset's or it will not work.
6. MMS program can not capture pictures and video.
7. Ipaq audio's headset ability will be disabled when powered off then on. Click on the slide will activate it.
8. Can not copy SMS to SIM card.(Thanks whtwww for notifying me the bug)
9. The screen may shift after flashing the ROM. Workaround: Do a soft reset on the welcome screen and then recalibrate the screen.
10. Bluetooth problem in WM 6.5 ROMs.

Update 20: 20081012,b189
1. SYS: Brand new 19971 system bringing many new changes from M$'s newer stable system. Visible changes are "close icon", "alarm setting", "menu font size". There are also many internal changes.
2. SYS: Memory management imporved.
3. OEM: Bluetooth BPP removed. As it consume memory and ROM space but not useful.

Update 21: 20081028,b196
1. SYS: Re-porting the 19971 XIP. It will be more stable. The shifted screen problem seems to be fixed. Memory will go down slower overtime. (This is a minor update without registry. You can restore backup from previous update)
2. OEM: Remove "Activesync mode". It is the same as settings->Connections->USB to PC

Update 22: 20081209,b199
1. SYS: Fix some VGA->QVGA problem in last release.
2. OEM: Add bluetooth security.

Update 23: 20090129,b229
1. Archsoft MMS update to latest version
2. Internet Explorer Mobile 6
3. Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 that is compatible with flash 8 and 9.
4. Microsoft Touch. You can touch and scroll now!
5. Windows Live updated to the latest version.
6. Fix Button Lock Issue

Update 24: 20090517,b294
1. Initial release based on WP 6.5
Note: The bluetooth is not working very well. Some previously added OEMs has been deleted due to ROM space problem.

Update 25: 20090519,b299
1. Fix some module addressing problems.
2. Fix the sound problem after disconnecting bluetooth A2DP device.
3. Windows Widget is left out in update 24, now it returns.
4. Fix the ringtone mode setting problem. It will now save the user settings on ringtone and vibrate.

Update 26: 20090528,b307
1. Fix the system sound problem after making bluetooth headset phone call.
2. Fix some more module addressing problems. (Some software compatibility)

Update 27: 20090605,b317
1. Rebase on the M$'s official emulator release.
2. Now windows live is working.
3. Now widget is linked correctly, try: and

Update 28: 20090610,b318
1. Stability Fix.

Update F: 20091012,b-f
1. Rebase on M$'s new official system.
2. Release with full set of kitchen including the XIP porting tools.

Update 30: 20100218,b337
1. Rebase on M$'s new official 6.5.3 release.

Other ROMS:

HP 6828 Simplified Chinese ROM Special Release
1. Based on b92 of WWE Rom with fixes and VoIP support. All OEM are Simplified Chinese.

HP 6828 Traditional Chinese ROM Release 2
1. Include .NET Framework 3.5
2. Notification sound fix.
3. Camera importing function fixed.

HP 6828 German ROM Release 1
1. Initial Release based on b137 of WWE Rom. Some OEM apps are still English.

Atom(WWE) release 1 ROM
1. initial atom release based on b95 rom of HP's.

Atom(WWE) release 2 ROM
Based on 6828's B156.
20270 Kernel!
Some HP Apps replaced with atom's.
6815 Camera Patched ROM
The camera works. But the picture is upside-down.

Jade version.
I add a "secret" before just want to suprise you.
This ROM conatains many resourses from HTC Jade aka HTC Touch 3G.
It tries to resemble the HTC Jade in 6828.
It is pure WWE ROM, and your location in reginal setting does not have your location, please ask me for a more complete wince.nls.
It also does not have Microsoft Yahei font and the Windows Live.
The changelog are long but most things are coming from HTC Jade.

Besfen's Effort to Add Manila 2D to WM6.14 ROM Update to B229:

Thanks Besfen to enhance the Manila 2D experience in my ROM.
Manila 2D in B221 Hellowordl1's ROM:

1. Change HTC album to previous version, this fix HTC Album bug on Jade Secreet ROM (take from M2D thread).
2. Fix Power/battery indicator in Setting System.
3. Registry tweak, change the Task Manager Low memory of auto close app from 9MB to 3MB, so any app don't frequent close.
4. Registry tweak, add M2D ass exclusive app in Task Manager, make M2D not frequent close.
5. Change Internet Widget plugin to Internet Explorer.
6. Change Internet Widget’s default Web Site to…of course this 1st page thread…ha…ha…ha…

Removed App in Original ROM:
1. Transcribber, I get more free memori and ROM space.
2. Adobe Flash.

• Install Google Map to make Location Widget Work properly, you can download it from M2D forum.
• Install You Tube App, You Tube Plugin in Internet widget will work properly, you can download it from M2D forum.

B229 updates V3:
Based on clean ROM b229 and
* Fix WMP problem in previous release.

Download Link M2D B221
Download Link M2D B229 V3.1

Kitchen World:
The kitchen is a set of tool and files to rebuild and customize the ROM for convinence. I hope cookers enjoy these tools. I also released the non-supported 20273 system in hope of external force to stabilize it. Atom's kitchen is a little old. But it is still a good base to build atom's ROMs. Update f is essentially a new 6.5 kitchen. You can enjoy that more.

Thank you very much for those who has donated and supported me. You do not need to donate as 6828 is not exciting any more. You can show your thanks by following this thread.
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19th January 2008, 01:15 PM |#2  
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HP 6828 WWE ROMs:
20080309b39: (Very Old recommended version)

20080614b110: (Old Recommended version)

WM6.1 new:
20080920b165: (Recommended old version)
20090107b229: (Recommended Stable release)

WM 6.5:
Other Roms:
6828 2D Manila Enabled Jade ROM:
Chinese simplified WM 6.1 Clean ROM:
Chinese Traditional WM6.1 Clean ROM R2:
German WM6.1 Clean ROM R1:
6815 camera patch may work version r2:
6815 camera patched version R3:

Atom release 1:
EXTROM(Should be installed on Atom if you want Atom's ROM working properly):
Atom release 2:
(Thanks ogel2 for uploading)

20273 system:

How to flash using SD Card(Recommended):
Extract diskimg.nb0 to a sd card (<1G is better), insert it into 6828, press&hold 2 soft key(-) and reset. After a while, it will be in PBL mode, wait 15-20min, it will hard reset itself and flash done. The first boot time is very long so be patient , you may click the screen so that the device will not auto-off.

How to flash from PC with Windows XP (It is ok to run it in vmware)

Thanks Knave and rcperez for posting their detailed experience so I can write this section. Also thanks jimmyspa for improving the addheader's performance greatly.
1. Check your Boat loader version
(do a soft reset, and check the value printed at the bottom during the HP logo screen)
2. If you noticed that the last line states BL 1.00.05, it means you have boat loader 1.05 installed. You will need to download and flash your phone back to 1.01 via (VERY DANGEROUS, FLASHING VIA SD IS MUCH SAFER!)
3. After successfully downgraded your phone's boatloader, or your version was already v1.01, you can proceed to flash your phone to the rom.

With the check done, proceed with the required files.
1. Go to download section to download the rom file.
2. Download the file attached in this thread and unzip the contents to the same folder you used in step 1.
3. Download the latest Rom file and extract to the same folder
4. Run BuffereAddHeader.bat. It will take seconds to generate a diskimage_Ver.nb0. (You should have Java Runtime > 1.50 installed,
5. Move your phone to boatloader mode ( press the two - keys, follow by a poke at the soft reset hole with your stylus )
6. Connect the phone to the PC
7. Execute the Device Utility Update program and wait till it verifies the state. Click on Update Item "All" use cursor keys to change it to "OS ONLY" then hit next **** SELECT "OS ONLY", if you cant change it to "OS ONLY" DONT PROCEED!!! It should detect your device as Model 0 etc.
8. Press Next to begin flashing.
9. Once completed, the phone will reset by itself. Wait for a while for it to startup.

Here are the notes & files provided by hochengsoon with README for flashing via Windows XP
PC flashing using BL1.0.1 must be done from C:\Windows\Temp, so why not start everthing from this folder ie PCUpdate + ROM + missing file(s).
PCUpdate1.rar -
PCUpdate2.rar -

How to downgrade to WM5 using PC

1. download wm5 rom from
2. run it and after entering the updating screen cancel it.
3. replace the hpRUU.exe in c:\IPAQ(default install) with the attached file hpRUU.exe in archive
4. Connect device to PC, then press and hold two "-" button and reset.
5. Run hpRUU.exe and do a normal update.
Note: you may delete eboot*.nbf to prevent bricking the device.

How to downgrade to WM5 using SD Card
1. Download this file:
2. Extract diskimg.nb0 to your sd card.
3. Enter bootloader mode by pressing two "-" keys.
4. Wait .

How to recover from semi-brick state:

1. Prepare a sd card with proper diskimg.nb0.
2. Pull out the batter for a few minutes.
3. Press and hold two "-" button and at the same time, put the battery in.
4. Wait a few second and release the button, then after a while, the device will be in bootloader mode.

How to use kitchens (NEW writen by besfen):
Req: .NET2.0+
1. Download Kitchen Tools and extract it.
2. If you have diskimg.nb0 file that you want to modified, copy it to the TOOLS directory and ROM directory.
3. In "cmd", "cd" to the TOOLS directory.
4. Run prepare_imgfs.exe diskimg.nb0, it will dump the .nb0 file.
5. Run viewimgfs.exe imgfs_raw_data.bin, it will make dump folder in the TOOlS directory.
6. Run pkgtools.exe, select the dump folder and build package, it will make 2 folder, SYS and OEM.
7. Sometime some files don't move to that folder, you can open missing.txt file to know where the location of that file, move the files to the location said in the missing.txt. Finally, there isn 't files in the dump folder, all file are in the SYS and OEM. Delete missing.txt and OS.bat in OEM folder. SYS is M$ related, OEM is oem added things.
8. Replace the original SYS and OEM folder in the kitchen with new extracted ones.

User can change the OEM at will except the OEMDriver folder. I have modified it many times to get it stable on new ROM.

To add a new OEM Software, you need:
1. Extract the cab file of the app, you can use wincab manager to do this.
2. Put the extracted files to the new folder in the OEM. The folder name don't contain space, you can use _ (underscore).
3. Type the registry in the one of .rgu file. There are many .rgu file there, you can edit it with notepad. if you finish save as, choose all file and unicode type, but don't change the name of that .rgu file.
4. Make a shortcut, open initflash.dat file with notepad, the location is in the OEM_lang folder, type the shortcut name. You can read the existing shortcut in that file to know how to do it. Remember to make the shortcut file first in the folder of each app.

After that, just run build.bat file in the kitchen directory, follow the instruction and your ROM already created in the FLASH FOLDER.


Useful apps for this rom:
addheader.jar: add 12 byte header and generate diskimage_Ver.nb0 from diakimg.nb0 Files for downgrading to wm5.
hpRUU_patched_from_language_and_model.rar: patch hp RUU.
BQ27200Expert: Battery Calibration software.
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Name:	e4.jpg
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ID:	96592  
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (105.1 KB, 2960 views)
File Type: cab PowerManagementPatch.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (58.8 KB, 1641 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (50.5 KB, 1712 views)
19th January 2008, 01:58 PM |#3  
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Good job !!!
Try upload to
I think many peoples need it
20th January 2008, 01:08 AM |#4  
helloworld1's Avatar
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Originally Posted by nhocbanme

Good job !!!
Try upload to
I think many peoples need it

Thanks for your advice, I have uploaded.
21st January 2008, 10:20 AM |#5  
Senior Member
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May I know where's the link to download?

22nd January 2008, 03:50 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by dejazz


May I know where's the link to download?


26th January 2008, 06:59 AM |#7  
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As I had expected, there're few people want this rom. So I will stop uploading the updated versions.
26th January 2008, 09:44 AM |#8  
Thanks Meter: 7
wait a minute,i wan this is a nice but have you figure out how to solve the wifi flash light not on problem??i wan the update version of this rom.

but this flash rom abit troublesome,can u pls help to cut the 12bytes header n upload for us??
26th January 2008, 12:03 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by hhhh3

wait a minute,i wan this is a nice but have you figure out how to solve the wifi flash light not on problem??i wan the update version of this rom.

but this flash rom abit troublesome,can u pls help to cut the 12bytes header n upload for us??

First, the wifi light is working on my 6828. The camera flash light do not work though.
Second, I have ALREADY cut the 12 byte header, so it is safe to flash using a SD card. I said that if you need to flash using RUU you need to ADD 12 BYTE.
Thanks for your interest in my rom.
26th January 2008, 12:51 PM |#10  
Thanks Meter: 7
Originally Posted by helloworld1

First, the wifi light is working on my 6828. The camera flash light do not work though.
Second, I have ALREADY cut the 12 byte header, so it is safe to flash using a SD card. I said that if you need to flash using RUU you need to ADD 12 BYTE.
Thanks for your interest in my rom.

cool,thanks for this nice rom
11th February 2008, 08:17 PM |#11  
Flag South coast
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This is interesting. Can people report whether this is a stable ROM, other than the noted bugs?

Also, will it flash with a 2gb miniSD card? That's all I have.

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