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Four Weather Applications for Windows Mobile 6.1 (only)

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By pudgedaddy, Retired Moderator on 9th July 2008, 07:57 PM
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I have started this for the purpose of having a stickied thread that points you to the three (currently) working weather apps for Windows Mobile 6.1 (Kavana and Rickwyatt ROMs). The program creators have created a post for their version of their weather application and have provided the info, screenshots and links to the original thread to obtain the application. This will allow you to judge which application suits you best and it will preserve the threads, should they get buried deep within the annals of this forum.
9th July 2008, 09:13 PM |#2  
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NRG's MiniWeather 1.0
Features of MiniWeather 1.0 :

- Autoupdate according to Yahoo servers' time + 10 minutes + 1-5 random minutes (so we don't all hit the server at the same exact times)
- Update in 15 minutes when no connection is found.
- Verbose status information as the script is running.
- Detailed Forecast panels can be turned off in "Advanced Options"
- Application will not automatically refresh the screen while the phone's keypad is locked.
- Built-in leftover notifications removal tool, in case you want to uninstall. See "advanced options".

Please go HERE to visit the original thread and to download the appplication.
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9th July 2008, 09:14 PM |#3  
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NRG Weather 3.0
This is Chome Weather 3.1 with a 10 day forecast. It's the full version of MiniWeather with several layouts to choose from. It's also a much larger install...


- New 6 day forecast layout (layout #7)
- Autoupdate using Yahoo's server time. No manual control over update interval anymore.
- Revised layouts to ensure correct wrapping
- HomeScreen update feature. No need to reboot to see forecast or layout changes. This option is turned off by default because it doesn't work for everybody. If you turn it on and you see problems with your phone's radio turning off, phone becoming very slow etc... turn it off. (it's option #10)
- Added new panel to the Settings panel at the bottom for easy access to the weather updates and settings.
- "Stardock icons" are default for forecast and regular panels.

p.s. Portrait support is included for the new 6 day layout.

Please go HERE to download the application and to visit the original thread.
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10th July 2008, 05:38 AM |#4  
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ODSHOWeather WM 6.1
Showaco, I are happy to bring you our weather panel. We have worked on testing this thing for a while.

We have new panels that display without affecting any of your other panels whatsoever.

We have a great feed, it is brought by our corporate sponser, Accuweather.
They have really put up a great feed for us to use, and it is updated constantly.

This is hands down the best weather app out there for the visual candy lovers. With the standard version without system monitor, it uses no battery or memory as far as hogging goes.

With that being said. Check out our link to the app for full feature info and check out the app and be amazed at its seemingly endless options you can set, like voice updates with 4 voices to choose from. Several layouts, and lite on the phone's memory, ahh, it is nice to be free...

Please go HERE to download the application and to visit the original thread.
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26th August 2008, 05:23 AM |#5  
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The smallest weather app available has just gone on a diet, it started at 950kb and now comes in at a lightweight sub 850 kb. Its been slimmed down in size but not in weather data available. The new TotalClock cab has the full five day and current conditions within the clock panel itself. Check out the screenshots below, you only see one day at a time for a nice clean look. Hit the right soft key to advance thru the days and when you done, it has a timer to reset itself to current conditions after 60 seconds of non-flipping of the forecast pages.

For those who would rather have it seperate, the original version still uses a seperate forecast panel along with current conditions only in the clock panel. But even though it hasn't changed, I have managed to squeeze another 100 kb off of it.
On the original version clock panel you get info for current: temperature, icon, real feel temp, winds, humidity, visibility, barometer, uv level, cloud cover, precipitation, sunrise, sunset, air quality levels, and dewpoint. Also, on the clock panel you get tomorrow's forecast: conditions, hi/lo temperatures, real feel high temps, winds, and estimated precipitation.
On condensed clock panel, there is current temp, current condition icon, time, and todays Hi/Lo temperatures. So if you dock your clock, you will always have weather and time showing on homescreen.
And for a full forecast, there is a 5 day forecast panel that can be enabled or disabled. The forecast pages have info for: day, date, conditions, hi/lo temperatures, precipitation estimates, uv levels, and winds expected.

Both have a user set time interval for the updates depending on your needs, wants, or data plans. Just go to setup and specify the interval in minutes. The default is 30 minutes. The forecast data updates every 8th time weather update runs, that way you get updated forecast info every 4 hrs if you use the default for current condition updates.

To install: For now, install to main memory, I'm working on either or version.

Download the cab. After installation, it should prompt you to restart. If it doesn't, then restart your phone to set new clock panel in place. After reboot, wait about 10 seconds and the FeatherOptions will run automatically. Go to Setup and set all of your info, good idea to go ahead and set your right soft key on the clock panel at this time. After setup, exit options by selecting "Run Weather Update and Exit".
That's it, your done.
NOTE: I beleive I worked out my problem with mortscript registering itself, but if it doesn't auto start the options after 10 seconds, then go to FeatherWeather folder in Program Files and click on Mortscript.exe .

To uninstall: Go to Settings, Remove Programs and uninstall the cab. It may not change your clock panel back, but it will remove everything else. To revert clock panel back, install an original cpr or cpr of your choice.(note: the cpr should revert back to original on uninstall by itself if you reboot.)

City Location Codes:
For anyone that needs to find their city code, use this link and change the location in this url to the name of your city and then go to it and it will give a list of all cities worldwide that have that name. Get your location from there and enter it exactly as it appears in the quotes, but do not use the quotes.

So, for this link above, if you were looking for Calcutta, India. Go to this link, and you will see a line like this:
<location cnt="1" city="Calcutta" state="India(Bangla)" location="ASI|IN|IN036|CALCUTTA" />

So your location to enter in to options would be :

This should work for cities worldwide.

Feather currently is installed with a slim panel layout only. If you want more dll or cpr options, they are easily installed with FileChanger. Those are more homescreen customizations than they are weather customization, thats why they aren't in here.

For landscape phones: If you don't want the slim panels, I have standard panels cpr and mini panels cpr that work specifically with FeatherWeather. They are in the below. Just install with the FileChanger app or copy into windows folder. Click on the File Changer in my signature below for the File Changer thread and download.

New Portrait versions below, the last 2 cabs that names end with "P" are the portrait versions. Portrait versions updated 8/19/08 with new cpr. If you already installed, you can download the cpr zip only and install to windows directory.

Check out these new portrait layouts provided by Kron2:

Make sure you get the landscape or portrait version you need, first 2 are Landscape, last 2 are Portrait

Downloads located here:
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