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[13/May] TNT.19213 Series (Vanilla/Official/Professional) UC **NEWEST**

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By its right, Senior Member on 12th May 2008, 11:54 PM
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Does your Wizard like TNT Series?? let it taste this one

Change Log:

- 13 MAY: Initial Start


- Again, this is TNT based on the newest OS appeared yesterday.

- this is a new generation for Wizard with the newest build appeared for PPC.

- For any new build, if it based on an old or a fake xip definitly will efect on the device stability.

- xip porting for Wizard is careless with some other roms, but i want to inform all TNT users that all the builds came after TNT.1921 was really xip port, maybe this is the cause of the good stability most of you feel it.

- Maybe you saw and you will see some builds come for Wizard, but make sure that many of them didn't port XIP part which highly effect on the stability and performance. But in TNT, the xip ported very well as you run official release (tnx bepe and tom).

- as most of you know the good things about TNT Series, it solves the most issues for WM6.0 in Wizard:

When you call someone and he didn't answer you get connected instead of call ended.

- When you call a busy number also you will get connected instead of busy

- When you have GPRS Connected and someone called you and you didn't answer this calling will shown as recieved call instead of missed

- When you have a call and recieve a call (waiting) and you didn't answer, this calling will shown as recieved call instead of missed.

- When you open start/settings/Phone then directly press ok button, your personal tone will change to the default

- Some of roms have the issue with cannot open the wifi from the first time

- When you change the notification to vibration, then change it again to ring mode, the device still on vibration till you play your ring again or change your ring

- some roms can't start the wifi directly

Base Rom:

5.2.19213 build 19213.1.0.4

OS: << as you know, 11.x.x.x is for TNT Series or based on


as usual, we have many of choices, read carefuly and find your suitable one.

Vanilla Edition:

UC/SDAutorun 2.0 by sleuth255 new
Office (+ One Note)
NETCF 3.5 (true package) new
SqlCeMobile 3.5 new
Remote Desktop
SIM Manager 6.42 new in 19213
STK Service 4.75 new in 19213
Full SDK Certificates new
Calc_SPB_Touch new
Comm manager 2.1.4 (support MultyStyle, switch between old and new styles) new in 19213
HTC_TouchFlo (without any problem)
ROM Setting (for setting commanager)
Folder Icons
Battery Drain Fixes (as usual)

Official Edition:

it is vanilla +:

ArcsoftMMS_5_0_31_19 new in 19213
Black Keyboard Skin
BT_FTP_1_2_33300_9 new
BT_BPP_1_6_5_0 new
BT_SAP_3_1_0_0R1 new
PIM Manager 2.8
FDCSoft Task Manager new
PPCContactsMgr (select all contacts)
HTC AudioManager 1_2_725711
HTC Home 2_1_1005722_0
HTC Voice Recorder
Streaming Video 2.10.1025621

Professional Edition:

and this is my favorite one, it is Official edition +:

Advanced_Config_Tool_2_1_0_0 new
BtCrawler 1.1
btIO 0.6
Dr.Yar 1.6
battery level
Hearts Game new
GroupSMS_1_4_3 new
ClearTemp 1.0 new
Pocket Screen Capture
Redial_1_02 new
SK tsync
SMS Backup 1.1
SMS_Tweaker_1_0 new FIX in 19213
WM5torage 1.75 (because it is working perefctly)
HushSMS_0_2 new
some games (Battleship, BSoduko1_4, Dekses, Dots, minesweeperppc, and PSNEJKER)
12th May 2008, 11:56 PM |#2  
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Apps Informations:

** Dr.YAR 1.6 bluetooth:
many features, like:
- show bluetooth sender name.
- choose a location for files recieved.
- recieve when the device off.
- don't delete MS bluetooth, you can recive from both.
- ... MANY means MANY
if you want to use it, you find an icon on the tray, double click on it.
note: there is a white window if you recieve just hide it then open it again.
(very useful)

» Group SMS
Summary: Group SMS Solution. As the name suggest it is basically a program to send SMSes to a group of people at the same time. Following are the features: - Category Wise Contact Pickup. - Individual Contact Pickup made easy.

» Event Countdown v1.0
• Summary: From counting down to a movie event, to every day reminders to cooking a dinner. Event Countdown lets you add up to 200 events on your Pocket PC. You can countdown to a particular date or countdown from a se...

• Summary: ClearTemp is an application for you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your system easily. It also allows you to clear your Recent Program List, Internet Address History and b...

WinXplore v0.3.4.1
• Summary:WinXplore is a simple tool that allows you to manage certain folders under "\Windows\" in a quick and convenient way. Usage Notes:
- Select a Folder from the dropdown menu to navigate to a certain folder.
- Tap & hold in the listbox to add/delete a file from the folder.


Screen Shuts:

Note: Build and rom Versions are different from the picture.

General Notes: (Please Read before updating)

-Remove SD card while updating.

- the two bluetooth icons on the tray launch, you can open their menus by double click or click and hold.

- Before asking, give us your edition (professional or TouchFLO...)

- if your rom has PIMBackup older than 2.5, install PIMBackup 2.5 and do the backup via it.

- SMSDrFix not activated, you have to open it to replace the numbers with their contact name on messages.

- If you open Advanced Config, the battery icon on the tray launch will disappear, you have to restore it using Advanced Config.

- There is no IPL, SPL, ... JUST OS and splashes, so i think its safe for G4 users.

- Radio 2.19.11 UK more stable and fewest issues and no missed calls.

- You MUST have an IPL and SPL at 2.xx or higher (BOTH not just one or the other).

- High recommend to reflash an official rom before flash this one.

- there are two update utilities on the rar file, one for XP and the other for Vista. But if you have Vista you have to visit this thread, then use Vista utility (Worked for me "i have Vista").

- If you want to improve A2DP; edit it by any Tweaking app like this: or search for that

- If you change some thing, you have to wait for a minute before restarting to make sure the device get your changes.

- If you have any issue with A2DP visit this, (previous rom version dosn't contain any issue).

- Are you beginner?? go to Howto flash a Wizard... a little tutorial! (Sticky Thread).

- Are you an arabic user?? go to the wonderful arabic forum which is

Some other Notes:

- i didn't add mfrazzz RIL fix for the radio.

- i suggest you to use battery status last version which on the Add Ons.

- because of the internet temprory files saved on storage card, sometimes you find storage card 2 for your SD, this thing happened to me when i open Advance Config without storage card installed.

-Anyone using Rogers canada network, very high recommended to use 2.19 UK, the link on the Notes. (tnx benjaminries)

- If your memory running very low, you have to reflash your device with official WM 5.0 to fix this.

- All TNT cabs on the Add Ons will be installed on Windows Directory.

- The installing at the 1st time you use these series are not ExtROM, just customizations.

- your Device is G4!!! do you have problems not shown with others??, i suggest to reflash the latest WM 5.0 official then use the new G4 update tool from here.


Q- how can i remove battery level at the top of screen?
A- open WinXplore then startup folder and remove battery level.lnk (you can use file explorer on the folder windows/startup)
12th May 2008, 11:56 PM |#3  
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Before Download

These roms are UC capable, so i added some files which are most of you intall it after every flash, so i prepared very nice stuff, all you need is to download SDAutoRun rar file and read readme.txt file.

WWE SDAutoRun contains:

CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\SRS_WOWHD_ARM.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\Adobe_Reader.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\AdobeFlash_Player.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\CallFirewall_V_1_4.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\Network_Wizard.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\Realplayer.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\WkTaskL_1173c.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\WkTaskL_Settings.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\TNT_JBED_24052007.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\VoIP_Enable.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\TNT_Additional_themes.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\xxTNTxx\Windows_Live_10_6_0034_0800.CAB

>>So, nothing changed in TNT.19213 from TNT.19209<<

you can download the rar file and install them manually, or just copy SDConfig.txt and xxTNTxx to your SD to install them automatically.

For VoIP users, you must install VoIP_Enable.CAB in order to enable VoIP.

in other words, this is my favorite customization .

Download it from:


========= ==================

Sjam Customizations (for Vanilla rom users):

There is a great stuff for Vanilla users and many of choices created by Simonkjam can be found on this thread


(if you didn't understand anything here, just read this)

(if you are arabic user and want the arabic customization, just visit this page and look for TNT.19213 for K-JAM)


Rom Downloads:

Ok, now with Rom downloading

pagepool for all= 6 MB (high pagepool= high performance+less program memory, less p.p= less perfor.+high program mem.)

Mirrors Are Needed please


RapidShare Fixed



Professional :


Professional TouchFlo Free (my favorite) :


Professional (just for Ragers in Canada users) :

Note: this version have another radio driver which can give a good signal for Ragers in Canada users, so maybe can help you if you feel bad signal.
in addition, this radio version can help in VoIP sound quality, but it doesn't mean other versions don't support VoIP.


and also, there is a server has many of editions uploaded by mostberg (many thanks to him), can be found
just wait for his uploading

you can use BePower Mirrors (many thanks): (just wait for his uploading...)

too many Add Ons can be found in TNT Add Ons thread


Issues & Fixes(Updated...):

- After i finished my cooking, i noticed that the vista diapad background has bee nremoved (by mistake) so just download the patch attached.

- I just received one very small issue but you have to take into account, DON'T choose htc skin at all, it will let your device freezing and will not fixed except if you hard reset your device. (thanks knk) (also, PPC Master just sent me a msg in how to fix this, just open your keyboard and then restart, the device will boot directly, now just go to start/settings/today and change the skin (tnx PPCMaster) (this didn't changed because it is from SDAutoRun, just note it again)
Attached Files
File Type: cab TNT Vista Dialpad Background - [Click for QR Code] (93.9 KB, 1520 views)
12th May 2008, 11:57 PM |#4  
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- Faria for his base rom (my start base rom).
- bepe for answering many of questions.
- tom_codon helping me on so many things including touchFLO tricks. (tom you are great)
- anichillus for his great kitchens.
- mfrazzz for letting me to use some of his packages.
- gullum for helping me on some of TouchFLO tricks.
- Cloudyfa for being a good great friend and help me in many things
- mmeyer4663 for support all old TNT series.
- the-equinoxe for some of Touch tricks.
- mattk_r for his efforts on Wizard forum.
- Sleuth255 for answering some questions.
- jwzg for the forum arrangment.
- hma4 for the good discussions (you are very useful bro).
- misar for his great tool
- mostberg for his great support in Mirrors
- samery for good supporting on our website (
- hanmin for his great design and all other designers on this thread
- hanmin for his mirrors, they are very nice. keep it up please.
- Simonkjam for his great addons included in UC downloads
- all members.
- every one used my packages and kept the credits.
- All TNT users who help others.

i think didn't forget some one. If I did, forgive me .

TNT.191209 (5.2.19209 build 19209.1.0.2)
TNT.19199 (5.2.19199 build 19199.1.0.0)
TNT.1620(5.2.1620 build 18125.0.7.0) Latest WM 6.0 for TNT
TNT.1933(5.2.1933 build 18533.0.7.0)
TNT.1921(5.2.1921 build 18521.0.7.0)
TNT.1437(5.2.1437 build 17944.0.3.1)
TNT 5.0 (5.2.1620 build 18125)
TNT 4.0 (mixing some base roms)
TNT 3.0 (5.2.318 build 15341)
TNT 2.0 (5.2.318 build 15342)
TNT 1.0 (5.2.318 build 15342)
12th May 2008, 11:58 PM |#5  
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Downloading right now. Thanks for that. I hope it's as good as the last one. Or better

Edit:It says 19209. I guess you copied your previous posts and editing them. When will it be up?
13th May 2008, 12:04 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by XL3N7

Downloading right now. Thanks for that. I hope it's as good as the last one. Or better

good note bro, you remind me on something.

This is the same modules and packages as TNT.19209 but any difference (either positive or negative) will be happened because of the new base rom .

13th May 2008, 12:05 AM |#7  
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Well? Have you fixed the links yet?
13th May 2008, 12:06 AM |#8  
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Thumbs up thanks!
Can't wait for professional to finish! hopefully i can flash before i leave work!
13th May 2008, 12:08 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by XL3N7

Well? Have you fixed the links yet?

you are faster than my writing

i just did that to reserve the post place before any reply, then i edited it before your request (you was faster than me in writing, but i were faster in editing before your request , so it is Draw ).
13th May 2008, 12:11 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Mr. Zach

Can't wait for professional to finish! hopefully i can flash before i leave work!

i just finished official uploading, 37 min to finish professional then ragers version
13th May 2008, 12:14 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by its right

you are faster than my writing

i just did that to reserve the post place before any reply, then i edited it before your request (you was faster than me in writing, but i were faster in editing before your request , so it is Draw ).

A draw indeed . The touchflo free professional seems to be up. Is that correct?
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