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[ROM] [HP iPAQ 600c] [WWE] WM6.1 ROMs from Yevg001 and

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By Zoltair Wright, Senior Member on 12th September 2008, 01:27 AM
Thread Deleted Email Thread

The newest 610-series Windows Mobile 6.1 ROMs may be found HERE. Many thanks to jpmatrix972 for collecting these ROMs and hosting them for the community.

If you've never installed a new ROM before, I'd recommend first downloading and installing the new 0.89 radio, in order to improve signal acquisition and overall radio performance. Backup ALL your data on the device before you run this! If you have any problems with this process, read more about radio problems and installation in this thread. (A big thank-you to hipppo for posting these files!)

Afterwards, go here, and download the flash.dio file (which is the ROM itself). For information on how to install the ROM, please read my second post, below.

Once you're finished installing the new ROM, you should install this file in order to fix a bug with call waiting. After that, you're all done! Enjoy WM 6.1.

(If you miss having a proper D-pad on your iPAQ, there is a work-around program here. And if you need to get your hardware keyboard working with Opera Mobile 9.5, look here.)


Everything below is older material that I don't personally recommend.


Hi guys! I got a request to upload the 600-series ROMs from, which is a great site but it's all in Chinese. I'll be posting the ROMs here with their descriptions. Check back often, I'll be adding more as I finish their translations. The descriptions below aren't my words, but those of the ROM creators. I'll put any notes [like this]; anything written in English goes in quotes "like this".

To see the original posts, head over here.

Please read post #2 for flashing instructions and a disclaimer.

If there's no link yet, just be patient and I'll post it shortly.


September 4th
HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20737 ROM: Simplified Chinese - Elegant Black - Clean: by NGSEE

Recently, the base ROM has been updated very often, many thanks to acwan for providing the transplanted base.

Here's acwan's explanation of the new base:

Supposedly the previous 20721 release, with the new AKU 1.4 base, was a "beta" version. This one is AKU 1.4 "basic". In terms of speed it feels about the same as 20721. Its software compatibility is pretty good, under this base you should be able to run software that is usually restricted to specific devices. The bundled software is about the same as the previous Clean 20721 Simplified Chinese release.


August 29th
HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20721 ROM: Simplified Chinese - Elegant Black - Clean: by NGSEE

Here's the Simplified Chinese version! This is from the AKU 1.4 base ROM, to which I've added "touch" capability, which is also called screen swipe capability. It means that where you previously used the stylus to tap up or down, left or right, now you can instead use your fingers to swipe the screen - you'll see what I mean when you try it yourself. [I think he means he's included the HTC TouchFlo scrolling.] Let's see (it's been a while since I updated)... comparing this release to the previous one (20273), where I updated to the official 1.01.04 OEM, and updated the XIP & "boot", but the software was the same as before. In contrast, this time I didn't really feel like including the official "Streaming Player" or the dialer "Band Switch," friends that need them can go download the first three attachments in dxvolution's thread and install them themselves. ( [I've downloaded these three files and attached them below.] There's basically no problems with using this ROM. Much like the English version released yesterday, if you don't have any recently used programs in the Start Menu, the cursor will turn white when you move it to that space. I don't know if this is a bug or a new feature of AKU 1.4.


August 28th
HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20721 ROM: English - Elegant Black - Clean: by NGSEE

This one is using the newest 20721 base (AKU 1.4), the XIP and SYS were all transplanted from the Samsung I-908 Hong Kong edition English ROM, served up hot and fresh. As for software, there isn't any difference from the past clean releases, I've kept using the newest official HP 1.01.04 OEM. This time I've even updated the "boot", I can't feel any difference, friends that want to try something new can give it a shot.

PS: There's a small bug, if the list of recently opened programs is empty there will be a white bar, expect a fix. Eh, I figure there aren't that many people who have that space empty anyway.


August 27th
HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20296+20275 ROM: English - Elegant Black - Clean: by kkwy

The XIP has been transplanted from the Ri Da [don't know if this is a name or a brand] 20296 base, the OEM part has been updated to the newest official HP English ROM 1.01.04, and the SYS has been transferred from the "Diamond" 20275 and NGSEE's 20273 English - Elegant Black - Improved ROM. As for the software, it's about the same as the last release, MMS should be fixed now.

Standard page pool is 12 MB.


August 24th
HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20273 ROM: English - Elegant Black - Improved: by NGSEE

Just like the 20273 in Simplified Chinese, the XIP is ported from Xiao Qiao's 20273 base, while the OEM has been updated to HP's new official ROM 1.01.04. After flashing the OS version will appear as 1.01.04. The SYS was ported by someone on xda-devs (I've forgotten their ID, oops...)

ROM Specs:
1. OEM is the newest official one; in addition, the streaming player, battery manager, and HP Shortcut have all been upgraded.
2. Battery level is displayed as a percentage.
3. Used a Diamond skin for WMP.
4. The ROM has been made as clean as possible; software includes the official standard dialer, standard English keyboard as well as Samsung fullscreen handwriting 2.0 [for Chinese input], Office applications and Live Messenger, a small reset tool, a Chinese dialer [?], and a new version of USBtoPC.
5. Improved appearance of the system icons, which were taken from xda-devs
6. Standard page pool is set at 16 mb.

Many thanks to PDAclan's niezher for testing this ROM!
Not much else to say


August 18th
HP612C_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20275 + 20273 ROM: Simplified Chinese - Elegant Black - Clean: by kkwy

These past few days I've been researching the HP 612c's XIP and OS's "DIY" [Do-it-yourself?]
I've grabbed the newest IPAQ 1.01.04 ROM, and upgraded its XIP to version 20275
Then I grabbed NGSEE's HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20273 Simplified Chinese - Elegant Black - Clean ROM and took out the OS part, the OS's OEM section I used is the updated IPAQ 1.01.04 one.

After I finished it, I've used it until now without problems.


August 17th
HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20273 ROM: Simplified Chinese - Elegant Black - Clean: by NGSEE

Recently I haven't had anything fun to do, I was itching to make a 20273 ROM. I've been using it and I figure it's pretty good, friends who want to try something new can give it a go.

It's a pretty clean ROM, I've minimized the cooked-in programs. Software included is pretty much the same as the 20273 English version. [See above.] I've removed the HP theme, now the standard theme is WM6.1 green, standard page pool is 16 MB, Simplified Chinese MMS, and that's about all there is to it.


The attached files are for the August 29 release.
Attached Files
File Type: cab ArcSoftCodecPluginCab.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (378.4 KB, 324 views)
File Type: cab ArcSoftStreamingPlayerCab.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (705.6 KB, 267 views)
File Type: cab - [Click for QR Code] (23.9 KB, 228 views)
12th September 2008, 01:27 AM |#2  
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To flash these ROMs:

0) Backup your data! This will erase ALL files you have stored on the device.

1) If the ROM is compressed, extract the file flash.dio from the archive (e.g., zip or rar file) using the password "" for the newer ROMs, or "" for the older ones (note that the "PDA" part is capitalized).
2) Copy the file flash.dio to an micro sd card formatted to FAT 16. Do NOT use an SDHC card, the bootloader can't read it!
3) Insert the card into your 610/612/614. While it's still off, hold down the voice record (left side) and mute (top) buttons.
4) Still holding the buttons, hit the power button. Hold them until you see the bootloader start up.
5) Sit back and relax! I'd recommend that you don't touch anything until it's totally finished and the screen comes up telling you to calibrate the touchscreen. Enjoy your new ROM!

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong and your device is stuck on the blue HP startup screen, see here for a fix.

As usual, you use this at your own risk. Let me say that again: ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR DEVICE AFTER FLASHING THESE ROMS IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. I haven't tried all of these so I can't comment on how they're working, but the Chinese guys think they're the bee's knees. (That is, they're really good.)
12th September 2008, 03:49 AM |#3  
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Nashville, USA
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12th September 2008, 11:56 AM |#4  
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Can I use this ROM HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20721 ROM: English - Elegant Black - Clean: by NGSEE on my HP Ipaq 614c ?

And what does it mean "Clean" ? What exactly was deleted from original ROM?


PS Now have ROM WM 6.1 for HP IPAQ 614c CE English OS 5.2.19965 (Build 19965.1.2.3) Ver 1.3 (yevg001)
12th September 2008, 12:46 PM |#5  
Zoltair Wright's Avatar
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Nashville, USA
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I wasn't sure, but somebody over at PDAclan asked the same question. Anyway, yeah, these ROMs will work on any of the 600s (610c, 614c, etc.)

I think these are "clean" in that there's nothing added to them, the only programs are those that come from the stock HP ROM.
12th September 2008, 05:42 PM |#6  
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Oh year, I flashed it. =))

So, what can i say, it is very fast!! Extremely fast!
But some chinese words still are

Also found some new programmes
PocketCalc in chinese and with 14 day trial =)))))

WM6.1Storage, RESET and another chinese programm (something for working with SIM Card)
12th September 2008, 05:52 PM |#7  
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Some more pictures

12th September 2008, 05:55 PM |#8  
sergiorus's Avatar
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Find bug

There is a programm WM6.1Storage with an error )))

Any suggestions?
12th September 2008, 10:07 PM |#9  
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i think the hp 614 is an excelent machine one thing missing support
Support from hp
support from some guys with great knowledege
Today i tested the abillities of the hp 614 it fell from my vstrom 650 suzuki 60kmh with the big battery on
i was lucky no car hit the phone
excellent build quallity

Now so far i havent tried any modifications on the phone
sergiorus reports a very fast wm61 version
due to my previous experience from the highly overestimated (bullshit to me tytnii) no wm61 was faster than wm6
sergiorus can please confirm on that or run some benchmarks?

also the is some chinese leftovers in the rom ?
are they everywhere or just in the calculator?

thanks again hope we have a better camera ( the one in the phone sucks)




12th September 2008, 11:51 PM |#10  
sergiorus's Avatar
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yes, this ROM has chinese leftovers and not only in calculator. I found them also in voicecommander (when starting voice something say in chinese ), in WM6.1Storage, Sim Manager, ClearType
Voicecommander totally unusable, all in hieroglyphs
Also when opening textfile
And when device was just flashed date was in chinese also.

To sum up, i can say that it is fast ROM, faster than WM6.1 HP IPAQ 614c CE English OS 5.2.19965 (Build 19965.1.2.3) Ver 1.3 (yevg001), but it needs some fixes, improvements for english users. Flash it only for tests.

PS Which benchmarks you want i test?
13th September 2008, 08:04 PM |#11  
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im dounlouding this one (HP612_WM6.1_OS 5.2.20273 ROM: English - Elegant Black - Improved: by NGSEE) ist full english or Chinese !!!!!!
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