Tempus v13 FINAL - Animated Weather and diamond clock today plugin [Updated 12/07]

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By twolf, Senior Member on 27th June 2008, 01:14 PM
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This is a animated clock and weather flash theme, it works only of you have flash installed and a flash today plugin, you can test it working here:

It only has 4 buttons:
- Change between clock and weather (the bottom left buttons)
- Configurations (individual, the top right buttons)
- Update weather (the bottom right button)

To use it:
- Install Flash 7:
- Install ThrottleHTML Today plugin (thank you so much, APBilbo): (this link seems to gone offline, I've added the cab in the attachments of this post).
- Configure in notepad and copy myConfig.txt to the \Windows\ThrottleHTML folder
- On the today settings select the ThrottleHTML Today plugin.

NOTE: The swf was embebed in the TSK, but since the release of the ThrottleHTML plugin its no longer needed, its already in the CAB. You'll just need the myConfig.txt.

myConfig.txt looks like this:
// English=1, Portuguese=2, German=3 Italian=4 Hungarian=5 Spanish=6 French=7 Dutch=8 Chinese=9 Greek=10
// Want your language? Ask it here.
// 24h=1 12h=2
// Seconds on=1 Seconds off=2
// Black=1 White=2
// Classic=1 Alternative=2
// Place your code here
// Celsious=1 Fahrenheit=2
// Don't change this value, so that the flash file confirms the new variables.
If you want to know your city weather code:
- Go here: and copy your city code.
...OR, just click in , then in the international tab search for 'city, country', and it shows the code in the address link...

New version 13(th):
- fixed a bug in all long dates by...
- decreasing the font date a little
- removing the bottom left buttons, now all that area is a big button
- added the Greek language
- fixed a bug with the 11th and 21th days
- fixed the AM-PM not showing up (behind the seconds)
- The name shoud be tempus_v13, but then the plugin wont recognize it, so leave it as it is, in order to work...



New version 12:
- if you update the weather and there is no connection, he jumps to the "please update" screen
- Painted the grey lines black in the tsk again
- added the chinese language (finally, it wasnt easy)
- Reduced the height size back to 110 px again (v11 went back to 113 px, sorry)
- Made some quality tweaks for a smoother animation switch (between the clock and weather screens)
- Added the source-code in Flash and a separated FLA with the weather animations, just in case you'd like to use them in any other software.

New version 11:
- fixed the mixed up Spanish/Hungarian language (the txt settings file changed too)
- Removed the chinese language option (sorry, if anyone gets me a font with chinese and western characters I'll put it back)
- Added the font choosen settings (added that option to txt settings file also)
- The change color menu now only exists in the weather config (lack of space)
- Changed the "Please update" weather screen to a more colorfull one
- The start menu text is now white (it was black)
- Fixed a small problem with the fishes not changing randomly (there are 6 diferent species, you know...)
- Simplified the fish animations so that the they'd swim smoother
- Added a small animation switch between time/weather.
- Changed the butons sensitive area

New version 10:
- Italian character on the date and display fixed
- English date fixed again
- French date fixed again
- Added black lines to the tsk
- Added a small easter egg (hehehe)
- Added the Dutch language

New version 9:
- Retouched the buttons shadows
- Fixed the clock icon in the white background
- Slimmed down the sixe to 240x110 (less 3px in height) by request
- Changed the startup animation
- Fixed the font (it had a little error since v7)
- IF you change the degrees, it now auto-updates (it didnt since v7, my bad).
- Added a alternative clock font (just as a test for now)
- Added the correct pronounciation of the english date(th)

New version 8:
- Added the reload button on the weather config.
- changed the local weather config, there's now the 'MY' (as myConfig.txt) option.
- changed the Portuguese dates a little
- if you go to the weather config and dont change the location, he now doesnt need to re-update the weather
- changed the background graphics a bit
- Bigger sensitive area on all buttons
- minor change in the settings symbol (the icon previously known as pacman)
- Created a link to the setting text file.

New version 7, just bug fixes:
- Smoother seconds animation (not much)
- Capital weather code fixed (it had a extra "|" in the end)
- Small shadow on the weather degrees
- Removed the letters C and F in the degrees (so it just show 20ยบ)
- Moon and clouds images with more quality
- Fixed bug with the white background (it didnt updated the settings on both configs and removed the date text)
- Guerman date fixed
- French date fixed
- New loading
- Fixed strange characters on the country code issues (I think...)

V12 Download mirror:

V13 Update mirror:

Again, thank you so much to everyone who left valuable feedback so that this swf could have all the languages and bugs fixed and to APBilbo, without whom this swf would never be a usable today plugin.
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27th June 2008, 01:38 PM |#2  
infernalshade's Avatar
Senior Member
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Awsome work twolf!!!!

Would like to see more of it

Maybe you can make a Program Launcher...or a Contact-Manager...This will be great

If i can help you to design some Images, just say it.
I know, how to use Photoshop

27th June 2008, 02:18 PM |#3  
twolf's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Everything can be possible in flash, in one way or another.
But without a good flash today plugin my hands are tied.
27th June 2008, 02:24 PM |#4  
infernalshade's Avatar
Senior Member
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But "Animated Today" works, or not?!
27th June 2008, 02:28 PM |#5  
twolf's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Animated today allows the use of a flash file in the today screen, but it doesnt allow the swf to connect to the internet, dont know why. So the clock works, the weather doesnt.
Also, it isnt freeware.

This is a example of a today plugin that does exacly what I want:
It just needs to allow a html file with a swf to acess the internet.
The TSK theme I am using creates a hile in windows called a2tk.htm with a a2tk.swf file inside.
27th June 2008, 02:34 PM |#6  
infernalshade's Avatar
Senior Member
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Well SPB MobileShell isn't Freeware, too....but there is a MEGA-Skinning-Thread in :P

Just a workaround:
In ThrottleLauncher the Weather-Tab is updated through a MortScript! It reads the google-weather-xml-file and writes this into the registry...The weather-Tab now reads the Registry and shows the Weather!

Maybe you can do something like this! Update the Weather-Information in the Registry or a file on the device and read it with the flash-plugin!

27th June 2008, 02:55 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by twolf

I'm almost getting this to work, but my today plugin problably doesnt allow the swf to update online.
I'm using the ANIMATED TODAY plugin.

Can you help me? Is there a flash today plugin that lets the swf update? Or can you build one?
I'm attaching the TSK to see if anyone has a better plugin.

This is a example of a today plugin that does exacly what I want:
It just needs to allow a html file with a swf to acess the internet.
The TSK theme I am using creates a hile in windows called a2tk.htm with a a2tk.swf file inside.

You can see a preview here:

And you an see it working here:

It only has 2 buttons:
- Update weather
- Conguration (where you can change location and fahrenheit/Celcius)

For now I only placed the capital cities from 4 countries, if you want your own city weather:
- Go to:
- Press 'My NETweather'.
- In the 'Choose Location' tab write the name of your city and click 'search'.
- Locate your city and press 'NEXT'.
- In this new page press 'NEXT' again.
- Click the 'I agree to these terms and conditions' square.
- In the 'Web Page Code' text area search for you area code, if you live in the US its just a 5 digit number, outside the US its a long code like 'EUR|PT|PO012|LISBON|'
- Write this code in the 'CUSTOM' tab and click the round button in order to be selected.

The icons arent finished yet, remenber this is a work-in-progress.

This is going to work connected to this animated clock:

Se more about it here:

You can use a weather plugin's data to update. Most weather plugins update and write the data to a text file... just get it there...
and yet you'll avoid another web connection to update your flash.

but you'll need 3rd app...
27th June 2008, 02:56 PM |#8  
infernalshade's Avatar
Senior Member
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...Just what i've said

Edit: Uhm...MortScript isn't a "3rd app"...Its just a tool to execute the source code...But no Memory-Stealing Application!
27th June 2008, 09:39 PM |#9  
macaraballojr's Avatar
Senior Member
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This looks awsome... I have 1 question though....

Other than animated today is there n e other today plugin that this will work for... like a free one?
28th June 2008, 02:02 AM |#10  
twolf's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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macaraballojr, so far I havent found any other, sorry, thats part of the problem...

You can see a preview here:

Both the clock and the weather icons are fully animated.

And you an see them working here:
28th June 2008, 10:52 AM |#11  
twolf's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Updated with some small animation fixes.
If anyone wants the flash source code I'll post it here.
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