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htctoucher wm7inspired theme 2.0 changed rltoday +(weatherpanel, htc touch cube skin)

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By htctoucher, Senior Member on 15th August 2008, 06:40 AM
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alright guys!
seriously.. last update

This is an add on to the last thread
(the last thread ( didnt have space in first two posts)

here are improvements:
  • ...changed rltoday (I felt the blue was too blue and the black was too black, so here is a medium!)
  • ...added new weather icons for rltoday to match weatherpanel
  • .................also, used, it hides the softkeys better, so now rltoday goes all the way to the bottom of the screen!
  • new s2p skin to match ImageViewer skin
  • forgot to mention..NEW! Mortplayer skin (edited q_vista skin - takes a looong time to do all those little buttons).. plus alarm screen!
  • ...added weatherpanel skin (edited an iphone theme I found (credit for the great iphone layout goes to buzzard808).. very nice layout)
  • ...changed s2u2 skin to support fullscreen contact images
  • ...added HTC TOUCH CUBE (original.. not slither) skin.. custom animation (flips up and down, the slide is similar to the PocketCM animation in v24+!)
top row.... rltoday, s2u2vc, weatherpanel, s2u2
bottom row... mortplayer main screen, mortplayer car screen, mortplayer alarm screen, s2p

I sized the preview a lil too small to see how it really looks.. but trust me.. its really nice.. especially if you like my wm7-inspired theme, youll want to give this a go!

here is the cube:

for some reason its all fuzzy in the preview above.. on the device it is VERY clear you know..
app launcher apps are:

mortplayer..........Evernote (very neat note function)
Skyfire..........Windows Live (can map it to messenger or email etc)
Comm Manager (or settings of basically anything you want)..........Sprint (anything related to sprint.. I use it for either navigation or mobile email settings)

I dont know if this skin will be useful..but on the off chance that you guys use all the same apps as me, it looks great on the device!

htc touch cube instructions (make sure you use a program like Total Commander - NOT File Explorer):
...copy/move all images in the "htctoucher wm7-inspired HTC TOUCH CUBE skin" folder to your \windows folder on your device may have to kill the following if you get the error "unable to overwrite files" or something like that, which you can use MemMaid for (just download the trial - it lasts 15 days so you can use it for this!)
.......kill: BioTouch.exe, QuickDial.exe, MediaHubMini.exe, APLauncher.exe change the path of the apps the cube opens..
,,,go into REGISTRY
,,,go into HKLM
,,,go into Software
,,,go into HTC
,,,go into BioTouch

,,,go into APLauncher for the App Launcher page
.............go into any App folder and change the "path" string to wheverever the file is that you are trying to open with the corresponding button
.............App0 is the top left app
.............App1 is the middle left app
.............App2 is the bottom left app
.............App3 is the top right app
.............App4 is the middle right app
.............App5 is the bottom right app

,,,go into MediaHubMini for the Media Hub page (music, pics, video)
.............App1_1 is the top
.............App1_2 is the middle
.............App1_3 is the bottom

rltoday instructions are the same as last thread:
RUN "" to hide soft keys... and I am including the TSKs (updated with new background) in the rltoday zip
Again, to add more blue.. you can use UITweaker and my settings file for that that you can find in the other thread (in rltodayzip as well)

**rltoday INSTRUCTIONS**
to hide the bottom softkeys on your todayscreen, you will have to install the "PMC" I included (takes up no resources)

The home button on the bottom left of the screen brings you to the first screen. The star can be mapped to shortcut to whatever application you want.

The person icon is pocketcm for me, you can link it to whatever you want, and the web is the next icon.

To set this up properly, go into options of rltoday (hold down on the today until options pops up) then go into the "Apps" tab.
....make sure your first FOUR applications correspond to:
..................................1.png (the star or music note, depending on which you choose to use)- **change "change to 1.png if want to use instead of music note.png" to 1.png if you want to use it**
..................................2.png (the person)
..................................3.png (the world with the magnifying glass)
..................................5.png (the lock)

you do not need to do anything with 4.png

The next 10 applications you choose are what will show up on the app launcher page (the left screen shot of rltoday in the preview).
To update weather, press on the weather icon or any of the degrees shown.

YOU MUST EDIT THE "rl_Vista_Weather.mscr" file in the rltoday-->wm7 folder to change the lines:

# your location (see on finding your location)
# desired units for temp, f or c

AND YOU MUST EDIT THE skin-tab2.xml located in the rltoday-->wm7-->mscr folder to change the line:

<Text text="Tuscon, Arizona" x="22" y="173" alignment="left" color="RGB(220,220,220)"><Font size="12" weight="" font="Segoe UI" /> <OnClick File="\Program Files\rlToday\wm7\rl_vista_weather.mscr" />

s2u2 instructions:
..copy files in gfx in zip to gfx in s2u2 folder on your device (overwrite originals)

s2p instructions:
this is an add-on to the s2p gfx skin you can find at my previous thread (

..there are TWO sttopbars included.. blue and black.. choose whichever one you want and name it to sttopbar.png
..if you dont like it, just use the one from the original thread

..copy files in s2p zip to gfx in s2u2 folder on your device (overwrite originals)
..this zip ONLY CONTAINS BUTTONS (no topbar) to match the ImageViewer buttons I created for the wm7-inspired theme

weatherpanel instructions:
good to know:
the little "i" icon brings up a menu that will allow you to switch between locations and go into settings
the yahoo symbol will update your weather!

...copy the folder "iweather - edited htctoucher for wm7-inspired" into your WeatherPanel-->THEMES folder on your device
...copy the folder "Stardock Animated" to your WeatherPanel-->Icons folder settings set for THEME: the folder's name "Segoe UI.wpl" as the layout
...icon set: Stardock Animated

btw you need Segoe UI (havent tried it without Segoe UI.. the layout might look a little weird) which you can find around.. not sure if I am supposed to be posting it, but I did post it on one of my PocketCM themes a while back I think

mortplayer instructions:
things you should know:
,,to move screens, press on the album art
,,to get to playlist, use the little arrow in the bottom left hand corner the "qvista_wm7.mpz" in your Mortplayer folder on your device it in settings as your theme

enjoy guys.. seriously the last update!
hope you like it as much as I do

GET THE CUBE FILES HERE (Too big to attach):

mirrored by lepsyfou (thanks!)

lots of choices!
15th August 2008, 06:48 AM |#2  
lepsyfou's Avatar
Senior Member
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wowww great work htctoucher design beautifull

thanks you
15th August 2008, 07:14 AM |#3  
htctoucher's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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glad you like the theme

if anyone knows a better upload site than megaupload.. feel free to repost or just tell me the site and I will reupload it!

15th August 2008, 07:19 AM |#4  
lepsyfou's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Montreal ( and Lille France)
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look my friend .. this site

it's easy and perfect for upload
15th August 2008, 07:29 AM |#5  
lepsyfou's Avatar
Senior Member
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mirror Skin WM7 Htctoucher cube
15th August 2008, 07:44 AM |#6  
lepsyfou's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Montreal ( and Lille France)
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other mirror Skin WM7 Htctoucher cube

16th August 2008, 03:12 AM |#7  
htctoucher's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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thanks for the mirroring lepsyfou!

mortplayer and s2p skins were added
16th August 2008, 04:16 AM |#8  
buzzard808's Avatar
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Originally Posted by htctoucher

[*]...added weatherpanel skin (edited an iphone theme I found (cant remember where!! so I dont know who to give credit to for the layout).. very nice layout)

That would be me.
Like what you did with it (goes nicely with the rest of the theme). Looks good!
16th August 2008, 09:06 AM |#9  
htctoucher's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by buzzard808

That would be me.
Like what you did with it (goes nicely with the rest of the theme). Looks good!

added you to my first post!

thanks! and glad you took credit.. I love the layout
19th August 2008, 05:41 AM |#10  
Junior Member
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Few Questions
Nice theme, I want. I have few questions:

1) why do you say "use total commandar NOT File Explorer)?

2) You say "...copy/move all images in the "brn" folder to your \windows folder on your device". However, I do not see a "brn" folder.

Do i copy ONLY the image files or should I copy all files "Images + .brn files"?

3) Where is the "PMC" i do not see it. It's not in the "htctoucher wm7-inspired rltoday"

4) Not related to this thread, but another one where you said "Mort's MortScript 4.11b7 - !MUST INSTALL TO STORAGE CARD!", I wanted to try that theme first but don't have a storage card. So what happens if i install on the device? If that is not possible, then what do you need MortScript for on that theme?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance.
19th August 2008, 06:24 AM |#11  
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wheres the .tsk file
looks pretty awesum but ive searched everywhere for a .tsk file of this
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