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[PRJ][WWE][05.06.2008]Touch Surface // The Cooking begins![ONLINE]

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By bram_smulders, Senior Member on 28th May 2008, 10:58 AM
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(Noonski's Edit)
New Info Coming Soon.

Bram Smulders Has Left The Buidling, I Repeat Bram Smulders has Left the Building.
Houston we have a problem a megalomaniacal Moderator has some Tricks to unleash to the Elf Flasher.
A true Finger Friendly Touch that does not eat memory like most super flashy Today Screen and Shell replacers.

(Original Post)
Gr. Bram Smulders
Ps. I want to thank everybody who donated me for a new touch, the money is spend well on a Mda touch white(elfin)
28th May 2008, 10:59 AM |#2  
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Introducing the slightly updated Surface Production Crew:

Chief rom development:

1- Noonski
2- ababrekar
3- Koala996
4- Re-Mi
5- Pkoper
6- Piranha

1- Noonski
2- Surface_Rom

1- HavocNl
2- Re-Mi(Dutch)
3- Noonski(Dutch)
4- Pkoper(German)
5- Koala996 (French)
6- Surface_Rom (Dutch)

Beta testers:
- ababrekar
- HavocNl
- Noonski
- Re-Mi
- Surface_Rom
- Koala996
- Many Others, and many thanks for that.

- Piranha1

Menu Developer:
- MORT (but not an official SPC Member, but still very important for his latest developments)

- Noonski
- You

Thanks To Bram Smulders for getting these Heads together.


Touch Surface Filosophy:


(n.) A magnitude that has length and breadth without thickness; superficies; as, a plane surface; a spherical surface.
(n.) The exterior part of anything that has length and breadth; one of the limits that bound a solid, esp. the upper face; superficies; the outside; as, the surface of the earth; the surface of a diamond; the surface of the body.
(v. t.) To give a surface to; especially, to cause to have a smooth or plain surface; to make smooth or plain.

The ROM is intended to be smooth, without crap, suitable for anyone and above all: Beautiful designed
We think, and probably most guys here, that a ROM on a device must be a fast, easy to use and not bloated ROM.
This are going be the main features of the surface RO.
To create a ROM that suits everybody, with enough possibility's to expand to the needs of the user.

A Surface is something that has substance, you can tell it's a Surface because it has detail you can see, and detail you can feel.
How you experience a Surface therefore comes from how you experience it.
And it will change the way you have experienced your ELF up until now.
28th May 2008, 11:03 AM |#3  
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The Logo:

Nice and big attention grabbing

FIX WMP Bug (Fixed)
Check out Dutch Diamond Keypad Lay Out Bug.
Testing old t9 Dual Modelus.
Not all links are complete in Menu yet.
28th May 2008, 11:04 AM |#4  
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List of apps/tweaks that will be included:

wm 6.1 from xperia x1, the one in the base folder on the server.

All basic wm 6.1 apps minus:
- Welcome screen(because its gay and no-one uses it)
- Windows update(since 1,5 years of wm6 there has not been any update)
- Winzip(if we can break it out)(it's out)
- Help System (If your flashing your ROM these are not going to help you out in trouble)
- Cube removed Replaced Upwards Swipe with vijay555's VJBrisk to start new Menu

- Opera 9.5, newest build from diamond (with customised graphics) (Thanks to Phouki)
- Youtube client (XDA version, Diamond version does not work in QVGA... yet)
- Adobe Flash lite(2.1 A lot of old movies do not run in 3.0)
- Adobe Reader
- Batterystatus (2x with Surface Skin, so Surface Skin is retained if BTStatus is updated)
- Java client (Must be oemmed)
- ArcSof MMS (Your Right It's Not The Latest Version, there must be a reason for that)
- Office 6.1 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TiffViewer)
- Pim Backup 2
- Pocket rar
- Screen capture
- Total_Commander 2.5
- NetCF 2.0 (Untill apps get updated and support 3.5)
- Advance config 2.1 (Latest XML file)
- Bleutooth FTP
- WM5Torage
- Remote Desktop WM6.1
- Sim Manager Version (????)
- Windows Live Messenger (
- SRS WOW - Plugged or Unplugged Headset + advanced Settings

What's Exlusive
- Unamed Menu System (There is a name)
- TS_ActionScreen (A.K.A. "New Menu", Nope not the one you are used to)
- TS_Long_Press_Power Menu
- TS_Long_Press_Send Menu (A.K.A. "Connect To Menu")
- TS_Camera_Menu (Choose What Camera Does before Starting it or Close it if you have accidentally Pressed that Damned Button Again)
- TS_Shellres(New Version of previous Surface Shell)
- TS_Regtweaks(on server, if you like to add something, do it, but post on the thread is you've changed something)
- TS_FAKE_Extended_ROM (UC Compliant with MortScript Support)
- Windows Media Player (Surface Edition)
- HTC_Random access (Surface Edition)
- HTC_Endkey (Surface Edition)
- HTC_Album (On server, Noonski's Corrected Version)
- HTC_Horizontal 6 Button CommManager (Surface Edition)
- HTC MP3 Trimmer (Surface Edition)
- HTC_Streaming Media (Surface Edition)
- Set Volume 0.40.3b (Surface Edition)

Yup All this fits in the Space a Stock ROM would fit, and it's faster to.
Not to mention the free included Refrigerator Magnets
28th May 2008, 11:25 AM |#5  
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hi bram.. Consider me for the below position
Originally Posted by bram_smulders

"Job" offers:

Chief rom development:
Bram Smulders

1- Bram Smulders
2- Would like to Apply here (Ameet B)
3- apply here

1- Bram Smulders
2- apply here

1- Everybody who wants to participate

feel free to send me a pm and/or apply via this thread

28th May 2008, 11:28 AM |#6  
Senior Member
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Congratulations on having such high spirits and welcome back...
28th May 2008, 03:55 PM |#7  
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OKEY bram welcom back of welkom terug wacht rustig af wat je voor een moois gaat maken voor ons
28th May 2008, 04:11 PM |#8  
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Donate to Me
hi bram
i would also LOVE to apply as a cook. but i'm not as much experienced as u or ameet, started cooking only 2-3 weeks ago so if there is no 3rd person available for the post, count me in.
28th May 2008, 07:31 PM |#9  
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I could provide the graphics if you're interested. Although what are you looking for? Redesigned icons/dialer/start screen/etc?

I'd totally want to create a white manila theme for everything.

As for Idea's
I would love to see someone implement the actual Diamond Dialer instead of using a memory intensive DxC theme. I've seen in a couple videos of the diamond that it has a fullscreen similar to S2U2 to answer or ignore. If you get that going I say you're gravy!
29th May 2008, 11:20 AM |#10  
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Good to see you're back. you're right that not much has changed. Unfortunately I'm not very good with graphics or WM so I can't be of much help in that direction. I can give you my suggestions and hope they are of use.

First one is to make a rom in Diamond style, it's a beautiful style. My second suggestion would be to use iContact (maybe skinned). It's fast and very useful. Since 0.7 it's especially very nice.
29th May 2008, 02:17 PM |#11  
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I would like
Can we have a decent GUI with very less ram occupied and Very less memory leak.

I would like flv playback component in WMplayer if possible, or tcpmp player inbuilt

I would like htc audio booster plugin working
I would like htc streaming media player, I think is has flv playback capabilities
Graphics if we could impliment pointui as the base gui!!!

Sorry for the noobish sugesstions, but M totally unaware of wats possible and wats not possible
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